Karen Coleman Wiltshire

Karen Coleman Wiltshire, another survivor, helped Peter with some of his FOIA requests to the government.  She attended several public forums with the Department of Defense as a representative of ACHES (Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors) and was outspoken on behalf of survivors on each occasion.  She too, was one of the very few who was able to obtain her medical files from John Hopkins proving her experimentation.
    Karen's father worked for the Applied Physics Lab at Johns Hopkins.  She obtained her files through sheer persistence, help from the almighty, and a mistake by a clerk who was not supposed to give the information out.  Karen  told me they transported her to Washington, Maryland and Virginia, to military and government labs by private ambulances, military cars, and yellow school buses.  She said her experiments took place from 1961 through 1970.  Karen related to me that she was kept in the Harriet Lane Home for Invalid Children at John Hopkins where there were wards of children.  Her parents had been told she was being treated for a heart defect.  She said when they would come to visit, she would be put in a private room with her belongings in order for it to appear as though she had been there all along.  When her parents left, they returned her to the ward where she said they did LSD, ECT, and other strange experiments.  One of these she explained was to be trained to eliminate emotions and feelings by using assorted torture and other techniques.  This sounds very much like the mind control technique used on me by the CIA and other branches of the government.
    This is a copy of the consent form for Karen's transportation to Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington D.C.  It says in part, "I understand that the above patient, being a patient in the Pediatric Clinical Research Unit is participating in a research program requiring her presence at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and that a series of visits to Walter Reed Army Medical Center is necessary to complete such a program."  
    Karen was responsible for spurring me on to obtain information through FOIA requests that would help me validate my memories.  She was always banging on doors, persistent to get the truth out, especially when she found out there were so many other kids who were used as human guinea pigs.  The Department of Energy had told her she was the only one, but she said that Pentagon sources had personally told her they "didn't want our stories out at any cost.  The plan was to pay off a few token victims and blow the rest off."  Karen did not live to see any of us receive validation or vindication.
On April 5, 1999 Karen made a presentation on behalf of ACHES entitled ETHICS before the National Institute of Health's' Bioethics Group.  She died on April 23, 1999 after doing exhaustive investigation of DOD experiments on human beings.  More and more child survivors are coming forward.  I receive emails weekly from them and their doctors, more than two years after my books release.  They are looking for information and validation for the memories and trauma they are remembering.  Some just want to say thanks.  Until reading my book they thought they were alone and crazy. [2003] Carol Rutz's Lecture at Indiana University