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( i decided to add more because the nazi geeks were deleting so much of the original short bio)


1)BORN Annapolis Maryland 1945 May 19th, where my father. worked in the pharmacy at the Naval Academy after being stationed in the Solomon Islands in WW2..as a teenager he went to Missouri Military Academy..

2) ( why i like to swim today) My father used to take us to the Canadian Lakes and make us swim across the lakes , while he rowed a boat.. we were about 7-9 when we did this.. it made me fearless after that.. while we vacationed several summers at LAKE WAKOMATA, there were about 5-6 cabins.. and next to us one year was GENERAL MCKEY's family.... and his son, we went exploring the lake and cliffs together.. , from Wright Patterson Air Force Base.. i remember Gen. McKEY.. watching us and smoking a pipe near the cabins.. .. i think i was about 11 years old then...and i often think back was he monitoring my family???


3)Briefly my family, lived in Palo Alto California near my wonderful grandparents.. Belle(BRAY- graduated phi beta cappa in Chemistry from UC Berkeley 1920)and William DuBose also a chemist.. they both worked at the cement plant in Redwood City, California.. and helped their family during the depression, by taking them in .. as they were the only ones to have jobs during the depression

4)We moved to Richmond, Indiana.. most important there was my love for a museum at EARLHAM COLLEGE where i would ride my bike to the dinosaur paleontology exhibit...my favorite pastime was standing on my head when i was 5 & 6.. I spent hours that way each day.. sometimes i would SPIN ontop of my head.. and always watched the kid shows upside down on the couch...

5)About 1952, we moved when i was 7 to Indianapolis.. Indiana.. i started Piano at 12.. loved figure skating and all sports.... about 12 i pleaded with my Mother to take me to the city library where i could read many works on Philosophy.. i especially in my teens loved Spinoza, Russell , Bacon & many philosophical books...also read as many of the travel books of Richard Halliburton i could lay my hands upon..

6)One of the most significant events during my teenage years was a trip to a waterfall area in Ontario Canada with a small group of teenagers.. the waterfall was incredibly beautiful and after awhile i ventured out on a rocky ledge by myself to be near the spray of the waterfall.. i accidentally slipped and was falling at a 45 degree angle towards the rocks below .. but was pushed back upon the ledge by an 'invisible' wind.. the odd thing was that i wasn't afraid during the entire event.. but entranced by the beauty of the falls.. that is a typical 9 type of personality..of the enneagram..

7)Awarded the Best Young Pianist Award In Indiana at 15 at Indiana University .. Stillman Kelley Award and made my first recording...

8)Studied piano with Dorothy Munger ( Steinway Artist,who was very influential in my early life- she had studied with Josef and Rosina Lhevinne and Guy Maier and died NOV 5th 2005- Munger Hall is named for her in INDPLS.. ) - i traveled with her to Pittsburgh to perform. while a teenager and did many competitions and recitals..

9)At 18_Stephens College i won a Dimitri Mitropolous Scholarship to study with ANIA DORFMANN who was also teaching at JUILLIARD..( one of the first lessons i had with her i came in whistling.. and she threw me out of the room!.. she was a character and i was nervous) .....finished myA.A degree 1965 at Stephens College.. ...where i also metDr. Morris Benson who was very influential in my life, he was the major professor who took me under his 'wing' to influence my direction .. MORRIS BENSON ( BENSON MOSES- of Jewish heritage from India ) brought his family to LONDON from INDIA...they always thought he was quite mysterious.. he was.. ..BENSON taught literature in the Middle East and . challenged my reading & thinking ..i remember trying to BS about Plato's Dialogues with him, ..and he gave me a harsh lecture.. so i never did that again and read intently ALL of the 500 pages/Books i had to read and discuss with him each week and dearly loved our conversations about the Great Literature & IDEAS i read with him.. .. including esoteric phenomenon.. which is usually forbidden reading at most colleges ... .. a few years later, 1971 while working on a Masters degree at MILLS COLLEGE , i traveled to EUROPE and we met again in England, where Dr. Benson took me to Charring Cross Road to the book stores & for a delicious rum baba.. ...we saw beautiful fireworks that evening on the THEMES RIVER where he told me the fireworks should have been for me.. i stayed with his nephew's family in ENGLAND before touring EUROPE in a yellow VW with a friend.... his nephew eventually became a JUDGE in ENGLAND and i shall always remember going with him to the HATFIELD HOUSE.. .. Dr. Benson and i .. again met in Washington, DC while i lived there on my return to the US.. after a summer in Europe.. .. he always gave me reading lists which i asked for.. and only hesitated once when i became involved in Numerology.. i did not understand why...he told me, as an example he had been shot at in the Middle East where he taught..and to be careful about esoteric subjects..NUMEROLOGY ESPECIALLY!..after that i was hooked on the knowledge of the Qabala and numerology.. but changed certain ideas about numbers & ADDED SYLLABIC & ALGEBRAIC DETERMINATION.. after much work..& thought ,because of the sound of the letters etc.. and syllabic formations ( EXAMPLE.. K * C or C & S.. first is a 2 and second set a 3.. if the sound is similar..).. Dr. Benson also introduced me to the former director of the MUSEUM OF ART in DC.. where i went to study Persian carpets- having read the works of Gurdjieff and Ouespensky, i knew that Persian Carpets meant SOUND!.. and then ofcourse i KNEW from my musical compositional background in 1972, how to translate them into sound.. in the 1970's- this did not help me get into Stanford or SRI.( since they were obviously involved in the sound technology of HAARPO brothers.. of grids of sound in SPACE.. so no†hing in music could be accomplished because of that.. DUMBING DOWN OF THOUGHT AGAIN). for advanced study in composition .. although i did get a request from Stanford for a scholarship in piano, that i turned down..after graduation from the Conservatory...to go instead and work at MILLS COLLEGE with DARIUS MILHAUD..

10)backing up again in time.. about 1965...after Stephens College i left again for California.. became an assistant children's librarian Redwood City Library and arose early every morning before work to practice piano inorder to enter the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in TEXAS.. 1966..in the evenings i would practice on a soundless keyboard in my Grandparents apartment in Redwood City, i had great help from the Ratcliffe family at that timeliving in Hillsborough, Ca, where i could practice on their wonderful STEINWAY..they were very instrumental in my life the next few years.. including David Ratcliffe of http://www.ratical.org...after the competition..who came to visit me wherever i lived..around the U.S.

11)after the competition, i began working for a degree with a scholarship in Piano at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music( where i studied with THOMAS LARATTA & ROBERT HELPS) .. graduated BM. 1969... during this time.. there were many public demonstations i attended.. including the so called SAN FRANCISCO STATE RIOTS.. which helped black studies come into the colleges.. this was a good example of the suppression by the ILLUMINAZI of what we could and couldn't study in colleges.. that was and still is FORBIDDEN.. believe me.. if you think our colleges are FREE THINKING ADVANCED UNIVERSITIES IN THOUGHT ....THINK AGAIN>> they are highly controlled and limited.. by a reptilian system to keep HUMANITY STUPID.. and just a few knowing what actually is going on, on our planet..i came back briefly to Indpls in 1969.. as my Mother had attempted suicide during the divorce with my father,.. and i worked as the music librarian for the Indpls Public Library for the year.. ...left again to continue my work on a masters at MILLS COLLEGE..with Darius Milhaud while living in BERKELEY.. on CHANNING STREET..

12)1974 & 5.. most important time for the FLOWERING of SAN FRANCISCO and my explorations into EVERYTHING( the shopping cart of the planets' RELIGIOUS TEACHINGS.. MUKTANANDA, ARICA, BUBBA FREE JOHN, GURDJIEFF SCHOOLS, NYINGMA ETC>> i explored all.. and learned a great deal.. about the possibilities of the human potential.. and about spiritual charlatans.. Free JOHN , Tarthang Tulku, and Oscar Ichazo's school ARICA

13)1970-71..went to MILLS COLLEGE to study composition with DARIUS MILHAUD from FRANCE..it would be his last class at MILLS.. he looked at my hands and said YES! i could be a composer.. loved MILLS COLLEGE and the beautiful EUCALYPTUS GROVES.. went swimming every lunchtime.. and had music classes on the patio with some of my teachers.. most importantly at this time.. also met CLAUDIO NARANJO at the Nyingma..in Berkeley..one event was quite strange.. i showed CLAUDIO my music.. as he was also a musician.. we were all going to dinner at the NYINGMA.. and i was standing in the hallway with CLAUDIO.. in walks TARTHANG TULKU< whom CLAUDIO had brought to AMERICA, one of the RINPOCHE LAMAS FROM TIBET.. well, TARTHANG TULKU gave me the most hated look, with black piercing eyes that treid to literally look through me, i was shocked.. and i asked CLAUDIO WHY he did this.. as i didn't know him at all.. just waiting for dinner on the long tables.. in silence at the NYINGMA>. CLAUDIO told me in so many years he was jealous.. of me.. and i was truly amazed.. because at the young time in my life.. in my 20's i didn't understand why.. i certainly do now..TARTHANG was undoubtedly one of the snakes.. CLAUDIO Left soon after.. never to return to the NYINGMA.... i also attended his wonderful seminars at Esalen.. during the late 80's and 90's.. transformative.. to say the least.. and experienced BARAKA with Claudio...in 1990's.. went to another one of his seminars at Esalen, 1997, discussing the Psychological Prototypes.. originally taught by Oscar Ichazo...Naranjo had me describe the 9 type.. since he knew i was one.. interestingly when i went to the Arica School about 1990.. in LA.. Oscar analyzed me as a 7 + 9.. which he said was very RARE on the planet..i suppose since he is a snake.. on this planet.. he knew how to watch out for humans like myself.. again i had much to learn about this charade from the reptiles..

14)backing up in time again, 1971....left for EUROPE with a friend i met hiking.. . Thomas C. Taylor,( he had graduated from Stanford as a civil engineer ) in the HETCH HETCHY VALLEY OF YOSEMITE Backpacking trip, where we were chased by bears and i took a photo of the ANNUNAKI i would later analyzed on my website.. see the page.. http://www.wiolawapress.com/hetch.htm

15).. .. we both returned to Washington DC after EUROPE, where Tom became project engineer on the Center Station of the Metro in D.C. and we lived next door to Dan Rather, where i taught his daughter piano,( he introduced me one day to Senator Proxmire.. during the Watergate fiasco.. ) i also taught some of the teachers at Georgetown University where i found a Steinway to practice. & continued my masters degree with EARLE BROWN, in composition .. at PEABODY CONSERVATORY in Baltimore.. .. where i also took LEON FLEISHER's master class in piano..& at the end of the term i played one of my piano compositions..VARIATIONS on an 88 TONE ROW..before returning to MILLS to finish my degree.. while in DC.. i had various jobs.. and started collecting gold.. where i was then able as it rose in price to continue my education in BERKELEY..

16)during the years..IN WASHINGTON, D.C(1973-1974) studied with HUGH RIPMAN, a Gurdjieffian Teacher.( who first accused me of stealing G's work! which was one my musical compositions i named ART in 1972.. , while working with Earle Brown at Peabody in 72....it was basically the 9 geometrical figures including the enneagram in sound for orchestra-dealing also with the Qabala).. which included the numerological significance of the numbers related to life.. ) . ..i had independent lessons with HUGH at his house on the Potomac River.. where he sent me and the owners of the YES book store , to the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS RARE BOOK ROOM for several summers of study ( these were glorious summers reading.. many wonderful books.. and then going to the cafeteria for lunch.. where the Congress and Senators often lunched too.. a joint cafeteria.. ) with Hugh Ripman i often discussed Proclus's Commentaries on the TIMAEUS and i learned how to OBE, simply by reading one of Robert Monroe's books.. and following his instructions ... of falling asleep and keeping one's consciousness AWAKE.... .. during the year about 1974.. i also met and lectured at MADAM POPOFF's at SEACLIFF, who had a Gurdjieffian school on LONG ISLAND. she was very kind.. and let me do whatever i wanted at her estate without the usual discipline the other students had to endure, she asked me to stay and teach.. but i knew i had to learn more.. and eventually went back to the MIDWEST to the SIOUX NDN's ...more travels also to the Caribbean .. especially ST.JOHN and BARBADOS, where my Father had a home on FOWL BAY.. where i road his bike and windsurfed in 1983.. i learned to windsurf from SPIKE SELIG.. i bring this up.. because he was or is a truly extraordinary human.. he could see and name birds.. was a naturalist.., sailor, had flown his father and uncles to the AMAZON, before his father was murdered in his office on MERIDIAN STREET in INDPLS>. this is significant.. because SPIKE told me his father.. who at the time in the 50's was the largest land owner on the planet.. had come before CONGRESS AND SENATE to answer the question what he would do with his ownership of the land in BRAZIL.. SPIKE told me his father always intended for it to be left as it was.. he also told me on occasion went he flew his uncle into BRAZIL.. that they would encounter aliens.. meaning ET's mining .. etc.. what a tragedy for our planet that his father's INTENT of keeping the RAINFOREST pure.. was destroyed after he was gunned down by part of the junta in his office in INDPLS!!! all of us have suffered the loss of oxygen.. since..

17)Before i left D.C. in 1974.. one of the last projects in musical composition i wanted to do was a date in time of the Solar System called ORS( this was a name that GURDJIEFF KNEW was the OLD NAME OF OUR SOLAR SYSTEM.. ) a couple of years ago.. the ILLUMINAZI had someone steal my license plate.. off my truck.. and when i went to the so called BUREAU OF MOTOR VEHICLES>. they gave me this plate.. 99ORYS.. which means.. the REPTILES own me.. as part of ORS.. is the ORION SIRIAN SERPENT SOLAR SYSTEM!) ... anyway.. i had to seek out an astronomer... & went over to the NAVAL OBSERVATORY.* currently owned by CHENEY the REPTILIAN VICE PREZ OF THE REZ. . and explained to them what i needed, which undoubted was a strange request.. so they introduced me to the great astronomer Dr. Harrington.. he was very kind and helpful.. and interested in what i was doing.,,,, he gave me special 3D goggles to view the day in time, he constructed in 3D for me to use.. of the positions of the planets, on a certain day i had requested.. Dr. Harrington , was the same astronomer who was researching for PLANET X.. and i'm certain he was mysteriously murdered in Australia..where he would study the skies.. for this Planet-Object..which is still a question for most astronomers.. because of the lack of FREEDOM OF SPEECH and THOUGHT from the discipline of astronomy.. what a farce we live under..

18)1974.. i left for OMAHA NEBRASKA.. BOYSTOWN .divorced my husband TOM,who became MIND CONTROLLED in Scientology & STILL IS( the head of the group xcommunicated me for 80 trillion years- i simple burst out laughing at their exercise where you had to stare at someone for 1 hour and not BLINK.. im not joking.. .. and he said i was a spy out to get them.. well, after researching what they did.. and the SNAKE RON HUBBARD.. i suppose he was correct.. ) .. i worked as. assistant MEDIA Librarian at Boystown, also teaching piano and GREAT BOOKS.. and had the CHESS CLUB.. but most importantly took two wonderful young NDN children to PINE RIDGE REZ and MET the GREAT EMERSON SPIDER SR..head of the NAC for a ceremony in 1975 at Potato Creek, South Dakota.( after the ceremony one of the NDN young men took a photo of me.. and told me i was the first white woman to go through a ceremony with them and use peyote- what was unique in that i was in extremely good health so did not become ill while using the sacred plant).. on Memorial Day.. Emerson was spiritual leader of the NAC in SOUTH DAKOTA..and was a great friend and mentor to me until he died.. one of the dividing LINES in my life to REAL KNOWLEDGE and WIZDOM- Sundances in 75.. also witnessing the great FOOLS CROW...a landmark to my life.. and work and understanding of REAL PRAYER.. .. from the SIOUX ceremonies, i began to understand the degeneracy of WESTERN MUSIC.. and what had happened..and for a year hardly played the piano.. i was devastated and with my knowledge of music history and theory.. knew what had happened.. the MANNHEIM SCHOOL OF MUSIC in the 15th century.. had instituted the piccardy 3rd.. and the importance of this was that in major and minor music.. the minor chords became MAJOR(dominant 5th).. which meant that asymmetry in western music became very limited.. with symmetry dominant.. and therefore the negation of what i call REAL MUSIC OF OBJECTIVE SORROW.. that the American Indians still maintained..and Gurdjieff taught.. and WESTERN SNAKE CULTURE DIDN'T ALLOW.. almost no asymmetrical music are you permitted to hear in this civilization

19)returned to Berkeley to finish my MA at MILLS.. 1976.. in composition.. loved to finish classes swimming laps.. hiked more of the Hetch Hetchy in YOSEMITE i loved..& PT .REYES with my dear friend FIFI JOSEPH, who taught me a great deal through my younger years about health foods.. and we went to GAYLORD HAUSER lectures together..

20)Moved to Georgia, after Omaha, and spent two years in the North Georgia Mountains near my Mother.. who would die in 1979 of cancer.. did a great deal of hiking, thinking and rock climbing.. belonged to the SE MOUNTAINEERING GROUP.. at that time the only woman.. with my dog HETCH.i hiked everywhere.. especially a place called WOODY's GAP.. near the beautiful AMICALOLO FALLS.. the southern end of the APPALACHIAN MT CHAIN..

21)1983.. came to PHX ARIZONA.. with a skiing friend.. and met my husband FRED BROWN, who taught ARIZONA GEOLOGY.. he had a great sense of WIZDOM and HUMOR..was also a retired military pilot, and taught Military Science at ASU as well as being the President of the South Mountain Shooters and was at the time when i met him the Number one Pistol Shooter in Arizona-1984.... so i learned to shoot.. and was rated at Camp Perry as a sharpshooter.. Fred was wonderful.. as he taught me GEOLOGY & GEOGRAPHY .. where i continued in both of those subjects at ASU( where i also took a class in advanced planetary studies with MIKE MALIN his website is http:/;/www..msss.com- we did not get along at all..all of us in his class had to present a paper on one of the planetary systems.. and discussion.. i chose the formation of moons and the sound and alignment of the moons of Saturn and exactly how they were placed and created..- the rest of the students loved the paper and presentation.. but MALIN gave me back my paper without a grade or even looking at me at the time i didn't understand who he was.. meaning a lizard.. )no wonder he didnt like me.. !.A few years after my graduation , about 1997 or so.. i again came to take an independent study class in geography and photo analysis.. and went to one of the professors.. he said.. ofcourse i could sign up for an independent study class.. but as soon as i showed him what i was doing in the Superstitions.. dimensional shift photography etc.. he said NO!.. and that he would have to kill me if i took an independent study class in this subject.. i needed to use the photographic studio.. which i had already taken classes in.. as i was going broke with photography at IMAGE CRAFT STUDIOS and my book on the SUPERSTITIONS..so much for the freedom of thought and scientific discovery at the UNIVERSITIES OF IDIOTDUMB!

22) Fred and i had a daughter Elizabeth.. HALLEY BROWN.. in 1985, as the years progressed.. i saw each of my brother's and sister's children die suddenly of either car crashes or gun shots.. and i was to forever fear for my own daughter's life.. sometime i shall write about this.. the serpents have done everything they could to put obstacles in her path.. meaning people of questionable beingness and criminal intent.. .. mostly ssssss.

23)During the 1980's i taught at Rio Salado Community College, Glendale Community College and Paradise Valley Community College.. subjects.. dealing with GEOGRAPHY or AZ GEOLOGY and one astronomy class for a teacher who had suddenly left PVCC.. .. and continued my secondary ED DEGREE at ASU, which i finished in 1991.. by then the school systems negated EARTH SCIENCES for dumbed down teaching tests.., so i knew it would be futile to teach as a regular teacher in the school systems in PHX.. besides AZ.. was the bottom of the barrel in scores in the USA..NO 50.. !!!, b i would continually fight with the Administration on TRUTH in science subjects.. , so on and off have substituted various schools.. sometimes with conflict over what i have taught..( example... i was forbidden by one principle of a middle school to bring in :US. Weather Satellite maps to show the students what was going on in meteorology( i was supposed to teach a weeks class in meteorology and weather for a teacher) , however, i usually won the fights with the administrators.. some quite humorous confrontations.. and some not.... but sometimes i ask myself.. why try in a suppressed school system of IDIOTS!.. and CONTROLLERS?

24)TRAVELS 1994 to the SIOUX Sun Dances with old friend and musician OWEN JAMES, and his family.. from there he immediately went into Native American studies and ceremonies.. with the great JOSEPH RAEL..




25) from my days at the SF CONSERVATORY of MUSIC (OWEN was a flutist and we played together in the PEACE PLAYERS raising $$$$ against the Vietnam War in San Francisco in the late 60's and early 70's & doing chamber music at Mrs. Ratcliffe's house in Hillsborough.. in the 60's ....in 1994 we then went to PERU together--IQUITOS & the .. AMAZON to meet the great SHAMAN AUGUSTINE RIVAS and stay at his SCHOOL in YUSHAN THAITA, where we both experienced ayhuasca for the first time..AUGUSTINE was a wonderful teacher.. the only problem being that the group i was with was composed of 9 men and 4 women.. most of the men thought they were the great SHAMANS apprenticing with AUGUSTINE, about 2 weeks into the trip..we had a BONES ceremony for our dead ancesters.. and i sang some of the Lakota songs..and introduced Augustine to the wonderful annis seeds in his pipe tobacco he would there after use in his healing ceremonies....after that, Augustine announced to the group that i was a great warrior and that made the rest of the MALE group except Owen, quite angry and jealous.. but it was still a landmark trip for me i learned a great deal from Augustine..... later i traveled to China 1995.. and Tahiti.. Moorea.. 1997 with my daughter Elizabeth.. investigating the petroglyphs and pyramidal moorea..a friend and i did a ceremony on one of the moorea in Moorea( a pyramidal structure of 4 layers with someone buried in each corner and a few of the native peoples said no in many years had used these areas for sacred ceremonies.. ) i listened to the songs about EA in their churches.. .. in the islands.. and heard from a car rental agent that some of NASA scientists had come there years before and talked about the legends of EA etc.. there were many reptilian artforms found all over the society islands and ofcourse CHINA had many dragons and sirian art forms..

26)1993 again involved in NDN STUDIES with a small group we had in paradise valley arizona ..and asked some famous NDN's to lecture at our meetings..including my friend RUSSELL MEANS...originally saw him SunDance on the Pine Ridge REZ in the 70's( SIOUX), Russell recognized me and asked me where i had gone after my visits to the SIOUX.. - and i explained as much as i loved their teachings i had to continue on my explorations.. of the planet and myself.. during this time i also met SWEET MEDICINE BLACK BEAR (CHEYENNE)- who eventually became my bodyguard and hiking companion.. in the Superstitions.. and CLIFFORD CANKU, a teacher at the NDN college in PHX, who taught me the DAKOTA INIPI TRADITIONS of running a sacred Lodge ceremony which i did for a number of years at my home in PHX.. ( someone spread a malicious LIE that i was having an affair with CLIFFORD.. which was entirely untrue.. and he felt he had to leave with his wife for S.DAKOTA.. ... at this time.. there was also another NDN friend of mine who was a poet, he was unfortunately an alcoholic and beaten up behind one of the bars.... i didnt know what had happened to him for months.. .. the gossip was that i had commissioned 4 men to brutalize him... entirely false... but i could see that i was being set up by someone.. whom i would learn about later was definitely going to counter my INTENT on EARTH.. meaning QE2.. i was warned..please see further down in this bio.. who warned me.. i was never to meet her but i knew she meant what she told Sweet Medicine and his Brother FLoyd BlackBear..)

27)continuing UFO studies in the 90's.. i met. the great ROBERT MORNINGSKY..when i traveled with Vance Davis to the 1994 Colorado Springs UFO Conference, where MORNING SKY gave his first lecture!) including travels to the CANYONLANDS with him and his group.. which was a particularly harrowing trip.. the reptiles were adamant we were going to be hassled.. and we WERE!.. they literally shook the ground and created a massive thunderstorm.. which killed a pilot coming into land at an airport a mile away.. also during that trip i was followed home by the secret service until the border of AZ.. i would pull off the road and they would pull off behind me.. and just watch me.. after his teachings .. i then took off on my own to investigate areas of GREAT ANCIENT ART of the ASARU and the INTERGALACTIC FEDERATION.including the artistic craft and sightings of innerterrestrials.. in the Superstitions.. knowing geology of the SW helped me greatly to know where to look.( CRYSTALLINE ROCK!) .during this time a great AH HA! came inside me.. as i understood finally my destiny in this lifetime.. .. i knew what plan had been for my life's journey.. to help HUMANITY have sovereignty on this planet over the REPTILES.. .. and not be slaves and food for the Reptilian SCOUNDRELS.. ..who controlled the planet and people..

28)1991 and 1992.. the death of my Niece Carrie Crouse( who had also been abducted on Halloween at the age of 12 in INDPLS, my guess was for a SATANIC CEREMONY, .. ) one week after i took her( at the age of 16)down the Grand Canyon, she was murdered by a driver who hit her side of the car.. next year.. the murder of my sister's son.. Nicky by a gunshot from a juvenile delinquent who was visiting his grandfather next door to my Sister Eileen's house & then my friend GISELA LOEFFLER, was murdered in her car at at TOLL BOOTH in LONG ISLAND.. by someone who ran into her at a high rate of speed.. .. ( i later asked the snakes why they killed so many of my family and friends .. and they told me " to slow me down" ) .. well,, it obviously didn't work because i know im one of their most feared enemies on this planet.. of that i will explain what i have done to change the situation on this planet..

29)ALIENS AND UFO ART website up.. FEB 27th. 1998..( and the OVERT DAILY beginnings of DAILY troubles with the Reptilian CONTROLLERS and their HUMAN CONVERTS.. ) website construction taught to me by ULI LINDEMANN( who was MURDERED- 3 gunshot wounds to his head-- btw this was one of the cases that was called a suicide.. when it most probably was NOT!).. he was a wonderful teacher and very patient with me and all my questions, but from that time.. i was CONTINUALLY HASSLED AND HARASSED BY THE SERPENTS ON THIS PLANET AND NAZIS WHO WORK FOR THEM..EVERY DAY.. !!!! they also murdered THOM KELLEY one of my friends who helped me with my website.. and put another TEK i had in the hospital twice for helping me..he declined to ever help me again..

30)my dear husband Fred died in May 2000...at the age of 70, there was a great deal of SNAKE INTRIGUE in his death.. sometime i will also explain this..however, i would like to tell you one of the stories he told me at the end of his life.. he said he was working at ASU, teaching military sciences, after retiring from the air force and would relieve the troops in VIETNAM who flew AIR AMERICA PLANES( apparently a top secret mission) .. he was at the time a LT COL.. one flight.. there was a large commotion, ..a VIETNAMESE SERGEANT was questioning & throwing farmers off the back of his plane.. FRED went back with his MOSSBERG GUN.. he always carried .... he saw the drugs and money.. and what was happening to the farmers.. so he THREW THE SERGEANT, MONEY AND DRUGS out of the airplane.. at that time he didn't know he was a pilot for the CIA drug mafia... .. to carry drugs and kill farmers.. when he and his co pilot and the few farmers left alive arrived at the airport in near SAIGON.. they were heavily interrogated.. and FRED said he didn't know what happened to the MONEY, DRUGS, OR SERGEANT.. at that point he NEVER went into SAIGON again .. and in two weeks.. went back to the states.. but was demoted to a TACTICAL SERGEANT.. so much for our grand military from HEIL HELL..

31)2002.. THOM KELLEY again came into my life & we became good friends. I had seen his work in a Tucson UFO group about his vindication of a Tesla patent by proving its validity.. .. THOM had finished his masters degree and his thesis was on TESLA...he was very involved in researching AZ..UFO activity, including the SATANIC activity.. child and drug running, .. in the SW. He also had a battle with JIM DILETOSSO over the PHX LIGHTS.. and JIM told Thom he would never work again IN PHX....as Jim had many high placed people like the HORMEL CLAN as his friends.. so THom was never able to acquire anything more than a temporary job.. while he was alive.. I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR DILETTOSSO at all!!!

32)THOM helped me resurrect my website.. which was in great trouble ....my original server FUTUREONE.com .. had been taken over by a company from GREELEY COLORADO of SNAKES.. ..so i transferred the domain name to EARTHLINK/MINDSPRING.. and could not ever get into the site.. or retrieve ... the ownership of my domain name from them.. wiolawa.com( even though i owned it and had paid for it with a credit card) .. roadblocks were put into my way.. and i was hacked everytime i tried to introduce a new index page or a new webpage.. i was totally STOPPED right before 9-11.. and had to wait 1 year, before i could get the right type of help.. which was THOM and his abilities and expertise with computers.. ( one man from GILBERT who took care of the GILBERT CITY COMPUTERS.. simply gave up and said the hacking was beyond his abilities to fix) , they even blew up one of THOM's computers while he was trying to help me.. at the time i learned that EARTHLINK was owned by SCIENTOLOGY.. so that was the reason for the sabotage....even my new server GETNET couldn't retrieve my domain name i owned..with a credit card- VERIZON wouldn't let go of it.. .. i finally gave up.. a year later and went to wiolawapress.com/... and now two corporations own wiolawa.com..and want to sell it to the highest bidder.. whomever owns that site.. if they ever sell anything.. please do not honor them.. in the future!!!



.34) ... my dear friend THOM, was murdered in MARCH 2004 .. being run off the road,his neck broken .. the weeks before this happened , he was continually telling me they were trying to run him off the road.- usually by using high tek.. that would stall his call while driving and then have a large truck come up behind him.. . they tried this with me.. one time.. when i was returning on GREENWAY PARKWAY from SWIMMING.. at night.. i was coming into the INTERSECTION at TATUM and GREENWAY with about 15 cars.. i was in the middle going about 45-50 mph.. all the cars immediately were stopped in the intersection except mine ( obviously a high tek helicopter was over pulsing the batteries of the cars) .. . i noticed the shocked people with stalled cars..as i went in and out and around them,... and i simply went on.. knowing i couldn't explain to them what happened and how i was IMMUNE from the sabotage.. today is JANUARY 28th, 2007..

35)Ofcourse there is much i have overlooked in telling U .. but i will say this.. the more you work with TRUTH and INTEGRITY for the betterment of HUMANITY the more abilities you are given.. or accrue.. this i KNOW for a fact.. the ability to disappear, control space and time.. and DO as Gurdjieff would say.. where others cannot.. gifts that are earned.....but they can be lost too...


36)i WILL TELL U all a few things.. that have happened.. U NEED TO KNOW ABOUT..for historical reference..MORE LATER....

1) in 1997 the government tried to close the PERALTA TRAIL.( where i was doing research on the ancient ART) . and make a 4 mile access road to hike in.. i was returning from taking my daughter to camp in ORACLE.. it was sometime in late JULY or early AUGUST.. if i remember.. i knew the trail road had been closed and so i decided to check it out for myself.. i went into the PERALTA trail road and went up to the head of the trail.. to park for a few minutes.. i knew the government vehicles would follow me in.. and one GREEN TRUCK DID... at a high rate of speed.. fortunately i was going out as he was coming in to get me.. THIS MADE ME INCREDIBLY ANGRY that they would CLOSE THIS TRAIL.. and make a hiking trail that few could use.. to access the main trail.. by making it more difficult to see the ART along the trail.. only very hardy hikers would ever be able to do the total hike.. which was one of the most popular hikes in ARIZONA.. .. so.. i made an INTENT with great ANGER!.. and that INTENT had to do with the AIR FORCE STANDOWN in 1997.. the trail road.. was opened immediately and has been eversince.. and i had navy trucks with signs following me out my driveway.. for a few days.. i thought that was hilarious.. all VANCE DAVIS said to me was "NOW THEY KNOW"..need i say anymore.. HUMAN INTENT is INCREDIBLY POWERFUL.. if used for the right reason..


2) please see my short page on the K_WAR.. http://www.wiolawapress.com/kwar.htm


3). one year i had to return to INDPLS to see my father.. .. i think it was in the late spring or summer.. about 1998.. i called one of the airlines for a reservation only to be told by a government operative all the ROAD DIRECTIONS TO MY FATHERS HOME!..the GOV had obviously taken over my phone system.. at the time i had read CATHY OBRIEN'S book TRANSFORMATION OF AMERICA.. and was horrified by her story of herself and her daughter as WHITE SLAVES.. called BUTTERFLYS for the reptilian government, being used for drug mulls and sex slavery.. . so i communicated with her and decided to help her.. i told her in a few weeks her daughter would be out of the HEALTH PRISON SYSTEM in NASHVILLE>. at any rate i decided to drive back to INDPLS.. and pick up my friend SWEET MEDICINE, in WATANGA, OK.. as a bodyguard.. much was happening at the time.. and problems everyday from the REP GOV.. when we drove north that evening was an incredible type of storm i had never seen before.. a circular wall of BLACK WEATHER.. like an immense hurricane.. on earth.. while driving north on a parkway.. i had never seen so many accidents.. but i arrived OK to St. Joseph.. the next day going into ST LOUIS after breakfast.. SWEET MEDICINE was taken by the ST .LOUIS POLICE from my car and imprisioned unjustifiably.. . he was able to get out two weeks later when i was home in PHX.. and the drive back was literally a VERY BIZARRE TRIP to say the least.. i had to literally disappear to make it back to ARIZONA.... at any rate when i arrived home i received a note from CATHY thanking everyone for the release of her daughter.. and that she was finally able to get proper medical care and treatment.. so you ask what happened??.. there was a large mysterious TORNADO that did quite a bit of damage in NASHVILLE.. in the middle of the city and damaged gov buildings.. DO U REMEMBER?


4)continued on the story of SWEET MEDICINE.( had been one of the warriors at WOUNDED KNEE) who was a friend of DENNIS BANKS and RUSSELL MEANS>. of AIM.. when the gov ops picked him up in ST LOUIS.. i continually tried to call him to find out what he was charged with.. and i drove back there on my way home but they would not allow me to see him.. he told me on the phone.. that each day he was given a new person to talk with.. MIND CONTROL OPS.. and had a disease.. which i supposedly gave him..and that the CDC were going to pick me up.. in ARIZONA.. i knew i didn't have ANY DISEASE.. so i immediately went to a doctor for confirmation.. and testing..and ofcourse my TESTS were fine. when i was driving home.. that day.. i encountered a vehicle infront of me.. something spontaneously happened inside of me and told me to - back my car up- behind this other driver and turn left instead of right.. OUT JUMPED A MAN SWEARING AT ME IN GERMAN... for NO REASON..( why should i turn right behind him?)except he was obviously one of the OPERATIVES I HAD COUNTERED AND WON AGAINST.. i WAS VICTORIOUS!.. and IMMEDIATELY THAT DAY.. SWEET MEDICINE WAS released from PRISON OUTSIDE ST. LOUIS within 2 hours.....!

5) when i went to see SWEET MEDICINE AND PICK HIM UP IN WATANGA OK.. i heard a strange story... but perhaps not one i didnt expect.. from both his brother FLOYD BLACK BEAR and SWEET MEDICINE BLACK BEAR.. they both told me that PRINCESS DIANA's Mother had flown into the airport near them and wanted to talk with them.. she had seen my page about the SUPERSTITIONS and hiking with SWEET MEDICINE.. they both told me she flew in with10 bodyguards and a black cadillac filled with video tapes in the trunk( the mysterious video tapes intrigued them) . .. THEY decided to meet in a TIPI.. and she asked them about me- she knew at the time i had 4 degrees.. which i didnt even think about& how QE2 would try to sabotage me.. ..previously, i had a webpage on DIANA's murder.. in which i said that RAYELAN RUSHBACHERS EX HUSBAND- who flew BUSH's plane to EUROPE for the so called OCTOBER SURPRISE.. was the probable murderer who worked for M 16- or M 5 in BRITAIN.. and had set up the so called accident in PARIS.. he was a master of car accidents.. .. DIANA'S mother wanted to meet me.. during that year at the .. SUN DANCES for the CHEYENNE IN OK>. .. but that was never to come to pass.. as my 4 RUNNER was continually under attack..and i didnt like flying.. i have often wondered what they did to Sweet Medicine,while in prison for two weeks in ST. LOUIS.the government would only allow me to talk with him and not his family.. how strange.. is that? . i dont think SWEET MEDICINE was ever the same.. after that.. sorry to say...



i am still in PHX ARIZONA still working with INTENT..toward the SOVEREIGNTY OF HUMANITY ON EARTH.still alive... inspite of the REPTILES!.. .2005-2007..since then my brother's daughter ASHLEY has been murdered.. while sitting in a parked car infront of her dorm at INDIANA UNIVERSITY..





ART=9 geometrical forms in space and time.. OBJECTIVE Word programming...(1-9)Enneagram.. Heptaparaparshinohk

ORS= a day in time of our SOLAR SYSTEM ORS...

Piano Variations on an 88 Tone Row


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