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Worms, misdiagnosed as cancer

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Post Worms, misdiagnosed as cancer 
Here's a video of a brain surgeon extracting a huge worm from someone's brain 'tumor.'


The same thing happens commonly with open heart surgery.

Any zapper quickly kills all these worms in the organs.  Cures cancer in three weeks as a rule, too Wink

The incompetence of serial killers (MDs) borders on the criminal...okay, it crossed that 'criminal' line decades ago.


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Post Re: Worms, Misdiagnosed As Cancer 
Zapping is an excellent way to get rid of parasites.  And what I like about the terminator zapper is it also “boosts” your frequency since it has orgonite in it as well as a few other goodies.  I find the terminator smoother than other zappers.  That said I would say from personal experience that parasites are actually your friends.  What I mean is that parasites, viruses, mold, fungus, yeast etc. are part of “Mother Nature’s Cleanup Crew” and can only exist where there is food for them to thrive on.  Your body needs to be filled with toxins (food for parasites) and your body needs to be oxygen depleted, since parasites are non-oxygen breathing organisms.  The chubby lady in the video will accomplish little with her surgery if she continues to trot down to Denny’s for the local “Death Plate Special.”…or McDonalds or KFC or any other cooked food for that matter.  I can tell by looking at her body and the bodies of her family members.  They dine on food of the matrix prepared by our good chef “Agent Smith.”

Ya I eat raw food.  Some may consider that radical, yet it’s something the wild animals have been doing for a looooong time.  They don’t have hospitals, doctors, dentists or even brush their teeth.  It seems to be working for them.  I’m happy to join the instinctive habits of the “radical” wild animals.

Some may wonder what this has to do with gifting orgonite and EW?  Well I find from personal experience that as you start to really clean out your body and say -- pound back 40 ounces of fresh green vegetable juice a day or study and implement the excellent links Cesco has on his website regarding urine therapy ( http://www.materiaetherica.com/urinetherapy.html ) that life shifts radically to the upside.  The physical and etheric clarity leaves less for the ghouls to “ping off of” when they try to whack you.  I could be wrong in this area but I do find that each poisoning or whacking that I receive inspires me to clean my body up even more and to implement habits of living similar to a wild animal.  Like walking barefoot in my garden each day, since this helps me to connect to the etheric field of the Earth and wearing rubber soul (sole) shoes cuts us off from that.  This habit helps to dissipate any EMF pollution still clinging.

Most of what I’ve learned has come from David Wolfe and Peter Ragnar.  Playing around with super foods like goji berries, coconut oil, spirulina, hemp seed, flax seed, black sesame seed, shizandra berries, fresh baby coconuts, MSM, juicing wild grass, having a garden and eating GREENS, juicing GREENS, gingko nuts, papaya leaf, green papaya…fresh fruits etc.  Using a blender.  Using a juicer.  Fasting…cleansing and detoxifying with herbs and colonics.

I was recently in Thailand and on the beach bought Mr. Somporn’s 32 herb elixir with “elephant tree”.  I’d never heard of elephant tree before but the “jing” in the bottle was off the charts…I could feel it with my hands.  On the bottle it said “DON’T see your doctor…just drink what’s in the bottle”…I love that…only in Thailand can you still print stuff like that.  I mixed it with MSM and wow…I doubt there are many parasites left in me.  Also my “sensuous boosting partner” is from Indonesia.  Her Grandma died last year at 125 and her other Grandma is living at 115.  They all drink this very potent green elixir made from betel leaf, tumeric, tamarind and other ingredients I don’t know the English name for.   She made another batch yesterday…again the “jing” lifeforce, orgone, prana, mojo was off the charts.

I really do feel that implementing high energy habits in our diet is another way to combat tyranny.  The pesticide and chemical companies, fast food joints, mainstream Agro businesses are promoted by the ghouls.  They are designed to depricate your consciousness, to dumb you down and to castrate your energy.  Like a death tower.  But in this case the death tower is something we put IN our body if we ingest this food.  Our body is a hollow tube from mouth to anus like the copper tubing used in a CB so I’d say that what we put in our mouth has an immense effect on the energetics of our life.  If the food is alive its going to impart that frequency.  And if the food is dead…well you guessed it.

I hope I’ve shared some worthwhile ideas.  I’ve tried them and they seem to be working.  I propose a toast with my “Grandma Green Leaf” elixir in hand to all the fine gifters of orgonite on this planet…”may you shine like the sun and whack tyranny back into its proper place.”

Hong Kong John

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Post Re: Worms, misdiagnosed as cancer 
Thx a lot, John--your ideas are certainly welcome here, since you demonstrate them in your own life.

I used to scoff at people who often (seems like perpetual?) say they're detoxing but after having done a three month liver/colon detox program last fall and experienced the benefits, as well as the prolonged discomfort, I've got more sympathy for them and John is absolutely right that taking better care of our bodies makes it harder for the psi corps to trash us from the etheric realm.

Carol's still going through her very long healing crisis--has lasted over four months!--but of coruse the feds hate her more than me, so they used their worst poisons on her, especially when she travelled alone in the past six years.

A lot of poison gets shunted to fat cells for storage, so when we lose weight we have to experience those poisons' effects, again.   Doing what we can to boost the liver and kidneys helps us get that crap out of our bodies faster, though, and in a crisis, PCA Rx has proven very helpful to relieve the worst of the symptoms, especially right after we get poisoned by the agencies.  The product is claimed to latch onto poison molecules and toxic metals and give them the bum's rush out the kidneys and liver.  ...sort of like a bouncer for the bloodstream.

I understand's John's sentiment that parasites are our friend and I can agree to that notion if one will also consider that the people in the sewer rat agencies who try so hard to corrupt and/or destroy us are also our friends, since they, too, are performing a function in our development.   This may be an exercise in semantics because most of us are friends but we don't want to  suck each others' life force dry and we don't administer deadly poisons to each other when we meet, of course, or shoot each other with beam weapons from hidden location Cool

A year ago I started doing a moderate amount of weight training.  I really do mean, 'moderate.' Wink   Almost immediately, the muscle assaults from teh psi corps seemed to cease.  I know they didn't stop trying but having some muscle tone just apparently made it a lot harder for them to do any damage to my body, this way.

After that, John started telling me about his experience with David Wolfe's products and told me that David was promoting our zappers.  I adopted my usual 'wait and see' attitude and remained open until we met David and observed him and the folks who subscribe to his offerings, then Carol and I began re-arranging our lives with a goal of getting more and more clear of adulterated foods.  I'm not personally inclined to support or promote anyone's diet paradigm because this subject is just too vast and conditional for anyone to master it (some folks are that healthy and eat meat, for instance; some live well on just fruit, etc.) but  David seems to be on the cutting edge of some of the current health/vitality trends.   I'm probably more inclined to adopt many of the findings and demonstrated benefits of Ann Wigmore's research.  She was evidently murdered for her success, unfortunately, but it was after her findings were outlined and then demonstrated for several decades.

I'm not saying someone has to be murdered by the CIA in order to have credibility, of course, and I believe that we're finding ways to turn the tables on these murderers, too, so that perhaps none of us in the gifting movement will be killed for the work we're doing and the world order, itself, will rather be destroyed before long by humanity with our rising awareness and accountability.

Another benefit of regular fasting and cleaning up one's life, in general, is that if hard times come one won't likely die from toxic shock after missing a few meals Cool


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Post Re: Worms, Misdiagnosed As Cancer 

All excellent points and they align with my experience.  I do find that more and more I’m eating with clear instinct based on my body intelligence.  An area where I diverge from David Wolfe’s methods is in the area of raw salmon (sashimi), tuna etc.  And that is simply because when I’m near the stuff sometimes my body literally gravitates to put it in my mouth…other times not.  I follow this “feeling” or energy flow as I believe that clear inner body promptings are valuable and empowering.  Dolphins eat raw fish so maybe I’m one of them with land legs?

In the area of oil-based poisons and petroleum by-products, pesticides etc. I’ve found Coconut oil to be excellent.  Coconut Cures by Bruce Fife is an excellent book and it aligns with my experience here in Asia when I see some of these “poor” people that eat a lot of cheap fresh coconuts…running around in lean amazing health with bright white teeth.  Although PCA Rx may be quicker in removing the poisons in an emergency situation.

Yes weight lifting, running etc. probably makes it harder for the dung-beetle agencies to poison us (physically and etherically).  Wild coyotes are known to run for 10 miles in a spurt when they ingest poison from a rancher.  The running and oxygen allows them to transmute and release the poison they have ingested and they survive.  Their instinct is in tact and they have a twinkle in their eyes.  It’s this instinctive “twinkle” that I want to bring more and more into my life, my habits and my way of being.  It all takes time and the release of being born into the complex lie of civilization.  At the same time I’m grateful that my “civilization” ships fresh goji berries to me and cold-presses coconuts for coconut oil etc etc.  I like to run in the mountains…I like to lift weights at the gym in my civilization.

It’s all a very exciting tapestry of discovery and I feel we are on the cutting edge of something rather grand and beautiful.  The full blossoming of the human bean OOOZING with POR…perhaps.  In multiple areas of our lives.  And certainly electronic medicine and the boost received from the terminator zapper is a part of that tapestry.  I often sleep with one in a sock…that is when my “sensuous boosting partner” is not over…ha ha.  There ARE some parts of the body you want to refrain from zapping on!

Hong Kong John

P.S. Planting a garden can be quite empowering.  Even in a cold climate simply growing wheat-grass indoors.  There’s something magical about putting raw food/juice that you have grown in your mouth.