'You [Don] Gotta Grow Up, Buddy'

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New post 'You [Don] Gotta Grow Up, Buddy' 
  Aug 2008
Don, I keep reading that you barely see chems anymore. When was the last time you were in nyc area?  I dont think you were here lately.

Also you keep writing and calling names people that havent noticed chems before or just noticed them. Does it really matter who noticed it and when.

We all know you're the man and you know everything but why talk shit about people that are just trying to do the ritght thing and fight the evil along yourself. You gota grow up buddy.  I belive we are all on the same side.

Plus if you think you took care of chems you are living in dreams and need to wake up. They might have different ingredients but they are very much still here and covering our skies.

Also, I must have planted dozens of towerbusters around clusters of towers in my area and wasted much money. Other then personal tools like your pyramid and harmonizer I dont see much changes from towerbusters.

I live in Cliffside Park area right across from nyc and it just seems like theres no help.  Our sky is covered daily. Since you know everything, can you explain what is in chems these days and if they dont do anything why are they still sprayin EVERY DAY!    

Thank in advance


Sure, they spew in our skies pretty much daily, too, and before we did the lake gifting in the region, the seeded clouds stuck in teh sky for hours.

The  reason I want you to consider that they looked and behaved much differently before the middle of 2002 is that those were the characteristics of actually poisonous chemtrails which reached the ground in a few minutes and (this is a key point) they quickly destroyed all of the cumulus, rain bearing clouds on their way down..  The long, fairly distinct seeded clouds that drift across your sky don't drop down; they remain in the sky.

I understand that you feel threatened by the sight of chemtrails and I actually do sympathize but only if you're willing to consider that my arguments might have some merit and are willing to increase your effort to clean up the sky where you live.

In very congested areas, like yours, there's a death tower ever few blocks because the ratio of death towers to the populace is usually approx. one for every 2,000 people.   If you will extend your efforts beyond your immediate neighborhood you're bound to start seeing dramatic changes overhead.   I don't know yhou personally, so I'll assume that you're correct that there have been no changes from your towerbusting but I can say that a lot of people I correspond with are unable or unwilling to see any but the most dramatic improvements.  Fortunately, very dramtic visual effects are standard fare for anyone who will stay the course and not be discouraged after a couple of days in such a densely populated area.

I've tried to persuade STeve Baron or someone else who is reputable in  Toronto to put something in hte public record about the changes they've brought about in that huge city over the years with gifting because it's one of the most phenomenal successes I've witnessed.  It's possible to do the same in any city, including New York, but the higher the population number, the more work is required and most individuals don't have the time or resources for such a commitment.

Don Bradley almost single-handedly transformed the atmosphere in the Los Angeles Basin within a couple of years.  Fortunately, there were a lot of posted reports about the progress and anyone can see, from watching films made in LA in recent years, that it's much, much better there, now.  We even see Sylphs in the movies now, as often as not.  I think cinematographers are particularly happy about that and want to catch it on film for us.

I suggest that you try to look, as objectively as possible, at how the atmosphere in yhour area has improved.  That, too, can be tracked in films, since so many are made in and around NYC.

I do tend to bludgeon people who are addicted to disinformation sites because common discernment dictates that the CIA has an awful lot vested in distracting would-be truth seekers from digging deeper than these Chickn Little franchises.  One who is running around like a chicken with his head cut off is, after all, certainly not a threat to tyranny; he's rather a tool of tyrants, like the bookburners in Munich were.  To say that 'we're all on the same side,' is certainly true on one level, since we're all related as human beings, but what we actually do, not what we say, determines whether we're efficiently opposing tyranny or are merely sucking on the CIA's terror teat.  Getting mad at me won't help.

I'm glad you wrote to me, though, and I'm posting your note and my response because I know a lot of people who want to believe in chemtrails and read EW are mad at me right now and I feel obliged to answer back in an efficient way.

Let me know if any of your concerns were not addressed, okay?  We can keep this going.

I'm glad to konw that you like Carol's products.  I'm trying to talk her into teaching people, here,  how to combine stones and other elements in orgonite for personal use. I think  she's going to try it.  Nobody's been answering these questions, as far as I know, except the chest pounders and confusion-mongers.  Cesco, Ryan and a few others have offered discourses from time to time but there  ought to be a real-time source to interact with and Carol enjoys teaching people  and is quite adept with subtle energy elements.

Sure, I indulge in name calliing but I'm not directing it at anyone in particular; just trying to show the less pleasant, CIA-directed social dynamics that we've had to contend with for 8 years.  I call the CIA, '$#!+birds' but I consider it a public service to strip away any illusion of honor, patriotism or integrity from this terrorist organization.

The people I seem to anger the most, besides the $#!+birds,  are well-meaning militant pacifists but these folks are successfully programmed not to effectively oppose tyranny and exploitation, so whose side are they serving?


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New post Re: 'You [Don] Gotta Grow Up, Buddy' 
It seems more and more obvious, to me, that the chemtrails are mainly a psychological campaign by now.

I forgot to mentoin that there are probably twenty orgonite cloudbusters in and around New York City and one of themost prodigious gifters on the planet, Ivo Granata, lives in Connecticut, right next to Queens, NY, and has done a lot of gifting in your area.

Kam Wong lives in Brooklyn, I think, and has also done a lot of intelligent gifting.  There are several other gifters I've corresponded with who live in and around the city and have done a lot of gifting. One of them, an accountant,  focused his efforts on Manhattan's financial district.

The reason we don't organize this effort is because the CIA has an army of MOnarch assets and moles who are well able to say all the right things to get our confidence and inviting them along pretty much guarantees that our orgonite will later be removed by the feds.   This problem got so bad in England (MI5 infiltrated, in that case) that most gifters won't even discuss this online, any more,  but everyone in England who knows anything seems to have direct knowledge of orgonite by now.  John (whale.to) and Rich Fosh in UK are certainly speaking up online about their extensive gifting efforts, at least.

Like any othe pursuit that's genuinely empowering, there's an 'alone' aspect to getting in touch with what orgonite does.  It can't be learned vicariously but this activity is uniquely suited for self-initiation in the most astounding ways.


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New post Re: 'You [Don] Gotta Grow Up, Buddy' 
Don, thank you for your reply.  I believe and feel everything you say, the only thing like I said that bothers me is when you talk low of people that havent noticed chems when you did.  

Everyone has their own time of "waking up" to reailty and similar and if they can grasp that evil is out there why not encourage them to learn more instead of making them feel stupid because they just found about something.  I read stuff like that from you on few occasions and thats the only thing that bothered me.  

Besides, lets say chems are perfectly non dangerous, ....they cover the whole skies and take away beautiful sun and make atmosphere humid and the whole scenary looks like horror movie, most days. Are they really doin all that just for fear tactics??

What is in chems these days??  And finally what do you think of the earthquakes around the world? All HAARP or what??    Again thank you so much for your time and knowledge.



I agree with you that I need to grow up, by the way.

I think that the reason you have the impression that I'm judging people harshly for not having recognized chemtrails until after they stopped being a threat is because of my impatience with the Chicken Little histrionics that popular websites about chemtrails seem to induce.

I certainly am aggressive toward this kneejerk response and that's probably due to my lingering immaturity.   Unfortunately, each of us have to work from our own current stages of development. If we chose to wait until we were mature before we attempted to have any public discourse about these important things then the bad guy might prevail.  At this rate, I'll be in my 70s before I'm grown up and that's over a decade away.

I certainly will look for ways to make my points without putting people in a defensive position.   I think it's safe and rpoductive enough to vent my spleen on the terrorist organizations, after all (CIA, MI5/6, NSA, FBI, Mossadomites®, KGB, ad nauseum) and I sure don't consider people who are merely misled to be my enemy.

I'm sorry that you apparently have the impression that I'm an elitist for having noticed chemtrails many years ago.  I sure need to look closely at that and thanks for mentioning it.  It's human nature to deny important realities but it's also human nature to instantly grasp them in a timely way. We're all influenced by those tendencies until our last breaths.

The main benefit of the harmless skywriting, now, is the same as the death towers and weather weaponry: these are concrete evidence of the malevolent intentions of the old world order which we can affect with orgonite in a dramatic way.  It would be much harder for people to wake up to the reality of this parasitic hierarchy if not for these evident signs.

There are probably old films that show chemtrails quickly spreading out to white out the sky, then destroy all the lovely cumulus clouds on their way to the ground.  The present status of chemtrails merely seeding clouds that remain at the 12-20,000 ft level and drift away like natural clouds could be seen by anyone in sharp contrast to the 'old stuff.'

I've never seen evidence that chemtrails influence the humidity level in the atmosphere, though on days when humidity is high it's more likely that the chemtrails will seed clouds.  I try my best to get people to watch the skies with more discernment so that they can see the fast disappearing chemtrails on days when there are chemtrail onslaughts. Even on the most humid days the toxic chemtrails disappear almost instantly and you can easily see that those planes are flying at around the same altitude as the other planes that  only seed clouds are flying.

I haven't seen skywriters since I was a kid but I remember that those seeded clouds created by the skywriters looked exactly like the seeded clouds created by most of the chemtrail jets do.   About five years ago, in the town where we were then living, there was a curious fire in a storage unit on the edge of town and the cops cordoned off the area.  I asked one of the cops what happened and he told me that some skywriting chemicals that were stored in that unit might present a health hazard due to the fire. He named the chemical but I forgot what it was.  If memory serves, it was fairly inert.

It might be that the chemtrail jets are merely spewing kerosene for psychological effect.  A strange aspect of this is that there are obviously more chemtrail jets than passenger or military jets and anyhone who's looked through binoculars at Mojave Airfield and seen the chemtrail jet 'assembly line' knows that British and American airline jets are typically converted to chemtrail jets..  This might be a factor in the steady, continuing decline in air travel ever since the feds blew up the World Trade Center, seven years ago.

To gain some clarity and certainty, one really needs to do some critical observing and thinking. We have to move beyond the What To Think Network and all those fake alternative info providers, in other words, if we want to get some peace of mind and  genuine confidence.

I don't think they're stupid enough to keep generally  spewing expensive biochemical weaponry all these years after that stuff stopped working but I think that every time there's a chemtrail display there's at least one jet spewing the weapons; those are surely the ones whose spew disappears instantly, due to an orgonite cloudbuster being within range.  Since the range of a single orgonite cloudbuster seems to be up to a couple hundred miles and sinced there are many thousands of them on our continent, no chemtrail is likely to be out of range.

I hope you'll watch for Sylphs. Most of the major cities in North America, parts of Asia and Europe have Sylph visitors by now becuase there's been so much gifting. I mention these continents because they were worst hit with chemtrails, before.   I think whale.to has good photo examples.  Even London has Sylphs, now.  This is the most positive confirmation that the energy in the atmosphere is irreversibly positive by now.

Occasoinal hazy days are assumed to be due to smog but I encourage people to remember that smog is brown and this white haze is a natural indicator of high humidity, rather; not something we should be depressed about.  Haze in the atmosphere also indicates stability. Very clear days are during periods of atmospheriic instability.   I mention this in the context of moving air masses.  High pressure days have little or no wind or clouds and low pressure days (unstable atmosphere) have wind and lots of clouds or storms.  I think it's useful to learn some basic meteorology just for a little peace of mind.

You mentioned, before, that you're disappointed that the dozens of towerbusters you made and distributed in your area didn't produce results that met your expectations.  I hope you'll persevere, mindful to bust all of the contiguous towers in an expanding area, because sooner or later your expectations will be met and probably exceeded.  This is the typical crucial period that requires a leap of faith to keep going and we all go through that with each new campaign, no matter how many cities and regions we've gifted.

My accumulated experience, compared to someone who hasn't taken an effective stand against parasitic corporate  hegemony, might make me relatively taller but I'm aware that in comparison to the stature The Operators, including our dolphin friends and mentors, I'm still a dwarf. I don't feel any pride for being a 'jumbo dwarf' compared to some other folks and I'm genuinely sorry that you've gotten another impression. I hope I can convince you that I don't feel superior to anyone.


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New post Re: 'You [Don] Gotta Grow Up, Buddy' 
'HAARP' seems to be a general catchall term for the weaponry that affects the environment.  Maybe that's because HAARP is the only aspect of this general campaign that has been officially acknowledged.

Sure, the $#!+bird agencies create earthquakes. Tesla was able to do that wtih a little box that he could carry in a pocket so we can imagine what the stinking world order is capable of, now.

The nice thing about all that is that we can easily neutralize all of their weaponry with simple orgonite.

There's been some concern, confirmed by our psychic associates, that CERN is planning a massive assault on some major earth faults in a few  months.  The psychics are in the habit of looking beyond the What To Think Network's public presentations about facilities like CERN and someone in Europe will likely be putting earthpipes all around that Swiss facility pretty soon so we're not concerned that they'll succeed. They did apparently manage to generate a lot of destruction in Chile a few months ago during one of the experimental phases of their present campaign but I think Alejandro and Antonio are about to reverse those effects shortly.

The worst earthquake assault by teh world order that I'm aware of was when they destroyed Tiflis, Armenia, when that country was poised to become genuinely independent.  Apparently, a massive water pipeline from Siberia was the main intent of the induced earthquake becuase that water was about to turn Armenia into an agricultural (economic) giant.

I think that orgonite is going to restore Armenia's ability to have water for agriculture, the way it's going to reverse the Sahara and thus revlutionize Africa's fortunes.  Georg's success reversing the Kalahari and our slower success reversing the the American and Mexican desert will lead to all of the world's deserts being reversed.

We know that 'global warming' is a scam, by now, because the fake scientists who have spent teh past twenty years preaching about the imminent desertication of our planet are now warning about 'global cooling' on account of the reversal of the world order's weather warfare agenda in recent years, probably thanks to orgonite distirbution.

We've seen HAARP arrays that were built in the 1970s.  Those are the tower arrays whose red paint is now faded to light pink.  All of the towers that are built near airports had to be painted red and white Wink

The death towers and the weather warfare weapons have technology that is classified, which is why nobody is talking authoritatiely about any of this.  When Carol and I were doing some gifting around the base of Mt Rainier (an active volcano near Seattle) in November, 2002, we found a 'weatherball' at the bottom of a ravine. She looked at the energy signature and told me that the energy was being aimed underground in an attempt to cause Mt Rainier to erupt.  In those days, there was still a lot of freaky seismic activity on that mountain.  We disabled that facility with a few towerbusters. The 'weatherballs' are particularly easy to disable for some reason.  Kelly, in the following spring, went to the upper areas of the mountain and thoroughly gifted the disturbed vortices and, since then, we've heard of no reports of seismic activity.   He had to make his way through some pretty deep snow but Kelly generally gets the job done no matter what's in his path Cool


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New post Re: 'You [Don] Gotta Grow Up, Buddy' 
I should also mention our Chilean compadres present campaign to reverse the Atacama Desert because they've been keeping careful notes and a photographic record of their progress.

The climate has gotten a lot milder in America's and Mexico's desert and there are undeniable signs of this, such as the restoration of Death Valley's vegetation.  When Carol and I started gifting Death Valley in 2001 that region was completely and literally dead, except for right around the spring in the southern part where a small band of the Shoshone people have traditionally lived.  The CIA tried their best to discourage us on our first two gifting sorties, there, and it was some of the best fun I've had, to date Cool even though we came close to being taken out by a couple of speedingg van-fulls of CIA  wetworkers.  We'd paid close heed to our instinctive promptings, so were able to stay a jump ahead of their surveillance.  When those vans finally overtook us we were back out of the valley and on the federal highway. It was some time after midnight.  If you get a chance to gift along that road (US395) take along some earthpipes becuase the biggest concentration of gargantuan underground bases is along that route: the valley east of the Sierra Nevada range from Nevada down to LA.  Carol and I have seen some pretty bizarre stuff along that road Wink

On our last visit we nearly got arrested by park cops halfway thorugh laying our earthpipes along the 100 mile length of  Death Valley but the boss cop softened up after we pointed out to her that our collective previous efforts in the region resulted in the then-current explosion of flowers and grass in Death Valley (March, 2004).

Many or most (?) of the world's deserts are quite young, apparently generated by the world odor in the past five hundred years.  I think the only one that's actually old is in Saudi Arabia, though the Gobi, under which the psychics say the malevolent beating heart of the world order lies, might also be ancient.   We can't verify any of our statements about the more hidden, undocumented levels of the parasitic world order but some of us sure do act on the intel our psychics compile during the international chat sessions, as can anyone.


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New post Re: 'You [Don] Gotta Grow Up, Buddy' 
Thank you man!   I've been planting 3 around each cluster, about an 10th of a mile away, usualy next to a tree.  There are clusters in my area only half mile apart and in between even more of these.  Does it make sense to buy them from you at larger amounts and what are the deals you have on those? It is really messy and I dont think I want to do it again in public park.



Well, I'm overjoyed that you're going to persevere with your gifting efforts!

Carol and I don't sell tactical orgonite but most of the other vendors listed on the right margin of ethericwarriors.com do and their prices are competitive.  It's probably better for you to pick a vendor that's in the US, of course.

On my inaugural gifting campaign, seven years ago, which was an experimental effort to verify the three ounce towerbuster's viability (one per average tower definitely transmutes the death tower or weather weapon into a life force generator), I often made my orgonite on park benches from town to city across South Idaho's Snake River Valley during that month.  Each time I did that, a fed parked right next to me and pretended hard not to notice.

Gifters rarely encounter overt $#itbird-agency surveillance any more, maybe because this unorganized movement is too big to keep tabs on by now, but in the first few years we all had to contend with some pretty annoying CIA and MI5/6 freaks.   There were so many of them dogging our heels that we felt like we were leading parades through the countryside but we stayed far enough ahead of them that they rarely, if ever, saw 'the toss.'  One time, not far from here, I was gifting a bunch of odd watertowers in Spokane Valley, a semi-rural area, and at a four way stop intersection the feds were lined up on all four roads.  It was a weird dance, getting thru that country intersection and none of them would make eye contact with me.

Downtown grid-gifting has to be done on a Sunday morning in predominantly Christian countries because during those hours the only other people on the street were likely to be pavement artists.  That's the trade term for surveillance people. In some areas there will definitely still be active surveillance, such as around military and underground bases, corporate headquarters, Mormon and Masonic temples, etc.

Another time, when Carol and I were gifting N Washington, far west of Spokane, a little 'City Parcel' car, typical CIA surveillance vehicle in the region,  was parked kitty-corner across an intersection from us in a little farm town. It was around 8PM and he obviously wasn't delivering anything.  There was no traffic, so I drove over, crossed the street so that my driver side window was liined up with his driver side window.  I  rolled the window down and stared at him for about ten seconds.  He looked straight ahead with that CIA-stoney countenance, so I shouted, 'HEY!' at him. He slowly turned to look at me and I'll never forget his expression: it was a curious blend of terror and fury.  I bet he thought I was going to punch him in the face Wink .  Carol and I giggled and we drove away.

I sure don't miss the box surveillance of those days, though.