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The Ring of Truth [Interview with a man who flew a real saucer]

by Doug Yurchey

 July 11, 2007


Ralph Ring is a brilliant innovative technician who as a young man in the late 1950s worked closely with Otis T. Carr. Carr was a disciple of the great inventor Nikola Tesla. He and his team built a number of successful flying disks. OTC Enterprises was incorporated in 1955. They were on the verge of saucer technology fifty years ago until government agents forcibly shutdown their project.

In a dramatic experiment, Ralph Ring co-piloted a 45-foot disk a distance of ten miles, arriving at their destination instantaneously! And, made a return trip.

In 1947, Carr had finished his research on flying vehicles (resembling the levitation disk of John Searl) and tried to interest various governmental and University agencies. These attempts at sponsorship and marketing were in vain. The feds were primarily interested in nuclear energy.

In California, in the late 50s, the Carr group launched a number of test saucer-models. They were federally forced to disband and the prototype disks, equipment and all documentation were confiscated. Reasons given were ‘national security’ and the attempt to ‘overthrow the monetary system of the United States.’ With his life’s work (inspired by Tesla) terminated, Carr’s health failed.

Before meeting Carr, Ralph Ring had worked with the famous French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau. He then worked for a government-funded research laboratory called ‘Advanced Kinetics.’ Ralph soon learned that he was paid to look for answers, but the federal authorities were not interested in innovations that helped humankind. They were only interested in wasteful research and NOT finding the answers.

Later, Ralph bought land in Arizona where he built a futuristic disk-shaped home. Like Buckminster Fuller, his round home was astonishingly energy-efficient and many decades ahead of its time.

Ralph Ring and Otis T. Carr‘I've heard that the aliens use the same principle to operate their craft. Their physics seems to work in harmony with their consciousness. The craft amplifies the power of their minds. Their craft won't operate without the pilots. I've heard that's why we can't operate their crafts, or, at any rate, we can't operate them the way they do. We're just not adept enough mentally and spiritually. So there are two secrets to making the saucers work. One is the advanced engineering and the other is the mental and spiritual ability. We may have duplicated some of the first, but we may be a long way from the second…’

‘What's more, Time was distorted somehow. We felt we were in the craft about fifteen or twenty minutes. We were told afterwards that we'd been carefully timed as having been in the craft no longer than three or four minutes. I still have no complete idea how it worked. We just built it exactly according to Carr's instructions. Everything had to be perfect...it all had to be just so or he said it would not work, a kind of symbiotic state between man and machine.’

- RR

Otis Carr stated that the core of his spaceship would be a huge battery that would spin at the velocity of the external craft. It would be recharged by its own motion. He believed that such a battery could be built to any size and power the largest electrical generating plant, operate cars, heat a house or power any conceivable machine.

On April 15, 1959, a ‘launch event’ was held in Oklahoma City with hundreds of people in attendance. They were told that a prototype disk would rise 400 to 600 feet off the ground. After several hours delay, an announcement was made that the saucer launch was being postponed due to ‘badly engineered bearings.’ Actually, Otis Carr had been admitted to a hospital with a lung hemorrhage.

Major Wayne Aho, a former Army Combat Intelligence Officer during World War II, announced that he would pilot the craft to the Moon on December 7, 1959. The trip would take 5 hours and that the craft would remain in orbit for 7 days before returning. On June 2, 1960, Carr told an audience of 300 people that it was a ‘treacherous misstatement of fact to say or infer that we [OTC Enterprises] are coming to California to raise money in stock sales.’ The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission had placed an injunction against Carr, barring him from selling stock. Soon, negative publicity appeared in various publications stating he was a ‘conman.’ True Magazine called him a ‘hoaxer.’

Notes (Bill Ryan, Project Camelot):

‘There is no doubt in our minds that Ralph Ring is 100% genuine. Everyone who has met him and heard his story in person is in full agreement. However, the events he recounts took place nearly 50 years ago and there are some engineering details, which he has some understandable difficulty in recalling…’

I almost feel a small part of the Tesla family because for a few years in the 80s I was pen pals with Arthur Matthews. Arthur died in 1986. He may have been the son of Nikola Tesla. They co-wrote the book ‘The Wall of Light’ (available through Health Research).

After reading Margaret Storm’s book ‘Return of the Dove,’ I became somewhat familiar with Otis T. Carr. I knew very little outside of the fact that his OTC flying disks were not marketed and unavailable to the public. I remember asking Arthur, ‘Why doesn’t someone just take a joyride so people can witness flying saucers?’ Now, I understand why this did not happen.

Recently, how wonderful it was to be referred to Project Camelot and find Ralph Ring! Readers, take 15 minutes out of your life, click on the link and view Ralph’s clip where it says ‘download.’ Save this file and spread the word to others.


Discovering the details of Carr’s saucer project and what happened has been an incredible experience. I was motivated to write the article ‘Otis T. Carr and the Tesla Saucers.’ The Camelot website enjoyed the article and put me in touch with Ralph.

* * *

Here is an exclusive interview conducted through emails on 7/7/07 with Ralph Ring:

DY: How fast do you think your OTC flying disk went on its test flight? Or, shouldn’t we even think of it in terms of miles per second?

RR: You could say we traveled at the ‘speed of thought.’

DY: I understand you initially did not remember your test flight. When memory returned, do you remember stepping out of the craft? What I am asking is...was the craft hovering? Were there steps extended to the ground or did you have to jump a few feet down to the ground? Was the ship on the ground or do you have no memory of this?

RR: As yet, I still don't seem to have total recall but do recall leaving the craft via a magnetic ramp of sorts. It was very thick, like a spider’s web. Then, we retrieved some objects like sticks, stones and earth.

DY: Your OTC saucer was not too different from 'beaming' as we have seen portrayed in Star Trek's transporter. It seems the apparent NON-MOVEMENT of the ship was an effect of the warp speed...and I understand the boggle that was for the brain to comprehend. My question is why would it take 5 hours to reach the Moon? It seems that the trip would be instantaneous. (This was mentioned in a Carr interview, not that the test flight went to the Moon).

RR: In the realms in which we operated concerning the craft, Time was relative only to suggestion and was used only in frames of reference to communicate in linear terms to explain to the Brain vs. the Mind, the outer limits of time (in measurements). All of our moments in and out of Time were what we made of them, as we knew we were already there.

DY: Did you ever conceive that possibly our ancestors that built the pyramids and moved titanic weights we cannot move today, utilized and even mastered the very same principles you experimented with in the 1950s? Maybe our ancestors worked in harmony with nature and those Jetson floating cities you mentioned were once a reality, a part of ancient (lost) technology?

RR: Yes, it has always been the Power of One (Pure Magnetism) working with and understanding Natural Laws that have temporally been set aside in order to realize the human experience. We seem to be allowing the consciousness of the ‘impossible dream’ to filter back to us once again.

DY: What do you think of the idea that if we ADVANCED and IMPROVED the Wardenclyffe Tesla Tower hundreds of years into the future, we would have a large, stone, aligned pyramid? Or, that the ancient pyramids were essentially Tesla Power Towers?

RR: Everything without exception, composing the physical experience is a live consciousness, a beacon of Light (if you will), crystalline compositions constantly sending and receiving enormous amounts of power; some larger than others.

DY: Since you guys 'did it' and demonstrated that saucer travel is not fantasy, but a scientific reality...you probably believe countless life forms in the universe have developed flying disks and this accounts for much of the UFO phenomena. Is our crazy, war-like ways the reason ETs do not make contact? Do you think there is, in a sense, a Prime Directive that prohibits contact with Earthlings?

RR: I feel that Earth is trailing in many ways, two of which are Habitation & Transportation. We have always had the Intelligence of a deeper technology like the Jetsons, but have chosen the lighter side like the Flintstones. We tend to relate to the latter and what that represents. Perhaps if we but realized that there was and is a Galactic Pact concerning intervention in any excessive behavior…and if we modified our behavior, contact would be realized.

DY: Do you think that the government or military establishment has covertly succeeded in exactly what your gang tried to accomplish 50 years ago? I believe some, if not most, of the UFO crafts seen out of Area 51 are ours. What are your thoughts on the government doing this (keeping the technology) and not sharing these natural principles for the benefit of the human race?

RR: It is becoming more apparent that the controlling Powers That Be are using some advanced technologies. However, concerning the power we used (Pure Magnetism) was quite different, as it required a Higher Consciousness of the Aethers. Navigation and the mounting of weapons were never achieved because the ‘keys to success’ lie only in the Consciousness of the Aethers.

DY: We have seen photos of Nazi saucers. Do you know of the work of Schauberger? Do you think they were trying to do the same as what Carr attempted to do?

RR: Attempting, yes! Viktor Schauberger was under constant watch by Hitler's SS people concerning Anti-Gravity. Although working with Natural Law ‘Vortex Dynamics’ eventually produced a form of Anti-Gravity. This was not the same as Tesla, Carr Technology, differing in the understanding of Magnetic Resonance.

DY: There is evidence in NASA photos of possibly our military already on the Moon and Mars. If the government has developed OTC vehicles starting 50 years ago...doesn't it make sense that these off-world, secret bases truly exist?

RR: Of course, MORE than you know…but NOT with OTC vehicles.

DY: What do you think happened to the OTC saucer crafts that the government confiscated?

RR: I believe they were buried nine stories down in underground facilities in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

DY: Do you have any insights as far as the Philadelphia Experiment is concerned? Did our military, using Tesla’s principles, really teleport the USS Eldridge?

RR: My feelings on the Philadelphia Experiment are that this was an experiment in electro-magnetics that was executed without full knowledge or concern of the consequences. Problems occurred because they ignored Natural Laws. A crude form of teleportation was achieved.

DY: You said you recently met an old friend, Frank Stranges ('Stranger at the Pentagon'). What do you think of Valiant Thor and Venus? This was about the same time as your work with Carr (1957-1960). Are there Venusians living INSIDE of their planet as Stranges and Arthur Matthews claimed?

RR: Frank Stranges and I have been (although distant) friends for a long time. I have much trust and faith in him. I have never doubted his word on anything. I believe Life is everywhere, inside and outside of everything!

DY: Can you recall any information concerning Arthur Matthews and his connection with Tesla? Arthur told me in a letter that 'Tesla married in 1890, had a son and died a rich man.' This goes against 95% of all the reports on Tesla. Could Matthews be telling the truth?

RR: I do not remember any of this. He could…belief is relative, knowledge is not.

DY: You talked about a big UFO sighting you had with HUNDREDS of crafts in the sky.

Did you have other UFO experiences and were you ever in contact with what you felt was a higher intelligence?

RR: I have had many wonderful sightings and I AM in touch with higher Intelligences.

DY: Can you elaborate on those higher intelligences?

RR: I am in constant contact with the Creator, Great Spirit, One that is All, Mother Nature, Divine Essence, RA, Ascended Masters, Collective Consciousness, beings from other worlds, angels, aliens, my core group, even with you, my brother. Be still and know just who you are, who WE are and enjoy the love of it ALL.

DY: Good answer. Arthur Mathews told me on the phone, back in the 80s, that we will not have wireless Tesla Tech anytime soon. We will have to wait until the far future. I imagine you agree...that there is hope for the future of the human race.

RR: Things like a Vortex have accelerated since Arthur's time. We are now realizing the hopes of the past upon us and they are rapidly materializing. The Human Race is being invited NOW to partake of these many blessings.

DY: Thank you so much, Ralph. This has been great fun and I am sure there are plenty of readers out there who also appreciate your words.


It boggles the mind that there are people who, to this day, still, ridicule a belief in flying saucers! UNSUPPRESS what has been suppressed; learn about what has been denied to every living human being. The principle of the saucer was even PATENTED. This is provable science. Carr was granted a US patent #2912244 for a toy apparatus, which very accurately reflects the proportions and the design of his anti-gravitational flying vehicle.

Diagram of the patent of Otis T. Carr

The principle of operation stated by Carr was that ‘any vehicle accelerated towards an axis compared to its inertial mass of attraction becomes immediately activated by the energy of space and acts like an independent force.’ Energy is everywhere around us and can be used as a generating power source.

It is very interesting that the exact type of saucers that Carr and Ring worked with were very different from the ones federally in (secret) use today. The feds or military men could not drive the OTCs! Pilots must have an ‘enlightened mind’ to operate these kinds of ships. Advanced aliens could fly them, but not the cavemen brutes in military uniforms. (aw, that must have been very frustrating for them). Authorities had to develop saucers based on different principles.

We came so close to achieving flying disks fifty years ago, two saucers in every garage! If OTC Enterprises would have been permitted to succeed without government interference, what a Wonder World would exist today! All merchandise from factories could be beamed to customers anywhere on Earth. There would be no cars, airplanes or NASA. We would have no dependency on OIL and petrochemicals. We could take family vacations to the planets and the stars while having a safer, cleaner Earth.

We are going to have to wait for our saucer dreams to come true.

[ps: When Ralph spoke of being ‘carefully timed’ in the craft for a few minutes, yet they experienced ’15 or 20 minutes’…I could not help but think of a LSD trip. On the psychoactive stimulant, three or four minutes is warped (widening the doors of perception) to where the user actually experiences about twenty minutes and heightened sensations. Analogies have been made of riding in a spaceship and taking LSD].

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