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Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2006 6:53 pm    Post subject: Zapper Confirmation

This just reached me from one of my customers in Japan.

Hello Georg,

Just a quick note to let you know about my friend's friend who was
suffering from rectum cancer. In October 2005, I was told that her
cancer had spread to the liver and the bones. She was in great pain
and had to take pain killers constantly, which further compromised her
immune system, making her susceptible to various infections that
required hospitalization for antibiotics treatment.

Her cancer was so widely metastasized that it was not possible to
remove all the cancerous cells by surgery. He doctor suggested
chemotherapy as the last resort, to which she reluctantly agreed after
getting a second opinion from Dr. Obitsu, a renowned holistic doctor
and a strong advocate of alternative medicine, who also recommended
chemo, as her condition was rather advanced.

While undergoing chemo, she began using the silver zapper around
November 18 and drinking the Cancer Prevention Tea on or shortly after
November 28, 2005.

On February 1, 2006, she was hospitalized again to receive another
course of chemotherapy, but her tumor marker was already within the
normal range. And the cancerous tumor in the liver completely
disappeared. Her doctor said if she continued to heal at this rate,
she might be able to detach the artificial anus that was constructed in
her body on a temporary basis.

Now, about a week ago (April 13), she underwent a minor surgery just to
remove a small constricted/adhered portion of her rectum. Her original
tumor has shrunk considerably to become more like a scar in the size of
a thumbnail. The temporary artificial anus will be closed up within a
couple of month, then she will be able to excrete naturally again!

Her doctor, not knowing anything about the zapper or herbal remedies,
was utterly amazed (and perplexed) as he had never seen chemo worked so
effectively. He said he might present this "successful treatment case"
at the next medical conference. As you can imagine, all of us were

Anyway, we are all very thankful of your product and services. We will
surely spread the words among our relatives and friends. Please also
convey our heartfelt thanks to Karin.

H.H. Shizuoka, JAPAN
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