General Zapper FAQ, testimonials, etc

Don Croft

Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2005 8:09 pm    Post subject: General Zapper FAQ, testimonials, etc

These are some fairly typical (though more expressive) testimonials I’ve gotten since introducing the Terminator (our only current zapper model), which has been more successful than previous zapper models in curing the ‘new’ chronic illnesses which have become endemic since the chemtrails started nationwide in early 1999. We came up with this model a year later. I replied to the first letter to ask if this person knew of anyone who had fybromyalgia, since I wanted to track the effectiveness of Terminators on that illness (fibromyalgia was suddenly endemic shortly after the chemtrail program got going full steam). She replied that ‘Oh, yes, I had that, too, and now it’s gone.’ Since then others have reported that their fybromyalgia was cured by a T. Before the T, I had seen little success curing that with former models, even the Orgone generator model (the T also has an orgone generator).

You’ll notice that no cancer, AIDS or other acute illness testimonials are included. In fact any zapper on the market (certainly including ours) quickly and easily cures most of those sicknesses, even in the terminal stage, so if you want to see those testimonials just go to the other zapper makers’ websites and know that we all get consistent results.

The new sicknesses are actually more of a problem now. A half million unexplained deaths per year since the inception of the chemtrail program in 1999 and oversized obituary columns in local newspapers since then are evidence of that. Your own uncharacteristic lethargy and persistent ‘flu’ in recent years is another evidence, if you live in N. America, Europe, Korea, Japan, China, the Middle East, India/Pakistan, Australia/NZ, or any urban area in South America. Only Africa, Central America and Southeast Asia have been exempted by this unbelievably massive, UN-sponsored biological warfare program.

We offer ChemBuster for $17 on our site, Dr Wm von Peters of developed this homeopathic/herbal remedy, at our request, to specifically counteract the pathogens in the chemtrails and to repair the damaged vital organs which these pathogens apparently were engineered to attack. The positive response from users has been overwhelming but we feel that the remedy is best taken by one who is also using a zapper—any zapper, in fact, not just ours. Zappers are curative; this remedy is generative, in other words it rebuilds damaged tissues and restores vitality. The Doc’s own site for this remedy is

If your chronic condition doesn’t respond quickly from zapping, it simply means that your kidneys, spleen, pancreas and liver are too beaten up to meet the task of removing toxins from your bloodstream efficiently and when you kill of the little buggers that are thriving in your body they suddenly release a volume of poison into the blood, lymph and cerebro-spinal fluid. Only when the vital organs are in reasonably good working order will these toxins be cycled out of the body expeditiously.

Thankfully, the chemtrail program’s biological/radiological/chemical warfare components have been neutralized since the late spring of 2002, when the number of orgonite cloudbusters in the assaulted countries reached critical mass. The many millions of people who are still sick from those incessant attacks, though, do require some extraordinary help in recovering the function of their vital organs and many of these chronic sufferers, including children, are still dying.

Our associate, Dr. von Peters, is available for consultation. He can treat you via email, snailmail and telephone and his rates are fair. He specializes in curing chronic sickness via proven naturopathic regimens and I guarantee that if you follow his instructions you’ll get your health back sooner than later. His email address is and in case you don’t know, reputable physicians, especially naturopaths, in North America are almost as hard to find as the Philosopher’s Stone.

Dr. von P represents the very reputable ‘old school’ naturopathy and Hahnemann-style homeopathy that gained renown in America shortly before it was thoroughly sabotaged and undermined by the medical/drug cartel by the mid-1900s. If you expect to be helped by mainstream, ineffectual naturopathy or by the parasitic, white-coated serial killers (MDs) who are mostly just paid agents of the global medical/drug cartel, caveat emptor, of course.

~Don Croft


Other inventions by Carol and Don Croft are found on (California) , (Idaho),, (Los Angeles) , (Johannesburg) , (Montreal) , www.freshairfoundation (The Netherlands) and on many unrelated sites.



Just wanted to let you know that I dearly love my Terminator. My FMS  seems to have gone into remission, but the greatest blessing is the energy I  have.  I've had CFS for years, and I've been too weak and tired to get a full load of dishes into the dishwasher at one standing. But the other day, I did a 12-hour "white tornado" number in the house, lifting and carting big bags of trash to the curb--a complete impossibility for me before--applying lots of elbow grease in the bathrooms and kitchen, etc. I held up great!
    The only  bad thing I did was expose myself to noxious cleaning chemicals for three hours, for which I paid with a grand headache. But even after all that work, my body still felt energized.
I have wanted to leave my body for a long time, because it has not been a pleasant place to be. But I find myself now sitting in it, thinking, "It feels great to have a body to be in." Even when my muscles were sore from all that housework, I felt glad to be alive. I know it's this Terminator. It's AWESOME!
    Oh, and my sister just reported to me on her experiences with her Terminator, which she just got. She's been a fibromyalgia sufferer for more than a decade, and over the last three months she's had this extremely painful place on her arm (the doctors told her it was "tennis elbow") that has not responded to anything, not even morphine. I heard from her this morning and she said, after 24 hours with the Terminator, the pain had diminished 80%! And she's an extremely skeptical sort. She was happily floored. So keep up the good work!---Diane

P.S. Please be sure I'm on your emailing list.


…I have been very sickly all my short life, I'm only 26 right now and just a few short years ago I was very near the end of my days suffering with Lyme Disease.

It wasn't until I bought myself a Terminator from you [Carol Croft] and your husband that I was able to make a complete turn around for the better.

I was completely bed ridden, lost my job, and in tremendous pain. Slowly, after a couple of months of constant use I started to feel better! I can't put in to words how grateful I am for you and your husband, as I would not be here today.

Please pass that on to Don, as I felt that I needed to let both of you know how much you've helped me. I'd like to show my gratitude to you and Don and to let both of you know that you are both doing incredible work and changing lives...if you already didn't know that!

Hello Don! I had ordered a zapper from one of your distributors almost a month ago and my health has gotten dramatically better! I thought I better let you know how things are going and give you an update. I've noticed so many improvements that I hardly know where to start! I'll try list them out and make sense at the same time. Just for the record, I'm 41 and female.

My sinuses cleared up with a "ping" and a "whoosh" right at the 20 minute mark the first time I wore the zapper. That alone was worth the price of the unit! I haven't been able to breathe out of both nostrils for over 20 years! But wait! There's more! I've had warts and skin tags just fall off - no scars, no pain, nothing! My body doesn't smell "funky" when I wake up in the morning anymore. The chronic yeast infections I've suffered from for over a decade are GONE! My belly button is clear (not constantly yeasty or raw despite medications, cleaning, etc), my tongue isn't coated with a thick white layer of yuck like it always was, and best of all, my reproductive system is functioning normally again (for the first time in my life). My last period was only 3 painfree days (instead of the usual week of heavy clotting and cramps) and no PMS! Sorry - I know that's probably more information than you probably wanted, but I thought this might help some other poor woman who suffers every month like I did.

I have no more acne, zits, bumps, cysts, or sores of any kind, any where, any more! My face is clean and fresh looking (this is a BIG deal for me!) And I sleep solid the whole night through. Ever since I've started wearing the zapper, I've experienced some very interesting dreams, by the way. My food and caffeine cravings have disappeared. My gums aren't swollen or bleeding anymore. I have several crowns that I must be allergic to, but even the swelling and tenderness around those fake teeth have gone away.

And finally, the main reason I bought the zapper in the first place, was to get rid of the Hepatitus C virus I've carried around for approximately 16 years. I've worn it no less than 22 hours a day, 7 days a week since the evening of October 3rd, 2002 (with the exception of one weekend, see below). So far I've noticed that my energy has come back where I was always tired before. My eyes are clear and WHITE where they used to be yellowish and bloodshot all the time! I will have myself retested for the virus and get a viral load this Friday, the 1st of November. The viral load test will tell you how much of the virus is in your blood per ml. The last test I had done was back in March and my viral load was over 3 million. As soon as the results come back, I'll email you to let you know. My hope is that the results will be "virus not detected" but I will still be happy if the viral load is cut in half. At least that means the zapper is getting rid of it.

I wanted to order 7 more units for my friends and family. My mother is a Type II diabetic and suffers from high blood pressure. She also has severe, crippling arthritus in both hands and feet, name it. I did loan the zapper to her over a weekend and she wore it in a sock, on her hand, overnight. She called me the next day so excited, she could hardly talk! She said that the swelling in her hand was down, it didn't hurt, and she could make a fist! My mother hadn't been able to do that or pick anything up with that hand for over 5 years! I know that she will feel so much better with your zapper!

My brother-in-law is a Type I diabetic. So you'll have good case studies for both types of diabetes. My sister is diagnosed as a manic/depressive and takes brain drugs every day. I'm hoping this will get her off these.

I could go on and on with the remaining 4 people, but I know you're busy and don't have time to read what I've already written, let alone a paragraph on each of these people. The important thing is that I'll have each of them track they're experiences and medications. In the end, I'll write you back with their success stories. Maybe one of their stories will help someone else decide to try the zapper!

Anyway, I wanted to order 7 units this Friday by credit card and I just wanted to check with you to make sure this was all right and that the price was still $65 a unit plus $5 for shipping. Let me know if anything has changed - that's ok! : )

Thank you for changing my life!


PS...I've really enjoyed your Cb forum and have read almost every post there! My family and I are going to join the brigade and help heal this little corner of the planet. Do you know anyone in the northern ******** area that would be interested in coordinating efforts?

Thanks again!

…Now, here's where my personal story gets interesting. It is of extreme importance to point out that I've been researching and experimenting with a plethora of "miracle" products and various health breakthroughs for three or more years and I have never felt hardly anything from the things I've tried! Miracle waters, supplements, energy products, pyramid technologies, specialized crystal amulets, you name it, I've tried it. However, I am never one to give up. The fact that I was in great health proved that these products were perhaps effective at best.

My story is also unique in that, because of a tumultous past, I experienced no less than four and a half years of chronic depression which I assumed I would be battling with for the rest of my life. Only someone who has suffered from the heavy and excruciating agony of crippling depression for this long could possibly understand what it feels like and how difficult it is to have hope for recovery. After about a month of regularly using the Zapper for only an hour per day, I realized to my absolutely joyous surprise, that I felt great!! So light, relaxed, and serene. There was no heaviness, sluggishness, and "darkness" lingering in my body and mind. For the first time in nearly five years, I felt free as a person. I could wake up feeling light and peaceful, enjoy a whole day with perhaps just a few fleeting feelings of depression (old habits trying to come back, unsuccessfully I might add!), and then I could go to bed still feeling light and clear in my body and mind. I have been using the device for about six months and I can still report this same wonderful freedom within myself. I never thought I would be writing a testimonial like this because I've never gotten results like this from anything. Thank God, literally! This device is a true miracle and I am forever grateful. Thank you to the inventor with all my heart. Keep doing great work, there are so many that need this device! God bless you! With my love and respect,

(Sedona, AZ)

I want to thank you for producing these life-giving devices.
I started using my zapper about 2 weeks ago...I have already cured the following ailments:

1. eliminated floaters in my eyesight. My optometrist said that there was no way to get rid of these floaters!

2. eliminated the almost constant nasal congestion I had been plagued with since childhood (falsely attributed to an allergy to pine tree pollen)

3. boosted my weight loss program (started losing 4 lbs. a week on my weight loss plan - was losing only 1 lb. per week)

4. eliminated my depression

5. eliminated a rash that I had on my arms and legs for years - dermatologist said it was caused from an allergy or reaction and wanted to give me all kinds of creams and pills which were useless.

6. in addition to a healthier diet that I had been on for approx. 1 month, lowered my blood pressure and equalized it - I am now 112/70 with a resting heart rate of 66 - one month ago I got consistent readings of 145/90 with a resting heart rate average of 84.

Hi Don,

Thank you sending the zapper so promptly.

I am on the second day and am truly amazed at the escalated energy level it
has created for me, the lessening just about totally of a depression and the
use of my body - and I am only on the second day using it. As well as being
a bodyworker, I have been a ballet dancer and in the field all my life. I
teach, coach, stage and choreograph ballets. Yesterday when teaching class I
was able to use my body like I have not in years. This is amazing.

I have used a zapper since Dec.Here is what I have observed from using a
zapper. Please keep in mind that everyone experinces things differently.
Also I have in the past done parasite cleanses, detoxification programs,
colonics, etc.

After one week of using a zapper my liver "contracted" (I think those were
flukes in my gallbladder) This was a most significant physical reaction
I've had. My digestion has increased so that I no longer take any
digestive aids. I eat less and I have a heighten consciousness of what I

I have had new found energy, I awake easily in the am or anytime I need to
without being groggy,and am in a good mood. I fall asleep easily. I think
I'm so energrtic how am I going to sleep?? When my head hits the pillow,
reading for a moment, I'm asleep!! No more
counting sheep!! and especially I do not have mood swings or out of
nowhere headaches
anymore,my eyes and skin have cleared up, My intuition is stronger, I have
better focus. I believe that the zapper has heightened my ormus experience.

I have been taking ormus (mine and other peoples products)for about 5
years now and truly, I don't have to take much anymore to feel the
effects. In fact I don't take any ormus products every day now.Only when I
think of it. Also,vitamin/mineral,smoothes are way more effective. And My
doctor says my blood circulation has improved considerably. My heart
hasn't backed up in ages. (I was born with a heart murmur)

My son had a plantar's wart on his foot, we put the zapper on it for 2
nights and it was gone. His allergies have lessened and he insisted on
having his own zapper. He is 19 years old.

Also, through the "other" levels I can see the fields of the person
wearing one, Its magnificent!! The persons energy expands and the person
becomes still. I am grateful and thanks to Galereo for posting on the
forum, I was able to find a source for them.



I have proof that the claims you make about the
parasite eliminating results from the use of your
Terminator are true. True, that is, with a capital T!
A local healer has a dark field/ phase microscope
with a video attachment. A live blood sample before
use of the Croft Zapper showed an astounding number
and varied kinds of parasites, bugs and junk in one
drop. Yuck...These little critters were active and
apparently happy,as they reproduce profusely.A
parasite polka party IN MY BLOODSTREAM !

After a few days use of your Terminator, I had my
blood drawn and examined again. BLOOD LIKE
SPRINGWATER! No bugs ,cleaner than was believeble. Don
I would not have believed how effective your zapper is
if I had not seen with my own eyes and blood.

After 30 minutes of searching the blood sample I did
find one lone parasite. However he looked
sick,depressed, and in need of a support group.

Thank you for a truly wonderful and incredibly
effective product.

Dennis Griffin
Charleston, S.C.


Here are a couple more testimonials/experiences... My sister bought the
Terminator (for those of us in California that name takes on new meaning) from
another site and I want to share her story.

Fifteen years ago, she and I were in an auto accident. Among other things,
her foot was crushed and had to be reconstructed with surgery, pins, etc.
Pretty much, it never healed and the pain continued. She is a single mother of
three. Her entire life was defined by the degree of pain in her foot. She
could not go barefoot or wear regular shoes...nothing but Birkenstocks, and still
much pain. Sleep was often difficult and being a public school music
teacher, she was on her feet all day, usually returning with agonizing pain. Her
only relief was Celebrex..which carried a mighty punch in other areas.

She got her Terminator, put it on her foot, and in 20 minutes the PAIN WAS
GONE. I could hardly believe it because we talk almost daily and always the
conversation went to how her foot was doing. This was a week before her school
started and she did fine being on her feet during the day. She wore it 24
hours a day.

Then, she began to respond that the soreness was coming back and we thought,
oh no, here it comes, just a temporary fix. She then put a new battery in,
and Voila! no pain as long as she keeps the battery fresh and wears it 24 hours
a day. Small price to pay.

Then, to make this even better, she is allergic to the toxic wax they put on
the floors in the classrooms, and at least 3 times a year she loses her voice
and gets flu-like symptoms and loses days. She is quite ill. This year
during the first week, her throat started to burn and her ears tingled. She used
the Terminator for a short period and completely averted a major crisis right
at the beginning of the school year.

Please bear with me here, because as soon as she saw the incredible results
she purchased one for her childhood friend who had a hysterectomy a year or so
ago and was doing etremely pooly and now had 4 fibroid tumors in her breasts.
The Terminator delivery was delayed (which is a big reason we want to
wholesale them) and her friend did not get it until 2 days prior to her appointment
for her next Xrays. I believe she wore it 24 hours a day, but when she went
to the hospital for Xrays, all the tumors were gone. She hadn't even dare
hope it would help, let alone get rid of them.

I still don't have one, but hopefully we can get this going quickly. I have
probably 3 or 4 people right now that want one. I'll send the money order
tomorrow...can't wait.






If the light doesn’t come on when a new 9v battery is installed, return the zapper for a free replacement.

If the light comes on but there’s no current from the pennies, return it for a free replacement.

When the tongue is touching both pennies there will be a strong tingle when the battery is fresh. A voltmeter will show around 5v.


When the light goes dim or no longer lights up there is still enough current to kill parasites, but it’s best to put a fresh battery in. Just unscrew the back and put the new battery in the clip.

My zappers all use standard 9v batteries. An alkaline battery will last for around 100 hours of zapping; a non-alkaline one will last about 40 hours.


Cuts, scrapes, wounds, infections, etc., heal rapidly
Eliminates sinus infections quickly
Stops toothaches
Quickly removes (even chronic) pain
Flu and colds gone
Improved mental clarity
Improved sleep (better dreams with Terminator)
Stops ulcers
Dead tapeworms in the toilet after a week or so (with some people)
‘Social menace’ status because of flatulence for a day or so
Warts shrink and disappear, especially fast with children
Tumors disappear (faster with Terminator)
Carpel tunnel syndrome gone in a day or so
Yeast and candida-type fungi gone quickly
Eyes less bloodshot
Skin tone immediately improved
Helps remove heavy metals and organic toxins (Terminator)

Establishes normal pH within a few days (most cases)
Acne disappears in short time
Psoriasis disappears in days (Terminator works best)
Earache disappears
Improves organ efficiency (when Terminator is placed over organ)
No more PMS
No more migraine
No more depression (most throw away the brain drugs)
Stops itching, even from bug bites
Ringworm gone the same day
Scabies eliminated in one day
Stops dandruff
Breathing improves
Better joint mobility
Less body, breath and foot odor

NOTES: Worms disintegrate quickly after they’re killed, so you won’t likely see dead ones unless they’re expelled shortly after they die or if you’re having a colonic irrigation at the time. If flu or cold symptoms continue after a day of zapping, you’re probably experiencing the effects of food poisoning or mold from stale household air (which is why this often happens in the winter and goes away in spring, as soon as the windows are opened). Dr. Hulda Clark explains this in her books.


Proper liver function and health depends on the adequate production and flow of bile. Flukes and liver stones impede bile flow like gravel in a garden hose.

According to Dr. Hulda Clark, who introduced the zapper to the world, nearly all North Americans have intestinal flukes in the bile ducts of their livers. These worms secrete a hormone which keeps the ducts constricted so that they won’t be expelled.

Cholesterol crystals form around fungi in the ducts and gradually become stones, often the size and color of peas. The number of stones can be quite high because of the presence of the flukes and widespread yeast (candida-type fungi) in the body.

A day or so of zapping kills the flukes, but extra measures need to be taken to expel the stones. Dr. Clark’s liver cleanse (if you don’t have one of her books, contact me for the instructions) uses Epsom salts to greatly, but safely, dilate the bile ducts of the liver and gall bladder so that the stones, even up to a half-inch in diameter, are painlessly expelled.


A few years ago my friend, James Hughes, who had also begun teaches me about the uses of subtle energies, sugg ested putting a couple of crystals in the zapper. The increased efficiency and pleasant feeling that resulted was apparent to many people. James later suggested coloring the crystals red and purple, which made the zapper work even better.

There isn’t an explanation for this in conventional terms, but the effects are real. My impression is that crystals act as an organizing, harmonizing bridge between the person and the circuitry of the zapper. Also, crystals work with whatever types of energy run thru and/or around them and seem to cause a synergy to take place between these energies.

Round amethyst (purple) and garnet (red) gemstones have a much stronger effect than the larger, double-terminated quartz crystals, so all of the zappers (including the regular model) have these now.


Orgone is the name that Dr. Wilhelm Reich gave to what others have called ‘ch’I,’ ‘ether,’ ‘life force,’ ‘animal magnetism,’ etc.

Dr. Reich was the first western scientist to develop technology around this energy. The way he came to this is fascinating and will no doubt be taught in schools after the censorship regarding his life and work has ended.

Orgone is present throughout the universe as energy, life and matter potential. Dr. Reich developed a way to accumulate and concentrate this healing medium. The accumulator can be contaminated, though, when ‘dead orgone’ is present. Dead orgone is neutralized by running water & Dr. Reich’s ‘cloudbuster’ was able to remove it from the environment and channel it into running water. He used his cloudbusters to normalize rainfall and remove smog from the atmosphere.

More recently, someone found a way to generate orgone. ‘Generate’ may be an inaccurate term, since it seems to me that orgone is rather brought in from a hyperdimensional source this way. Orgone is the medium through with radionics works and is not electromagnetic, therefore isn’t bound by time or space considerations as EM energies are.

A customer of mine had told me that the orgone generator he bought from, for $500 was nothing but metal particles in epoxy. I made one and found that it put out a great deal more energy than the orgone accumulators that I’d made. When I added quartz crystals, lining up their axes with the length of the generator it put out even more energy, which could be consciously directed.

When I added an orgone generator to the zapper it make it work even better and caused much more rapid healing, pain relief, increased psychic perception and a mild euphoria.

Orgone can be seen against a monochrome background (blue sky is best) when your mind is in an alpha state. It’s seen as tiny currents that appear and disappear within a second or so. Some are darker than the background, some are lighter. This is similar to what you’d see from the effects of straining on the retina, but the latter traces the blood vessels on the retina, but you’ll find that the two processes actually look very different.

If you wonder how you’ll know when you’ve reached an alpha state, find one of those posters that look like a lot of colored dots which reveal a 3-D image after staring at it. When the image appears, you’re in an alpha state.

Orgone generators can’t be contaminated. In the presence of dead orgone, for example: next to a nuclear power plant, the generator greatly increases the output of orgone instead of being weakened. The healing properties of orgone generators have planetary implications as well as personal ones.


Putting a small orgone generator next to the body has the effect of an acupuncture treatment. An energy-sensitive will see the aura immediately brighten and enlarge, and the uneven, darker parts of the aura will even out and brighten in a short time, which indicates that the energy has a balancing effect, even intelligence. Parasites and toxic materials apparently rely on their ‘dead orgone’ components to do their work, and this is easily neutralized by an orgone generator.


I think this is because the mobius coil makes up the ‘other half’ of the subtle energy components. Orgone is brought into the body by the generator, but the mobius coil stimulates healing energy that is latent in the body itself.

The coil is made along the lines of a mobius strip and was originally developed to neutralize the effects of harmful electromagnetic energies. We discovered that it has a powerful healing effect in the body, at least in the presence of an orgone generator, and we added it to the zapper along with a powerful rare earth magnet in the zapper.

The magnet seems to concentrate and focus the orgone toward the body, which perhaps accounts for the Terminator’s ability to tone and heal parts of the body over which it’s worn. This probably also accounts for the T’s enhanced pain relieving ability.

This caused much more rapid healing and pain relief than the orgone generator alone brought, and has demonstrated many other benefits since then, including the ability to neutralize and eliminate organic toxins and toxic metals.

I lost the desire to drink coffee (90%) shortly after I started using my Terminator. I had made a resolution to quit trying to quit drinking coffee before that. As of this writing, it’s been 6 months since that occurred. I had never been able to stay away from coffee for more than 3 weeks before that. This simply tells me that the Terminator provides the energy I used to get from coffee. There’s no down phase of that energy cycle, so it’s not from adrenaline.

While ordinary zappers won’t kill shielded parasites the Terminator is proving to be effective in killing them, as with Lyme disease and fibromyalgia (trichinosis?)


Low frequencies, in general, seem to be more effective at getting the electric current through the skin. It’s the current that kills parasites, so more of it will kill more of them and quicker. All of our zapper models now use this frequency.

15 cycles per second is a ‘feel-good’ frequency as well, which encourages us to wear our zappers more. Metaphysical considerations indicate that it has a consciousness-raising effect, which probably helps to counteract what is being done to encourage us to move in the other direction Wink


Suppressed research has shown than fungi are responsible for both conditions. Since all zappers easily kill fungi, it’s not ard to see why they cure these illnesses.

Fungi are the most widespread parasites in the body. Parasites, generally, are in colloidal suspension in body fluids. But they are positively charged, so would not be able to live in a healthy body, which is negatively charged.

Nutrients are all carried in the blood as negatively charged colloids. When they encounter the fungi, their energy is ‘eaten’ by the parasite and minerals fall out of suspension and form spurs, while the bone and joint tissues for which the nutrients were intended gradually become depleted and weakened.

Zappers quickly kill fungi and other parasites in the blood, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid, etc. and thus normailize the pH of the body, which is another way of saying that it re-establishes the slightly negative charge of healthy tissues. A lower pH, or positively charged environment in the body, results from the acidic secretions of all parasites.

When this has happened, nutrients reach their intended destinations and balance and healing takes place.

The pain of arthritis is quickly removed by the Terminator, though the complete reversal of arthritis takes some time. Pain elimination also gives increased range of motion in the jointsl

High blood pressure is caused when the body sends cholesterol to coat fungal lesions in the arteries, as one would patch a punctured inner tube. This keeps happening as long as the fungi are forming more lesions and after awhile there’s so much cholesterol in the arteries that they have lost their flexibility and their inside diameters are greatly reduced.

Killing the fungi with a zapper causes this process to reverse. The body knows how to dissolve and remove the cholesterol over time. As this happens, blood pressure gradually returns to normal.

ANTIBIOTICS are the primary cause of fungal infestations. This is because all antibiotics are, themselves, derived from powerful fungal toxins and encourage the growth of ALL fungi in the body. Killing some bacteria, which is the only thing that antibiotics are able to do, is just the process of eliminating the competition, as fungi and bacteria are both parasites. Using a zapper does all that antibiotics are intended to do, but with no bad effects.

In countries where the population doesn’t have access to antibiotics the incidence of fungus-related diseases is almost non-existent. That’s why eskimoes can eat whale blubber and Nigerian cow-herders can live on whole milk and neither population has high cholesterol levels.

‘Health insurance’ is my newest oxymoron discovery.


Food sensitivities generally disappear in a day or two. Most people call these allergies, but true allergies are more severe, I think. Please let me know whether your zapper stops your allergy.

The Terminator will usually stop an asthma attack but I don’t know yet if it will eliminate asthma.


One of the burdens of promoting extremely simple and effective new technology is having to contend with a whole lot of pseudoscientific pronouncements by highly educated people about its working principles and ‘restrictions,’ but in fact none of the pronouncements made in this vein about the low-current electrocution of parasitic organisms are founded on any clinical or lab research, and none of them apply in practice to the use of any zappers on the market.

It may be shocking for you to realize that pioneers in this field could be that lax in their scientific standards, but there it is and I don’t think it diminishes their love of humanity or courage in promoting these wonderful healing devices.

If I were to answer each of these caveats and recommendations this FAQ would assume the size of a small booklet and since you can probably work through the debunking yourself if you’ve taken high school science classes, I’ll leave you to that. I repeat that I have nothing but gratitude and kind regard to the pioneers and I hope others will exhibit the same tolerance toward my own shortcomings.


I’ve kept this groundless caveat separate because it’s the one I hear most often. We use pennies for electrodes because we like the political statement. The other metal in pennies besides copper is zinc. When one inadvertently wears the copper off the penny by using an abrasive cleaner (my instructions specify the use of a non-abrasive cleaner) the zinc is exposed.

At five milliamps there won’t be many metal ions transferring through the skin but if that were to happen, they’d be in a form that the body can easily use as a nutrient. We’re all deficient in copper and zinc trace elements because of the farming methods that have been used in N. America and Europe for many generations, so even if you were to get copper or zinc in an ionic form your body would be grateful.

In real terms, if one is concerned about metal migrating thru skin, one must surely realize that the metal won’t hesitate to go through wet tissue and will just keep going when it gets to the skin Wink

This fascination for nonsensical pronouncements is one of the aspects of human nature that reminds me of the Twilight Zone. After many folks have read the complete presentations of the pioneers, they latch on to the very bits that make no sense at all and focus their attention and even their promotional pitches, on those bits. It reminds me of churchianity, which only bears a faint, fleeting resemblence to the heart and essence of Jesus Christ’s spirit-liberating teachings. What is ironic is that the pioneers may have put very little importance on these pronouncements and may have even just mentioned them off the cuff at some point—sort of thinking out loud.

I personally use a rebuilt Terminator from which pennies the copper was completely scrubbed off by the former user. I only use it so I can put my money where my mouth is regarding zinc as electrodes. I’ve been using this one for a year and a half.

We’ve sold many thousands of Terminators, all of which are made with ordinary pennies. Not only has nobody ever accused the T of causing any problems for them (an astounding statistic in the health field) but everyone who’s bought one from us who has said they’ve got extreme sensitivity to all metals against the skin has told us later that they could wear the Terminator without getting any unpleasant skin reactions at all.

I must remind you that until the bulk of the acids that are excreted into your blood and tissues by your parasites is eliminated from the body after the viruses, bacteria, fungi and worms are electrocuted, the acids will tend to migrate to the tail penny and if you leave the Terminator in one spot during that stage after it begins to tingle and itch, you’ll get a little acid burn, so please read the instructions before you start using yours!

These can be worn against the palm or sole without ever getting this reaction, perhaps because the skin is thickest there.

When using it on small, sleeping children, just hold it against the bottom of the child’s foot for a half hour, then stop. The bottom of the foot will never burn with zapping, no matter how acidic one is from toxins.

This is an exerpt from a letter I got from one of our Terminator distributors:

So get this . . . I have a friend with a six-month old baby. And from the daycare, in one week, they had scabies, hand and mouth disease, croup, and a virus that caused spots on the baby's face. Isn't that horrendous?

She began zapping two days ago, they both had the scabies, and the babe had the croup. They didn't know about the hand and mouth. Scabies and croup disappeared in one day.

Then, yesterday, the babe got the virus. I saw her last nite and she had red spots all over her face and acute diarrhea. I brought aloe for the diaper rash and Kim (her mom) kept zapping. Today they went to the doctor and the doctor was astonished. The babe only had a fever for one day (it should have been three, they said). The acute diaper rash was already scabbing (which should have taken a day or two more) and the virus purged this morning in a gross diaper. Spots were gone off her face.

Her mother is exhilarated, and the babe looks quite sweet.

Well, finally, my turn.....
I would like to report you a bit about the changes we see here since we
started zapping.
First ofcourse all that Hans has told you allready, but more...
1. We al had trouble with intestinal worms. The kids and Hans took VERMOX
for that, but I am with a new life and could not take that, so waited for
the zapper. They were gone within 3 to 4 days! No kidding!
They caused me a lot of pain in my intestines, wich has completely
2.Hans has trouble with his heart and was taking ASTORVASTATIN (a
cholesterol lowering drug) on a daily bases, wich he started to forget to
take even. Only in extreme stressfull situations he can still feel crampy.
So I guess those worms are passed over too. He even looks younger and his
face is less spotty.
3.The kids zapp 20 min. a day and they sleep really peacefull for the
first time in their life. My eldest boy is 11, our first boy is 5 and our
daughter is 2. They sit waiting their turn and our boy can not even sit
still for 5 sec. Amazing
4. My skin has allways troubled me, I was born with cracks in my wrists
and ankles, I was so dry. Now when ever I do get a reaction of detox it is
better the next time I zapped.
Also I look younger and sometimes can not recognize my own face.
5. the CIN3 that I mailed you about earlier is slowly disapearing. This I
check myself regularly, so I have no med.-reports on that. But I think a
human is not stupit, so I take my own observation as good enough.
6. Also, as long as I can remember I had trush, wich is absolutely gone
and over!!! No more itch, no more pain etc. etc.etc.
7. Now comes the most beautifull. The cat. We do not know how old she
actually is for she choose our familly as her home (and is absolutely
loyal to us, where-ever we move and we moved a lot) 5 years ago, when we
came to Ireland. But we think she must be between 10 and 14. She was
getting older by the day and since she is used to the country-side she had
a lot of trouble with the electricity here in Boyle-town. She did not like
the zapper at first. It was as if she was sceptical and wanted to see
results. But after a few days we could see she was watching our aura's and
checking with the kids. We tryed to lay it on her back, but she gave us
the look of, how dare you do it for me. So she walked away in the way only
cats can do. But suddenly a day later (christmas-eve) our 5 year old
decided that she should not be such an old drag and put it on her back
while sleeping. She moved and it slipped of with the coins turned up.
Somehow she made her mind up and went lying on top of it and stayed there
for 2 1/2 hours. After that her fur was like silk and she could sit
straight again. She jumped around like never, really never before and
looks years younger. She plays with the kids again and eats less then
before. Unlike the gulping as if not beeing able to get satisfied. She is
more alert. Our daughter does not get a chance to be nasty to her anymore
(as small ones sometimes are) and gets immediately a small motherly bite.
Now tell us about placebo-effect. Or do cats imagine things?????? NOT!
So that is the biggest proof of all!

Y.S. Theresia

P.S. if you would like to place this as referal you can, man.
Just keep zappin, just keep zappin, just keep zappin, zappin,


[ And, now: For something completely different Wink This is from one of the bolder environmental healing compadres. ~Don]

Oh my God!!!!!!! This thing is amazing, (a little history first,
since '95 when they began to spray heavy [rural South Carolina, USA] here I developed sinus > problems, several years went by and I could no longer breath through
my right nostral then left, last year I got poison oak very bad and
had to rush to the hospital,while there a doc told me that I had a
deviated septum and wanted to operate immediatly.

Well all kinds of
red flags went off inside me, so I told the doc heck no, got my wits
about me and got the heck out of there fast.

Well due to the accident
at the first of the year, three weeks ago I had a brain scan done and
bodyscan ( which I had a seizure not even 5 minutes after they took
me out the tesla machine, my wife said I spoke fluent french and
something else for about 45 min. on an off while I was out and said
all kind of weird things wich really got me thinking there was more
than a scan done' more on that if you want just ask" )

Any way while
at the doc's office the following day they said I was fine yeah
right! so while the doc was away I grabed my file an low and behold I
had a 'cist' in my sinus canal and two in my shoulder.( deviated
septum my butt)

Well 45 minutes into my first zapping session my nose
began drool slime. I began to caugh up all kinds of nasty stuff then
I felt something literally moving in my face an go to the back of my
throat, I began haucking really hard and to my disgust a little egg
shaped thing came out and into the sink It was about 1/4 inch hard
yellowish egg with white stringy things coming off of it(sounds more
like total recall).Then more drainage followed. I shocked myself for
most of the day, the uphoria is almost addictive, any way I under
went extreme pain in my spine for about 4 hours as well as my head
and stomach. Then all stoped!

My spine feels better than it has in
years!!!!( i broke my back in 97 and was paralized for 7 mo. from the
waist down, that sucked) well I have now thrown away all of
their "medicine" and I feel great!! My head is soo clear, I have no
depression whatsoever, my vision has improved, my color blindness has
partially left,(this is really wild, I feel like a new baby seeing
everything for the fitst time) my arm doesn't hurt (that was
surgically re-attached 3 years ago,that sucked also) for the first
time since my surgury and accident.

My whole body feels like it is
being rebuilt from the inside out. I told my nurologist to take a
hike they didnt believe me so they checked my over and I am better
than new, they really are having a hard time with all this but thats
their problem not mine.

As of today I was released from all my doctors with beyond perfect
health, Five months of pills,pokes,and scans and all I needed was a
few good days of zapping.



Statistics (courtesy of Dr. Kolina Dukic, a Terminator distributor and cloudbuster/towebuster aficionada and manufacturer of the first water in The Netherlands at :

----Number of physicians in the US: 700,000.
----Accidental deaths caused by physicians per
----Accidental deaths per physician....0.171
Dept. of Health
& Human Services)

----Number of gun owners in the US: 80,000,000.
----Number of accidental gun deaths per year
(all age
groups) 1,500.
----Accidental deaths per gun owner: 0.00001875

Statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000
more dangerous than
gun owners.

FACT: Not everyone has a gun, but everyone has at
least one Doctor.

Please alert your friends to this alarming
threat. We
must ban
doctors before this gets out of hand. As a Public
Health Measure
I have withheld the statistics on Lawyers for
that the shock
could cause people to seek medical aid.

Last , but least—using a zapper ensures that you won’t ever have to endure the following:


A proctologist claims these are actual comments from his patients made while he
was performing colonoscopies:

1. "Take it easy, Doc, you're boldly going where no man has gone before."

2. "Find Amelia Earhart yet?"

3. "Can you hear me NOW?"

4. "Oh boy, that was sphincterrific!"

5. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

6. "You know, in Arkansas, we're now legally married."

7. "Any sign of the trapped miners, Chief?"

8. "You put your left hand in, you take your left hand out. You do the Hokey

9. "Hey! Now I know how a Muppet feels!"

10."If your hand doesn't fit, you must acquit!"

11. "Hey, Doc, let me know if you find my dignity."

12. "You used to be an executive at Enron, didn't you?"

13. "Could you write me a note for my wife, saying that my head is not, in
fact, up there?"

[my comment would be: This must be how President Cujo feels when ol’ Long Arm Cheney is operating his verbal machinery during those ‘press conference’ debacles. ~Don]


Don and Carol Croft

628 N Hayes, Moscow, Idaho 83843
"The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule." --H. L. Mencken


Turn it on and put it against your skin (the copper pieces must be touching bare skin!), under clothing or under an ace bandage, tennis sweatband, etc., and leave it on as long as you like.
The success of your zapping depends mainly on how often you use it and the length of time of the sessions. I suggest wearing it around the clock for the first month and then whenever you feel like it after that. I wear a Terminator every day for an hour or two because it just feels good and seems to be making me smarter. Wearing it on the sole of my foot all night gives me a very restful sleep—maybe because the body focuses on healing and repair during sleep.

VERY IMPORTANT: For the first few days or so wear it in a glove or sock at night, against palm or sole, until your pH is normal again, if it stings on the skin of other parts of your body.. Zapping apparently alkalizes the body to its proper pH after the bulk of parasites in the blood are killed. In most cases this happens within 2 or 3 days, but it may take longer. Just MOVE THE ZAPPER WHEN IT STARTS TO ITCH and don’t sleep while zapping, EXCEPT ON PALM OR SOLE, until the itching no longer occurs. Only use NON-ABRASIVE METAL CLEANER, such as Wright’s Crème, on the pennies when necessary. After you’ve detoxed, the pennies won’t look gross any more. If you don’t move it when it stings the acids in your blood will burn a hole.

CHEMTRAILS AND THEIR PECULIAR EFFECTS: These days, anyone who looks up will notice that there are jets flying under 20,000 feet, laying thick white trails, which slowly spread out instead of fading out. I believe these are made up of genetically engineered mycoplasma in a kerosene matrix, on which it feeds and grows until it reaches people’s lungs. I also believe that the intended goal is to reduce the the vital energy of the population and create fabulous wealth for the medical/drug cartel in the process. I’d tracked a huge increase in diseases such as fibromyalgia, hepatitis C, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc., since the chemtrails became a regular phenomenon in the skies over all populated areas in early 1999.
Do a search on “chemtrails” for the latest information (be aware that there is a lot of disinfo about this on the net). This isn’t covered in Dr. Clark’s books, though mycoplasma, in its myriad forms in the human body, is easily killed by zapping. The new chronic illnesses are due to damage to the vital organs, accomplished by these weapons.
Our cloudbusters eliminate the chemtrails from the skies. Free plans: The only viable remedy for the new chronic sicknesses: ‘ChemBuster,’ a HomeoHerbal formula from Dr von Peters,

The light must be on for the zapper to work. If it doesn’t come on, replace the battery. If it still doesn’t come on, send it back for a free replacement.
I recommend that you test your Terminator each time you change the battery, as they are all hand-made. The easy way is to touch both pennies at once with your tongue. If you don’t feel a strong tingle, I’ll replace it for no charge. A digital voltmeter shows around 5v, a dial one, slightly less, with a new battery.

WHAT ABOUT ‘DIE-OFF?’ A tiny percentage of customers have experienced momentary dizziness, nausea, headache, diarrhea and/or foul intestinal gas after the first zapping session. These all result from killing lots of parasites at once. If your kidneys aren ’t up to the job of getting the toxins from these dead parasites out of the body efficiently you’ll experience some of these symptoms. Nobody, to my knowledge, has ever been harmed by a zapper, though be aware that the Terminator apparently speeds up the elimination process. While this may look and feel alarming to some, it seems to be done in a balanced, manageable manner. Use your discretion, of course.
The parasites themselves disintegrate when they are killed this way, but their secretions are acidic poisons which the body has to eliminate or neutralize. Dr. von P’s tinctures will quickly help a person with a weak immune system get to the stage where he/she can use a Terminator for long hours without discomfort, thus finishing off the parasites in a timely way..

DON’T ZAP FOR LESS THAN TWENTY MINUTES AT FIRST! This will apparently stop the complete killing of the whole size-range of parasites and could result in sickness. For instance: worms have bacteria, viruses, and fungi within them. They are harmless to the worm but could be very harmful to the human if they are not killed as soon as they are released from the dead worm. Dr. Clark has shown that 20 minutes kills the whole range of parasites which come into contact with the electric current.
Intestinal worms may take a week or more to kill, but this time is shortened when the zapper is worn around the clock or, at least, during all waking hours. We’ve been told that Terminators kill them much faster than ordinary zappers.
The Terminator produces a field effect and can speed up healing and pain relief when worn close to the affected area. The Terminator also apparently drives stored toxins, even toxic metals, out of the tissues for elimination. This is, I think, done by stimulating cellular energy (kundalini). It’s apparently not a field effect, so putting the Terminator on any part of the body will get these results. NOTICE: if your kidneys are not up to par, some elimination may take place through the skin, lungs, etc., so don’t be alarmed at these processes, which should pass in a short time.
The parasite killing effect of all zappers makes it un-necessary to wear them near affected areas for that purpose.
DISCLAIMER: You are a de facto researcher and pioneer since you are now using technology which seriously challenges the popular health and physics paradigms. It’s understood that you are using this at your own discretion and taking full responsibility for your actions. Congratulations for joining us!

Don and Carol Croft
"The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule." --H. L. Mencken