Zappers being used to cure AIDS in a hospital in Uganda

Don Croft
Zappers being used to cure AIDS in a hospital in Uganda - October 5, 2006 11:04
I got a note from Nathan Kagina in Kampala, Uganda, who promoted zappers on national TV, radio and newspapers in Uganda last year after his severe case of AIDS was cured. He gave me credit but apparently it was one of Georg's zappers that he was using.

Nathan told me that Dr Lwanga Herbert has all of his AIDS patients in Kinoni Welfare Medical Center on zappers. I presume these, too, came from Georg Ritschl of

This seems like a watershed development to me because of all the AIDS healers in Africa who have been murdered. Dr Lwanga is a very courageous man and I'm putting this in the Specific Targets section with a request to send him a protective boost of energy from your heart and, if you can, to get some protection around him a la, as I'm doing right now.

I don't think that the British MI6 or CIA $#!+house rats in East Africa who enforce the protocols of the murderous World Health Organization will harm Nathan because too many people would instantly finger The [sphincter] Crown or our stupid/evil fake president if anything bad happens to this wonderful fellow ;-)

Medical doctors who actually cure sicknesses, though, risk their lives in a unique way.