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These lines have been written to inform the world of one of the biggest french political scandal ever, and to strongly help cancer/aids patients, especially those who have lost hope.

I am a  member of a French non-profit organization that supports Mirko Beljanski's research and patients that use his drugs.

What my governement does not want you to know:

Mirko Beljanski was a researcher in molecular biology since 1950.
He has worked at Pasteur Institute (France) and various laboratories in France and the USA.
His brilliant, outstanding work led him to fundamental discoveries in genetics. He was awarded the Charles Leopold Mayer prize in 1960 and has written 132 scientific articles pusblished in international journals.
His discoveries allowed him to conceive a new theory on  carcinogenesis and   virus transcription.
The practical application of these thories are completely new, powerful non-toxic drugs.

Cancer treatment:

Two preventive and curative drugs that, during initial treatment,must be used with chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy for outstanding efficiency,an efficiency that chemorethapy or radiotharepy CANNOT have alone.

After chemotherapy or radiotherapy, they are used has curative/preventive drugs.

Note that these drugs have a unique, very precious property: as mitotic agents, they destroy malignant cells but have NO effect on healthy ones.

One drug to protect against the side effects of radiotherapy.
One drug that  restores leucocytes and platelets during chemotherapy.

Aids treatment:

One drug that inhibits and destroy the HIV virus and DO NOT induce mutation. In the USA, this was confirmed by Dr D.L. Mayer of the Walter Reed  Army Institute for Scientific Research (Rockville, Ma.) after  1994.

This the truth: the HIV virus can be completely destroyed with this unique, powerful drug alone.

For more scientific information, see, forexample, one of Beljanski's english publication:

M. Beljanski, S. Crochet, " The selective anticancer agents PB-100 and BG-8 are active against human melanoma cells, but do not affect non malignant fibroblasts". International Journal of Oncology 8:1143-1148,1996.

or Beljanski's main book:  "The Regulation of DNA Replication and Transcription". Karger Ed., Experimental Biology and Medicine.

Or reach me at:

I know of a patient cured for aids during 14 years with Beljanski's drug that is in very good health.
I know of patients that have been saved of not-curable cancers by chemotherapy/radiotherapy alone, as pancreas and brain cancer cases.

Because the adverse action of the French governement, Beljanski was forced to sell his patents to a U.S. company.

Natural Source ( is the only provider in the world of Mirko Beljanski's drugs.
These drug have been FDA approved as "dietary supplements", but do not be fooled: they are real, very powerful drugs.

Unfortunately, I know that these drugs are expensive, but nothing can change as long as mass production can start with multiple providers.

For things to change, the international scientific community must be aware of, and understand the outstanding value of Beljansky's discoveries.

Much, much more patients could be saved and many pain avoided at a much lower cost, but that's the big pharmaceutical multinationals fear the most.

We need fund to continue this act of charity despite the adverse action of the French governement with the complicity of big
pharmaceutical companies. We are about to die.

Despite the criminal action of these "service-to-self" bureaucrats, hundreds of patients are still using Beljanski's drugs, forced to buy them in the U.S. since about 3 years.

Many of them are still alive and in good health thanks to Beljanski's drugs.

For more info/help email me at:

I will do my best.

The fight against one of the biggest french political scandal ever must go on.

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