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3rd “Alternative” Prominent Doctor From Florida Found Dead in 2 weeks. Authorities say MD was murdered.

July 1, 2015 by Erin Elizabeth WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral

This has been a tragic few weeks of reporting. My heart goes out to family and friends of all 3 doctors who were found dead these past few weeks.

Less than 2 weeks ago the first doctor, a controversial Autism researcher loved by his patients, Dr. Jeff Bradstreet MD, was found in a river with a gunshot wound to his chest. He leaves behind a beautiful wife and children. His friends and family started a memorial page on June 20th in his honor on Facebook. I waited 3 days after that to report the story out of respect. A few still write that I shouldn’t cover these stories, but  I am a journalist, and as I’ve repeatedly said, it brought me no joy to report the news. I waited until all were covered by mainstream news and or funeral sites.  Dr. Bradstreet had lived just 45 minutes from us here in Florida before moving to the neighboring state of Georgia.  I also have been with a prominent  well known doctor for the last 6 years so this concerns me. Several high profile MD’s have contacted me these last 2 weeks who are also concerned and mourn the loss of their colleagues.

The second doctor is  Dr. Bruce Hedendal DC PhD  of Boca Roton area (E Coast, North of Miami) who died suddenly on Father’s day.  Sources tell me that he was found in his car and had died but the car, but  there was no car accident they say. He was just in his car. Deceased. He had exercised earlier in at an event, but we don’t want to speculate. He also leaves behind a beautiful family.  As of yet I do not know if it was natural causes or not that took his life.  In addition to being a DC, he held a PhD in nutrition from Harvard.  A friend who worked with him said he was in great shape and described him as “very healthy”. They too didn’t know the cause of death and were still in shock.  Not sure if anyone knows the cause of death at this point.

Both Dr Hedendal and Dr. Bradstreet had dealt with run ins with the feds in the past.  In fact, Dr. Bradstreet’s office was just raided by the FDA days before he died. We know they will both be missed by countless patients, family and friends.

Now we have the attractive intelligent Teresa Ann Sievers MD, also here in Florida. She was in the Naples area in the South West coast of the sunshine state. Her bio on her website describes many accomplishments and degrees as a medical doctor who believed in a holistic alternative approach.  She lived in a safe upscale area where neighbors said they rarely, if ever had problems. I had actually just been in that neighborhood last month and it’s a beautiful area. UPDATE: This new video about Dr. Siever’s death on CBS News talks about a donation site  set up through CBS’s official website for those who wish to do so.

We are heartbroken to report all 3 deaths,  and have more doctors contacting us who are concerned about this sequence of tragic events. They are also concerned – as my significant other is a prominent doctor who resides in Florida.

From the breaking news article about Dr Siever’s death:

The killing of a popular Estero doctor has left family and friends puzzled and saddened.

The body of Dr. Teresa Ann Sievers, 46, was found Monday morning at her Jarvis Road home after she didn’t arrive at work.

“We don’t know anything but that she was murdered,” said Sievers’ sister, Annie Lisa, 52. She said Sievers, her husband and children had come to Connecticut for a gathering and her sister flew home alone Sunday.

We cannot imagine what the family is going through at this time. The article goes on to say.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office declined to discuss the case, saying it was an ongoing homicide investigation, but assured neighbors that there was no threat in the area, but they reminded residents to lock their doors.

Sadly Dr. Sievers leaves behind a  husband Mark,  and their two daughters who are  8 and 10.  We will update the article as we know more here in Florida. I was just in Bonita Springs visiting the neighborhood where Dr. Sievers lived. I  met so many people in the holistic and medical community.

Another article talks of a reward at the bottom of the piece. It provides a phone number where you can call in anonymous tips as well. If you know information pertaining to the death of Dr. Sievers MD or any information or tips, please call.

Again we’ll report as more info becomes available and ask that everyone stay safe and alert. We send or condolences and thoughts to all family friends and patients of all three wonderful doctors.

XO Erin Elizabeth, Health Nut News, Florida  July 1, 2015


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