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Hi Don,
Hope you and Carol had a great Christmas.
I'll be purchasing two of your Harmonic Protectors this coming January and hopefully a Power Wand Deluxe from the Orgonise Africa website if I have the funds.

I would like to ask your opinion on an incident which occured here at my home this past August - you can print this on the Etheric Warriors website if you wish.
Before I begin I'd point out that I have already emailed Dooney exactly what I'm about to tell you here and am still waiting for her reply, I understand that the agencies try to mess with your emails which is why I've decided to ask your opinion.

Here goes..

Early in 2011 I found a website called Mars Anomaly Research, this website comprises of vast amounts of NASA photo's which have been smudged and doctored so as to hide the real Martian and Lunar surface content from the public.

I began linking these images to portions of the Bible and to the NASA Shuttle video footage which clearly shows disc shaped craft flying around in the space around our planet - for me personally the dots joined up, I could clearly see the link between Scripture and these photos/videos.

I'm a member of a few social chat websites and I began to show people what I'd found, trying to see if they would make the same connections as me, needless to say most people weren't in the slightest bit interested but a few were.

Then on Weds August 3rd 2011 the most extraordinary thing happened right here in my home in broad daylight.
I had returned from shopping at around 11.30am, I put my shopping away and put my wallet on the little shelf next to my bed, just as I always do.
At around 14.00 I went into my bedroom to pick up my wallet as I was about to leave the house, on top of my wallet was a piece of metal, I immediately recognized the shape because it was almost the same shape as the craft that were flying around in the NASA Shuttle video footage that I had downloaded.
As I reached forward to pick it off my wallet, I felt something beneath my foot, I looked down and there on the carpet were three pieces of junk - a red button, a piece of wire and a small battery.
I did not own any of these items nor had I ever seen them before. They were NOT there when I placed my wallet on the shelf a few hours earlier.

It would be physically impossible for anyone to creep into my house and place these items in my bedroom without my seeing them, they would have to walk right past me in order to get into my bedroom!

At first I was completely at a loss and wondered if I hadn't had some kind of weird blackout and placed these things there myself without knowing it, but in my heart I knew that wasn't the case.

For about a week I slept with all the lights on - even though this happened in broad daylight!
No more incidents occured until exactly one week later, the next Wednesday I went to take a nap, it was mid afternoon and when I came back into the lounge after about 90mins I picked up my DVD remote control to find a hole had been punched in it underneath the last row of buttons.

Also, the top of the speaker cabinet where the remote was resting was scratched, as if someone had forcibly held down the remote while forcing a screwdriver or something similar into it and the remote had slipped causing the scratches.

After 4 months of reading extensively material regarding the alien-military bases and technologies involved I have come to the conclusion that these two incidents were aimed at making me cease to show the people in my chat groups what I'd found.

My question is this: was I the victim of some kind of 'manifestation' attack and would the Harmonic Protector be suitable for stopping this from happening to me again?

Since August I have started praying twice per day and I believe it has helped, I certainly feel a lot more confident, but it still gnaws at me because I still cannot comprehend how these two incidents could have happened, I keep thinking that if the powers that be have that kind of technology that can makes things happen right here in my house with me present in broad daylight then what would be stopping them from doing me some real harm.

I very much look forward to your reply and any insights you may have.

Shaun, England


Thanks, Shaun, and congrats for seeing direct evidence of MI6's filthy agenda!  I'm glad you contacted Dooney because you need to hit back when the sewer rats have gone to that length to try to frighten you away from positive action. It's easy to do.

I will post this in order to raise your public profile a bit more.  The sewer rats loathe this because they need to isolate someone before they can do any real damage, of course.

Having orgonite on and around you only provides passive protection against ambient ugly energy/entities and won't stop any specific, concerted  attack by the corporate agencies and their psi corps, sorry to say.   They're all extremely vulnerable to our active 'defensive' measures, though Wink

Wearing an orgonite pendant has a lot of positive effects, regardless, so I'm glad you'll be doing that, at least.   I also hope you'll consider getting out and turning all the local death towers into healing instruments with orgonite.  They use these new towers to boost their psi assaults as well as to cause everyone to be sick and hopeless so flipping them with orgonite does a lot more good than just helping you, personally

Prayer is always good but please consider that prayer is answered in many ways, often by the timely arrival of crucial information.  Most people who pray don't bother to think about this and are just looking for rescue, which is kind of pitiful, in my opinion. God gave us everything we need to take care of ourselves, including the clear capacity to examine reality independent of creepy clergy and their stultifying dogma, also the capacity to recognize information that has been given to us to help us 'in time.'  The corporate word order is merely parasitic so of course you can prevail if you will stay clear of terror and will stay proactive.  It was  your courageous stance that drew these parasites' attention in the first place.  I see this again and again in email from people in your situation and Carol and I experience it often enough, as do many of our associates, here and abroad.

Another thing to consider is that the entire NASA/Hoagland/Hancock drama about the artifacts on Mars is evidently designed to confuse people and to boost the profile of British freemasonry.  I never considered that until I read Stargate Conspiracy, which is a history of the failed CIA/Masonic/Theosophy scam centered around these artifacts and Giza.

Carol and I do personally feel that Al Bielek's account of Star Wars beng a cover for applying planetary defense weaponry on Mars to the protection of our own planet, though.  I don't think I could have confidence in his claims if we hadn't spent enough time with him to get a clear picture of who he is, though, in March, 2001.  He was in my 'wait and see' file for ten years before that Cool and I thnk that literally everyone else who is around him are dirty or deranged.  Phl Schneider was probably the exception and his own credibility was confirmed because he was murdered.  Al Bielek was close to him and told us that Phil was the son of Captain Ernst Schneider, a submarine commander in the German Navy who suddenly showed up as a US Navy Captain in 1943 in Project Rainbow.

It might help you to read some genuine history books at this point. I recommend None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen as a good primer if you're not familiar with this sort of literature (non-institutionalized history).  It's a free PDF download on .  Since you're a religious fellow I'll quote something from the Book of Micah:  My people perish for lack of knowledge.