Alan Horne
Warner Bros  Film Mafia

Did Warner Bros Studio Kill Actor Heath Ledger? The Illuminati Call Girls of Death.  Under Alan Horne, at Warner Bros, every actor was educated in the Illuminati Religion or you didnít get famous, you were killed or you simply never worked....Heath Ledger said that Alan Horne, the then head of Warner Bros (at that time) and the head of the newly but now dissolved Warner Independent were pressuring him into Lucifer Rituals that included orgies, male on male or males on a single female sex, drinking of blood, human sacrifice and doing incantations to Satan. He (Ledger) was resistant and refusing to do these things and thatís really when his downward spiral started in Hollywood aided by his ex-wife Michelle Williams, who is Illuminati.  Any one with common sense can see that one just doesnít go from being a rising star with critical acclaim to ending up dead. Usually there are public events where one can point to the actor kinda going on a decline or acting neurotic before ending up dead.