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Aleister Crowley & Paul McCartney.

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Date: January 16, 2015 03:49AM

Some time ago an ex-girlfriend of mine told me that Paul McCartney had been killed in an auto accident in 1967. I told her not to be so silly. 

I wish I'd have followed up on what she said. 

He's not dead but there's something odd about Paul McCartney. 

Firstly you need to watch this. 


What isn't shown here is that Paul McCartney lived with his girlfriend Actress Jane Asher above her fathers medical practice for three years. There he wrote YESTERDAY. The curious thing is that McCartney insists that he woke up one day and the song was in his head. He was worried for while that he'd inadvertently plagiarized it. He went to see singer Alma Cogan about it, she was reputedly having an affair with John Lennon at the time. 

Jane's father Dr Richard Asher was a pioneer in hypnotic techniques and had written several articles for Lancet on the subject. Jane's mother was Professor of Music and had taught George Martin (usually known as the fifth Beatle) all he knew. Jane had played Alice in Through the Looking Glass which had been produced by Jonathon Miller one of Dr Richard Asher's students. Another of Dr Asher's students was Oliver Sachs, the author of Musicology: The Science of Music and the Brain. He also wrote Awakenings which was made into a film starring Robin Williams. 

Dr Richard Asher's practice was less than one hundred yards from the practice of Dr Steven Ward. The same Dr Steven Ward of the Profumo affair. 

Both Dr Steven Ward and Dr Richard Asher committed suicide. ;( 
Richard Asher was found hanged in the same room that Paul composed Eleanor Rigby. 

Jane and Paul engaged December ‘67 
Paul marries Linda Eastman March ‘69 
Jane’s father found dead April ‘69 

Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice Davis of the Profumo affair appear in the Beatles Anthology video Free as a bird. [3:07) This video runs backwards - it is important to remember this. The video also includes Mary Pinchot Meyer 2:57) wife of CIA man Cord Meyer and lover of John F Kennedy. She was murdered. 

After leaving Jane Asher McCartney hung aroung with Ginsberg and Burroughs - these two were part of a movement began in France called 


There's much more but here's a couple of interesting videos to get you into this story: 

According to Abbey Road Sound engineer this took a whole evening to perfect. The question is why bother? Clearly this was important to them. 

Since 2008 a person who calls himself iamaphoney has been posting never before seen Beatles material onto Youtube here's something he/she/it posted; 


Apple Star It was a fake moustache 

This is the words "Sergeant Pepper's lonely" sung backwards. 


Singing backwards is a technique described by Aleister Crowley, seen second from the left at the back of the Sergeant Pepper album cover. Maybe even behind Diana Dors. 

So returning to the Paul is Dead (PID) theme. One of the people who seems to be associated with iamaphoney calls himself Billy Martin. 

Major William (Billy) Martin was the name of the false corpse used during Operation Mincemeat to fool the Germans over the invasion of Sicily in WWII. 

As they say in the USA 


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McCartney in Magical Mystery Tour with the Aleister Crowley demon name AIWASS in front of him. Sergeant Pepper on the wall behind. 

I order to be BORN AGAIN you have to die first. 

Turn me on Dead Man. 

Heather Mills-McCartney speaks 

How do you Sleep? - John Lennon: Song aimed at McCartney 

Real Love sung backwards from iamaphoney 

Some of us think that iamaphoney is either McCartney himself or one of his former APPLE staff having a go at him.

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