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THE EVIDENCE IS HERE: This document contains over 60 pages of evidence and analysis proving Barack Obama’s use of a little-known and highly deceptive and manipulative form of “hack” hypnosis on millions of unaware Americans, and reveals what only a few psychologists and hypnosis/NLP experts know.

Barack Obama’s speeches contain the hypnosis techniques of Dr. Milton Erickson, M.D. who developed a form of “conversational” hypnosis that could be hidden in seemingly normal speech and used on patients without their knowledge for therapy purposes. Obama’s speeches intentionally contain:

- Trance Inductions
- Hypnotic Anchoring
- Pacing and Leading
- Pacing, Distraction and Utilization
- Critical Factor Bypass
- Stacking Language Patterns
- Preprogrammed Response Adaptation
- Linking Statements/ Causality Bridges
- Secondary Hidden Meanings/Imbedded Suggestions
- Emotion Transfer
- Non-Dominant Hemisphere Programming

Obama’s techniques are the height of deception and psychological manipulation, remaining hidden because one must understand the science behind the language patterns in order to spot them. This document examines Obama’s speeches word by word, hand gesture by hand gesture, tone, pauses, body language, and proves his use of covert hypnosis intended only for licensed therapists on consenting patients. Obama’s mesmerized, cult-like, grade-school-crush-like worship by millions is not because “Obama is the greatest leader of a generation” who simply hasn’t accomplished anything, who magically “inspires” by giving speeches. Obama is committing perhaps the biggest fraud and deception in American history.

Obama is not just using subliminal messages, but textbook covert hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming techniques on audiences that are intentionally designed to sideline rational judgment and implant subconscious commands to think he is wonderful and elect him President. Obama is eloquent. However, Obama’s subconscious techniques are shown to elicit powerful emotion from his audience and then transfer those emotions onto him, to sideline rational judgment, and implant hypnotic commands that we are unaware of and can’t even consciously question. The polls are misleading because some of Obama’s commands are designed to be triggered only in the voting booth on November 4th. Obama is immune to logical arguments like Wright, Ayers, shifting every position, character, and inexperience, because hypnosis affects us on an unconscious and emotional level. To many people who see this unaccomplished man’s unnatural and irrational rise to the highest office in the world as suspicious and frightening and to those who welcome it, this document uncovers, explains, and proves the deceptive tactics behind true “Obama Phenomenon” including why younger people are more easily affected.

Skeptics will surely doubt the information provided in this document with four specific oppositions – each of which this document disproves
    Foreword and commentary 
You must understand the basics of Ericksonian hypnosis to see what Obama is doing
Real “hypnosis” explained
    Two separate definitions of “hypnosis
The origins of “covert hypnosis” and “conversational hypnosis” aka “black ops” hypnosis
Bypassing the dominant hemisphere’s rational judgment (“critical factor”)
Obama’s actions are far more deceptive than simply lying
    The study of the effects of mass hypnosis 
    Illegality of Obama’s use of hypnosis 
The hypnosis technique of “pacing and leading” to sideline rational judgment
    How pacing is done
    Specific examples of Obama using 14 separate hypnotic pacing statements in his Denver 2008
    Convention speech
Embedded and hidden meanings – “deep structure” of language vs “surface structure”
How Ericksonian “linking statements” mimic the way the brain accepts information 
Basics of Obama’s pacing and leading: The “because we need change, that is why I should be your next president” argument 
Obama’s speeches as one big hypnotic trance induction using extra slow speech, rhythm, tonalities, vagueness, visual imagery, metaphor, and raising of emotion 
    The use of Ericksnian “vagueness” in speech as a linguistic induction tool: “Change” and “Yes we can.” 
    Use of visual imagery and imagination as an induction tool 
The stacking of hypnotic language patterns in 40+ minute long speeches
Obama’s unusual use of hand gestures as subconscious programming and hypnotic anchoring designed to be triggered in the voting booth on November 4th
*Obama’s hypnotic command that “a light will shine down from somewhere, it will light upon you, you will experience an epiphany, and you will say to yourself, ‘I have to vote for Barack’”
    An example of Obama using both of these hypnotic hand gestures, hypnotic programming followed by hypnotic anchor back to back, in a way that can be nothing other than hypnosis 
    Undeniable evidence that this is hypnosis: Obama hypnotically anchoring the statement about a light shining down and an internal voice saying “I have to vote for Barack”
    Convincing without logic: “The Fierce! Urgency! of Now!” argument (Obama caught anchoring) 
    Obama caught in subconscious hand gesture linking McCain to Bush
    Obama caught using one-finger subconscious hand gesture regarding Hillary
    Obama caught in another undeniable subconscious hand gesture regarding McCain
Obama’s California Democratic Convention speech 2007 - a “play by play” of his undeniable use of embedded commands, hypnotic induction, and hypnotic storytelling
    Obama performs an undeniable Ericksonian hypnotic induction: Obama’s “Turn the Page” Speech at the California Democratic Convention in 2007. 
    Obama caught intentionally controlling pace in obvious attempt to maintain trance
Obama’s speech Tuesday after primaries ended June 3, 2008 – undeniable evidence of Obama’s use of hypnotic principles of anchoring, deletion, distraction, and leading 
    Obama caught delivering another powerful hypnotic command
    Obama caught pacing and leading again 
Obama’s 2007 California Democratic Convention “turn the page” speech – further analysis 
    Obama using “turn the page” as a preprogrammed response: 
    Obama using “turn the page” as a hypnotic anchor
Obama’s Democratic Convention speech 2008 – A “play by play” of his undeniable and extensive anchoring, pacing, leading, and delivery of subconscious commands 
    Obama’s typical pacing, leading, storytelling, and hidden meanings induction: 
    Obama caught stacking language patterns 
    *Obama caught clarifying his hand gesture as unmistakable hypnotic anchor of writing with pen (twice): 
    Obama caught giving the primary hypnotic command of the speech
    Obama’s aggressive pointing- the subconscious signal of giving commands
    Obama caught in another hypnotic command, anchor, and a strategic pause: 
    Obama caught hypnotically linking himself with John F. Kennedy
    Obama again pacing and leading 
Obama’s technique of head turned to the right side in interviews described by body language expert as one of the most powerful subconscious manipulation techniques possible by a speaker’s body language 
Interview of Professor of Psychiatry on CNN in which Dr. comes close to hinting of her suspicion that Obama is using covert subconscious techniques throughout his campaign. 
Hypnosis/NLP expert discusses Obama’s use of mind control techniques on radio
Website analyzes Obama’s use of hypnosis in speeches 
Obama uses hypnotic command to dismiss the Rev Wright questions 
    Obama’s speech on race March 18, 2008 Philadelphia – hypnotic storytelling throughout 
Obama’s hypnotic logo
Obama’s strange hand gesture & hand-holding conversation with Senator Lieberman
Obama’s use of a fake presidential seal 
Assorted other points: 
The effects of his hypnosis are undeniable 
    Obama’s perceived greatness
    Obama’s trance 
The effects of Obama’s hypnosis on young people, and more educated people 
Conclusion and commentary
Personal Notes: 

Skeptics will surely doubt the information provided in this document with four specific oppositions – each of which this document disproves.

1. Hypnosis isn’t real - hypnosis wouldn’t / doesn’t work on me

Trance states of mind and enhanced suggestibility happen to everyone every day; driving in your car, in the elevator, watching T.V., or listening to music. This mild hypnotic state is all that is needed for Ericksonian techniques to implant hypnotic commands you are unaware of.

2. Obama isn’t intentionally using mass hypnosis

This document contains over a hundred examples of Obama’s specific language patterns and hypnosis techniques that follow textbook Ericksonian principles and characteristics too much to be coincidence.

3. Obama’s popularity is not attributable to his use of hypnosis

Young people and more educated people actually have lower hypnotic subconscious suggestibility thresholds for scientific reasons explained. Popular perceptions of Obama are provable as inconsistent with his accomplishments, history, background, and even what is heard from him consciously – however, they match perfectly with the messages he is caught sending intending to be received only subconsciously. People are admittedly mesmerized by him. The irrational rise to power of and uncanny passionate support for a logically unaccomplished and questionable man based on his speaking alone like the “Obama phenomenon” is widely accepted – only the rational explanation for it is missing. Finally, he would not continue to use these deceptive techniques if he did not believe they work.

4. There is nothing unethical about Obama’s use of hypnosis

The techniques used by Obama are the most deceptive forms of communication known to man. They sideline rational judgment and implant subconscious commands that change how people feel and behave without any awareness of the manipulation. Obama’s techniques overcome the will without convincing the judgment through trickery. Obama often says one message that you are aware of, meanwhile implants a different message hypnotically with double or hidden meanings. He conjures up emotions by talking about your children, and JFK, and then is caught transferring those feelings onto him with hidden hand gestures. He hides what he is doing and brazenly uses these techniques in front of millions of people over and over. Once explained, Obama’s actions can be shown to be the height of manipulation and deception.


Foreword and commentary

The level of deception involved in Obama’s use of covert hypnosis, and his presumption that he has the right to use hypnosis on us to gain votes is just unconscionable. It is not a connection to another person that he can deny. It is Obama’s own highly deceptive actions, provable once explained, on video, playable over and over. Obama is sidelining rational judgment and using undue influence to win over voters applying psychological subconscious manipulation like never before in American history.
No other argument against Obama can fundamentally change the way people feel about him deep down inside, EXCEPT, proof that precisely the way they feel about him deep down inside is because of Obama’s own deception and use of hidden hypnosis. This is because exposing Obama’s use of hypnosis takes the people who are entranced by him subconsciously and emotionally, and puts the issue of why they feel that way on a conscious rational level where they can analyze it. It is the one thing that can fundamentally change the game, and shatter Obama’s magical immunity to all of his other faults, logical disqualifications, and deceptions. This can include the media changing their mind about Obama once they see who he really is and also helping to expose what Obama is doing in the interests of democracy. Many people do wake up from the effects of hypnosis once you tell them they have been hypnotized and explain what has happened to them. To a lot of people, it is just a missing piece of the puzzle that makes everything else make sense - almost as if it were the missing piece they were somehow even looking for on some level.


You must understand the basics of Ericksonian hypnosis to see what Obama is doing

Almost nobody realizes what Obama is doing. These techniques are nearly impossible for an untrained person to detect. With the exception of a few trained experts in hypnosis, nobody understands even what to look for. It sounds in every way like ordinary powerful speech.

Hypnosis is not sleep, nor what is portrayed in movies. In order to spot what Obama is doing, one must first understand covert hypnosis and conversational hypnosis, and know how the science works.

Only by knowing how hypnosis works will you see that Obama’s speech often diverges from normal and logical speech patterns, and clearly uses the non-logical, clearly artificial and intentional patterns of hypnotic trance induction, and hypnotic critical factor bypass as taught in the field of covert and conversational hypnosis.

This document will explain what Obama is precisely doing and how it works by explaining hidden hypnotic language patterns and other hypnosis techniques, and pointing out these patterns and techniques in Obama’s speeches.

Obama is using textbook, clinical trance inductions in his speeches. Obama’s hypnotic techniques work on a subconscious level, and are designed so that people watching him in an audience or on TV are completely unaware of his techniques and their effects. Obama is using clear hypnotic anchoring, pacing and leading, and numerous other hypnosis techniques designed to take away our rational judgment in deciding for whom:

1.  “The only thing you need to do to break a negative hypnotic spell that has been cast on you is begin to think rationally, to begin to think critically. And if you decide that you choose this message as one that’s good for you, by all means sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. But, if you decide that this is not something you want to have in your life, just simply analyze it, criticise it, ridicule it, and say “Hey, that’s not how the world works.” And you’ll have protected your mind from taking on board something which you really don't need.” ----The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, Clifford Mee and Igor Ledochowski, re the section entitled “The Dark Side of Hypnosis.”

To vote in November. Not only is this the only explanation that makes sense for the amazing rise and “Obama phenomenon” sweeping our nation, but the evidence is undeniable. To say Obama’s amazing following and rise to power is simply because he is a great speaker is not logically sufficient. Even if Obama were the greatest speaker to come along in 30 years, it still would not explain why even being simply a great speaker would cause people to say he is the greatest “leader” of a generation, or “sent by g-d” or “JFK” and why that he should be trusted to make decisions like he has never made in his life, or that he will bring change when he hasn’t really changed anything in his 46 years. What he has done does not logically fit how he is perceived. In fact, the gulf is too wide to be random unexplained phenomenon. As shown, he does, however, use clever hypnosis techniques while discussing e.g. JFK to subconsciously transfer feelings conjured up in his audience onto him through, e.g. flashed hand gestures which appear innocent to uncritical observation.

Real “hypnosis” explained

Most people are hypnotized and fall into trance every day of their lives.2 It is a common, every day occurrence, whether for a brief second, or minutes or longer. A very basic example is when you are driving a car while in deep thought, and you suddenly realize you are much further along with no memory of driving the whole distance. Another example, is when you are on an elevator watching the numbers change and go into trance, and when everyone else gets off, you take that as a nonverbal suggestion to get off, before you “wake up” and realize it is not your floor. This elevator example is an example of mass hypnosis, where the close rapport with the hypnotist is not necessary, because many people are both hypnotized partly by whatever is causing the trance, and partly by the fact that you are being “paced” or also hypnotized by everyone else in the elevator doing the exact same thing as you. The reason you cry from reading sad book simply by reading ink on paper is because of the mind’s interaction with that information, which is also a hypnotic process.

Two separate definitions of “hypnosis”:

1. First, hypnosis, is “a particular altered state of hyper-suggestibility brought about in an individual by a combination of relaxation, fixation of attention, and suggestion.” 4

2. Second, hypnosis is also “bypassing the ‘critical factor’ and setting up acceptable selective thinking.”

The “critical factor” is the conscious part of the brain that you think with that has the ability to make rational logical judgments about what information is received.6 The critical factor acts as a filter, determining what can pass into the subconscious mind which is a non-rational computer-like system which accepts everything in it as absolute truth. 7 That is why sidelining it is so dangerous.

2 Erickson maintained that trance is a common, everyday occurrence. For example, when waiting for buses and trains, reading or listening, or even being involved in strenuous physical exercise, it’s quite normal to become immersed in the activity and go into a trance state, removed from any other irrelevant stimuli. These states are so common and familiar that most people do not consciously recognize them as hypnotic phenomena. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milton_H._Erickson
3 The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, Clifford Mee and Igor Ledochowski
4 Modern Hypnosis, Theory and Practice, Masud Ansari, Ph.D.
5 Killer Influence Secrets of Covert Hypnosis, by David X, Part 1, David X’s educational video, “How to Hypnotize with Covert Hypnosis and Hypnotic Language” See video online, such as at:
6 Killer Influence Secrets of Covert Hypnosis, by David X, Part 1
7. Killer Influence Secrets of Covert Hypnosis, by David X, Part 1

Milton Erickson, had a broader definition of the unconscious mind, described as, “both the functioning of the dominant hemisphere of the brain that occurs below the level of awareness, as well as the functioning of the non-dominant hemisphere.” 8

Ericksonian trance induction has three dimensions which we will return to often and compare to Obama’s language patterns. They are:

    1. Pacing and distraction of the dominant (language) hemisphere;
    2. Utilization of the dominant hemisphere, language processing which occurs below the level of awareness;
    3. Accessing of the non-dominant hemisphere;

This above three part process is extremely important to later analysis. Essentially, hypnosis is an altered and common state of mind involving intense focus, sidelining or disassociation of the rational critical thinking, and the state of hyper-suggestibility brought about while the subconscious mind is the dominant player.10 It happens while reading, listening to music, and even while hearing a great speaker. 11

However, the power of such methods is what is difficult to grasp. What we are talking about is “transformational linguistics” – language that literally changes who you are at your deepest levels, your deepest passions, drives, and emotions while you are completely unaware.

Under Freud, there is the conscious mind that you think with, called the “ego.” You also have a conscience, called the “super-ego.” Then, there is the largest part of the psyche, the id, which is the back-end of all our memory, our most basic instincts and drives, emotions, and suppressed desires. 12  “The unconscious mind is the source of our energy, and no amount of conscious reasoning can override it. The unconscious mind is un-critical, it accepts as absolute truth any idea that is allowed to enter its computer-like system” The messages of hypnosis, including mass hypnosis, can be far more powerful than just someone’s conscious thoughts, as it affects their most basic biological drives and instincts. That is why many of Obama’s followers are so passionate for him, why they are fainting in his presence, comparing him to Jesus, and supporting him like no other candidate before.

8. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, p13.
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14. The International Law of Propaganda, By Bhagevatula Satyanarayana Murty, discussing I.P. Pavlov, Conditioned Reflexes, an Investigation of the Physiological Activity of the Cerebral Cortex. (Such mass hypnosis is compared in psychological effect to “evoking responses that satisfy the drives of biological instincts.”

The origins of “covert hypnosis” and “conversational hypnosis” aka “black ops” hypnosis

 Dr. Milton H. Erickson, also known as the father of modern hypnosis method, was the single greatest practitioner of hypnosis, having dramatically advanced the field. Dr. Erickson is internationally acclaimed as the leading practitioner in the field of hypnosis for his understanding of the science of both inducing and utilizing hypnotic states.

Dr. Erickson discovered while working as a therapist, that he could hide therapeutic hypnosis within the normal content of an inconspicuous conversation with the patient, and avoid much of the patient’s conscious resistance that normally accompanied hypnotherapy.  Dr. Erickson realized the subconscious mind was always listening, and understood better than anyone before how to access it, and implant suggestions into it.

What Dr. Erickson did was figure out how to put people into trance and hypnotize them and implant suggestions with seemingly normal conversation. He discovered that people could achieve this heightened state of hyper-suggestibility without the traditional difficultly-induced coma-like state traditionally associated with hypnosis. Though his pioneering understanding, he was able to do the same and much more often with simple plays on words and embedded meanings in a single sentence.

The entire field of “covert hypnosis”, or “conversational hypnosis” is based on Dr. Erickson’s techniques, and is now primarily used by hypnotists and psychiatrists. 19 Conversational hypnosis is often referred to as Ericksonian hypnosis. The word “hypnosis” is never mentioned and there is nothing overt to give away that hypnosis is being used. It is impossible to detect unless you know precisely what to look for. Hack versions of these techniques are unfortunately taught to be used as persuasion tools for salespersons, and even more unfortunately also for men looking to enhance their success picking up and seducing with women.

The reason this is so unfortunate, is because covert hypnosis is designed to sideline rational judgment. That is fundamental to how it works; to bypass the dominant hemisphere and critical factor. It essentially tricks the subconscious mind into accepting commands as absolute truths which include not only those approved by the conscious mind, but outside commands from a hypnotist who can implant any suggestion he wishes.

Dr. Erickson was adamant that only doctors be allowed to practice his techniques because of how strongly he felt about how dangerous such science could be in the wrong hands.

Subconscious suggestions are more powerful than even what the subject believes consciously – as such suggestions become parts of their deepest psyche. Because covert hypnosis is hidden in ordinary speech, and the subject is not aware that it is being used, it is even more powerful than ordinary hypnosis.
15. Milton E. Erickson, often looked at as the father of modern day hypnosis understanding, was founding president of the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis and a fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, and the American Psychopathological Association. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milton_H._Erickson He felt very strongly that the field of hypnosis should only be allowed to be studied by doctors because of its power.
16 Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, p1.
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19 Sometimes the field is called “black-ops” hypnosis.

Since the conscious mind is not even aware of the messages being sent, conscious scrutiny and resistance is eliminated. 20 The subject cannot even question the messages being sent – they are simply implanted by the hypnotist as the subject’s most fundamental beliefs. Then, even the subject’s own rational mind cannot overpower them.

Bypassing the dominant hemisphere’s rational judgment (“critical factor”)

The critical factor is the part of the mind that logically analyzes and scrutinizes all information like a filter, and decides what information is allowed to pass into your subconscious mind and become part of what your mind accepts as unquestionably true, like your deepest and most powerful emotions, drives, and instincts. 21

It is the primary cognitive defense that usually stops all information and rationally analyzes it, whether consciously or unconsciously. It keeps your computer-like subconscious mind from literally believing that you are a chicken when someone calls you a “chicken”, and keeps you from literally believing that you are a square (box) when somebody calls you a “square”, and keeps you from literally believing you are a (snow or cereal) flake when somebody calls you a “flake.” you don’t consciously ponder it when someone calls you a chicken, your critical fator stops that information below the level of awareness.

The critical factor is the cognitive function best analogized to a security guard (critical factor) who searches every person (information) entering into a nightclub looking for weapons. (and stops all information that is questionable). 22 The critical factor stops all information and allows your thinking and rationality to determine whether it is acceptable to the subconscious mind or not.

Hypnosis uses language patterns, visual tricks, body language, voice, tone, and other aspects of communication to get “suggestions” past the critical factor part of the brain and directly into the listener’s subconscious.23 This is wonderful if the command is to be free of a phobia, or quit smoking. The reason hypnosis is used for such psychological change, is that the critical factor allows in only what it accepts as true. Without bypassing the smoker’s critical factor, a smoker has a difficult time quitting because they have a difficult time accepting as absolutely true the information that they are a nonsmoker, because their critical factor and conscious mind knows differently and doesn’t let the information through.

How one might simplify this point, is, in normal everyday life, calling someone a “chicken” will not cause them to literally believe they are a chicken and act like one. This is because the critical factor stops this information from passing into the subconscious. So how can a hypnotist get a subject to cluck like a chicken believing they are one? The hypnotist knows how to get the hypnotic suggestion that the subject is a chicken past the critical factor part of the consciousness, and get the subconscious mind to accept it as unquestionably true.

20. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, p25 – “by communicating indirectly, he avoids the issue of resistance to a large extent.”
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22. Analogy used in The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, Clifford Mee and Igor Ledochowski
23. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, p129 “voice, tone, body movement” in addition to the linguistic aspects.


Obama’s actions are far more deceptive than simply lying.

If used by a politician and discovered, such hypnosis technique, if understood as it should be, to be the height of manipulation and deception, would destroy a politician’s career.24  There is no other way to view such a politician other than disturbingly and disqualifyingly deceptive, someone whom we apparently know very little about, and cannot trust, who has been continually hiding something from us and manipulating us.

24.  Also distinguished, are common political tactics. Such tactics, like making sure there is a Presidential podium in front of you, and American flags behind you to make you look Presidential. While they send messages, they are not analogous to the deceptive and unprecedented hypnosis used by Obama that is the focus of this document.

To see a politician continue to perform a multitude of hundreds of deceptive acts, which he knows about but we are meant not to know about, that affect our judgment and mental processes, and that manipulate us in ways we are not even aware of, all the while thinking he is clever enough to get away with it until he finally gets caught, is the height of immoral deception. It is perhaps the biggest fraud and deception in American history.

Most of our beliefs come to us from our own rational judgment and conscious analysis of the world. For example, we know it good to wake up in the morning and do something because we rationally know the consequences of staying in bed all day. When we like people, it is usually due to a combination of our rational judgment and how that person naturally makes us feel about them. We try to make people like us more by following social norms, making people feel good, smiling, and so on.

However, a very small percentage of the population actually study subconscious manipulation of not only how people feel about them, but how to manipulate and alter the beliefs we usually come to by our rational judgment, reason, and experience. These people study specifically how to sideline this rational judgment, reason, and experience, and natural feelings, and bend people’s feelings and will through the application of this branch of psychiatry to their interactions.

Obama is an expert at this type of artificial manipulation. His ability to convince rationally and any natural “charm”  is only part of how a person feels about Obama. The rest is deceptive subconscious manipulation. His tactics are deceptive because he has mastered the science and art of lowering the effects of the rational scrutiny parts of the mind through his speaking, actions, and presentation. He gets you to believe not by convincing you rationally until you decide to believe it, but by knowing how to say to your subconscious mind literally the words that “you believe” in a way that your subconscious mind will simply accept the message and believe without having rationally decided to believe. He knows how to say to your subconscious mind that it “chose” (Obama) even when it hasn’t, in a way that you will believe that you have chosen.

He understands subconscious manipulation enough to know how to talk about families, and your children, and John F. Kennedy, and conjure up feelings within you from speaking in certain rhythmic and unnaturally slow tempos, and then subconsciously transfer the emotions he conjures up onto him, such as with hand gestures or hidden content in language. You genuinely walk away from him feeling warm, and viewing him as a JFK, except it is artificial. He knows how to say one thing, but have your subconscious mind ultra-powerfully receive a different message and feeling than you are aware of. He is actually implanting feelings and emotions into your subconscious. They feel like your own.

Rationally he is an unaccomplished man with shady connections, but you are tricked into feelings about him that overpower.

Also distinguished, are common political tactics. Such tactics, like making sure there is a Presidential podium in front of you, and American flags behind you to make you look Presidential. While they send messages, they are not analogous to the deceptive and unprecedented hypnosis used by Obama that is the focus of this document.

Those, that feel like your genuine feelings about him because they come from inside you, implanted into the deepest parts of your psyche.

Obama’s deception here is not simply a few subliminal messages like those used in some advertisements. Obama is employing with art and skill a complex hidden system applying a multitude of the most advanced techniques in subconscious manipulation known to psychology. This entire system is designed to do one thing - to make us feel like the decision to support Obama is our own when it is really, at least for many, implanted artificially through hypnosis.

What Obama is doing is in effect the same as if he dangled a silver watch in front of us and said “you are getting sleepy and going into trance….you have an unstoppable urge that you cannot resist…..you must vote for Barack.” In fact, as discussed below, Obama was actually caught at least once saying something very similar with his own lips. Yes, Obama was caught giving an overt hypnotic command to vote for him.25 People even made fun of it, but nobody realized it was actual intentional hypnosis until it is now explained.

Hypnotizing someone without their knowledge is the height of immorality. The level of deception involved here, in Obama’s use of covert hypnosis, and his presumption that he has the right to use hypnosis on us to gain votes is just unconscionable. If a stranger came up to you in a restaurant and tried to hypnotize you to get you to do anything, even so much as buy them a cup of coffee, and you figured out that they were trying to use actual hypnosis on you, you would run.

If Obama simply lied, we voters would be able to use our rational judgment to make a logical decision about what is the truth, and what we should believe, and what we shouldn’t. However, because he is implanting subconscious commands we are not aware of consciously, into the deepest parts of our emotional and subconscious psyches, he is actually taking away our ability to make those rational judgments. He is making the decision to and taking away even our ability to question the commands he is hypnotizing us with. We never even know the commands are being implanted (until now with this document), and we are tricked into believing that our feelings are coming from deep inside us. Obama’s concealment of his hypnotic techniques can only be looked at as deception.26

The passion people feel for Obama is real because it comes from deep inside each of them. Thus, logical arguments against Obama become irrelevant. To all those who were wondering what the impaired rational judgment of millions of people looks like, here it is. It doesn’t matter that he has no accomplishments, never takes hard positions, or that he changes to opposite positions from almost one day to the next, or has long term connections to extremists, racists, and other shady people, is endorsed by Iran and Hamas, and simply says he didn’t know the character of his own pastor and mentor for twenty years. The logic of this disturbing information is on the conscious level, and cannot override the subconscious nor change how his supporters feel internally. 27

25. See below, regarding Obama’s Statement featured in McCain ad, “The One”, - Obama’s hypnotic command that “a light will shine down from somewhere, it will light upon you, you will experience an epiphany, and you will say to yourself, ‘I have to vote for Barack’” – criticized for its being ridiculousness probably without even awareness that it is hypnosis.
26. “Deception (also called beguilement or subterfuge) is the act of convincing another to believe information that is not true, or not the whole truth as in certain types of half-truths. Deception involves concepts like propaganda, distraction and/or concealment.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deception 
27. “The unconscious mind is the source of our energy. No amount of will power exerted by the conscious mind can override it.” --Modern Hypnosis Theory and Practice, Masud Ansari, Ph..D., p43.

Many may be somewhat bothered by it logically, but it hasn’t changed how many people feel about him.

The fact that he has changed nearly every position from the primaries to the general election doesn’t register in us consciously what it should – that this unknown man can just as easily change the day after he is sworn in as President and be anyone he chooses, including a very different person than he has been portraying.

Now, what sounds like frightening science fiction is reality. Someone whom we really don’t know, who is unaccomplished, with many shady connections and supporters, is trying to use hypnosis on millions to get us all to turn over control of the world’s largest nuclear arsenal to him, and he is about to succeed.

The study of the effects of mass hypnosis

A widely held view among psychologists and experts is that conversational hypnosis is literally a form of mind control. One author says:

“Essentially conversational hypnosis allow users to gain control of their subjects mind through spoken word, and literally get them to do as they wish - within reason of course. Essentially the English language has various emotional triggers and tone’s which can be utilised to induce people into a trance. When people are in such a trance it is possible to alter their views and control their actions." 28

Some video examples of the power of hypnosis are included in the footnotes.29 However, this particular one at this footnote at the end of this sentence of hypnotist Derren Brown is amazing, and very exemplary of how conversational hypnosis works, and is highly recommended for a quick understanding.30 To give you an idea of the power of hypnosis in the wrong hands, hypnosis can be used to get a complete stranger to hand over a wallet in seconds.31 MSNBC32 and BBC33 reports a man stealing from stores and banks using hypnosis.

One book that studied mass hypnosis called Rape of the Mind was written by Joost A. M. Meerloo, M.D., Instructor in Psychiatry, Columbia University Lecturer in Social Psychology, New School for Social Research, Former Chief, Psychological Department, Netherlands Forces. It examines the dangers of mass hypnosis.34

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THE RAPE OF THE MIND: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing, by Joost A. M. Meerloo, M.D.

An except of the book discusses what a hypnotist could get a subject to do through hypnotic commands, Chapter 3 – Hypnotism and Mental Coercion:

There are many quacks who practice hypnosis, not to cure their victims but to force them into submission, using the victim’s unconscious ties and dependency needs in a criminal, profitable way.
One of the most absorbing aspects of this whole problem of hypnosis is the question of whether people can be forced to commit crimes, such as murder or treason, while under a hypnotic spell.
Many psychologists would deny that such a thing could happen and would insist that no person can be compelled to do under hypnosis what he would refuse to do in a state of alert consciousness. But actually what a person can be compelled to do depends on the degree of dependency that hypnosis causes and the frequency of repetition of the so-called posthypnotic suggestions.

Rape of the Mind discusses psychological conditioning from World War II Nazi tactics, to Soviet Cold-War theoreticians, to our own democracy. (See Chapter 2 – Mass Conditioning Through Speech, and Political Conditioning.36 The Book also discusses the dangers of the real phenomenon of mass hypnosis:

Suggestion and hypnosis are considered by some to be a psychological blessing, but they can also be the beginning of terror. Mass hypnosis, for example, can have a dangerous influence on the individual. Psychiatrists have found several times that public demonstrations of mass hypnosis may provoke an increased hypnotic dependency and submissiveness in many members of the audience that can last for years. Largely for this reason Great Britain has passed a law making seances and mass hypnotism illegal. Hypnosis may act as a trigger mechanism for a repressed dependency need in the victim and turn him temporarily into a kind of waking sleep-walker and mental slave. The hypnotic command relieves him of his personal responsibility, and he surrenders much of his conscience to his hypnotizer. As we mentioned before, our own times have provided us with far too many examples of how political hypnosis, mob hypnosis, and even war hypnosis can turn civilized men into criminals.

Pavlov’s theory of psychology also says that propaganda can create mass hypnosis, and people can become conditioned to verbal or other symbols used in propaganda. Such masses can lose their discretion and be easily influenced.37 For Americans to presume that we are not subject to any propaganda just because we are Americans is insufficient logic.

Illegality of Obama’s use of hypnosis

Hypnosis-type mental pressure has been held by the Supreme Court of the United States to be so unduly influential as to deprive someone of their fundamental rights. The US Supreme court case was Leyra v. Denno, 347 U.S. 556 (1954), Leyra v. Denno, No. 635, Argued April 28, 1954, Decided June 1, 1954, 347 U.S. 556. After police questioned a suspect day and night unable to obtain a confession, a hypnotist tried, and did successfully get the suspect to confess. The legal battles over whether the confession was voluntary or not, undue influence or not, went all the way to the Supreme court of the United States, which decided that his confession could not be used as evidence against him in court. In discussing what the New York Court of Appeals held, that “were so clearly the product of ‘mental coercion’ that their use as evidence was inconsistent with due process of law”, the United States Supreme Court said “exhausted suspect’s ability to resist interrogation was broken to almost trance-like submission by use of the arts of a highly skilled psychiatrist.” It violated the most fundamental rights of the suspect to have this confession used, because it was not of his own free will.

35. THE RAPE OF THE MIND, Chapter 3, Medication into Submission, Hypnotism and Mental Coercion, available at http://www.lermanet.com/scientology/mc-ch3.html 
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37. The International Law of Propaganda, By Bhagevatula Satyanarayana Murty, discussing I.P. Pavlov, Conditioned Reflexes, an Investigation of the Physiological Activity of the Cerebral Cortex. Pavlov’s theories have inspired several works on propaganda and brainwashing techniques. Sergei Chakhotin, The Rape of the Masses (London, Routledge & Kegan Paul), William Sargant, Battle for the Mind, Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, 1957) and also citing to Rape of The Mind, by A.M. Meerloo.

Hypnosis on a non-consenting person may arguably constitute fraud38, undue influence, and/or potentially other violations of the law, depending on the jurisdiction.39 Undue influence is “persuasion that overcomes the will without convincing the judgment.”40 Hypnosis works on mental and emotional weaknesses fitting the legal definition precisely. For example, with hypnotizing someone to get access to that person’s bank account – even the hypnotist makes the person believe they want to do it, they are using techniques which create an undue influence on the person.

The Executive Committee of the American Psychological Association Division of Psychological Hypnosis has said, “clinical hypnosis should be used only by properly trained and credentialed health care professionals (e.g. licensed clinical psychologists), who have also been trained in the clinical use of hypnosis and are working within the areas of their professional expertise.” The Appellate Division of the Los Angeles County Superior Court has held that practice of hypnotism as curative measure or mode of procedure by one not licensed to practice medicine amounts to unlawful practice of medicine.41

What Obama is doing is making some people’s support of him in this election not of our own free will. He us using hidden techniques so we cannot even question the commands he is slipping into our subconscious. Many genuinely want to support him like smokers want a cigarette, and as smokers, we find the logic to justify how we feel.

The hypnosis technique of “pacing and leading” to sideline rational judgment

In a nutshell, “pacing and leading” is using hypnosis to bypass the critical factor. By bypassing the cognitive functions that would normally critically analyze and scrutinize information, the hypnotist tricks the patient’s subconscious mind into accepting external information from the hypnotist into the subconscious, as a hypnotic suggestion, as absolutely true. It is a more powerful implant of information than even the subject can usually communicate to themselves with his or her own thoughts.

Pacing and leading is a fundamental tool in conversational or covert hypnosis.42 Normally only what you consciously know to be true is allowed to pass.

38. Fraud does not require an express false statement, though subconscious connections to JFK and the like are clearly that. Fraud can also constitute withholding information in some cases, such as when there is a duty to disclose.
39. One article by Peter C. Johnson, describes conversational hypnosis as mind control - http://ezinearticles.com/?Cant-Control-Your-Children?-Learn-Conversational-Hypnosis&id=959004  -  While stating it is “not illegal” in his opinion, this example is relating to using it to get your children to do things, and he cannot make a statement on what is legal across a spectrum of varied
situations, including the use of hypnosis to get political support, votes and campaign contributions.
40. Undue influence is “Undue influence, in the sense we are concerned with here, is a shorthand legal phrase used to describe persuasion which tends to be coercive in nature, persuasion which overcomes the will without convincing the judgment. (Estate of Ricks, 160 Cal. 467, 480-482, 117 P. 539.) The hallmark of such persuasion is high pressure, a pressure which works on mental, moral, or emotional weakness to such an extent that it approaches the boundaries of coercion. In this sense, undue influence has been called overpersuasion. Kelly v. McCarthy, 6 Cal.2d 347, 364, 57 P.2d 118.” Odorizzi v. Bloomfield School Dist., 1966, 246 Cal.App.2d 123, 54 Cal.Rptr. 533.
41. People v. Cantor, 198 Cal.App.2d Supp. 843, 18 Cal.Rptr. 363, Cal.Super. 1961
42. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, p13. Dr. Erickson discovered that through pacing, a hypnotist could neutralize the filter of a person’s critical factor so he can slip suggestions past the critical factor into the subconscious.

 If you are a smoker, but tell yourself consciously that you are a nonsmoker, that information is stopped by your own critical factor, not allowed to pass into your own subconscious because your own critical factor knows it is not true. Thus even you can’t get information past your own critical factor.

Dr. Erickson discovered that through pacing, a hypnotist could neutralize the filter of a person’s critical factor so he can slip suggestions past the critical factor into the subconscious. 43

“Pacing” can be almost any technique by which a hypnotist gets your critical factor to lower its critical analysis and scrutiny of the information you are receiving.

The “lead” is the new information, suggestion, or command the hypnotist wants to implant.

When done effectively, the hypnotist can “lead” – implant suggestions and commands that pass through into your subconscious that will be taken as unquestionably true. The lead can be something you are aware of such as a statement you hear, or it can be embedded, hidden, something you are completely unaware of consciously, yet still pass through into your subconscious. The word “suggestion” is used in hypnosis, but it is not a suggestion as we think of one, that we consider and rationalize. “Suggestion” in the hypnosis world is actually a suggestion into the subconscious, something your mind will take as unquestionably true, thus, in effect, more powerful than even a command as we use this term.

How pacing is done:

Working with our analogy, if many people entering the club are searched by the security guard and nothing questionable is found, the security guard’s defense efforts become tired, lazy, and lowered. Normally though, everything in our world is questionable keeping the critical factor sharp and alert. The hypnotist paces the subject by providing the mind with information that is undeniably true, something the subject strongly believes, or is absolutely and immediately verifiable, in successive patterns until the subject’s guard is lowered.

This pacing can take the form of almost any information that serves as an accurate representation of the subject’s current ongoing experience, including what they see, what they hear, what they truly believe, and describing or imitating the subject’s conscious experience or even subconscious experience, such as their breathing.45 Breathing is a common pace in hypnosis. Breathing is something conscious when we are focused on it, but when we do not focus on it, we do not stop breathing, it is simply taken over by the subconscious mind. Often times, just the mention of “breathing” is sufficient to bring the activity into conscious focus for seconds or minutes, until such focus is not needed and the subconscious takes over it again.

Pacing can be such as obvious statements the subject truly believes or knows are true, or subconscious act/messages that the hypnotist does which the subject is not even aware of, e.g. mimicking or describing breathing.  Commonly, the hypnotist describes the experiences, sights, thoughts, and feelings the subject is having.46

43. Killer Influence Secrets of Covert Hypnosis, by David X, Part 1
44. Killer Influence Secrets of Covert Hypnosis, by David X, Part 1 David X’s educational video, “How to Hypnotize with Covert
Hypnosis and Hypnotic Language” See video online, such as at: http://www.revver.com/video/834827/how-to-hypnotize-withcovert-hypnosis-and-hypnotic-language/  Essentially, David X summarizes the conversational hypnosis process as:
1. Capturing focus, 2. bypassing the critical factor/thinking, 3. activating an unconscious or emotional response, (emotional people will not reason) and 4. leading those responses to the outcome the hypnotist desires.
45. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, p138 – Pacing, Distraction, and Utilization of the
Dominant Hemisphere.
46 Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, p138 – Pacing, Distraction, and Utilization of the Dominant Hemisphere.

This is not just a politician saying what his audience is sure to agree with. The hypnotist purposely describes absolute truths on multiple levels related to the subject’s current reality, and thereby tricks the subject’s critical factor into lowering its guard and gets the subject to accept the hypnotist as a source for information to be taken into the subconscious as absolutely true.

The brain regularly absorbs representations of the subject’s current ongoing experience, what the subject sees, hears, feels, as a natural part of communication between the conscious and subconscious mind. Pacing works by disguising information as part of the subject’s ongoing verifiable experience to trick the critical factor into letting that information pass through to the subconscious.

By repeatedly providing information to the subject that the subject genuinely believes to be true, the hypnotist disguises himself as a source for absolutely true information acceptable to your subconscious. The hypnotic commands of the hypnotist can be disguised as information being communicated in between the conscious and unconscious mind of the subject. The subject trusts this information believing it is approved by the conscious mind, and the command slips through the critical factor of one person hypnotized, or millions watching on TV.

Unknowingly to the conscious mind, when this happens, the lead, or the new information from the hypnotist is accepted as absolutely true, and becomes part of the subject’s deepest beliefs.47

47. Killer Influence Secrets of Covert Hypnosis, by David X, Part 1

Specific examples of Obama using 14 separate hypnotic pacing statements in his Denver 2008 Convention speech .

Elementary pacing examples from Obama include, “now is the time”, and “as I stand here before you.” These statements are undeniably true in the simplest terms and commonly used parts of his pacing techniques, because of course now is the time, and if he is there speaking, of course he is standing before us.  These are things the hypnotist says that are verifiably true, and used to lower our critical factor defenses to allow implantation of subconscious messages.

Looking at “pacing” statements alone, Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention Speech in Denver48 uses them throughout. Yet, nobody suspects these language patterns to be anything other than an innocent part of his powerful speech.

48 Speech excepts from Obama’s Denver 2008 Democratic Convention Speech, http://www.demconvention.com/barack-obama/ 

Three of Obama’s favorite hypnotic paces are “that’s why I stand here tonight”, “now is the time”, and “this moment.” Just these three pacing statements are used by Obama a total of fourteen (14) times throughout this single speech.

In this speech, Obama essentially said “as I stand before you tonight” three separate times, around the beginning, middle, and end of the speech to continue pacing the audience throughout, as follows:

1. That’s why I stand here tonight. Because for two hundred and thirty two years, at each moment when that promise was in jeopardy, ordinary men and women - students and soldiers, farmers and teachers, nurses and janitors — found the courage to keep it alive.
2. The fundamentals we use to measure economic strength are whether we are living up to that fundamental promise that has made this country great - a promise that is the only reason I am standing here tonight.
3. But I stand before you tonight because all across America something is stirring. What the naysayers don’t understand is that this election has never been about me. It’s been about you.

In the same speech, Obama says “now is the time” six times throughout. While he phrase is apparent, it sounds to everyone like just his power-phrase or theme for the speech.

1. Now is the time to end this addiction, and to understand that drilling is a stop-gap measure, not a long-term solution. Not even close.
2. Now is the time to finally meet our moral obligation to provide every child a world-class education, because it will take nothing less to compete in the global economy.
3. Now is the time to finally keep the promise of affordable, accessible health care for every single American.
4. Now is the time to help families with paid sick days and better family leave, because nobody in America should have to choose between keeping their jobs and caring for a sick child or ailing parent.
5. Now is the time to change our bankruptcy laws, so that your pensions are protected ahead of CEO bonuses; and the time to protect Social Security for future generations.
6. And now is the time to keep the promise of equal pay for an equal day’s work, because I want my daughters to have exactly the same opportunities as your sons.

It is no coincidence that he happens to use these phrases that are subconscious pacing statements because they are immediately and verifiably true by their most simplistic terms, and cause the subconscious to accept the hypnotist as a source for such absolute truth.

Obama also says essentially “this moment” five times, serving the same pacing purpose.

1. We meet at one of those defining moments - a moment when our nation is at war, our economy is in turmoil, and the American promise has been threatened once more.
2. This moment - this election - is our chance to keep, in the 21st century, the American promise alive.
3. You have shown what history teaches us - that at defining moments like this one, the change we
need doesn’t come from Washington.
4. America, this is one of those moments.
5. At this moment, in this election, we must pledge once more to march into the future

Notice how for each instance without exception, he has words before or after “moment” to make it absolutely immediately and verifiably true, such as “we meet at”, or “this election”, moments “like this one”, or “this is one of those moments.” The notion that this is all also a coincidence is absurd. This is carefully crafted hidden hypnotic pacing. And, this is only the beginning.

Obama put these 14 pacing hypnotic language patterns into his speech knowing them to be part of a hypnotic trance induction. It is not “just the way he talks” nor “coincidence.” A more detailed play by play analysis of Obama’s hypnosis techniques in this and other speeches is below.

Obama uses a variety of other statements nobody can disagree with as pacing statements. More simplistic are statements like “we need change”,49 “We are the hope of our future,” and “Yes we can.” 50 They are logically meaningless but they hit a chord, a subconscious chord, especially in younger people, and are his most powerful words. See the analysis on vagueness and trans-derivation below.

However, such pacing statements alone are only a small part of the complex hypnotic trance induction Obama intentionally uses.

Embedded and hidden meanings – “deep structure” of language vs “surface structure”

Most people do not realize Obama is using hypnosis because everything he does is below the radar – hidden inside normal speech.51 There is nothing special about these words or phrases to give them away as “hypnosis.” The general public does not have an understanding of the field, and Obama is hoping that these explanations will be too difficult for the general public to understand, and too complex for the media to try and explain. In fact, Obama is counting on the media to do what it has done for the past few elections – control their coverage to keep the race as close to even as possible until the end, making the story exciting, so that the effects of Obama’s hypnosis triggered in the voting booth will push him over the edge to victory.

The communications we are aware of are called the “surface structure” – that is what the subject hears and realizes. The science of hypnosis requires understanding the “deep structure” of what the subject sees, hears, and experiences – the communication that is designed for our subconscious to receive. our brains delete, change, distort, and jumble content on its way to the subconscious mind. Hypnotists speak in a manner to put us into trance, and then intentionally send “deep structure” communications designed for only our subconscious minds without conscious awareness.52

While below is an example of hidden pacing, imbedded commands in all aspects of hypnosis serve the purpose of making commands to the client indirectly, and thereby avoiding resistance.53 Indirect suggestion is such a pivotal part of conversational hypnosis, that entire hypnosis practice manuals have been written precisely on indirect suggestion techniques.54

Obama has used as part of pacing, statements such as “we rise and(or) fall as one nation.” That sounds powerful and true. In fact it is something no one can argue with, as all pacing is. But why the “or fall” part if he is trying to be optimistic? The hidden subconscious effect is that Obama is pacing us in a hidden way we don’t even realize.55 Remember, pacing is something that is unquestionably true and is an accurate representation of the subject’s ongoing experience. It is not just that the nation rises and falls, but as we breathe, our chest “rises and falls"56. We are not aware of it consciously, but with this statement we are being subconsciously paced by Obama’s words.57 Thus, without even realizing it, Obama elicits a subconscious response - us subconsciously increasingly seeing Obama as a source of acceptable absolute truth.

49. For “change we can believe in” – the word “believe” is key – it is one of the most powerful words in hypnosis, and a word anchored continually by Obama’s apparently innocent hand gestures.
50. The Illinois senator sprinkles speeches with “we” and “you” – “Yes we can” and “you have done what the cynics said we couldn’t do” – as if he were as much guiding a movement as running for president. How the Candidates’ Speaking Styles Play, By Ariel Sabar | July 11, 2008 edition, http://features.csmonitor.com/politics/2008/07/11/how-the-candidates-speaking-styles-play 
51. Killer Influence Secrets of Covert Hypnosis, by David X, Part 1, states how genuinely difficult it is to get caught using covert hypnosis, because without an understanding of the techniques, there is nothing to suggest any element of hypnosis. Often you can only even detect that hypnosis is being used by the effects, such as irrational actions. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Covert_hypnosis  - Signs you’re not using analytical mind.
52. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, p153
53. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, p172
54. See, for example, Conversational Hypnosis, A Manual of Indirect Suggestion, By Carol Sommer
55. See discussion on trans-derivation below regarding alternate deep structures.
56 See Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, staring p 16 and throughout – pacing  techniques describing the subjects ongoing observable experience such as breathing in and out is a frequently used and primary pacing technique. “In standard inductions, the hypnotist will frequently use descriptions such as...breathing in and out...in the process, the hypnotist is making himself into a sophisticated bio-feedback mechanism ...to...match the client’s subjective experience on both conscious and unconscious levels.
57 See Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, staring p 16

Notice how Obama rarely if ever asks for our vote in his speeches. (or money) After repeated and continual pacing an entire audience of millions with statements that are undoubtedly true that lower our critical factors’ defenses, Obama just slips in the hypnotic command (the lead) e.g. …“and that is why I will be your next President.”

The hyper-confidence Obama uses, after having used multiple language patterns to lower rational defenses, is because he must speak in a way that your subconscious mind will have no reason to doubt. This does not raise suspicion because politicians generally have to sound over-confident, e.g. saying they will win. The reason Obama sounds so hyper-confident with certain language patterns is because he has to in order to input a command effectively so your subconscious takes it as absolute truth.58

How Ericksonian “linking statements” mimic the way the brain accepts information.

After pacing you repeatedly in multiple ways and on multiple levels as described above, and thus lowering your cognitive critical factor defenses, the hypnotist will implant a “lead” - the command or absolute unquestionable truth he places in your subconscious. Essentially, the pace or truth is connected to the new hypnotic message or “lead” using connecting or linking language. Paces are connected to the lead through the use of the linking words including “and”, “as”, and “because” or “that is why."59 The latter linking words each being increasingly more powerful than the former, especially the ones containing an element of causation, because causation mirrors the way the subconscious mind accepts information.60 61 62

Saying, for one example: “We need change…andthat is why I will be your next President.” is a basic pace and lead. No person can disagree with “we need change.” Change is inevitable anyway, certainly when problems exist. However, the fact that change will happen, or that we need change, has absolutely nothing to do with being a valid reason why the choice for President should be none other than Barack Obama.

58. See McCain ad “The One” Obama is asked, “do you ever have any doubts?” He responds, “never” and smiles obviously.
59. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, p19, re implied causative and cause and effect statements, “the strongest form of linkage occurs with what we call Cause – Effect...The important feature of these types of linkages is not whether the logic of the statement is valid, but simply whether they constitute a successful link between the client’s ongoing behavior and what the client experiences next.” See a detailed discussion of the linking statements and causal linguistic process modeling including, “as”, “while”, “during”, “and”, starting p146.
60. Killer Influence Secrets of Covert Hypnosis, by David X, Part 1
61. Re causation - “this structure mirrors the structure of internal belief.” - Killer Influence Secrets of Covert Hypnosis, by David X, Part 1
62. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, p19, causation is “the strongest form of linkage.”
See also Killer Influence Secrets of Covert Hypnosis, by David X, Part 1.

Logically there is no connection at all between “change” and why he should be President. Same when Obama describes how bad the economy is, and how bad government is, and then follows with “and that is why I want to be your next President.” When he has only listed problems, the logical derivative is only that someone who is good at solving those problems should be President. But he has not made any logical argument as to why it should be him.

As a Harvard attorney, Obama knows clearly that his speeches have faulty logic. But the use of these basic words as hypnotic linking statements in your subconscious, connects an absolute truth you believe deeply, from a (now) trusted source of absolute truths, to a new message that is slipped past the critical factor because it comes from the same trusted source, using the fundamental way your brain understands information.

The subject walks away believing we need change, therefore we need Obama. It doesn’t matter whether the cause and effect linking statement has any truth or logical connection to it.63 It works because it links statements the subject knows subconsciously to be true, with statements from the hypnotist, that the hypnotist tricks the subconscious mind to believe are connected, and thus also absolutely true at the subconscious level.

Basics of Obama’s pacing and leading: The “because we need change, that is why I should be your next president” argument.

Building on this basic framework, you do not hear specifics largely because much of Obama’s entire presentation is pacing the audience. Obama’s sentence structure is often exactly what is taught by Erickson in ways that cannot be coincidence. If he went into specifics, he would not be pacing, he would be encouraging the use of the conscious mind, something he is attempting to avoid. Obama’s entire campaign, essentially, can be summarized as:

1. The economy is bad, or the country is going in the wrong direction (pace) or we need to get an
education for every child (whatever statements no one can disagree with (pace) and therefore creates a “yes-yes-yes” response, or “yes room.”)64
2. Change (can be used as a pace, an anchor, and/or a preprogrammed response)
3. And or because or that is why (conjunction linking statement)65
4. I will be your next President. (subconscious lead)

Saying that things are bad and we need change is only a logical basis for the conclusion that we need someone able to solve our current problems for President – but the suggestion that the person to do this is Obama is rationally under-supported or entirely unsupported. It doesn’t matter though, because the connection is made on the subconscious level through the use of linking statements applied precisely per Ericksonian techniques.

Obama says he offers hope, but actually much of Obama’s pacing is negative, e.g. based on how negative things are. In fact, anger works well as an emotion with which to change behavior through hypnosis. Notice how Obama rarely if ever smiles during the substantive parts within his formal hypnotic speeches.

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In fact, he has been described as looking angry.66 The hypnotic analysis is simple, angrily pointing while frowning and making emotionally strong points in speeches send the subconscious message of a person in commanding authority over you ordering you to act a certain way.67 Many feel is that Obama is the person for whom to vote because he magically “inspires”, when in fact, Obama has commanded subconsciously.

Obama says he is the person with judgment, and he says he is the person to solve our problems because he recognizes what is wrong, but these are logically empty arguments. His arguments based on his “ability to see” what is wrong provides no real logical basis. His point is no more advanced nor specific than the average listener’s viewpoint. He opposed the war in Iraq in 2003, but so did half the world, logically, making Obama no more qualified than half the planet to be President. However, because he uses pacing and leading so effectively, he says, “because we need change, that is why I want to be your next President” - it is absorbed into the subconscious as absolute truth. The fact that this argument has no logic is irrelevant to such feelings. Similarly, just because Obama powerfully says “its time for new energy and new ideas” doesn’t mean he actually has any new ideas, but through his hypnotic techniques, that’s what people walk away feeling.

Obama’s speeches as one big hypnotic trance induction using extra slow speech, rhythm, tonalities, vagueness, visual imagery, metaphor, and raising of emotion.

Everyone knows the sensation of hanging on Obama’s every word as he speaks. It is no accident. In fact, Obama intends to speak in such a way that it is almost impossible to listen at all without hanging on his every word. His unnaturally slow, rhythmical, four to eight word phrases with huge pauses after, are delivered to be complete ideas by themselves on some level, even though only part of a sentence or complete thought. He is sensitive to exactly how to speak to fixate your attention based on his understanding of hypnosis.

Obama’s speeches often use an unnaturally slow language to start. Unnaturally slow speech is a common hypnotic technique in order to allow the subject time to respond to suggestions, imagine images, and feel sensations conjured by the hypnotist.68 The unnaturally slow speech holds focus intensely, because the mind waits for new input, and is meanwhile left analyzing what it has just heard. Absorbing attention is about making sure people’s thoughts are what you set out for them. The intense focus of the conscious mind frees the subconscious mind to act beyond normal constraints of what the conscious mind thinks is real or normal or even proper.69

Hypnosis is so closely aligned with this super intense focus on a single thing that the study of mesmerism actually almost renamed hypnosis “monoideaism” – mono for one, and ideaism for idea.70

66. See discussion and images below regarding his Democratic Convention Speech for 2008
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The speech pattern needs to be slow enough to give the subject time to respond to your directions and yet fast enough to retain his or her attention and interest. If you go too slow, the subject’s mind will most likely wander to other thoughts. You want to maintain the subject’s attention to your voice. You will find that some people need a faster pace while others need a slower pace.
Experience will help you find just the right pace. A pause of two to five seconds is a good average.
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We all know what it is like to go along with our imaginations on the ride Obama takes us on with his powerful metaphors, and captivating visual images and sensations, and passionate emotion as his speeches accelerate from unnaturally slow, into fireworks. Being hypnotized is enjoyable, reportedly affecting both serotonin and endorphins in the body.71

Per the definition of hypnosis by Dr. Ansari, hypnosis is essentially the subject’s fixation of attention, and while in that state of hyper-suggestability, receiving a suggestion from the hypnotist. Every type of hypnotic induction involves a fixation of attention, which is what Obama accomplishes with his extraordinarily slow and rhythmical and powerful speech pattern, hand gestures, and logo, always present on his podium, small and barely noticeable (consciously).

Hypnotists use a rhythm of phrases of few words, usually approximately four to eight word phrases, almost like a melody, not just because it holds attention. Such rhythm to be used is taught as part of conversational hypnosis.72  The “melody” of words delivered by the hypnotist in almost a music like fashion accesses the non-dominant hemisphere because that is where music is interpreted.73 A hypnotist can become a master of using rate of speaking, tonalities, and pauses to communicate indirect suggestions. Hypnotists also use tonality and changes in tonality while speaking to hypnotize and send subconscious messages.74 Based on Erickson’s advancements, entire works have been written just on indirect suggestion, hidden meanings within language, and communicate of those hidden meanings to only the subconscious mind of the subject.75

The use of Ericksnian “vagueness” in speech as a linguistic induction tool: “Change” and “Yes we can.”

We all know Obama continually uses vague statements without being specific of their meaning, including “yes we can”, and “change.” In fact, he gets audiences to chant them.

Remember the three dimensions of Ericksonian trance induction discussed above:

1. Pacing and distraction of the dominant (language) hemisphere;
2. Utilization of the dominant hemisphere, language processing which occurs below the level of awareness;
3. Accessing of the non-dominant hemisphere;

A statement that we hear consciously contains only one surface structure (unless we do a double-take and realize a secondary meaning). However, one such statement can contain multiple deep structure meanings to our subconscious.76 The process by which the mind searches between alternate meanings is called transderivation.

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The searching through these various meanings is part of what distracts the rational part of the
mind as part of hypnotic induction, even if we are not consciously aware of our search between different meanings. This trans-derivational search occurs below the level of awareness. A vague statement introduced as part of a hypnotic induction and pacing and leading has multiple functions in facilitating hypnosis – it makes the subject a participant in the hypnotic process, it makes the subject select between alternative meanings thereby ensuring a satisfactory pacing, and depending on the nature of the vagueness, it employs his linguistic (or cognitive) processes with a trans-derivational search for meaning in the vague statement.77

“The unconscious mind responds to openings, opportunities, metaphors, symbols and contradictions. Effective hypnotic suggestion, then, should be “artfully vague”, leaving space for the subject to fill in the gaps with their own unconscious understandings - even if they do not consciously grasp what is happening. The skilled hypnotherapist constructs these gaps of meaning in a way most suited to the individual subject - in a way which is most likely to produce the desired change.78

The fact that Obama uses vague statements with which nobody can disagree is not just politics, it is part of the linguistic component piece of the puzzle of Obama’s knowing and intentional use of Ericksonian hypnosis techniques.

When Obama says “change” is can mean a lot of different things to everyone. He is not specific in what he means because then he would lose his pacing of the audience. Obama creates a trans-derivational search just by saying the vague word change, allowing that message of change to slip into the subconscious, as a command, that he has associated with himself in a number of subconscious and conscious ways. People do not rationally desire a change they do not have any idea of what it means. Some of the people want change in this election but cannot explain what Obama will actually do and can’t name anything Obama has changed in his 46 years are supporting him because his implantation of this hypnotic suggestion of “change” has been effective. partly why he is so frustrated about McCain saying that he, the maverick is the true change candidate, is because Obama spent all this time programming change, and doesn’t want McCain getting votes from Obama’s hypnotic programming.

Use of visual imagery and imagination as an induction tool

Visual imagery, like Obama’s, is a key component of facilitating hypnotic trance induction.79 Using metaphor in hypnosis is especially effective because it engages the conscious and unconscious mind at the same time, communicating logically while activating imagination and emotion allows the use of “ultracompelling communications.”80 Imagination is a powerful hypnotic tool because creativity is an altered state of consciousness.81

77. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, staring p 170 – While this discussion discusses  mostly language patterns that have secondary meanings which are specific interpretations, the concepts are applicable to all vagueness. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milton_H._Erickson,  Indirect Techniques re vagueness as part of hypnotic induction. See also The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, Clifford Mee and Igor Ledochowski, Appendix 2 – p541/631 – With artfully vague language, the listener is employed to give the language concrete meaning, that search for meaning is called a transderivational searh which is a specialized trance state.
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80. David Livingston, www.hypnosis101.com  “Triggering Emotions During Hypnosis: Anchor Collapsing”

Together, all three dimensions of Ericksonian trance induction are present, as well as all three means of hypnotically accessing the non-dominant hemisphere are present in Obama’s speeches (Dr. Erickson’s three classes as visualization, melodic accession and linguistic).82

Per the Power of Conversational Hypnosis, the four steps to hypnosis are also identical to the principles of Obama’s speech. 1. absorb attention. 2. bypass the critical factor (with pacing) 3. create an unconscious response (the classic one is emotion) and 4. lead the subconscious mind to the desired outcome.83

An emotional response is an unconscious response.84 Raising of emotion is a fundamental technique in hypnosis to make the subject more programmable, more effectively, because emotion is a subconscious reaction, and can be connected to other subconscious elements, including commands.85

Obama uses a visually, cognitively, and emotionally stimulating language that forces your mind to follow slowly by experiencing his phrases, instead of just listening to them. The pauses never get boring like other people who speak slowly, because each phrase by Obama that is only a few words long, is by itself sufficient to capture your attention, and hold it with thought, or imagination, or an image, until the next phrase is spoken. Visual and sensory imagery in the hypnotist’s speech is an effective element that uses the subject’s own imagination while listening to the speech to bring them deeper into trance.86

Together, every hypnotic element is present in Obama’s speeches, all working together to hypnotize the audience. You will notice Obama has all of these in his speeches, unnaturally slow language in simplistic phrases which catch and hold your attention, and countless images that grab and hold your imagination, such as “turn the page”, and “a breeze is blowing across this nation,…and change is in the air.” and “write the next chapter in American history.87 “There’s a new breeze blowing across this nation…”88  The phrase is a visual and hypnotically captivating statement that you cannot disagree with because it makes your subconscious associate relaxation, pleasure, and other emotions and your most tranquil moment with his voice, preparing you for his following sentence, “and change is in the air.”

The stacking of hypnotic language patterns in 40+ minute long speeches.

The more a hypnotist paces and leads you, and uses other hypnotic speech patterns in succession, the more effective they become at manipulating you because the repetition wears down your critical factor. Doing what Obama does once or twice doesn’t do as much, but doing it throughout a speech, and continuously throughout a campaign, subconsciously brainwashes you.

81. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, p60, Inquiry with Aldous Huxley An example from Erickson, is “you know how a raindrop can cling to a leaf before it finally lets go.”
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87. Barack Obama in his speech on Super Tuesday night
88. Obama made this statement in his speech on Super Tuesday.

Obama speaks for 40-50 minutes, 20-30 minute longer than most political speeches. Have you ever wondered why Obama gives these long 40-50 minute speeches? Probably not, because most people do not even realize time has gone by. This process of pacing then leading, pacing then leading, again and again, as well as using other hypnotic language patterns is called “stacking language patterns” (as in, one on top of the other)89 The hypnotist blends the process with embedded commands, anchors, emotional transfers, and other techniques. What occurs is that the critical factor is bored, worn down, gets tired, and stops being critical because it is too much work – then, the hypnotist’s effects increase.90

Obama’s unusual use of hand gestures as subconscious programming and hypnotic anchoring designed to be triggered in the voting booth on November 4th.

While most people believe that Obama’s hand gestures as he speaks are meaningless, or innocent emphasis to enhance the presentation, this may be sometimes perhaps to reserve the argument that they are meaningless, but is not always the case. Sometimes Obama does use his hand gestures simply for emphasis or to help illustrate what he is saying. However, sometimes, his hand gestures are designed to have very specific effect under the principles of hypnosis. Obama uses certain hand gestures as hypnotic anchors, and others to aid in hypnotic command implantation.

Anchoring is a hypnosis/NLP91 technique where the hypnotist programs the subject to respond a certain way from a specific trigger or stimuli. A “hypnotic anchor” is any stimulus that triggers a consistent psychological state.92 An anchor is essentially an internal state that is triggered by an external stimulus.93  An example would be, a hypnotist eliciting a certain response from the subject, whether outward or inward, e.g. emotional, and then the hypnotist doing a certain act (the anchor) which is a touch, or a keyword, or signal, that the hypnotist associates subconsciously to the response. The hypnotist can then bring about that response just by repeating the anchor. It is similar to how Pavlov would ring a bell whenever he fed his dogs, and then eventually, his dogs would salivate just from the sound of hearing a bell ring. The hypnotist stirs up feelings or emotions. “When that feeling is at its strongest, “anchor” is by making a gesture.94 Anchors do not have to be created or triggered by a physical touch, and could be any symbol or gesture that is a unique association.

What is the different between innocent use of hand gestures by Obama and deceptive hypnotic use of hand gestures? Obviously, it is Obama’s knowledge of such hypnotic and manipulative effects of certain hand gestures, and his intended use of such hand gestures for hypnotic effect.

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You may have noticed how Obama holds his thumb and forefinger. Because a gesture is subconsciously linked by programming to a response, it must be unique.95 Obama uses this thumb and forefinger hand position essentially uniquely, differently than all other speakers, and continually, far more frequently than other speakers who use any similar hand gesture. It was even made fun of on Saturday Night Live.

95. There are four keys to anchoring: The intensity of the state; Timing (peak of experience); Uniqueness of the stimulus, including the number of senses used (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, gustatory), and; Exact replication of the stimulus, or trigger..” http://www.hypnos.co.uk/hypnomag/valente.htm 

 So besides the fact that he has a somewhat unique hand gesture, which he uses more often than other speakers, what is the proof that this is part of Obama’s unethical use of hypnosis?

Obama uses his thumb and forefinger pressed together as a hidden (deep structure) hypnotic anchor. He also uses it to deliver hypnotic commands.

The evidence it is not an innocent hand gesture e.g. for emphasis, but rather as a hypnotic anchor is that Obama is repeatedly caught using it extraordinarily often and specifically for very specific words and concepts like “believe”, and “chose.” In fact, often he is caught using certain it for such hypnotic programming words more so than at the point of his sentence that he would be emphasizing. Specific examples are plentiful below.

Obama also uses hand gestures to aid in delivery of hypnotic commands, and this is evident from his use of very specific hand gestures at very specific times.

What is meant by the above two examples, is that while Obama’s hand gestures often are simply for emphasis or to assist visually with his narrative, they are caught repeatedly diverging from this purpose, and following entirely different principles, the principles of hypnotic anchoring and programming. The hand gesture can symbolize anything, and it is possible that Obama’s hand gesture of his thumb and forefinger pressed together symbolizes a “C” for change, money, an infinite (hypnotic) connection between himself and the audience (by pointing with his index finger to the audience repeatedly and then emphasizing a point with his two fingers together, and others.

Most likely, because it is a hypnotic trigger, Obama’s thumb and forefinger hand gesture, as shown below  is meant to hypnotically anchor and be triggered by the voter’s own hand holding a pencil, at the voting booth, or when signing in to vote. This way, the voter would trigger all of the hypnotic programming right when Obama wants it triggered, while voting, for maximum effect. It is actually a very convenient design to have an anchor that looks like almost like an ordinary speech hand gesture, and also looks like the holding of a pen. Obama rarely needs to twist his hand to show you the backside. The image can be an effective anchor and trigger even if not understood consciously.

Obama uses his thumb and forefinger hypnotic anchor in strategic ways. He does this repeatedly and often, programming (anchoring) many messages into your subconscious. The hypnotic anchor that Obama is programming you with continually in his speeches is designed so that when you are in the voting booth holding a pen, or sign in your name, and see the same image Obama has been flashing at you throughout his campaign, you recall all of the messages he delivered during his speeches as he flashed the hand signal that consciously you didn’t even realize were connected. His subconscious messages may influence your vote because you will be re-enacting what he has been preparing you for by loading that image of you holding the pen with his subconscious commands. Even people who did not intend to vote for Obama may do so at that moment.

It is also effective because a primary message is Obama himself, and Obama has to a certain degree, anchored himself to the image of your hand as you hold a pen.

Obama is also caught loading this hand gesture with very specific concepts, such as JFK, and then pointing this same hand gesture inward towards himself a moment later, in ways that are clearly no accident, and ways in which he does at no other time other than with a concept he expects us to subconsciously associate with him.

Obama has also anchored and programmed you verbally with imagery for another part of this same experience in the voting booth through his clever use of the words “turn the page.” His “turn the page speech” hypnotically anchors messages to the idea of literally turning the page, which you do not realize consciously, but subconsciously means, e.g., the voting ballot “page.” Thus, holding the pen and holding the paper ballot are anchored your subconscious for an experiences that will be recreated when it is time to act he has programmed you to act with multiple subconscious anchors triggered by the same experience in the voting booth.98

As far as voting machines where you push buttons, or electronic voting, Obama’s other very common hand gesture is pointing and poking, including for example, pointing straight downward and saying “there is no destiny we cannot fulfill.99 Many speakers point occasionally, or on a very strong point, but not continuously and strenuously like Obama points. Most have never wondered what he is actually pointing at, or whether there is any rhyme or reason to it, probably assuming it is simply part of his presentation. In fact, Obama’s hand gestures often do symbolize what he is talking about perfectly, so that when he does do something hypnotic with his hand gestures, the message is received as having meaning subconsciously then also.

Obama’s other primary hand gesture tool, pointing, also often has meaning. Pointing sends the subconscious of the subject the message that a person in authority over them is commanding a certain action; ordering you to act a certain way and is a textbook part of hypnotic programming when giving commands of actions the subject is required to take.100 If Obama said, “I command you to vote for me”, people would get this consciously and reject it. However, if he does it in a way that you only pick it up subconsciously, you can’t question it, and can’t reject it. See the analysis below of Obama’s Denver Democratic National Convention 2008 speech in which he uses this command as he is programming the audience to vote for him on “November 4th.”

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99. - which the subconscious mind interprets, because it often deletes negatives, as “we fulfill destiny.”
100. The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, Clifford Mee and Igor Ledowchowski, p104 of 631

*Obama’s hypnotic command that “a light will shine down from somewhere, it will light upon you, you will experience an epiphany, and you will say to yourself, ‘I have to vote for Barack.”101

An example of Obama using both of these hypnotic hand gestures, hypnotic programming followed by hypnotic anchor back to back, in a way that can be nothing other than hypnosis

In this speech by Obama, he is caught giving an overt set of two hypnotic programs back to back. This is probably one of the most simple to understand proofs of his undeniable use of hypnosis:

Perfectly demonstrating both the hypnotic hand gestures explained above is Obama in this sentence.

Yes, that’s correct. Barack Obama actually said in a speech once:

“a light will shine down from somewhere, it will light upon you, you will experience an epiphany, and you will say to yourself, “I have to vote for Barack.”’102

It was even made fun of in a McCain ad entitled “The One”, probably without any realization that he was serious, and actually attempting to use hypnosis.103  In this statement, Obama went too far, too obviously, and was clearly overtly hypnotically programming his audience. Probably, he intended to use statements like this more often, and probably stopped either because he thought it was too obvious, or because he was ridiculed for this by Hillary and McCain, or both.

First, notice how voting for Obama is made absolutely compulsory with the words “have to” – precisely as a hypnotic command. He is not asking for our vote – he is telling us how we will vote.

Notice the language “light shining down”, and “it will light upon you” a description of some supernatural (subconscious) force. This statement by Obama leaves no doubt that he is using hypnosis – which a mysterious force shining down and causing you to say to yourself obviously is. It leaves no doubt that his mindset is on completely non-logical, but rather mystical/supernatural (subconscious) forces will be compelling people to vote for him. Why would a politician who logically convinces voters ever joke about something like this? What purpose would there possibly be for any politician ever saying that a mysterious force will guide you and you will “have to” vote for me? This is potentially his worst slip up.

101. Video of Obama saying this phrase in this McCain ad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mopkn0lPzM8 
102. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mopkn0lPzM8 
103. See the McCain ad entitled, “The One.” Available, e.g. at www.johnmccain.com  Hillary Clinton has also criticized this statement.

Notice the language, “you will experience an epiphany” – a revelatory manifestation of a divine being.104   While hypnosis text contains considerable information about hypnotists attaining g-d complexes, it is quite disturbing to see a presidential candidate, even in jest, suggest that he presence would cause such an “epiphany.” More disturbing, see below why it is provably not jest in which he makes this statement.

Undeniable evidence that this is hypnosis: Obama hypnotically anchoring the statement about a light shining down and an internal voice saying “I have to vote for Barack”

Obama, while saying this sentence uses both his pointing gesture as a hypnotic command implantation, and his thumb and forefinger gesture as a hypnotic anchor, back to back.

In fact, watch this video to see how Obama uses these hypnotic hand gestures.

Notice how Obama, as he says “you will say to yourself” – points up into the air, as explained and analyzed, pointing is the hypnotic gesture for commanding someone to do something, to perform a specific act.

Then, notice how Obama clearly uses his typical thumb and forefinger hypnotic anchor for the words “I have to vote for Barack.”

By no cosmic miracle does this happen by coincidence. He is clearly using a back to back set of hypnotic hand gestures while giving this sentence containing overt hypnotic programming to be compelled by a mysterious internal voice, taken over by a mysterious force, and to “have to” vote for him.

It is clear he was not joking either. Because if he were joking, he would not use any hand gesture as emphasis for the commands of a statement he was not serous about. Let alone two hand gestures. If he uses a hand gesture even for innocent emphasis, that means he is seriously emphasizing the underlying statement, “a light will shine down from somewhere, it will light upon you, you will experience an epiphany, and you will say to yourself, “I have to vote for Barack”’

While this is a caricature of what Obama is doing throughout his campaign, this statement cannot be viewed any other way than an obvious attempt at sending a hypnotic message to voters in the voting booth.

Convincing without logic: “The Fierce! Urgency! of Now!” argument (Obama caught anchoring)

While giving speeches, Obama often poses to himself the question: “Why are you running so soon? You can afford to wait.”105 He then answers his own question by saying the powerful language “because the Fierce! … Urgency! of … Now!” First, notice how he posed the question to himself, to give himself an opportunity to use the anchor. It doesn’t make much sense to pose a question to oneself that you then fail to logically answer. He then answers flashing just during those words his unique thumb in forefinger anchoring hand gesture. These words have preprogrammed emotional meaning to all of us, which he with such techniques anchors you to recall as you hold the pen and “turn the page”106 in the voting booth.107

104 .American heritage Dictionary – Fourth Edition
105. Example: Billings, Montana, 1:07pm EST
106. See below more detailed discussion of Obama’s preprogrammed hypnotic response use of his famous phrase “turn the page” and

Watching such gestures in his speeches, they are clearly intentionally designed to coincide for a specific hypnotic purpose, not just innocent emphasis and enhancement.

Notice how powerfully saying “the fierce urgency of now” provides absolutely no logical basis for why he should not accomplish at least something in the senate first, nor any logical argument as to why we should elect an inexperienced person. It is effective because he uses causation, by saying “because the fierce urgency of now!” Again, he uses the most powerful causality linking statement “because” (with no logical value) followed by powerful words “fierce” and “urgency” – both of which are not only powerful but have embedded meaning to each listener, and then he puts his emphasis on “now!” “Now” is not only a powerful word in hypnosis because it brings the subject’s focus and attention on the present, but, is a command that the voter take action “now.” Those in the marketing field know that adding “now” to the end of any command, such as “buy this product” “now!” increases sales by measured degrees.

Obama caught in subconscious hand gesture linking McCain to Bush.

Giving a speech about healthcare in Raleigh North Carolina, right as Obama mentions Bush and McCain, he slips a barely noticeable double handed gesture with two fingers (the same of each hand) pointing parallel, to suggest to you subconsciously that Bush and McCain are on parallel courses.108 A primary value of this little gesture is critical because it is a slip up, it is obvious. If there is any doubt that Obama is using hypnosis including hidden hand signals, watching this tape clearly shows him flashing a parallel signal which cannot be an accident, right when he mentions Bush and McCain. From the ethical perspective, Obama could make policy arguments and try to convince you logically that he feels McCain will follow similar policies to Bush. However, Obama apparently feels that he needs to do more to convince you. What Obama decides to do, is to implant a subconscious image of parallel, which you subconsciously associate with Bush and McCain, that in many people is the deep psyche source of associating their policies. Whether true or not, Obama through this subconscious programming, decided voters should not even be able logically analyze or debate the issue, but should simply have the image of parallel implanted without their conscious awareness to look at Bush and McCain as parallel.

Obama caught using one-finger subconscious hand gesture regarding Hillary.


107. Speech by Barack Obama in Billings, Montana, “the fierce urgency of now”, around 1:07pm EST “why are you running so soon, can afford to wait, ruining now “because of the fierce urgency of now” and he flashes the thumb and forefinger together exactly for that sentence in a way that cannot be accidental.
108. Barack Obama in speech, Raleigh North Carolina June 9, 2008 ~1:40m EST
109 http://weblogs.newsday.com/news/local/longisland/politics/blog/givefinger.jpg 

Obama was caught doing this. While pretending to be innocently scratching, he was caught giving this subconscious signal regarding Hillary, with his middle finger.110 This alone might be excused as an accident, but in combination with everything else, is clearly another piece of the puzzle. Like the “light shining down” statement discussed later, like his logo, like the “lipstick on a pig”, and all of his other slipups,  it also gives you some insight into Obama’s true character. Further proving that this Hillary gesture was not an accident, see Obama’s similar gesture regarding McCain discussed directly below.

Obama caught in another undeniable subconscious hand gesture regarding McCain

Even after Obama’s Hillary gesture above was caught by the media, he didn’t stop. On Wednesday September 17, 2008 at around 2:56pm EST in a televised speech in Nevada, Obama made some remarks about terrorism, then the economy. Shortly after Obama began to discuss John McCain, with his right hand he apparently reached up to scratch the top of his head, then again scratch the top side of his head. As Obama pulled his hand away, he clearly flashed the “L” symbol with his hand (thumb and finger perpendicular), which to many young people, is the symbol for “loser.” He did it as he was mocking how bad John McCain was on the economy. This was no accident. It is unusual for someone like Obama with such perfect body language to have to scratch in the middle of a speech anyway. (without doing a hand gesture which insults his opponent) It is even more unusual for someone to have to scratch in two different places as he did. When watching this video, it is clear that he was pretending to scratch as an intentional diversion to slip in the subconscious message. He even appeared to hesitate to be sure to “pull it off” inconspicuously. It was intended to be a subconscious message to millions of people, to associate the “loser” symbol with John McCain. This act was designed to take away votes from John McCain not with any logical explanation of policy differences, but with messages to an unaware audience - messages to our subconscious that we are not intended to question the correctness of.

To those who think this may have been accidental or coincidence, watch the video of Obama on 8.4.2008, where Obama gives a speech discussing John McCain’s economics. When Obama says “McCain” in the sentence “Senator McCain has been eager to share some of his plans” – notice Obama again flashes the “L” symbol with his hand.


This Part 3 is the primary analysis of the document. The quotes herein are taken uncut from Obama’s speeches. Readers and experts are encouraged to confirm this analysis by watching these videos firsthand, and seeing that the language patterns, manner of speaking, and timing of hand gestures prove undeniably the points raised in this document. All of these videos are available online and example links are provided in the footnotes. The times, minute:second (3:16 means 3 minutes 16 seconds) are measured per the videos cited. While these are only a few examples, close examination of most or all of Obama’s major speeches under expert scrutiny will likely be found to contain hypnotic tactics throughout.

As evidence of Obama’s use of hypnosis, he generally doesn’t do these hypnotic techniques and hand gestures as much when he gives impromptu speeches that are not prewritten. Obama’s hypnosis is something he carefully crafts, plans for, and rehearses. Town halls with impromptu questions do not lend themselves to be a forum for Obama’s hypnosis, and that may part of why he has avoided town halls with John McCain.

110. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/washington/2008/04/obamaflipsoffcl.html

Obama’s California Democratic Convention speech 2007111 - a “play by play” of his undeniable use of embedded commands, hypnotic induction, and hypnotic storytelling

 Embedded suggestions are messages within other messages, in which while the conscious mind is receiving one message (the surface structure), the subconscious is receiving another, the real message. This can be done a number of ways, including by change in tone, or pauses, even ones so subtle the audience is not consciously aware of it, such as a split second pause or breath by the hypnotist at a specific time.112

Pauses during speech and changes in tonality and in emphasis are a primary technique of conversational hypnosis.113 This is because you can say one sentence, and buried within it is another word or phrase with another meaning. A pause in speaking by the hypnotist, even is only for a split second, even if you are not even consciously aware of it, can turn that hidden meaning into a subconscious command because it is isolated, and emphasized in the subconscious. The subconscious mind does not interpret and analyze as the conscious mind does, and often many words are removed “deleted” from what you experience, and only specific portions fall through to the subconscious mind.  His statement is heard by the audience in one way, but subconsciously received another way, the way actually intended by Obama.

Obama performs an undeniable Ericksonian hypnotic induction: Obama’s “Turn the Page” Speech at the California Democratic Convention in 2007.114

Note: While there are many examples and play by plays which are undeniable evidence of Obama’s hypnosis. carefully reviewing and understanding just this analysis of this part of this speech leaves little doubt of Obama’s intentional use of hypnosis.

One journalist describes Obama’s turn the page speech as having “had the California Democratic Convention spellbound for 23 minutes."115 Seeing the analysis below of just the first paragraph of this speech explains why his audience was in a spell from the very beginning.

Obama began his speech: (notes added)

“It has now been a little over two months (pause) since we began (pause) this campaign for the Presidency. (pause) In that time we have traveled all across this country. (pause) And before every event we do (pause), I usually have a minute to sit quietly and (pause) collect my thoughts. (pause) And recently, I’ve found myself (pause) reflecting on (pause) what it was that led me (different tone, and thumb and forefinger anchor for “me”) to public service in the first place.”

111. Barack Obama’s speech to California Democratic Convention, 2007, available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZUXhCW-OGM 
112. See a thorough discussion of embedded commands starting page 172 of Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson M.D.
113. See Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, throughout.
114. Barack Obama’s speech to California Democratic Convention, 2007 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZUXhCW-OGM 
115. By Frank D. Russo Barack Obama’s “Turn the Page” Speech Wows California Democratic Convention,  http://www.californiaprogressreport.com/2007/04/barack_obamas_t_2.html

First, notice how much Obama uses storytelling in his major speeches, especially at the beginning of nearly all of his speeches. Storytelling is a primary hypnotic tool because it employs images, metaphor, the imagination, rhythm, makes us feel like children, and takes us to another time and place so the mind tells itself “it is only a story” and allows it to pass into the subconscious.116 However, this is just the beginning.

Obama tells a hypnotic story to start this speech with his ultra-slow speaking style with huge pauses after 4-8 word concepts, to force you to hang on his every word.

But this is only a small part of the proof that he is intentionally using hypnosis.

The key is, that the story he is telling is a story about a “trance theme.” In one of the most popular conversational hypnosis courses available online, the Power of Conversational Hypnosis, the first principle taught in how to use hypnotic stories, is exactly what Obama does in this paragraph. This primary technique is to “Use Simple Stories About Trance Themes”, or in other words, tell stories about processes which are hypnotic, such as per the examples given, relaxing on a holiday or being fascinated by a film.117

Obama follows precisely this technique in telling a simple story in slow hypnotic rhythm about himself “sitting quietly”, “collect his thoughts”, and finding himself “reflecting.” Hypnotic stories use embedded suggestions so that while in trance and you believe something is happening to a character in the story, in reality the story is about you, implanting messages in your subconscious.118 The story requires you to use your imagination, and then the only way to understand the story is to imagine the themes Obama is presenting.119

Obama’s first storytelling language pattern about a trance theme is “Sit quietly” – also a pacing statement because everyone in the audience is sitting quietly. The story is, as taught by this course, “isomorphic” in the sense that the story precisely mirrors what is happening with the subject e.g. sitting quietly.120 Then, it is also an embedded command, because when someone sits quietly, something they have rehearsed many times throughout their lives, because external stimuli are absent, sitting quietly makes someone’s thoughts turn inward or internally – as in trance. Notice how the story is in past tense, but the trance theme
(command) comes out in present tense.119

Notice how Obama puts the focus on this word “quietly” with the pause afterward, to use it as a hypnotic message, as the silence emphasizes the last word spoken. His pause after “sit quietly” also serves another purpose. (Even though he says “and” after “quietly”, there is a substantial pause there.) It is also a pace in the manner that Obama says the word “quietly …and”, and for a brief second there is silence afterward. He is in fact making his statement about quietness an absolute immediately verifiable truth, because he makes it true by pausing, and finds a way to pace you in yet another way. The more different ways he can pace the audience on different levels, the more effective it is.

116. The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, Clifford Mee and Igor Ledochowski, “How to Destroy Resistance With Stories” p244 – discussion of how “it’s just a story” and mind goes on “automatic pilot.”
117. The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, Clifford Mee and Igor Ledochowski, “How to Destroy Resistance With Stories” p245
118. The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, Clifford Mee and Igor Ledochowski, “How to Destroy Resistance With Stories” p245-246, and see discussion how Dr. Erickson used a story about a tomato plant feeling good to in fact make the patient feel good.
119. Your subconscious interprets the story and applies it to you, even though Obama tells the story as if it were him speaking innocently about himself. As a basic hypnosis example, I can say “don’t think of a black cat” – in order to understand the message, you have to think of the cat – it doesn’t matter that I say “don’t.”
120. The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, Clifford Mee and Igor Ledochowski, “How to Destroy Resistance With Stories” p246

Obama’s second storytelling language pattern about a trance theme is “collect my thoughts.” Though Obama says it from his perspective, to make sense of it, and because of his pacing, your subconscious also hears it as collect “my” thoughts, and thus the minds of everyone in the audience is commanded to become more in depth into each’s own thoughts, and go deeper into trance. Notice again this story about past actions is again delivered in present tense.

Obama’s third storytelling language pattern about a trance theme is “I’ve found myself reflecting.” It works similarly. The pause after “myself”, and then again after “reflecting” cause the audience’s subconscious mind to pick up on these commands. Thus Obama uses this as a command for all listeners to collect their thoughts (as in hypnotic focus)121 and be reflecting (essentially focus on another deeper level). Notice again how he starts out telling the story in the past tense, but then says “reflecting” in the present progressive tense to be a command for his audience to do what they are doing now.

The course on conversational hypnosis is not the only source to say such language has specific trance induction effect. See also Dr. Erickson’s discussion of use of words like “reflecting”, and how a hypnotist will construct sentences using the internal states consistent with a human being undergoing trance induction (e.g. wondering, learning, thinking, feeling, remembering, recalling, experiencing).122

Obama then directs this focus. Obama says “reflecting on (what it was that led) me” While the sentence continues, the hypnotic message is for the audience to “be reflecting on me” (Obama). Obama’s emphasis and use of a different tonality for the word “me” is undeniable – it can clearly be heard when one is listening for it. When not consciously focused on that emphasis, it is just heard by the subconscious. After being paced by three separate stories with trance themes, delivered in hypnotic slow speech, the subconscious mind is waiting for clues about what to be so focused on and reflecting on, and surely enough, Obama tells our subconscious minds, “me.” Because he is speaking, the message is actually to focus not only on him, but his voice.

Then, perfectly timed, at the same moment Obama says the word “me”, he flashes his thumb and forefinger hand gesture, his classic anchoring tool.

Watching this tape – it is amazing, yet undeniable. Obama is not just using a subliminal message. He is knowingly and intentionally performing a clinical Ericksonian hypnotic induction and putting his audience trance.

Obama has hidden undetectably in normal-sounding speech what a hypnotist would do to start an induction by saying “sit quietly, begin to internalize your thoughts, collect your thoughts, reflect, and focus on the me and the sound of my voice.123 He is talking to your subconscious mind, preparing it for deeper induction and programming, while you think he is just telling you stories. Then, for the rest of the speech, your subconscious mind will be receptive to messages on this level that you wont even be aware of.

121. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, p137 focus as a key to hypnotic induction.
122. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, p214, Use of these words as part of an ill-formed sentence, as a means of ensuring successful pacing of a client’s experience.(ill-formed here because Obama says “recently found myself” – a play on words the literal meaning of which is ill formed – as one cannot lose or find themselves.
123. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, p17, the most basic pacing and induction example given is “as you sit there, listening to the sound of my voice.”

Look at how cleverly Obama disguises this induction as him simply telling you a story about himself sitting quietly and reflecting. Logically, there is no reason why Obama would be talking about himself sitting quietly and reflecting. Yet, you would never notice this unless you understood the science behind it. By no astronomical coincidence could Obama simply happen to be telling an irrelevant story which just happened to innocently contain three separate hypnotic trance induction themes in precisely this way, with pauses after each, with such an emphasis on the word “me” in conjunction with his unique hand gesture for this word. Let alone a story allegedly about past experiences that somehow ends up with each trance theme being delivered in the present tense. There is no logical reason why he would have pauses after the concepts “sit quietly”, “collect my thoughts”, and “reflecting on” because those aren’t (supposedly) the ends of the idea nor the sentence. Unless, that is exactly what he wants! There is no logical reason why he would place an unnatural emphasis on the word “me” – nor reason to use any hand gesture precisely for this word. What else watching this tape a few times also shows, is that Obama is a pro. He performs this so smoothly and comfortably, that he is clearly well rehearsed, and an expert.

Obama caught intentionally controlling pace in obvious attempt to maintain trance

As additional evidence that Obama purposely places and keeps his audience in trance, he is here caught controlling the tempo of his speech to make sure everyone is kept in trance. He says at 5:30124 “Why would you want to go into something dirty and nasty like politics?” Then, he realizes he is speaking too fast, and he may not be properly leading everyone in the trance he is inducing, so to ensure he has everyone in trance, he repeats the sentence, slower, much slower, and with an extra extra long pause before “politics.” The second time he says, “Why would you want to go into…(huge pause to slow down the audience mentally and slow them down to his unnaturally slow rhythm) …politics.” He does this to make sure he does not speak so quickly as to lose the trance he is putting his audience into. This act, obvious on video, clarifies the difference between a person who just happens to be a good speaker who may have some innocent trance effect on some, and someone who knowingly and intentionally makes sure he has everyone in trance as he speaks. Watching this video, it is clear Obama knows exactly what he is doing.

While there is too much to analyze every hypnotic aspect of such complex speeches, this speech is a roller coaster ride of raising emotion, slow accelerating to fast, moderate volume leading to loud, and at each peak of the emotional highs he creates, he anchors the emotion he has raised to his “turn the page” language pattern.

Occasionally an interesting concept can be caught, for instance this tidbit: At one point when Obama talks about “parting of the sea”, his corresponding hand gesture is not one of the sea parting with his palms turning upward, but of pushing apart downward the water palms down, as if he were himself g-d parting the water. Perhaps accidental, or perhaps an intentional small part of some larger themes and concepts discussed below, connected to the reason why people like Nancy Pelosi make some strange comments, e.g. referring to Obama as “sent by g-d”, and other people refer to Obama as the Messiah. The frightening part is, if Obama is doing this intentionally, he either wants to send the subconscious message that he is the messiah, or he actually believes that he is. More on this later.

Obama’s speech Tuesday after primaries ended June 3, 2008125 – undeniable evidence of Obama’s use of hypnotic principles of anchoring, deletion, distraction, and leading

124. 5 minutes and 30 seconds into the start of the speech per the video used for analysis.
125. Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Final Primary Night, Date: 06/03/2008, Location: St. Paul, MN, video available at http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=obama+speech+St.+Paul+&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&sa=N&tab=wv&oi=property_suggestions&resnum=0&ct=property-revision&cd=2# 

Obama, also began his speech on the Tuesday night after Primaries were over with an undeniable hypnotic induction, using the paragraph below.

First he said, in his ultra-slow speech with huge strategic pauses, “after fifty four (pause) hard fought contests (pause) our primary season has finally come to an end.” – A pace for which he got tremendous applause. Then, Obama continued:

“Sixteen months have passed (pause) since we first stood together on the steps of the Old State Capitol (pause) in Springfield, Illinois.(pause) Thousands (pause) of miles have been traveled. (paused) Millions of voices have been heard. (pause) And because of what you said (pause) because you decided that change must come to Washington (pause); because you believed (pause) that this year must be different than all the rest (pause); because you chose (pause) to listen not to your doubts or your fears (pause) but to your greatest hopes and highest aspirations (pause), tonight we mark the end of(pause) one historic journey (pause) with the beginning of another (pause) – a journey (pause) that will bring a new and better day to America. (pause) Because of you (pause) tonight, I can stand here and say that I will be (pause) the Democratic nominee (pause) for President of the United States of America.”

The analysis below explains what Obama is really doing, and what message your subconscious mind is actually receiving and why.

First, again the unnaturally slow speech as discussed, which forces you to hang on his every word, creating focus. Notice how his pauses are designed to have you reflect and ponder, and have your mind wander during each pause. As your mind wanders, his words echo in the subconscious mind while your conscious mind is left hanging. This technique is designed to strain your critical factor’s efforts until it gets tired, and begins to tune out, leaving your subconscious mind in his hands, unprotected.

While he starts out ultra-slow, his plan is to guide you by slowly accelerating his speech to the point where he increases volume, raises emotion, and delivers the lead. This is almost like how a horseracing announcer starts out speaking slow when the horses take off from the staring gate, and by the final stretch he is yelling and speaking very rapidly. Just like how a horserace announces builds excitement in his audience to promote the emotion-charged intensity and betting. It is not accidental. It is done and learned and rehearsed to manipulate us. He brings the listeners into trance with this process. Subconsciously, the raising of rate of speech, volume, and emotion send the message that all of the before is building up to his grand finale of the paragraph, the lead, e.g. that he will be President. However, while a horseracing announcer does it once per race, Obama in his speeches repeats this roller coaster again and again while combining it with complex hypnotic pacing and leading, anchoring, and other manipulative subconscious techniques. The repetitiveness is also hypnotic.126 This is all part of the hypnotic trance induction.

also: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-9183467268654370243&ei=u77jSIS0ApHqqAOqrNCXCw&q=obama+speech+St.+Paul+&vt=lf 
126. The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, Clifford Mee and Igor Ledochowski

Again, like all of Obama’s major speeches, he starts off from the beginning using hypnotic storytelling. Storytelling e.g., of standing on the old steps together, traveling thousands of miles, having heard millions of voices.

It is not only magically captivating, but as discussed, is a textbook hypnosis induction.127  It makes your conscious mind imagine things and drift off to another time and place using imagination – an altered state of consciousness and fundamental tool of hypnosis.128 Listening to this, you have no option but to strain your conscious mind trying to figure out what comes next, while using your imagination to follow along through his images and stories. This helps bring the usually protected subconscious mind to the forefront, making it vulnerable.

He not only forces you to focus, and asks you to use imagination, but he has you count numbers, e.g., “sixteen months”, “thousands of miles”, “millions of voices heard.” Firstly, “one of the techniques employed by hypnotists in inducing or deepening a trance state in a client is that of having the client count.”129

Now here is where it gets really interesting. Obama uses the following key hypnosis technique, now his fourth separate and distinct fundamental hypnosis technique in just his first paragraph. He applies a dominant hemisphere distraction technique precisely as taught by Erickson’s three dimensions of hypnosis.130 Distraction is a common and fundamental technique in hypnosis in which the dominant hemisphere is distracted by the language its job is to process. The dominant hemisphere is sent on an assignment using the linguistic processes and imagination. The critical factor is thus occupied, to make the non-dominant hemisphere and subconscious more susceptible to suggestion.131

Here is how it works. He asks you to imagine sixteen months, so you do. You follow where the storyteller takes your mind and so you try to imagine thousands of miles, and continue following along where he leads you. However, the conscious mind cannot imagine a million voices, the number is too big132, though Obama tricks you with the first two numbers into trying, by leading you down a path of increasingly difficult concepts to imagine consciously. Notice how cleverly he leads you down a path which causes the dominant hemisphere to be distracted, and tune out of trying to do exactly what he is asking you to do. Your mind tries to imagine a million and is distracted, sent off on an assignment it can’t perform, tuning out, and exposing your subconscious mind. This is a calculated and pre-scripted hypnotic induction technique, and the only specific and logical explanation that makes any sense for what he is saying. Does this seem a bit too unlikely to be coincidence? What other purpose for this could there be for this language to be delivered exactly this way? What is he even talking about?

127. There are four chapters on Hypnotic Storytelling in Conversational Hypnosis, The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, Clifford Mee and Igor Ledochowski, “How to Destroy Resistance With Stories” as well as a cheat sheet on using hypnotic storytelling to break resistance.
128. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, p60, Inquiry with Aldous Huxley
129. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, p187
130. Erickson’s three dimensions are: Pacing and distraction of the dominant (language) hemisphere; 2. Utilization of the dominant hemisphere, language processing which occurs below the level of awareness; 3. Accessing of the non-dominant hemisphere;
131. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, p13 – “[Erickson’s] overall strategy while conducting trance inductions appears to have these three dimensions. 1) pacing and distraction of the dominant (language) hemisphere; 2) Utilization of the dominant hemisphere, language processing which occurs below the level of awareness; and 3) Accessing of the non-dominant hemisphere.” See also, p137, “The induction of the altered state of consciousness called trance requires and implies the distraction and/or utilization of what Milton calls the conscious mind.”
132. One cannot imagine all the grains of sand on a beach individually. you can imagine a lot of them, or the beach, but the conscious mind cannot process numbers of that size.

Then, right after the distraction, notice the causality linking statements, FIVE of them, back to back, “because of what you said… because you decided change must come to Washington… because you believed that this year must be different… because you chose to listen to your doubts not your fears… because of you” - all pacing and leading techniques with the causation already embedded, with the paragraph ending with the words “President of the United States” as the effect brought about by all those “becauses,” thereby becoming subconsciously linked. The most powerful linking statement “because” according to Dr. Erickson and every covert hypnotist cited in this document, is used not once, but five times, connecting Obama’s concepts to the lead, not that he is the democratic nominee, but “President of the United States,” the only words of that sentence he can be seen using pointing down hand gestures for. This is something nobody would never notice without an understanding of pacing, leading, and causality linking statements, but now that it is pointed out it certainly seems more than odd that he is using the word “because” so obtrusively. Why would anyone set up sentence structure for any concept this way? (Because A, because B, because C, because D, because E,…therefore X) Concepts are never set up to be communicated this way. It is too difficult to follow and impractical, and there is no purpose for it. Not unless one had a very specific purpose for using the word “because.”

Now let’s look at his use of hypnotic programming words: “decided”, “believed”, and “chose.” (other hypnotic programming words include “realize”, “know”, “understand”, and so on.) These are hypnotic programming words because instead of convincing you rationally until you actually decide, or believe, or choose, the hypnotist simply puts you in trance, distracts your dominant hemisphere, and implants the command into your subconscious. He hypnotizes you and simply tells you that you chose, that you believe, that you decided. Implantation of this word is more powerful than hours and hours of convincing you rationally. It is neither simply presumptuous nor coincidence that he is telling you what you decided, believed, and chose. So these words stand out in your mind, he places the most minute emphasis on “decided”, then a much larger emphasis on and pause after “believed”, and then a huge emphasis on and pause after “chose.” Some of these concepts are in the past tense, and that is also effective, sometimes even more so, because telling us prior our mind states may make them even deeper.

Obama uses “because” before each of these programming words because you must accept the premise in order to be able to follow the concept to the end and understand it. That’s why starting with five separate “because”s leading to one later “therefore” does not other than hypnotically make good communication structure. Because normally it tries to get you to accept precursor concepts before you even know what they are connected to - before you even know what the alleged actual concept being communicated is. Now let’s look at the pacing used in this same paragraph. “Tonight Minnesota” is a pace, because it is tonight, and he is in Minnesota. “Primary season has finally come to an end” is a pace because it is obviously true. Standing together and voices heard may help pace the audience because that is what they are doing literally, standing there and hearing the voices of the crowd. “You decided change must come to Washington” is a pace, because it is something we all know is needed – almost nobody can disagree with that. However, when you accept that, the hidden meaning to accept is that Obama should be President.

“This year must be different than all the rest” is a pace, because literally every year is different. When you accept that, you also accept his hidden meaning, that this year will be different because Obama will become President. “I can stand here and say” is again a literal pace because he is standing there and saying something.

Also notice how, because of the five “because”s, he not only connects these concepts to the lead, but connects these concepts to each other. Starting with a literal pace, he connects standing there hearing voices, to wanting change to come, to this year being different, which he connects subconsciously to your greatest hopes and highest aspirations, to back again to another literal pace, the fact that he is standing there saying something. He doesn’t even need to know what your greatest hopes and highest aspirations are, and he doesn’t even need to care. He has linked your greatest hopes and highest aspirations, no matter what they are, as sure as he is standing there speaking, to him being the President of the United States. That’s how hypnosis works. it doesn’t get you to believe, it tricks your subconscious mind into accepting the word “believe.”

Now let’s look at his perfectly timed hand gestures for the same paragraph. His hand gestures with his right hand give essentially the same thumb and forefinger hand gesture starting precisely at the words “believe (that this year should be different than all the rest)”, and “chose.” He does not, however, do this hand gesture, if it is truly for innocent emphasis, for what you normally think he would, the alleged message, e.g. “change must come to Washington”, not for “greatest hopes and highest aspirations”, nor for “a new and better day for America”, nor does he do that gesture for “I will be the democratic nominee.” While he uses this hand gesture at some other parts, from the beginning, he doesn’t use them at all until, and then primarily for “believe”, and “chose.” Then, as he says “democratic nominee” his hands appear motionless form this video, and he emphasizes and points downward for the word “President.”

Now we look at “deep structure” – how the audiences’ subconscious minds might interpret the same paragraph as delivered by Obama.133 Under the fundamental hypnotic principles of “deletion”, “distortion”, and “generalization”, the mind alters the content it receives as it goes into the subconscious. – A translation which is used and planned for by hypnotists.134 While your critical factor is distracted and captivated deeply by Obama’s trance, the same paragraph, to your subconscious, may be received something like this: [this is one possible translation with partial analysis added]

“we stand together … my voice is being heard…because you said…because you decided that change must come…because you believed [anchor] this year must be different than all the rest…because you chose [anchor] to listen [trance theme in storytelling] your greatest hopes and highest aspirations…we bring a new and better day…Tonight I can stand here and say [pacing] I will be the Democratic nominee [no visible hand gestures on the video] ‘the President of the United States’” [Pointing hand gestures downward (as if on a touch screen or push button voting) command gesture]

133. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, p165, discusses how a single surface structure communication can have not only different, but multiple “deep structure” representations to the subconscious mind.
134. A subconscious deletes parts of communication that it does not understand or are incomplete. For example, “It seemed like an impossible task” – since it is unclear to whom it seemed impossible, there is no way for the subconscious to comprehend the
meaning of it, so all that the subconscious takes away from this sentence is “task.”

Also notice yet another distraction technique – rhyme. He rhymes I will be with the democratic nominee – a distraction technique which again distracts the linguistic processing part of the mind, as he points downward and says “President!”

An apparently innocent yet powerful paragraph on the surface structure, is actually intended to be received as clear commands to feel as one with Obama and hear his voice. He programs into you that you have already chosen, you have already decided, and you already believed. Before your conscious mind can say “wait, did I decide that?” he rewards you by conjuring up your own feelings “greatest hopes and highest aspirations.” Then, the “because”s come together for the lead, with hand gestures, “President.”

By reviewing Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, as well as other works on Ericksonian hypnosis, one may see a more detailed discussion of “deletion”, “generalization”, and “distortion.”135

Now one might argue that half of this is coincidence, and the other half is just him being a great and powerful speaker. But let’s look at it. Why would he speak so slowly? We know he speaks faster in interviews and debates – why speak so slowly in speeches? What about the acceleration of his rate of speech to the lead? Why such storytelling? Why the exorbitant use of visualization and imagination?

…Which lead the audience down a path of imagining things until asking the imagining of something that can’t be consciously imagined? Why the five “because”s and why the unusual message structure from someone who speaks so well? Why the hyper- confidence for specific words like “decided”, “chose”, and “believe” with pauses after each one when they are not supposed to be the end of neither the sentence nor the idea? Why the hyper-arrogance for “greatest hopes and highest aspirations?” Why the repeated stating of the obvious and undeniable “I stand here tonight?” (used in all his speeches) Why no hand gesture for “democratic nominee”- why only for “President? And finally, how come all of these “coincidences” can all be explained by a single reason – all under the principles of hypnosis?…Which causes exactly the type of mesmerized effect everyone admits they have from him?

Obama caught delivering another powerful hypnotic command

Not every hypnotic technique of Obama in this speech is discussed herein – only a few examples are listed.

Notice his anchor at 9:17 of the word (independents and republicans who) “understand.”

Notice his extraordinarily long pauses after “change” 9:20 and 9:28.

At 9:55, Obama slips in a powerful hypnotic command. A moment after he can clearly be seen anchoring it with a hand gesture.

At 9:55, Obama says,

“All of you chose (notice the different tone and volume and microsecond pause after chose) to support a candidate you believe in deeply. (pause) ”

No, it is not simply presumptuous or arrogant to tell his audience that they “believe in him” “deeply.” Again, it is hypnotic programming.

135. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, Starting p 7, discussion of how models of the world we create differ from reality, then, on p 20, “One of the most powerful of these linguistic modeling techniques is deletion, the case in which a portion of the meaning of the sentence (the Deep Structure) has no representation in Surface Structure...”  Under complex deletion principles, the audiences minds filter out certain aspects of the speech, and such speeches are designed by  hypnotists to have certain parts deleted, to communicate to implant the real message into the subconscious, hidden in the speech, the content of the speech is largely to distract the conscious mind, to make the remainder, the commands, be implanted into the  subconscious more effectively. See a thorough discussion of deletion from p 159. (See also discussion of generalization and distortion of language in deep structure)

First, he uses “chose” to program our subconscious minds that our conscious minds have already analyzed and made a decision. Again, the same hypnotic programming word he used in his opening paragraph discussed in the above example. If effective, this programming can even override our conscious knowledge that we haven’t in fact chosen. We will simply believe that we have chosen, and simply choose Obama. As he speaks the word “chose”, while your critical factor is analyzing whether in fact you chose any such thing and what you might have chosen and is distracted 136, Obama uses the other hypnotic programming word “believe” (also discussed above), and he ends the sentence with “a candidate you believe in deeply.” He is not asking us to believe in him by any means. He is implanting the hypnotic command into a hypnotized audience that they already “chose.” Then, he is compiling the command by programming the audience with the utmost “hyper” confidence that they “believe in (him) deeply.” The reason he sounds so confident is because he is inputting a hypnotic command. Notice the pause after to allow “deeply” to sink in.

Let’s look at this phrase again:

“All of you chose to support a candidate you believe in deeply.”

When thinking about this language carefully, it becomes clear how unusual it is. A candidate may say “thank you for believing in me”, or “please believe in me”, or might say in any number of ways that his supporters believe in him. But to simply say as if it were fact “you believe in me” is unprecedented. If he didn’t use hypnosis, people would stop and say “no we don’t”, or “who are you to tell us what we believe.” However, people are so entranced, it slipped past everyone. And how odd is it that a candidate would say “all of you chose” and then refer to himself as a candidate “you believe in deeply.” This is beyond presumptuous, and beyond any confident political speak. He is not saying he will be President. He is telling us what we “believe.” He is telling us what we believe as though it is fact. He is telling us something he could never know, as though it is fact. This is a fundamental of hypnotic programming, that he does not convince the rational mind with logical basis, he simply puts the subject into trance, and literally tells them what they believe. And, he says we “believe” this “deeply.” People don’t speak like that accidentally about others’ feelings.137 This is all unacceptable as either arrogance, political confidence, or coincidence. Especially the word “deeply” a word that does not even require explanation to sound like hypnotic programming. This is a slip up that he got away with. It is hypnosis commands intentionally being laid by Obama in the subconscious minds of the audience.

Notice again the hypnotic programming words “chose”, “believe”, the same ones that were analyzed earlier at the beginning of this same speech, again, back to back, this time, in the same sentence. He was clearly in the same train of thought as he was while drafting the earlier part of this speech.

Then Obama anchors to himself this concept of believing in this candidate deeply. Then, a moment right after he says “deeply” (it needn’t be simultaneous 138), in his next sentence he does his thumb and forefinger hypnotic anchor, and points to his torso with his fingers in that position, subconsciously associating in the audience those deep feelings and emotions with himself. That next sentence is about “we aren’t the reason you came out.” For this, he would have no logical reason to point to himself at the word “reason” – especially when all of his other hand gestures are timed well to correspond to his words. There is no other explainable reason for his thumb and forefinger to be in that position, and then turn it inward to point to his torso.

136. Also notice how he doesn’t say “you believe in me.” He leaves it to the subconscious mind to put that together to make it as subconscious as possible.
137. Before this phrase, Obama says “there are young people, and African Americans, and Hispanic Americans, and women of all ages who have voted in numbers and who have inspired a nation.” But he is not referring to these people when he says “All of you chose a candidate you believe in deeply, though me may be trying to reserve that as an excuse. The reason is, he doesn’t say “all of them chose”, he says “all of you chose.” He is talking about these people in the third person, and he is saying this hypnotic phrase in the second person. As an attorney, he knows this is incorrect, and that he is applying this phrase to his entire audience, not just the people he listed prior.
138. The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, Clifford Mee and Igor Ledochowski, on the discussion of pacing with body language as an example, of how subconscious gestures need not be simultaneous to be effective, and delay of a couple of seconds is effective, and sometimes necessary, including so as to not be obvious.

As discussed below, in Obama’s 2008 Denver Democratic Convention Speech, he uses this exact same technique of his thumb and forefinger, talking about John F. Kennedy, then pointing that hand gesture inward toward his torso a moment later, to create a subconscious association between himself and JFK. Odd once to be sure, but caught twice, or more, with the same hand gesture, it is no coincidence.139

Obama caught pacing and leading again

In another classic Obama pace and lead, notice how he gets the crowd all roused up around 20:40, with his peak speech, peaking in intensity, emotion, volume, and rate so much so he doesn’t have even a high or low at the beginning or end of his points. He discusses how teachers should be paid more, everyone should have healthcare, and then he says “that’s the change we need …that’s why I’m running for President (pause) of the United States.” Again, this is his classic pace and lead. It makes no sense that because we need those miraculous changes he described, that is the reason why the President should be none other than him.

Logically he has not said why he should be the one, what he would do, or anything of the sort. However, because his leading is so powerful, it is something the cheering audience believes in strongly, he adds the element of causation, “that’s why” and then his two part lead, 1. President, and 2. (reinforcing it again) of the United States. Because this lead is embedded in our subconscious, we simply create the logic to justify how we feel – the missing component – that supposition that Obama is the person who can and will create this type of change and make all these miracles happen.

Obama’s 2007 California Democratic Convention “turn the page” speech – further analysis

“Turn the page” is not just colorful visual metaphor that Obama happens to like to say. In Obama’s 2007 “turn the page” speech he uses the phrase “turn the page” fourteen (14) separate times. 140 141 He uses it as a hypnotic anchor, and as a preprogrammed response, to stir emotion, and as a hypnotic metaphor.

139. It appears Obama does this a third time in his speech on race in Philadelphia, when he says Telling story about a poor kid, he says, “Now, Ashley might have made a different choice”, then he hand gestures like writing with a pen, clarifying the meaning of his thumb and forefinger trademark, similarly as he does in his 2008 Denver speech, discussed in that analysis. Then, while talking, a moment later, he gestures to himself with the thumb and forefinger his anchor - making the subconscious message that he is that “different choice.”
140. Barack Obama’s speech to California Democratic Convention, 2007 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZUXhCW-OGM 
141. Transcript, Obama’s Turn the Page speech, April 29, 2007, available, e.g.

Obama using “turn the page” as a preprogrammed response:

Barack Obama’s speech to California Democratic Convention, 2007

A preprogrammed response is anything to which your body has already been conditioned to react to with a certain response. For instance, you have been already preprogrammed to know that change is a 100% certainty, and when you are reading and holding the page in your hand “turning the page” is a 100% certainty. When a person reading gets to the end of the page, the decision to turn the page is automatic, subconscious. It also happens at a time when we are reading, and in trance. This is something each of us is programmed with because we have each rehearsed this thousands of times by turning pages in books, students and more intellectual people even more so. It is an automatic reaction. What Obama tries to do is apply that level of certainty and automaticnesss to your decision to support him as President.

Obama using “turn the page” as a hypnotic anchor:

“Turn the page” is also used by Obama as a hypnotic anchor, to cause you to recall his planted hypnotic suggestions when you are in the voting booth, with the pen in your hand like his thumb and forefinger, the other primary anchor. It is a hypnotic anchor that is used very cleverly by Obama by taking advantage of a preprogrammed response in the subject. Turn the page is not just a vague and colorful way to say that Obama will improve America. It is designed to be triggered when we are holding the pen and “turning the page” in the voting booth. The vagueness of such language used in hypnosis, and the multiple meanings, as discussed aove, are part of precisely what makes it work. See the discussion on secondary meanings, embedded commands, surface versus deep structure, and trans-derivation.

Obama’s Democratic Convention speech 2008142 – A “play by play” of his undeniable and extensive anchoring, pacing, leading, and delivery of subconscious commands

142. Obama’s Democratic National Convention Nominee Acceptance Speech, August 28, 2008, available at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/08/28/barack-obama-democratic-c_n_122224.html 

This first example isn’t a documented hypnosis technique, just a bit of classic deception that is part of Obama’s show. When Bill Clinton gave his speech earlier in the Convention, he could barely get started for minutes because the applause and cheering was so loud he genuinely could not speak, and it refused to die down.

Obama didn’t have that problem, so he faked it. He didn’t have such applause and cheering, but he faked it by pretending it was so loud he couldn’t speak, and pretending it was interrupting him, saying “thank you”, pausing and allowing the low level of applause to continue, and then saying “thank you” again, and repeating, as if he was trying (though not really) to quiet down the unquietable crowd. Comparing his opening to Bill Clinton’s, it is clear that Bill Clinton genuinely could not speak, and Obama could easily speak over the much quieter cheering and applause had he wanted to.

Before I discuss Obama’s use of hypnosis in his speech, I really have to point out one other amusing point. Obama said “I am grateful to finish this journey with one of the finest statesmen of our time.” (referring to Joe Biden) What journey is he finishing that is almost over? Wouldn’t he be President for four years? Americans certainly hope the end of the election season is not the end. This is a slip. He looks at the election as the journey because his entire mission is simply to make it into the Presidency before we realize what he is doing, or who he really is.

Obama’s typical pacing, leading, storytelling, and hidden meanings induction:

Above in this document under the heading “What is “pacing and leading”, and how does Obama use this hypnosis technique?” – are listed Obama’s use of three pacing statements fourteen times in this speech which are not repeated in this section.

Again, like all of Obama’s other major speeches analyzed in this document, he starts off with hypnotic storytelling. This is not because he figures we would all want to hear a story. His calculation is how to get the quickest and deepest trace induction without anyone knowing what he is doing.

Obama says:

“Four years ago, I stood before you and told you my story, of the brief union between a young man from Kenya and a young woman from Kansas who weren’t well-off or well-known, but shared a belief that in America their son could achieve whatever he put his mind to. It is that promise that’s always set this country apart, that through hard work and sacrifice each of us can pursue our individual dreams, but still come together as one American family, to ensure that the next generation can pursue their dreams, as well. That’s why I stand here tonight.”

Again, Obama uses hypnotic storytelling in his unnaturally slow pace. The story starts past tense, to have you imagine another time and place.

The story is also a pacing statement, “I stood before you and told you my story” which is a present account of exactly what he is doing now, an accurate current representation of the subject’s ongoing verifiable experience because he is standing before us now telling a story. This is a very powerful trance induction technique, because Obama tells a story, forcing you to apply and use imagination, an altered state of mind and different perspective, to look at the present situation. He is making you apply an altered and subconscious state of mind to your present experience of watching his speech.

The well-off or well-known statement is again, a play on words for dominant hemisphere linguistic distraction in order to access the non-dominant hemisphere per Erickson’s three dimensions of hypnosis. He is already pacing, and the play on words is precisely the type of “utilization of the dominant hemisphere, language processing which occurs below the level of awareness."143 Your dominant hemisphere below the level of awareness analyzes this play on words, and becomes distracted, leaving it open for implantation of hypnotic suggestion.

143. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, p 218 - Utilization of plays on words in hypnotic induction works because, in addition to employment of conscious linguistic processing mechanisms, it “activates additional meaning recovery processes which develop meanings which are available to the to the unconscious portion of the client’s mind but not the conscious.” – What Erickson’s book means by this is that the “play on words” isn’t caught consciously, but trips up and confuses your subconscious linguistic processing mechanisms, thereby facilitating the distraction necessary for hypnotic induction.
See also the discussion on trans-derivational searches brought about by phonological ambiguity incl. p166, knows/nose, here/hear etc.

Then, sure enough, notice how he flashes his thumb and forefinger gesture again starting with when he says the word (shared a) “belief.” The “belief “ that he is anchoring here is: that in America their son, (Obama) could achieve anything he set his mind to. It is difficult to follow consciously, but that is the belief they shared. What in fact their son has set his mind to, is to become President. Consciously, it is difficult to follow that when Obama says “belief”, and anchors it with his hand gesture, Obama is really anchoring himself achieving the Presidency. He is anchoring and implanting the command of his becoming President without expressly saying it, so it remains subconscious.

Notice his words, “promise”, “hard work”, “sacrifice”, “each of us can pursue our individual dreams” and then ends the paragraph with “That is why I stand here tonight.” Promise, hard work, sacrifice, each of us pursue our dreams are beautiful concepts nobody can disagree with, and they are pacing statements. In no logical way however does Obama connect these beautiful concepts to why he would make a great President.

Instead, he simply uses causation, the strongest Ericksonian linkage statement, and says “That is why I stand here tonight.” This statement is a brilliant use of Ericksonian hypnosis techniques, including pacing and leading, because this statement is both a pace and a lead in one. Obama has actually set it up in the run up to this paragraph, so “that is why I stand here tonight” – is both a pace, as it is immediately and verifiably true that he is in fact standing there tonight. Also, he has set it up in the whole preceding paragraph, that what this obviously true statement means, is that he will become President, by starting with and connecting his parents dream, and stating all the beautiful concepts, and then saying “that is why….” he stands there tonight – obviously meaning he is there because he wants the Presidency.

This is the really clever part. When he says “that is why I stand here tonight”, your subconscious mind accepts that as absolutely true. But the question is, which interpretation? 1. That he is literally standing there tonight? or 2. That he is standing there so his parents’ dream will be realized? or 3. That he is standing there is because that promise, hard work, sacrifice, and our children’s dreams is the reason why he is there? The mind is distracted with this trans-derivational problem that occurs below the level of awareness. Meanwhile, the subconscious mind accepts all three interpretations as absolute truth.

Remember, the subconscious mind cannot make rational distinctions. Once the subconscious mind labels this statement (that is why I stand here tonight) as absolutely true, it accepts it, including all of its meanings, including hidden meanings. You look at him standing there tonight and confirm below your level of awareness that that statement is true on one level, and that acts as a confirmation of the other meanings in the paragraph, that his parents dream will be realized, and that promise, hard work, sacrifice, and our children’s dreams is the reason why he is there. And remember, this all awhile you are entranced by his unnaturally slow, poetic, melodic, hypnotic storytelling, imagination provoking, emotion provoking, and passion provoking content. He doesn’t send this message to you consciously, but intentionally and powerfully implants and programs you with it subconsciously.

The statement that is verifiably true is the very same statement that means he will achieve the Presidency and associates him with all those beautiful concepts. This is no coincidence. This is classic embedded suggestion programming containing every element in hypnosis trance induction through all of the required elements, from pacing and leading, to pacing, distraction, and utilization of the non-dominant hemisphere. It is beautifully crafted and advanced Ericksonian hypnosis.

He uses the same phrase “that is why I stand here tonight” again at least two more times later on in the speech. Millions of people feel like voting for Obama and cant point to an accomplishment or change he has brought. This hypnotic gamesmanship is the cause for many.

Obama caught stacking language patterns

Obama’s speech contains similar hypnosis techniques throughout, including this very same technique immediately following the previous command. This repetition of hypnotic language patterns one after the other is typical stacking language patterns, and is very effective at subconscious programming without conscious awareness.

Obama follows the above with:

“Because…Every time our nation has been in jeopardy, ordinary men and women” (points to his audience) …students, teachers, nurses, janitors…had the “Courage” (points to his audience) “to keep it alive.” “We meet at one of those defining moments now.”

He paces everyone in the audience by talking about “ordinary men and women, teachers, students, ….” for identification. Then, notice how he points to the audience when he says “defining moments”, as if voting for him will define us e.g., as open minded, as courageous. While difficult to follow consciously, he just said, essentially, that because you (points) have had courage (points) at every dark time, and this is one of those times, that is why he is standing before us.

The pace and lead is again a single statement, “we meet at one of those defining moments.” Again, same technique as in the previous sentence. You can immediately verify that we indeed are meeting, at this moment, and thus you subconsciously accept this statement as a true pace. When this statement is accepted as true, you again also accept as true all the other programming and meaning that Obama sends along with it into your subconscious. What logical sense does that make though? What does him standing there have to do with people’s courage throughout history? Because he is standing there people can pursue their dreams?

At 15:50, Obama uses this same technique again.

After discussing economic issues, building emotion by mentioning a waitress who can take off from work to take care of a sick kid without being fired, and having an economy that honors the dignity of work, Obama says:

“The fundamentals we use to measure economic strength are whether we are living up to that fundamental promise that has made this country great - a promise that is the only reason I am standing here tonight.”

He starts out saying things nobody can disagree with, and building emotion. Again, he uses causality to link beautiful and emotional concepts he conjures up to himself with causation language that logically is completely without any logical support. Why use this language of causation without any basis for it, when there is no need for causation language “the only reason.”

More importantly, yet again, Obama links these beautiful concepts with causation to a statement that is both verifiably true in the literal sense in order to implant the meaning he has built into it. He talks about “the fundamental promise that has made this country great”, and says “a promise that is the only reason I am standing here tonight.” He uses language about the promises that make this country great and builds that meaning into “that is why I am standing here tonight.” He doesn’t say “that is why I am running for President.” “I am standing here tonight” is something more easily and immediately verifiable and serves as a more literal and effective pacing statement. When your mind accepts the statement “that’s why I am standing here tonight” as absolutely true, it allows it to pass into the subconscious. However, this statement has two meanings, 1. that he is in fact literally standing there, and 2. the meaning he built into himself standing there, he is there to make sure that we are living up to the fundamental promise that has made this country great. When your mind accepts “that’s why I am standing here tonight” as absolutely true, all meanings attached to it are absorbed into the subconscious as true, because your subconscious mind cannot differentiate and rationalize which meaning he intended.

What he is doing is no coincidence and no accident. He is repeatedly setting up language patterns that support subconscious beliefs of why he should be President to intersect and be embedded within statements immediately verifiable by the subconscious as absolutely true, such as “that is why I stand here tonight”, or “we meet at one of those defining moments.” Then, the audience sees him standing there as he says it, processes this below the level of conscious awareness, and unknowingly accepts subconscious programming as absolute truth consisting of all of the underlying meanings he has set up to correspond with the obvious surface statement. Nobody just happens to speak like that. Not once, let alone again and again, one after the other.

*Obama caught clarifying his hand gesture as unmistakable hypnotic anchor of writing with pen (twice):

You have to watch these videos. As he says “the only reason I am standing here tonight, he waves his palm towards his chest, taking that emotion and saying “me”, then he points upward signaling “command”, and then he does this:

Right after that, at 16:22, right after he says, “the only reason I am standing here tonight” analyzed above, notice his hand gesture when he says “the faces of those young veterans.” Notice how he appears to be writing with a pen, to complete the three-part hidden hand gesture, “me” “command” and “write”(or probably “vote”). At 16:22 – his gesture of writing with a pen is unmistakable.

Similarly, at 6:51, Obama also clarifies his hand gesture. He says, “more of you have lost your homes, and even more” and at that moment, he does a very strange thing with his thumb in forefinger technique, clearly making a gesture as if he is using his hand as a pen writing. It is unmistakable. We don’t consciously recognize it, but he anchors us for when we are holding the pen in the voting booth, thereby clarifying for us subconsciously the meaning of his consistent thumb and forefinger anchor. (being our hand, our pen)

Watching this video of these two of Obama’s hand gestures, no reasonable person would believe Obama accidentally made these gestures. You can watch these scenes in these videos all day long and you cannot come up with another reasonable explanation for what he is doing than hypnotic programming.

A few tidbits::

Obama says “come together” – notice his hands towards his mid section, to signal come together to him.

He points to us as he says “(these) challenges,” suggesting that we are being challenged, or that we have a challenge to fulfill i.e. to follow his commands.

Look at how he blends commands to stay in trance into his speech. He says at 17:08 “When I listen to another worker tell me his factory is shut down.” – listen to how he enunciates “listen”, to keep people subconsciously listening to his voice.

When he says we are “better than this…more descent” notice how he uses his hand palm towards himself, to send us the signal subconsciously that he is ‘better” and “descent.”

He does the thumb and finger anchor again as he tells the story about the man who “chokes up” – anchoring the symbol with our emotion. This is just before the primary command explained below.

He also does an unmistakable hand gesture for the word “keep” just before the primary command explained below.

He says “we are more compassionate” and again puts his palm towards his chest, to send the message that he is compassionate.

The reason this is deceptive and manipulative, is that Obama is not telling us that Obama is compassionate, nor is he providing any logical basis for us to believe that he is compassionate. He pretends he is talking about someone else. He is tricking our subconscious minds to believe that he is compassionate without even telling our conscious minds that he is communicating that message. Consciously, we can’t even analyze it or make a rational judgment about it because we are not even aware of having received the message.

Obama caught giving the primary hypnotic command of the speech:

After having raised in us a number of emotions, and having paced considerably, and prepared us for a hypnotic suggestion, Obama delivers the following paragraph, his primary hypnotic command of the speech:

Tonight, (pace - it is tonight) I say to the American people (pace - he is obviously saying to the American people), to Democrats and Republicans and Independents across this great land - enough! This moment (pace - it is this moment) - this election (pace - it is this election) - is our chance to keep (thumb and forefinger anchor - as in to keep his hypnotic messages), in the 21st century (pace), the American promise alive (pace – who would disagree). Because (causality linking statement) next week, in Minnesota, the same party that brought you two terms of George Bush and Dick Cheney will ask this country for a third. And we are here (pacing) because (causality linking statement) we love this country (pace) too much to let the next four years look like the last eight. On November 4th, we must (strongest command word possible) stand up and say: “Eight is enough.”

The command is not “eight is enough.”

Obama executes the hypnotic lead that follows his emotional stirring and pacing just before that, as he says, “on November fourth, on November fourth!” Obama says “on November fourth” twice, attempting to make it seem as if he unintentionally double-spoke.144 However, this is very intentional. Notice how he has his thumb and forefinger together anchoring “November fourth”, together with the emotion he just stirred up, for the first time he says “on November fourth” He does this so we will recall his hypnotic messages and programs and emotions when we hold the pen in the voting booth.

Then, notice how the second time he says “on November fourth” with the same hand that was thumb and forefinger for the first, he changes it to firmly point. He is pointing, which is the international and subconscious signal that he is giving us a command. Frowning and pointing is a common technique in conversational hypnosis to get someone to do something, because on the subconscious level, we perceive it as a command that we must perform, regardless whether consciously we feel like we are doing it voluntarily.145 Look at the firmness of his point, with a serious face perhaps a slight frown, as he says it the second time. Obama is not asking us for our vote, he is absolutely commanding it. One website even discuses how angry Obama appeared during parts of his speech.136 He is commanding all subconscious minds under his trance to support Obama.

144. In fact, it was so good at looking accidental;, that the written speech transcript only has “on November fourth” once.
145. The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, Clifford Mee and Igor Ledowchowski, p104 of 631, “And likewise, when you are suing ‘command’ tonality, maybe you want to frown a bit. I used to point my finger at an imaginary client, and then give him instructions. So that, every time I pointed my finger and frowned, my voice started going down, because the physiology of commands, or instructions, is to point and frown slightly, and really get someone to do something.
146. The Angry Barack Obama Acceptance Speech, August 29th, 2008,

It is easily proven that his double-speak is intentional, because his hand gestures are so pronounced and clear, and how clearly he switches from one hand gesture, the anchor, to the second, the command. Were the double speak accidental, he would not have such clear and definitive and purposeful and different hand gestures. The reason he says “On November fourth” twice is because he is giving us a two-part hypnotic command, 1. recall the hypnotic commands by the hypnotic anchor, and 2. act on them and vote for me – both commands to be recalled “on November fourth” – That’s why he gives you the specific date.

This is undoubltable evidence that he is implanting commands in a way we are not designed to be consciously aware of. He doesn’t coincidentally happen to again use the hypnotic anchor, and the pointing technique. Notice how these are the same gestures he uses in his statement for the same two principles, reception of the hypnotic message, and taking the commanded action by voting, that he uses in his overt hypnotic statement discussed above:

“a light will shine down from somewhere, it will light upon you, you will experience an epiphany, and you will say to yourself, “I have to vote for Barack”’

Any forgiveness of this is simply because one may not understand how powerful and effective such techniques are. How effective these tricks of Obama’s are, can only be shown by the effects – millions of people completely irrationally in love with him, and compelled to vote for him. While you do not see it as consciously swaying you in any way, as of course it doesn’t logically, or you may not even notice it, in fact, it is a powerful command that compels millions to want him president, regardless how they feel logically.

Obama’s aggressive pointing- the subconscious signal of giving commands:

Here are some general examples of Obama aggressively pointing – the hypnotic symbol for giving a command.


147. Images from Democratic National Convention speech in Denver, 2008 (as examples of aggressive pointing, like those he uses as commands, not necessarily designed to coincide with specific commands discussed.) Photos http://www.mikefrancesa.com/wordpress/?p=1011 

At this point, Obama goes into a pattern, as he occasionally does, where his hand gestures just normally flow with the conversation without any specific meaning for the most part – essentially using his hands the way be believe he always is, in order to not be obvious.

Shortly thereafter, Obama anchors the word “believe” yet again with his usual thumb and forefinger technique. Is it again a coincidence? If there were no rhyme or reason to his hand gestures, why is it that he uses the same thumb and forefinger gesture for the same word (“belief”) that he anchored the same way at the start of his speech? He is subconsciously training us to “believe’ his hypnotic programming.

Obama caught in another hypnotic command, anchor, and a strategic pause:

Obama then says 15:50 “its time for us to change America…” (pacing statement) “…and that’s why I’m running for President (pause) of the United States.” (causality linking statement and the lead, delivered again with his standard hypnotic anchor, the thumb and forefinger flash) This is another classic Obama 1. pace 2. causality linking language 3. lead 4. hypnotic anchor in which he inputs the hypnotic command - that he will be President of the United States, to be recalled in the voting booth on November fourth.

Why does he pause between ”President” and “of the United States”? Because when you are in the voting booth holding the pen as he has anchored, and all these commands are coming back, when you read the actual ballot, it reads, “President”, and then on the next line below, “of the United States"148, and as you read the ballot in the voting booth, you will subconsciously pause for a split second as your eyes skip because you read from one line to the next. By pausing when he gives you the command, it will more perfectly match the situation in which you must act according to that command, to make the subconscious link more effective. That is how clever and strategic and precise Obama’s hypnosis techniques are. This is how the unconscious mind works. Everything he is doing, the thumb and forefinger “holding the pencil” hand gestures, the pointing, the pauses, the hand gesture where he appears to be writing with a pen (in his democratic speech), the metaphors (anchors like “turn the page”, are all preparing you, anchoring you for recall of all his hypnotic commands recalled by you yourself holding the pen and the ballot card that day on November fourth when you are in the voting booth.

Notice his palms towards himself again when he says “rewarded by a grateful nation.” It is difficult to tell, but he may actually be implanting the subconscious suggestion that he is so wonderful, that we as a nation must reward him (by giving him the Presidency).

He talks about soldiers, and says “(these are my) heroes” and at that moment points to himself, to cause us to subconsciously associate the word “hero” with him.

He then rouses emotion for the troops and hard working people, and says he will keep their dream alive “as President of the United States.” He uses “as” here as an implied causality, another powerful linking statement.149 Notice then how he keeps his palms towards himself, as the crowd cheers, sending the message of focusing that cheering on him. This is the same gesture he uses sometimes to discuss himself.150

Obama can change positions from one day to the next151 to mirror McCain’s positions, and through his hypnotic speech make people believe that Obama feels as strongly as McCain does on these issues.

148. http://www.londonderrynh.net/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/20080108_dem-ballot.jpg 
149. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, p147-149. The primary focus of this document
has been the linking statement using overt causation, the most powerful, however, other linking statements are also used by Obama.
150. “my background, my politics” palms inward towards himself. – his speech on race, Philadelphia.
151. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbnKoJP1_xk&feature=related  2:25-


He then anchors “we will keep our promise to every young American” with his thumb and forefinger technique – suggesting he will keep his promise to us.

Obama consistently delivers a very simplistic hypnotic pace. “Now is the time…now is the time…”. The message is simply 1. pen in your hand, and 2. Obama. and 3. now is the time.

Obama caught hypnotically linking himself with John F. Kennedy:

Obama then mentions John F. Kennedy 27:47 (“what John F. Kennedy called our international and moral strength”), which he anchors with his thumb and forefinger. He then says “yes government must lead…but each of us” and as he says “us” he points that same thumb and forefinger anchor at himself (it doesn’t have to be simultaneous or immediate), subconsciously programming us to look upon him as John F. Kennedy. Then he repeats the word “yes’ in the middle of that anchoring, and does another palm towards himself, reaffirming the JFK programming yet again.

It is an unlikely coincidence because he uses the same thumb and forefinger hand gesture to discuss Kennedy’s values, and then points that same gesture at himself a moment later. People believe he is John F. Kennedy, and have no conscious awareness of the connection that he is causing through subconscious manipulation. Notice this is the exact technique Obama used in his St. Paul speech, discussed above, when he anchored “a leader you deeply believe in.”

Obama again pacing and leading

This is just another of countless examples. Barack Obama said regarding healthcare:

“It’s time to finally challenge the special interests and provide universal health care for all.” (Pace and Pace) “That’s why I’m running for President of the United States” (Lead) “because I believe that health care should be guaranteed for every American who wants it and affordable for every American who needs it.152 (Pace and Pace)

152. Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Health Care Town Hall, Date: 06/05/2008

Notice how powerful this statement by Obama sounds, while logically empty. Notice how he says that’s why he’s running for President, before the “because.” Odd to be certain, but we let is pass because we do not understand the causation linkage that he is prepping our subconscious for. Notice how it makes no logical sense that its time to change special interests and provide universal health care, that’s why I am running for President. There is no logical connection between those statements - Maybe that is a reason why someone who has fought against special interests, or someone who has solved healthcare problems or at least has knowledge about these issues should be President. However, what he says is its time to change Washington and provide healthcare, and “that is why I am running for President.”

The purported logic comes after as to not interfere with the pace and lead causality statement. Even that purported logic provides no real basis. It is just another pace. If Obama would have said the reason he should be President is because he believes in healthcare, it wouldn’t work as a pace because the audience doesn’t know what he believes – that is why he uses what the audience believes, even though it diverges from logic in order to follow perfectly the hypnosis principle of pacing and leading. Because he believes healthcare should be guaranteed for everyone who wants it, and affordable for everyone who needs it? Who doesn’t believe that? It is a statement everyone can agree with, used as a pace. Notice how powerful this statement sounds, yet has absolutely no logical basis. Because he believes everyone who wants medical care should have it, that is why the President of the United States should be no person other than Barack Obama? The use of the most powerful linking statement here repeatedly, “because”, is more that suspicious. However, the proof, is that he is a Harvard Attorney, and he knows not to use a “because” when he is not making a proper argument that one thing causes another. Drafting such false logic sticks out to attorneys like a sore thumb and he cannot accidentally make this mistake once, let alone three times in one paragraph, and consistently throughout his speeches.



Obama’s technique of head turned to the right side in interviews described by body language expert as one of the most powerful subconscious manipulation techniques possible by a speaker’s body language

Notice how Obama has his head tilted to the right in interviews such as the Fox News interview with Chris Wallace April 27, 2008, his ABC News Nightline interview, as well as the August 16, 2008 meeting with Rev. Rick Warren, 153 and many others.


It is undeniable how Obama significantly tilts his head to the right in these and other interviews, but not when Obama is giving speeches.

According to Tonya Reiman, Author of “The Power of Body Language,” such a head tilt to the right is “one of the most powerful manipulation tools of body language."157 Tonya Reiman describes how there is no difference between what such gestures and manipulation. Barack Obama is actually manipulating you subconsciously by tilting his head without you even consciously realizing it. The reason is that tilting your head to the right specifically is a sign of vulnerability, a very effective one. Per our animal instincts, a head tilted to the right exposes an animal’s jugular vein, their weakness, and in turn, causes us to lower our defenses subconsciously as a counter-measure, without even being consciously aware of it.

This is a clear example of Obama intentionally using a subconscious technique for gaining trust and lowering the subconscious guard and resistance of his audience, using one of the most powerful manipulation tools of body language.

153. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjqOXEOzSc0  See also Obama can be seen with his head tilted to the right in many interviews where he faces the camera. Google “Obama head tilt” - See “Watching the Saddleback Church Forum with Pastor Rick Warren interviewing Senator Barack Obama on Saturday August 16, I was struck by the marked and obvious tilting of the Senator’s head Forum. The tilt is to the right side. This phenomenon has not been widely written about from a medical perspective.” at http://www.drnoahklein.com/blog/35/senatorbarak-obama-has-a-head-tilt/ 
154. As an example http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,232960,00.html 
155. As an example http://lifeisanongoingprocess.com/imageshome/obama_mtp.jpg 
156. Obama at Saddleback church interview
157. The Power of Body Language, Tanya Reiman, p95-96.

This is not just confident body language. When Obama lowers his head to the right as he often does, he is not convincing us logically, he is manipulating us without our knowledge. We may say, “oh, well this doesn’t seem so bad, his head tilted to the right doesn’t make me vote for him any more so.” You may feel none of these tactics do. In fact, because they are subconscious tactics, we do not realize how effective they are. Only after November fourth can one be sure they are unaffected. We are subconsciously tricked into trusting him more and liking him more, not logically, but in our internal feelings to vote for him.158 This goes beyond deceit, and is in fact mind-control. People watching him listen to him, and like him, and trust him, they genuinely feel it, and it is artificially induced. Now a single tactic like this head tilt by itself has effect. However, it is when Obama combines it with hundreds of other gestures, techniques, language patterns, and other aspects of hypnosis. There is an “Obama phenomenon” of millions of people who call him JFK, or Jesus reincarnated, and nobody can explain why. We are ready to turn over the united States of America to this largely unknown man and nobody can explain why. This is why. His arsenal of hypnotic and subconscious manipulation brainwashes causing an unstoppable grade school-like crush on him in some cases, and in others, simply pushes us over the edge, overpowers our logical concerns, to supporting him when we otherwise wouldn’t.

158. http://flickr.com/photos/jbenson2/2531469404/  The details that go into Obama’s “look”

Much of Obama’s body language may be considered beyond confident, to actually manipulative. As another example, when appearing with his opponents Hillary Clinton and John McCain, in debates and elsewhere, notice how, when he shakes their hand such as after the debate, Obama does an additional touch on the arm or shoulder of his opponent. He is not being friendly here. He does this to purposely appear “commanding” and “in charge” to his audience. He is showing that he has the right, power, and authority and confidence to touch this person. This is all conscious and intentional. He even makes sure that after every debate, he takes the forefront walking across the stage at the end, to the front center, and meeting the moderator or other people up in the front and center, so people are left with the end thought of him being at the forefront.

Obama’s manipulative body language is so perfected, that you actually have to consciously detach yourself from it to try to not be influenced by it. He never shows a hint of nervousness in his body language, and is always commanding in his presence. He is so strategic in his body language, that when he is on stage with Hillary after primaries or Joe Biden talking about and praising him, he actually consciously sits slouching a little hunching his shoulders, with his back arched in his chair, as if to put the other person as the perceived leader while they speak well of him so their message is more effective.

Interview of Professor of Psychiatry on CNN in which Dr. comes close to hinting of her suspicion that Obama is using covert subconscious techniques throughout his campaign.

Excepts from an interview of Dr. Gail Saltz by Erica Hill, Professor of Psychiatry, New York Presbyterian Hospital, on Anderson Cooper 360, CNN June 7, 2008 22:00 EST speak for themselves.

“Obama used words like “change,” “hope,” “action.” They have high emotional valence, particularly at this time. Clinton used words like “conversation” and “leader,” and they didn’t have the same emotional valence. And in addition, Obama delivered them with a tremendous inspirational tone. That also affected things greatly. So yes, I think actually it did play a big role.

If you think about it, a campaign is really about PR and marketing. And interestingly, the father of public relations was the nephew of Sigmund Freud. He used those same concepts of the subconscious.

And that’s what we’re talking about here. It’s not the conscience meaning of the word: it’s the unconscious emotion it evokes. Because when it’s out of your awareness, it has the ability to make you behave and do certain things that you wouldn’t if you knew it was present.

I do think Obama really has a special talent in this arena of deciding what words to use with a particular valence.”

Dr. Saltz seams here to strongly suggest that Obama is indeed using subconscious hypnosis techniques in his campaign. However, she only scratches the surface of Obama’s techniques and does not put together the ethical issue of how deceptive and immoral his tactics are.

Hypnosis/NLP expert discusses Obama’s use of mind control techniques on radio

Dr. Horton, who has been working in the field of hypnosis and NLP for 25 years has called Obama’s methods clearly the use of hypnosis and effectively “Mind control.” 159 The discussion on this radio program 160 describes Obama’s use of the 48 Laws of Power, by Greene, a treatise on mass deception, total absence of emotion.161 Obama is often referred to as detached emotionally, and not just “cool” but in fact so detached as to be of concern to some people. Discussed is Obama’s ability to project people’s hopes and dreams onto him, and Obama’s use of hypnosis to get masses to view him as the vehicle to get whatever he wants through Obama’s vague “yes we can”, “change” and “we are the ones we have been waiting for” speeches.

The discussion addresses Obama’s cadence rhythm and speaking tone, taking breaks after 5-8 word phrases, and how he cleverly uses pauses such as “together, …as we look to the future,” to send subconscious messages we are not even aware of.

One specific hand gesture being used by Obama discussed was Obama’s rousing emotion from the audience, and then touching his face, or tie, as a method of subconsciously transferring those emotions onto him by bringing the person’s focus back to him while in that elicited state. Also discussed is how Obama morphs into a different person with different voice depending on which group he is talking to.

Website analyzes Obama’s use of hypnosis in speeches

A website looking at the hypnotic aspects of Obama’s speeches and comparing them to other candidates, and Hitler, who was well-known to use hypnosis, provided the following commentary: 162

159. http://www.nfnlp.com/ 
160. Dr. Wil Horton, licensed clinical psychologist, 8/2/2008 2:00:00 PM clintons4mccain radio, http://www.blogtalkradio.com/clintons4mccain/2008/08/02/Does-Hillary-REALLY-Have-a-Chance 
161. Law 3: Conceal Your Intentions. Law 7: Get Others to Do the Work for You, but Always Take the Credit. Law 15: Crush
Your Enemy Totally. Law 33: Discover Each Man's Thumbscrew.
162. by Michael, website at http://www.transformdestiny.com/blog/?tag=conversational-hypnosis 

Barack Obama: Democratic candidate, Feb 5, 2008, remarks on Super Tuesday
58% hypnotic language. Complete mastery of the language, including highly abstract pacing and leading language for creating emotion and motivation. In addition to the language patterns, he is fantastic at going higher up in level of abstraction beyond details, while still managing to sound relevant. He uses Ericksonian-style language patterns, including presuppositions and nominalizations extensively.

This is only a sample of 500 words from a single speech, but as you can see, Obama tops the crowd using nearly 60% hypnotic language patterns. In my opinion, this is purposeful language, likely written by a very skilled speech writer — perhaps someone trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming or Hypnosis.

Another website also provides similar commentary.163

Obama uses hypnotic command to dismiss the Rev Wright questions .

Regarding Rev. Wright, Obama in an interview with Chris Mathews on MSNBC, simply says, with his amazing hyper-confidence, “three weeks from now, everybody will have forgotten..”164 He doesn’t even say, I hope this will be forgotten.165 He clearly states it as a command. That easily, for millions of Americans, the question of why he sat in a racist, anti-American church for 20 years is unimportant.

When Obama faces any attack or issue that hurts him, he simply says this is the old politics, and that this issue doesn’t solve the people’s problems. He calls it a “distraction.” A word that clearly has a very powerful message, to be overlooked. When the idea of a distraction is commanded hypnotically, in can, as we see, sometimes be more powerful than all the logic which says, “wait, Obama’s character is relevant.166 He groups everything that hurts him politically, from his empty record to his connections with Farakhan and Hamas, to his elitism, and all the questions about his character and patriotism under his magical umbrella of issues that “distractions” or what he calls “fear tactics.” The rational part of one’s mind should realize that Obama’s connections to these people, combined with how little we know about Obama disqualify him from the Presidency, but as emotional beings, many are driven by simply wanting him as President.

Obama’s speech on race March 18, 2008 Philadelphia – hypnotic storytelling throughout

This speech is symbolically in the “city of brotherly love.” Notice how he carefully plans venues for such speeches, Berlin to be like JFK, “Unity” when he and Clinton are trying to get along. Has any candidate before ever paid this much attention to such small symbolisms?

163. http://greatguys.blogspot.com/2008/09/i-mustve-seen-different-speech.html 
164. Hardball College Tour interview Barack Obama, Chris Mathews, http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23925495/page/4/ 
165. As he said it, in three weeks’ time, it was forgotten by most. Coincidentally, Wright, happened to shortly thereafter come public with some more extreme comments precisely giving Obama another chance to now denounce him more concretely. This had the precise effect of Obama then being able to say he did denounce Wright, after Obama initially refused to, so that the story would die down, and Wright has been largely silent since. -Another interesting coincidence nobody suspected.
166 Obama said in his democratic convention acceptance speech that issues such as his character are off limits.

Obama is using hypnotic storytelling techniques from the start of the speech, when Obama is talking about a different time, “221 years ago…in a hall that still stands across the street….farmers, scholars” in his slow rhythm, through to the end. As discussed above with regards to the California Convention 2007 Speech, hypnotic storytelling is a fundamental of hypnosis. The stories in this speech are countless, practically throughout. Through much of Obama’s speech, what is a story and what is not are completely blended and intertwined. He takes you through a host of emotions starting with guilt about slavery, to all types of stories about brotherly love and togetherness, meanwhile using his thumb and forefinger anchoring technique almost throughout, and implanting messages hidden within the stories into your subconscious. He gets your imagination prevail over your rationality, and you find yourself feeling the heart warming tales that the people in all these stories felt, and associating those with him. He consistently paces throughout, “This presidential campaign” or “I chose to run for president – at this moment (in history)” just two of many pacing statements with anchors, and “this moment”, “this election”, and “this time” (repeated nearly half a dozen times).

He builds warm emotions with generic statements like “We all want to move in the same direction…towards a better future…for our children and grandchildren.”

The way he dismisses the whole Rev. Wright affair without discussing how he could have not known Wright was racist and anti-American (which he denies) is by saying he is “not the most conventional candidate.” Notice how you have to agree with it because you do not have time to dissect what part of nonconventional is due to his race, and what part is due to something improper that he has done for twenty years.

At 4:56 he says “A story that has seared into my genetic makeup the idea that this nation is more than the sum of its parts, that out of many, we are truly one”, meanwhile pointing down as if to command almost the whole way through that statement. Notice how many times he talks about being one with his audience. This is building and reinforcing a subconscious connection with his audience, often by using his hypnotic anchor hand gesture. In fact, such stories are designed to “sear” their way into your subconscious with the message that he and you, the subject, “are truly one.” More include “let us all find our common stake in one-another”, and “we can come together.”

He describes children of different races getting along at multiple times throughout the speech. He tells stories containing embedded all the warm feelings that he in fact places into the subconscious minds of the audience, which warms, or at least thaws the outrage over Wright. 167

167. The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, Clifford Mee and Igor Ledochowski, How to Destroy Resistance With Stories: Priming the Subconscious Mind, p246-247.

He beautifully plays the audience like a violin taking positions on both sides, and criticizing from all angles and perspectives. In the end, we forget that he fails to address what he calls “nagging questions” because he cannot. They aren’t “questions”, they are impossibilities for which there is no answer, but which he dances around and dodges beautifully. It is impossible that he could not have know his pastor’s true views and character for twenty years. It is impossible that someone who says “g-d.d-mn America” loves this country in the same way as someone who is shocked by these words. It is impossible that Obama had he good and strong character, would have stayed in that church. It is impossible, that had Obama possessed good judgment, that he would have stayed in that church. It is impossible, that had Obama not agreed with such views, would have stayed in that church.

In the end, he convinces many on emotion and warm feelings driven through to the subconscious through continuous hypnotic storytelling, telling hypnotic story after hypnotic story each with a theme about how he wants the audience to feel. Obama ends up slipping out of the consequences of a personal history what would rationally have destroyed any candidate.

Obama’s hypnotic logo

Obama adds to this by giving a visual point of fixation – his logo. No doubt that one intended meaning, of many, is that the circle is also an “O” for “O”bama. By itself that is not all that significant.

Obama’s logo is highly hypnotic, because unlike any other logo in presidential history, you do not look at it, but through it. One subconsciously looks though the circle to the light inside, like the light at the end of the tunnel, without consciously realizing it. This visual point of focus is helpful in multiple ways to focus one’s attention, as well as to distract the critical factor. Notice how it is always there on the podium – a small one in the middle, just enough for your conscious mind to miss, but for you to see subconsciously.

Additionally, Obama’s logo looks very much like a crystal ball. Notice how it looks like it is shining brightly. Crystal balls are used by hypnotists as one of their favorite focus points for aiding in trance induction.168

Also notice how Obama’s podium messages are never something like “country first” like McCain has, which needs conscious interpretation. Obama’s podium messages are always simplistic hypnotic commands including the words “Need” or “Believe” or “Change.” A common Obama podium message is the word in large letters “CHANGE”, and beneath it “WE NEED.” The reason this is hypnotic, and part of his hypnotic trance induction, is because the message is vague, and has two meanings because it can be read both as “change we need”, and as “we need change.” Per the discussion on trans-derivation in this document, as your mind tries to figure out which meaning is intended (and cannot resolve it because both are in fact intended) your mind is subject to trance induction and distraction, while your subconscious mind becomes more accepting of suggestion.

Obama’s strange hand gesture & hand-holding conversation with Senator Lieberman

In a very unusual report, Obama is reported to grab another Senator with whom he is in a disagreement with, Sen. Joseph Lieberman, and lead him by the hand across the Senate floor and then speak to Lieberman in a passionate manner with strange had gestures.169

The reason this is strange, is, besides the investigation of Obama for use of hypnosis in his speeches and other aspects of his campaign, is that the description of this“heated conversation” sounds somewhat like some very specific hypnotic induction techniques, including one hand and handshake instant induction techniques.170

168. Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. Volume 1, p189 re use of crystal balls in trance induction.
169. Obama in heated Conversation with Lieberman http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/06/04/lieberman-carriesmccains_n_105179.html 
170. The Handshake Induction (from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milton_H._Erickson )
Confusion is the basis of Erickson's famous hypnotic handshake. Many actions are learned and operate as a single "chunk" of behavior: shaking hands and tying shoelaces being two classic examples. If the behavior is diverted or frozen midway, the person literally has no mental space for this - he is stopped in the middle of unconsciously executing a behavior that hasn't got a "middle". The mind responds by suspending itself in trance until either something happens to give a new direction, or it "snaps out". A skilled hypnotist can often use that momentary confusion and suspension of normal processes to induce trance quickly and easily.
    By interrupting the pattern of a "normal" handshake in some way, the hypnotist causes the subject to wonder what is going on. If the handshake continues to develop in a way which is out-of-keeping with expectations, a simple, non-verbal trance is created, which may then be reinforced or utilized by the hypnotist. All these responses happen naturally and automatically without telling
the subject to consciously focus on an idea.
    The various descriptions of Erickson's hypnotic handshake, including his own very detailed accounts, indicate that a certain
amount of improvisation is involved, and that watching and acting upon the subject's responses is key to a successful outcome.
    The most important thing is that the "normal" handshake is subverted in such a way to cause puzzlement, which may then be built upon.
    Richard Bandler was a keen proponent of the handshake induction, and developed his own variant, which is commonly taught in NLP workshops. Any habitual pattern which is interrupted unexpectedly will cause sudden and light trance. The handshake is a particularly good pattern to interrupt because the formality of a handshake is a widely understood set of social rules. Since everyone knows that it would be impolite to comment on the quality of a handshake, regardless of how strange it may be, the subject is obliged to embark on an inner search (known as a transderivational search, a universal and compelling type of trance) to identify the meaning or purpose of the subverted pattern. (see also “instant induction techniques” online, such as “one handed induction”)

The article states:

“Obama In Heated Conversation With Lieberman, June 4, 2008 12:24 PM, Sam Stein, The Huffington Post: Furthermore, during a Senate vote Wednesday, Obama dragged Lieberman by the hand to a far corner of the Senate chamber and engaged in what appeared to reporters in the gallery as an intense, three-minute conversation. While it was unclear what the two were discussing, the body language suggested that Obama was trying to convince Lieberman of something and his stance appeared slightly intimidating. Using forceful, but not angry, hand gestures, Obama literally backed up Lieberman against the wall, leaned in very close at times, and appeared to be trying to dominate the conversation, as the two talked over each other in a few instances. Still, Obama and Lieberman seemed to be trying to keep the back-and-forth congenial as they both patted each other on the back during and after the exchange. Afterwards, Obama smiled and pointed up at reporters peering over the edge of the press gallery for a better glimpse of their interaction. Obama loyalists were quick to express their frustration with Lieberman’s decision and warned that if he continues to take a lead role in attacking Obama it could complicate his professional relationship with the Caucus.”171

It sounds more unbelievable than to even suggest seriously, but certain aspects of the “conversation” just have hypnotist written all over it. This report is not inconsistent with the absurd-sounding possibility that Obama tried to use hypnotic techniques on Senator Lieberman right there on the Senate floor. This includes the motive, Lieberman’s recent criticisms of Obama, and Obama’s alleged method of grabbing Senator Lieberman by the hand and leading him by the hand across the Senate floor (see handholding as part of instant induction techniques), the forceful hand gestures, backing Lieberman up against the wall, and leaning in very close, appearing to try to dominate the conversation, the patting on the back, all until being apparently interrupted by reporters.172

Obama’s use of a fake presidential seal

Obama at one speech had on the front of his podium a fake presidential seal which he created, which looked like the Presidential Seal of the United States, except with a few modifications such as “Obama” written on it, and his hypnotic logo in the center. 173  This was likely an attempt at another subconscious message looking Presidential, that, like the light shining down statement described above, was caught and ridiculed because of its impropriety. Both probably without went without anyone’s conscious awareness of their small role in Obama’s broader hypnotic efforts. Both were simply ridiculed because of their impropriety. This could be argued to simply have been an effort by Obama to appear Presidential, but why the subtle modifications then and why his logo in the middle?

171. Obama in heated Conversation with Lieberman http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/06/04/lieberman-carriesmccains_n_105179.html 
172. See previous footnote on instant induction and handshake induction.
173. http://www.victoriataft.com/2008/06/obama-unveils-presidential-seal.html 

Assorted other points:

Obama often uses a variety of other subconscious verbal tricks. At 4:55 pm on September 24, 2008, in a response to McCain suspending his campaign as a show of non-partisanship to work on the economy, Obama made a statement about how in this crisis, there are some immediate aspects, and also some long term aspects that the net administration will have to deal with. Then he says in the next few sentences “we”…”we” several times, and then follows up with how “we” will have to deal with those long term issues down the road. He separated it so he was not obviously saying that he will be the next administration, but subconsciously, that is probably an intentionally sent message.

There are too many issues to address, and too many hypnotic techniques to look into even in a single speech. However, here are a few miscellaneous points.

Notice how often he starts his turn speaking with the words “Now look…” Not just once or twice, but repeatedly, especially when he is in trouble in an interview or conversation.

When Obama first introduces Biden as his vice president to take the stage with Obama for the first time, Obama announces Biden as, “the next president of the United States” and then corrects himself to say vicepresident, as if he misspoke. It is difficult to know whether Obama did this on purpose to make people who are uncomfortable with him feel more at ease as though Biden would be running the show. Perhaps he misspoke, but then again, how often does Obama misspeak? …As compared to his proven prior acts of misspeaking purposely as part of subconscious tactics.

Notice Obama’s sparkling eye-shadow makeup.

On Hannity and Colmes, Mary Matalin said Obama was “attacking McCain subliminally”, calling McCain “confused.” In another Obama ad, when McCain was criticized for not knowing how many houses he owned, the voice slowly paused before saying “he cant remember,” in a deep powerful voice. Clearly this was a similar tactic to get people to be concerned about McCain’s age.

When Hillary had lost the nomination, Obama came to meet with her. As the story was relayed, Obama had all journalists board his plane to cover him, and then, in an unbelievable move, Obama sent his plane, without him, to another city to intentionally do away with the press so Obama could talk to Clinton privately without journalists there.

Regarding the lipstick on a pig comment, it is hard to know whether Obama intended this to be subconscious or not. However, on Wednesday September 10, 2008 in what appeared to be a small library, Obama did try to cover it up. He said, “nobody actually believes…” that the McCain camp is offended.  Notice how much emphasis he puts on his favorite programming word “believes” – and the huge pause thereafter. That is not (supposedly) the end of the idea nor the sentence. Why a huge pause and emphasis if that were not the end of the idea? Notice how the whole statement is made as if it were a command, “nobody actually believes!”

Notice how Obama copies and piggybacks the popular points of every candidate he is going against. This is so people will look at him as equal to every issue logically, and only differentiate Obama on the issues where he chooses to, where he is strongest. It allows him to appropriate the best of the other candidates without ever taking a position. Look at how he does this even in debates. He would allow Hillary to answer a question with her wealth of experience, and then he says that he would have given the same answer, sometimes even using a metaphor like “dovetail” but he is also Barack Obama. Remember how starkly different he was than John McCain? What issues can one name where he is even describably different than McCain on?


The effects of his hypnosis are undeniable

“The unconscious mind (where Obama is implanting his hypnotic commands) is the source of our energy. No amount of will power exerted by the conscious mind can override it.” Modern Hypnosis Theory and Practice, Masud Ansari, Ph..D., p43. - this is why many people are so passionate about Obama. Nobody knows who, not even they. It is difficult to know how many people have been affected and how much until November 4th when people actually vote. Because of Obama’s tactics, we can expect people to change their mind at the last minute, feel entranced in the voting booth, vote for people other than they intended, and other interesting reports. We can expect irregularities because the lengths people will go to elect Obama to be unusual, as that desire will supercede some people’s interest in democracy. We can expect significant voter fraud, and other problems. We have already seen such strange behavior, including many instanced of voter fraud, people bending the rules as if Obama winning is more important than the rule, the obviously biased positions of most journalists, and reports that a respected journalist Gwen Ifill, who is moderating a debate, who may not have properly disclosed that she is writing a book on Obama, which should have been done even to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

Obama’s perceived greatness

Bill Richardson called him the “greatest leader of a generation.”

Nancy Pelosi called Obama “a leader that g-d has blessed us with at this time.”

Millions of people are worshipping a man who has accomplished virtually nothing but given speeches.

Obama is drawing crowds like only John F. Kennedy could, except John F. Kennedy was in the military as commander of a torpedo boat, a congressman for six years, a senator for seven years, won the Pulitzer Prize, and was President of the United States before he had such support. Obama now is practically more popular than John F. Kennedy, except without any of the accomplishments.

Obama puts us in a trance where it doesn’t even seem like it is the Presidency of the United States on the line – he makes us feel like it is American Idol and we are kids who want the guy we have a crush on to win.

The media admits Obama is so memorizing it is difficult to remain objective, that they get chills and shivers from watching him. The McCain web ads “Love”, as well as “The Road To Denver” have examples of how people are spellbound by Obama174, including media persons. Journalists admit how swept away they are, how they have a crush on Obama like they haven’t had since grade school, and feel sensations going through their bodies while listening to him.175 Journalists admit “its hard to remain objective,” describing the sensations running up their legs as they listen to him speak. “I feel a need to do this, I have to” one Obama supporter says.

“Regarding the “turn the page” speech, one typical supporter comments online:

“I was there - i heard, i saw, i witnessed what i had been hearing only over the media. This guy is a myth, a legendary figure around who we must all assemble. He is the man to remember, the tree to lean on, the rock on which to build. Let America give this guy a chance and it is obvious that it will not be a regretable decision. I am quite sure that that rustic Medical Doctor who manifested a high degree of ignoramus when he naively spoke against Barack the day after he announced his candidacy on C-Span must be gnashing his teeth now. Barack has demonstrated that he is not only eloquent, but he is savvy, apt, sound and good enough for this country, so let’s all endorse him, and work hard to ensure that we place him in the White House. He has made it clear that this campaign is not about him, and not about his family. It is about us, so let us take this whole thing into our hands, get iito every nook and crany of this country and win voters for our darling candidate. Barack, you are the man!!!!!!!!!!”

Another supporter shortly thereafter, writes, “I believe this wonderful man is a gift from God.” Others compare him to John F. Kennedy.176 These above are just a small sample.

174. Obama spell mesmerizing but empty - Candidate's appeal takes on cult quality, Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post Writers Group, And now, in the most amazing trick of all, a silver-tongued freshman senator has found a way to sell hope. To get it, you need only give him your vote. Barack Obama is getting millions. ..."We are the hope of the future," sayeth Obama. We can "remake this world as it should be." Believe in me and I shall redeem not just you but your country -- nay, we can become "a hymn that will heal this nation, repair this world, and make this time different than all the rest." http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/chi-oped0218krauthammerfeb18,0,7036639.story 

Obama casts his spell – by Charles Krauthammer - ABC's Jake Tapper notes the "Helter-Skelter cultish qualities" of "Obama worshipers," what Joel Stein of the Los Angeles Times calls "the Cult of Obama." Obama's Super Tuesday victory speech was a classic of the genre. Its effect was electric, eliciting a rhythmic fervor in the audience -- to such rhetorical nonsense as "We are the ones we've been waiting for. (Cheers, applause.) We are the change that we seek." http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2008/02/obama_casts_his_spell.html 
175 http://www.hypemovie.com/?gclid=CM7LtP317ZUCFQhJagodWnYpeg  Tucker Carlson on the press’ early teenage crush for Obama being beyond love.
176 Tracy Smith says Obama's "stoic eloquence, " with lines like, "WE are the ones we've been waiting for," conjures up images of President Kennedy. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/02/14/earlyshow/main3829938.shtml

Obama’s trance

Mark Bergin of World Magazine writes:

“In typical fashion, Obama roused the crowd with soaring rhetoric: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” With heads cocked, many onlookers seemed to glaze over with trance-like admiration for the man they believe will reinvent American politics.” 177

Another Obama fan writes:

“…so I switched to a video of Barack and within a few moments, I had faded and gone into a dronelike TRANCE! Like an altered state. Anyone else notice this? What could it mean?” 178

Nicholas M. Guariglia describes Obama’s effect on many as:

Everyone is telling me he’ll tickle my fancy. I’m supposed to be endeared. Apparently he does all sorts of amazing trance-like things to you: he’ll “look into your eyes,”“inspire” your political senses, and when he speaks to his audiences, he bestows upon you feelings you “haven’t felt in ages.” 179

Daniel Zanoza writes:

“It’s as if a significant portion of the American public is under some sort of ungodly spell when it comes to Obama and someone needs to give me a good explanation for it.”180

Another blogger writes:

“It continues to stun me that people are hypnotized by Obama’s rhetoric given his lack of substance. His only message is “I offer hope” followed by “trust me”. He offers no plan for change and becomes annoyed when asked directly for details (hear his interview with Steve Inskeep on NPR 1/9/08). He depends on young voters who- apparently - do not realize he stands for nothing.” 181

One blogger on HuffingtonPost.com writes:

“Like ‘vsign’ I actually started out liking Obama and thinking that he had a chance to make a difference. After listening to him and reading about what he proposes to do as president, I no longer trust him. It’s a pity that so many people seem to be in a trance and believe that he is some kind of a god. I hope that they will come to their senses before it’s too late.” 182

As a final example, see Reverend James Manning’s video, likening him to other world leaders, in which he says

“Barack …has got you all in a trance”, “Paralyzed hypnotic people that follow Barack”

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– essentially arguing that Obama with virtually no accomplishments has more support than JFK did, and more that Martin Luther King did, and that this is unnatural, and this should be a wake up call that something is not right.183

We know the “Obama phenomenon” is occurring, and that it is powerful. To many who see through it, it is a quite creepy. Not only because his image does not match his complete lack of accomplishments, and complete failure to bring any real change in his 46 years. People who follow Obama with sparkles in their eyes try to bring you into what is a very intense and frightening cult-like following – a childish trance-like religious experience wherein you give up all resistance and submit to Obama love and it fulfills you completely.184 There are significant reports of even high level political people breaking rules to support Obama. One narrator of a criticism of Obama supporters’ improper voting tactics describes Obama followers as simply not being able to see through it.

The first question that no one really wants to examine, that we must examine, is, what is the logical explanation for the Obama phenomenon? As logical human beings, everything has a logical explanation. The media writes it off as “he is simply very charming and a great orator.” Does that suffice? His popularity is historic already. Historically, with some of the horrible leaders who have come to power through their guile, can we presume such cannot happen in this case just because this is America, and not even examine this phenomenon?

Perhaps the best way to know Obama’s hypnosis techniques are having an effect is because he is continuing to use them. If these techniques weren’t working, he wouldn’t continue to risk his entire political career.

The effects of Obama’s hypnosis on young people, and more educated people.

The effect Obama is clearly having on younger people is undeniable, and common knowledge that young people are one of his primary bases of support. Polls, colleges and the internet are flooded with young people raving about Obama. Obama also apparently has an increased effect on people who read more, or are more intellectual. In a recent article in Newsweek Magazine entitled, “Letter to the Obama Generation”, author Jonathan Darman advises “cut the blind devotion.”

In hypnosis science terms, this is not surprising, as young people are known in psychology to respond better to hypnosis. The critical factor is something that one is not born with, but is something developed through life experiences.186 Dr. Erickson’s said of younger people’s susceptibility to hypnosis:

These two case reports have been presented in considerable detail to illustrate the naturalistic hypnotic approach to children. There is seldom, if ever, a need for formalized or ritualistic technique. The eidetic imagery of a child, his readiness, eagerness and actual need for new learnings, his desire to understand and to share in activities of the world about him, and the opportunities offered by “pretend” and imitation games all serve to enable him to respond competently and well to hypnotic suggestions. 187

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185. Young people often respond better to hypnosis than adults, and have the imagination necessary to make the process work well.
186. Killer Influence Secrets of Covert Hypnosis, by David X, Part 1
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Also discussed on the radio program with Dr. Will Horton cited above, was how young people under thirty don’t have reference base to compare information with, and Obama is easily able to implant suggestions that are unchallenged in people without developed life experiences because they have nothing to draw from to compare and contrast such absolute truths with. Younger people do not have prior experience with which to compare such compelling speech. As adults, many of us have heard at some point very compelling speech, and know it does not mean that anywhere near the claimed results will follow.

Younger people are more subject to the influence of hypnosis generally. The period from age 14 to age 21 is the best period for both speed of induction and depth of hypnosis.188 After age 20 there is a gradual decline. Younger people, and people with more intellectual minds, like readers, are also more subject to the influence of hypnosis techniques that work by distracting the conscious mind in order to access the subconscious, non-dominant hemisphere.189 This is because the processing part of the mind in these people will be more proactive in trying to solve the problems and chasing the distractions thrown by the hypnotist, as intended, leaving the subconscious more vulnerable to implanting of suggestion. Same with younger people being more creative, for similar reasons.

188. Modern Hypnosis, Theory and Practice, Masud Ansari, Ph.D., p31.
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Younger people have a general need to believe. Younger people have internally a need to be imaginative, to do something different, to change the world, by their nature. They have a compelling internal drive to be part of something, and in a way, do something different to make the world a better place. Obama makes very effective use of this about young people. However, just because Obama passionately shouts, “its time for change, new energy, and new ideas”, does not mean he really has any new ideas. Unfortunately, in helping young people understand that they are being unduly influenced, they may not want to believe it just like many adults will not. Perhaps those people not convinced by this document can explain who Obama sat in Rev. Wright’s church for 20 years but did not know Wright’s racist and anti-American views.

You can never get a hypnotist to admit he is wrong. When you ask him how he didn’t know Wright’s views, he says he knew some of them but there were also positive things about the guy. When you ask him how he stayed in the church, he says he didn’t hear these particular statements. Obama has played this dance successfully with every journalist until they gave up and moved on.

Conclusion and commentary

Obama is beguiling us. He is hypnotizing us like sheep. Fooling us like children. The Obama phenomenon is essentially idol worship, caused by the well-studied and well-rehearsed mind control tricks of a man who is very clever, able to play the media, and thinks he has the right take the Presidency of the United States through such deceptive means. He takes it upon himself to decide he has the right to do so, and manipulate us without our knowledge by sidelining our rational judgment. What does such a person think of Americans?

Worse yet, his hypnosis probably has at least some effect on millions. Jews voting for the candidate endorsed by Iran, Hamas, Farakhan, and Khalidi should be a wake up signal that something is not Kosher.

Obama could not have picked a worse list of supporters than Wright, Ayers, the Black Panther Party, Farakhan, Iran, Hamas, Khalidi, Rezko if he were the Anti-Christ himself. This unknown man is trying to gain control of the world’s largest nuclear weapons arsenal by knowingly and intentionally using a form of hypnosis on America that is the most deceptive and manipulative form of communication known to man.

We are being played like a violin by someone very smooth, who knows he can just play his games dodging questions and avoiding issues until the election. This document barely scratches the surface of his use of hypnosis. He knows he can promise anything. If questioned with skepticism, he downplays. Then, he goes right back to promising everything again. He can take neutral positions covering himself both ways, because what he is doing is never analyzed closely enough. He easily makes audiences feel like he has answered a question without having done so, simply by saying he has. If caught with evidence of his hypnosis, first, he will surely deny it. He will probably stop doing it. If it is prove, he will admit it, but say it is not his fault. Then, he may say that all advertising is part subliminal, and that everyone does it. Nobody has ever tried to gain the Presidency like this. It literally doesn’t matter what he says, because the conscious mind cannot override the subconscious, and he knows that.

 Obama is an eloquent speaker, and very clever, but the rest is hypnosis. He is able to tell us exactly what the polls say, exactly what he knows we want to hear. – even if he has to change positions from one day to the next.190 He knows exactly how to manipulate us. And he is false. Obama’s use of hypnosis and mind games gets you to make a different decision than you logically would have, yet he makes you feel like you came to that decision on your own rational reasoning. our own feelings are false.

If a person is willing to be this deceptive and smile as broadly as Obama smiles, there is not telling what else he may be lying about, and no telling even who he really is. One must wonder why someone would risk their entire political career, so certain that if America was given another four years to find out who Obama really is, that we would never elect him, and that he must get the Presidency now, or never. This is a man we know nothing about, except that he has no virtually accomplishments, many shady connections, and lacks the judgment and character to disassociate such persons, and is an influential orator. We as Americans have to be stronger than to be influenced by words alone, even such powerful ones. The speaking style of frowning and angrily pointing while speaking angrily as part of covert hypnosis in public speeches is not used by Obama alone, but also was used by at least one other hypnotist in history who got millions to follow him. 191 192 193

190. Jackie Mason on Obama’s change in every major position, See amazing video of Obama at 4:40 changing his position on Iran at http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=416920035333614716&ei=uffkSIHzBZjUqAOqg-GZCw&q=jackie+mason+obama+iran&vt=lf .
191. http://www.theblackvault.com/article-print-8227.html  . See also, “He also maintained his almost hypnotic power over his entourage and the masses” http://www.grolier.com/wwii/wwii_hitler.html  Also, One of the books Hitler is believed to have been particularly interested in was the work of the French psychologist Gustave Le Bon. Le Bon (1841-1931), had written a book entitled Psychology of the Masses. It had been translated into German in 1908, and records show a copy was delivered to the library frequented by Hitler that same year. Le Bon's book describes his theories on crowds and their behaviour. He had identified that group behaviour could be manipulated by hypnotic suggestion, and that few individuals in a crowd possess a sufficiently strong personality to resist such suggestion. http://ezinearticles.com/?Inspiration,-Motivation-and-the-Link-to-Hypnosis---Article-Five&id=988173

Obama is even taking away your ability to rationally judge and scrutinize what he is putting into your subconscious. One must wonder the true nature of a person who is willing to literally hypnotize us like children, in order to try and manipulate us into voting for him by sidelining our rational judgment. Obama is effectively saying, “the voter cannot be trusted to make this a logical decision, I will decide for them.” 

This is a frightening character trait suggestive of someone who almost believes he is some type of Messiah. Obama’s hyper-confidence alone is frightening. He is neither simply confident nor overconfident nor even simply arrogant. Obama’s aura almost suggests he believes himself to be Messianic, and his right to the Presidency long overdue and unquestionable. Not to mention his right to hypnotize millions to get that Presidency absolute. There was a moment during the Clinton primaries, where Bill Clinton made some strong statements against Obama, and Obama’s reaction to the former President was clearly one of being annoyed. It is questionable what type of psychological g-d complex or other abnormality would make Obama look down upon a former President as annoying.

Obama’s insulting hand gestures provide more insight into his disturbing true nature that he successfully hides 99% of the time, that of someone who uses psychologically manipulative subconscious techniques to implant second-grade school-yard insults in the minds of unaware voters. Obama’s use of hypnosis on millions of people without our knowledge nor permission is unparalleled subterfuge. What kind of person presumes that they have the right to hypnotize Americans like children, and use mind control techniques which circumvent our rational judgment? But even more amazingly, what type of person runs for President of the United States with such behavior? - repeatedly flashing such insulting hand gestures at his opponents, trying to send subconscious messages? It is beyond obnoxious. Only a disturbed individual would think he is slippery enough to get away with something like this. Only a disturbed person would think they should get away with something like this, and with no accomplishments having never run anything become leader of the free world. Only a disturbed individual who thinks he can do absolutely anything would try, because to any sane person running for President, the risks of being caught would outweigh the potential rewards of such behavior. The hypnosis, trying to fool an entire nation, the obscene hand gestures towards his opponents again and again. Obama’s actions present the frightening picture of a genuinely perverted man, an egomaniac hypnotist with a g-d complex grown from his ability to get millions to eat out of his hand.

The fact that he refers to his own message as a light shining down from above. The fact that he refers to himself as an epiphany. The fact that he does hand gestures to make it look like he is parting the water like Moses. The fact that he does all those other things to make people like Nancy Pelosi come out and say he is ‘sent by g-d.”

One must also wonder what would happen to this country if Obama won, and only afterwards was it uncovered how he used hypnosis to gain the Presidency. What if upon discovery, many said they would not have voted for him otherwise? Those entrusted with protecting our democracy must do a better job protecting it. Our entire nation was almost lost to a con-man.

The media may avoid this story for a number of reasons. Maybe it is too complicated for them, doesn’t fit a sound byte mold, or maybe cannot be delivered in a 60 second news story before moving on. Then again, it may be the most watched news story from now until the election. This story must break. People must know what is happening and those who help spread this word may be looked back on as heroic defenders of democracy. Let’s learn from history, not learn that we can repeat it. Our democracy is on the line.

192. Compare the angry frowning and angry pointing and speaking style of Obama http://www.mikefrancesa.com/wordpress/?p=1011 
193. Compare the angry frowning and angry pointing and speaking style of Obama 18:00minutes into his California Democratic National Convention speech with the individual on this video http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-211746012802428229&ei=h-PESJCLBqfcqAO3s5S3BQ&q=adolph+hitler+speech+1933&vt=lf 

The effects of his hypnosis must be cancelled out by people starting to take a rational look at who he is, including the media. It is certainly a concern that this type of hypnosis is so effective that even after learning what Obama is doing, many may still not believe and accept that Obama is hypnotizing them and that they might not otherwise vote for him. It is my hope that the effects of all of Obama’s hypnotic and subconscious tactics are wiped away and neutralized completely…that everyone now be allowed to think and make logical and rational decisions.

196, 196

Personal Notes:

Mr. Obama,

Your attempt to gain the Presidency of the United States by hypnotizing Americans has failed. You shall not pass! You have been stopped, because you nether deserve the Presidency, nor does America deserve your fraud and deception. It is quite clear that, after Americans find out who you really are, including your use of hypnosis, you will never have even a remote chance at the Presidency again. You have been stopped because your deception has been found out. You were a master of influence, able to influence millions. You were impervious to scrutiny that could easily eliminate any other candidate. However, exposing your use of hypnosis is what shatters all of your other deceptions. You have been stopped by one anonymous patriot with a pure heart who is able to see you for who you really are. There are those more powerful than you, Obama, looking out for truth, justice, and the American way. As the words of my favorite song go,
“Sinnerman, where you gonna run to?”

Dear Friends,

Thank you to all who have helped communicate this message, including by sending it to friends and posting it on websites in its entirety, so that everyone could judge and understand for themselves the real “Obama phenomenon.” I would also like to thank all the psychologists, hypnotists, and other experts who come out and help confirm the substance of this document.

You are all part of this victory over deception, and for democracy.

194. “The unconscious mind is the source of our energy. No amount of will power exerted by the conscious mind can override it.” Modern Hypnosis Theory and Practice, Masud Ansari, Ph..D., p43.
195. Photo http://bornatthecrestoftheempire.blogspot.com/2007_12_30_archive.html 
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