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Are There Subliminals in Ron Paul Ads?

February 27, 2012

(Disclaimer: I have not confirmed the findings of this article but present it to interested readers for discussion.)

The Author Wyatt Andrews writes: I have been interested in subliminals since I learned about them in advertising  class. These take no special equipment and can be viewed using the youtube uploads directly from Ron Paul's campaign.
My son heard me talking about subliminals and he liked Ron Paul so he went to his commercials and found a few "fear faces." That is all we saw at first because those are displayed for longer periods of time.  Then after "lucky" pauses we hit the flashframe embeds designed to have the hypnotic suggestion effect.
I do notice that old fashioned tube monitors do not display as much as the flat screen in terms of the details.  Old monitors = harder to see them.

 by Wyatt Andrews

The Ron Paul TV spots out lately have gained attention for their tech savvy, but they may have a dark side.
In his "Big Dogs" commercial, Paul is showcased as a budget cutting marvel, blowing up government agencies and rolling over bureaucrats.
Look closely though, and you'll see subliminals in the form of everything from all-seeing eyes and pyramids to skulls.
At first, I thought Paul was using them to his advantage but further examination reveals the opposite may be the case.
What changed my mind was a set of images that occur at about the 10 second mark in the piece.  At that point, a static profile of Paul appears, and then words animate as if projecting from his mouth.  When this animation is stopped as the words are about 1 inch out from his little finger, which is cupped to his mouth, I noticed a shape.  When I zoomed in I saw it was a bent penis.
Upon closer review, I then located at least 4 female genital parts hidden in the wrinkles of his face, hair and neck and even his coat lapel.
The image of Ron Paul's face is doctored to make the wrinkles on his face much heavier than normal. There is even a cut-and-paste line clearly visible on his neck where the neck wrinkles were added.
To make matters worse, the words revealed in large type on the screen at the time the wrinkles are prominent, say "HAS BEEN!"  The exclamation point at the end is made up of what looks like blood stains.  And inside the blot at the top of the exclamation point is a hidden numeral 3 with a % symbol.
The large words alone send a strong message that Paul is a has- been who can only get 3%.  The added wrinkles reinforce the idea he is old and worn out.
But what do the sexual symbols do?  Since they are used in reverse, with a limp penis bent into his little finger, and several female vaginas are spread over his face, the usage is to create revulsion from both men and women.  Men want to emulate virility and strength.  A feminized man will not attract too many voters looking for a leader.  Women want to belong to a strong man, not a weak one.
The parting shot on this piece shows a waving cut-out of Ron Paul.  But the look on his face is one of wistfulness and not strength.  It is a farewell wave, not a victory wave. Furthermore, his hand is doctored to look decrepit and almost monster-like.  One finger is rather jaggedly bent, while his thumb looks webbed to his hand, as does his index finger look webbed to another finger.   In his wrist are three skulls.
A club hand is a signal of weakness and infirmity.  Club hands are never shown in pictures of strong leaders.

The subliminals continue in the TV spot just released where Ron Paul purportedly attacks Santorum, calling him a "FAKE."
What I found in this spot is numerous death faces and many other powerful hidden symbols actually aimed at destroying Santorum.
There is no solution offered for the terror you face if you vote Santorum.
The worst sequence in this spot, aside from the continuous use of death-skulls and demons, occurs at about 7 seconds in two sequences.
First, a fat, bare bellied man appears when the announcer says Santorum doubled the size of the education department.  On his belly is the word SIZE.  Below, you'll see his fly is open slightly.  In small print over the fly, the words say "No child left behind."
Next is Santorum giving Planned Parenthood money.  In this one, if you stop the images just as the money falls past the doctor's hand you'll see his large erect thumb looks like a penis in a condom.  A small white line directs your eye down to the pile of money where a hidden vagina appears for a frame or two.
The words on the screen are the sexual double meanings "hooked UP", alluding to sexual liaisons, and being UP as a male and ready for sex.
Rush Limbaugh announced today he believes a secret deal naming Rand Paul as VP for Romney is in the works.
If this is true, the next question is this: does Ron Paul know these subliminals are in the advertising and did he approve them?
If he is being destroyed from within unbeknownst to him, then he should be considering fraud action against who ever did this.
If he is using donor money to destroy himself and Santorum, it is my opinion he's perpetrating a fraud on everyone who supported him. If Ron Paul knows, it also means the voters are being gamed badly.