The Astral World (my experiences).

I know many people are interested in the astral world, they think it is the
afterlife, and I guess for many people this is the case. I've been in the
astral over a thousand times now, and I still "fall" out of my body against
my will, into the astral world, when I am falling asleep, or even when I am
lying in bed, fully awake. Usually I spend up to three to five hours in the
astral every night. Lately I just stay there instead of coming back to my
body, so I don't have to go through the sickening process of returning and
falling out again, over and over and over. When I am there I try to keep
a low profile, so the souls and beings who live there, do not find out that
I am a Light soul. I got pretty good at this now, usually I am not caught.

The Astral and the Light.

Every solar system, or sometimes star system, has its own spirit world. This
spirit world consists either of an astral realm and a Light realm. Except if all
planets and beings in a solar system or star system are non light souls, then
there is only an astral realm, and if all planets and beings in a solar system
or star system are Light souls, then there is only a Light realm.

In our solar system, the spirit world is dual, there is both an astral realm and
a Light realm. The astral realm is the home of non light souls, when they die
they go to the astral world, to their home realm within the astral. When a
Light soul dies, it immediately enters the Light realm. Contrary to the astral
realms, the Light realm knows no negativity of any kind, there is only Light,
unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, bliss and joy. The astral realms
are very different, as they know no unconditional love, no compassion, no
forgiveness.. the energies are very, very different..

The Earthbound Realm.

Both the astral realm and the Light realm touch upon the Earth. For example
when a Light soul dies and cannot let go of the Earth, he ends up in a realm
that is partly Earth and partly Light. This realm looks depending on how the
emotions of the soul are at any given moment, it is part of the Light, but still
connected with the Earth. It is a kind of fantasy realm, if the emotions of the
soul are dark and fearful, then the realm is also dark and fearful. The movie
"The Lovely Bones" gives a very accurate explanation of this realm.

The Different Astral Realms.

I have visited, against my will, countless types of astral realms. I learned that
the astral world is basically a gigantic space, and in this space there are many
astral realms. Every astral realm is created by those who live inside it, though
most astral realms have a ruling elite that make the decisions. When you are
in the space between these astral realms, it looks like you are actually in the
physical outter space. The many realms look like stars, and some realms even
look like planets. Most realms look like "bubbles", they have a protected
border that shields them from the emptiness and energy of the astral space,
and from the astral space dwelling beings, usually gigantic monsters, that
exist there.

Mechanical realms:

Some realms, when seen from the astral space, look like giant space stations,
often these realms are created by aliens that traveled to this solar system
from their own spirit world, from their own astral realm. But human souls have
built some of these mechanical realms as well. Often there is war between
two or more of such mechanical realms, because they are usually not shielded
from astral space, and are easy to attack. When I witness such a war, it is
usually waged with astral technology, weird assault vehicles and so forth.

City and Town realms:

These realms are kingdom realms, they have a government and a ruling elite,
and these realms are where most humans from Earth go when they die. These
realms are peaceful, apart from the usual rebel forces that try to overtake
the ruling elite. These realms are much like Earth and they know many of the
problems Earth cities and countries have, such as terrorism and civilians being
unsatisfied with how the ruling elite runs things. Lately when I fall out of my
body, I usually always end up in such city and town kingdom realms. There
are not many warriors here, and usually I can infiltrate easily and keep up my
cover. Sometimes I can see a demon or military patrol come by, but even
they usually do not spot me. These realms are shaped much like Earth, as
most beings that live here spend most of their time on Earth as humans.

There are cities, towns, villages, roads, rivers, beaches, hospitals, churches
and many other sights you can see on Earth as well. People here often have
their own house, even with a garden and a community. Sure the beings that
live here, as all beings that live in the astral, do not know unconditional love,
compassion or real forgiveness, they do everything with a mental state of
service to self, but they live in peace, they have friendships and they try to
live a good life. I usually never run into trouble in these places, and I even
had some fun here with temporary friends I made. I had discussions about
spirituality with some of the beings here.. With one tolerant being, I had a
discussion about how different our hearts are. He knew I was a Light being
but he still wanted to talk to me. As I explained to him how my heart is the
source of my unconditional love, my compassion and my forgiveness, he told
me how his heart gave him the strength and inspiration to deceive and trick

School Realms:

I have seen many of these, and it wasn't so easy to keep up my cover here.
Most schools are much like on Earth, except that they teach different things.
They do teach souls normal knowledge, such as math and other sujects, but
they also teach astral magick, astral combat, the energies of deception and
ego. Some schools are specialized in one particular area, such as a school I
found that taught its students astral magick. You might not believe this, but
the school I found like this, looked completely identical to Hogwarts.. I guess
the people who say Hogwarts is a real astral school, where children go when
they sleep, by leaving their bodies, were right. This school is dying down now,
because there are less and less non light children on Earth, as since the year
2008, no non light souls can incarnate on Earth anymore. Believe me or not
but this school realm looked identical to Hogwarts in almost every aspect, I
even saw Dumbledore in his purple clothes walking up the stairs behind the
students. He knew I was Light but he didn't seem to care much.. I even met
a student who showed me around the school for a while, it was a very weird
experience to say the least.

Demonic Realms:

These realms usually are build in layers or levels, starting from the top and
going deeper and deeper. I think there is only one demonic realm in the astral
world of this solar system, but I cannot be sure. I have been there many
times though and I recognized the different levels. Each level is connected
to the next with a hole in the ground, a massive portal or a huge cave in the

This is where demons live, which are often souls who spend their entire time
fighting with other demon factions, or fighting with other astral realms. They
are masters of deception and of astral magick and astral combat. They are
very powerful, although they seem to be the most vulnerable to the energies
of unconditional love. Not all entities here look like demons, some beings take
the shape of a normal human, such as the being I met named Santanas, who
said he was the son of Satan. Or a being I met who called himself Lucifer.
They usually looked handsome on the outside, but their energy is unspeakably
malicious. They don't incarnate on Earth that often, but when they do they
are usually leader of an empire.

I know this because once I learned to use the energy of unconditional love
and healing Light, projected from my heart area, I used this everytime when
I was attacked. Normal looking souls usually fall unconscious or they lose all
will to harm me. Demons are usually transformed back into their natural state,
and some of the demons I disempowered turned into beautiful looking beings.
Their energy is calmed down drastically then, but they are still devoid of all
love and compassion, as is the case with all astral dwellers, no matter how
peaceful and sometimes even friendly, they appear.

Some levels look like vast draconic landscapes, rivers of lava, jagged rocks
and mountains, black plains and fiery skies. Other levels look like enormous
city realms, buildings and architecture, gigantic black skyscrapers as far as
the eye reaches. Some of the buildings are very beautiful, as well as on the
inside, others are as demonic and ugly as they come. Hooks and gargoyles
on the ledges, spikes and jagged ridges.

Other levels look like gigantic caves, dark and black, through which beings
crawl that I don't want to describe in detail. But even these beings are fully
transformed when I channel positive energy at them. I also noticed that
some demonic entities aren't real souls, they are thought forms created by
the black magicians that command the demonic armies. When I direct positive
energy at them, after two minutes or so, they completely disappear.

Other levels look like giant graveyards, filled with tombs and graves, right out
of a horror movie about zombies. They aren't real graves of course, but like
I said these astral realms are created by the imagination and fantasy of those
who live there. There are a vast variety of different looking realms and levels.

Vacation Realms:

This might sound weird, but there are actually realms to which souls go to
be away from their tasks and their duties. These realms usually have a kind
of sun, who's energy usually feels comfortable even to me, and they look like
all kinds of holiday resorts on Earth you can imagine. One I have visited had
an ocean and a beach, even boats and beach buggies.. often what these
souls liked on Earth, they manifest in these holiday realms as well. I usually
can't have much fun here, or in any place, because the energy is so totally
devoid of love, Light and compassion. I thrive on positive energy and this
just doesn't exist in the astral, not in any realm I ever visited in all of my
many hundreds of experiences there.

Military Realms:

I found that these realms are often connected to the kingdom realms, and
it is where the armies, not demonic armies, but normal, human soul armies,
train. I see large castles, some European, others Asian, others indistinct,
and I see them train here. Usually the moment I enter such a realm, I am
discovered. They don't always attack me right away but they play with me
and try to find ways to hurt me without an all out assault.

I have witnessed gigantic wars between the armies of different kingdom
realms, it looked exactly like the war movies on television here on Earth.
Some armies use astral technology, such as guns, old fashioned or modern
or futuristic style, it's all energy anyway, it doesn't matter how it looks,
some armies use swords and melee weapons, bow and arrows, usually the
Asian looking armies are like that, they are proud of their katanas and their
Japanese and other Asian combat techniques. Like I said, every solar system
has its own spirit world, and this spirit world, especially the astral realms,
often resemble situations and places on the planets of the solar system or
star system.

Many other Realms:

I have seen many other realms that I cannot even describe, chaotic and
malicious, incredibly weird and extremely uncomfortable. But not once in all
my experiences, have I found positive energy in the astral. There is no love,
no compassion, no forgiveness, no bliss and no Divine energies. But I can
see how many non light souls might enjoy being in their home realm. If I
accept that their energy is very different from mine, then I realize that many
of these souls are quite happy and content in their astral home realm. Even
though they know no love or compassion, they don't need or want these
energies, they thrive on fear, hatred and anger, on control, combat, war and
dark magicks, they are happy with these energies, and they don't need the
positive energies Light souls like me and many others, enjoy so much, and
thrive on.

I'm sure I can keep writing for a while, but this is all that comes up in my
mind for now. I have experienced the Light as well, but not very often and
I have never managed to enter the Light Realm, as leaving your body on
Earth without dying, means disconnecting from everything that is Light. So
it is impossible for me to use astral travel to find the Light realm. When I
learn about the Light realm in the future, and I am sure that this will happen,
then I will write about this as well. You can rest assure that this will be a lot
more positive than my experiences with the astral.

Robert Monroe and Others.

I know that many people wrote books about the astral world and how they
traveled there, such as Robert Monroe.. but please keep in mind that people
like Robert Monroe, are home in the astral realms. When they die they go
there, they enter their home realm, it is their home as a soul. People like me
go to the Light realm, the astral is not my home, therefor my experiences in
the astral are rarely positive.. because that place rejects me, its energy is
completely different and opposite of mine.

So if you know that you are not a Light soul, that your energy is not that of
Light, unconditional love, unconditional compassion and also unconditional
forgiveness, then astral projection might be a good idea for you. But please
don't judge yourself too soon, many Light souls have been damaged, and they
might think they are not Light, even though they are. Most non light humans
know exactly what they are though, confusion is mostly found within Light
humans such as myself.

Please feel free to ask me any questions.

Love to all!


Please know that I do not believe there is a difference in value between Light
and non light souls. Both energies are needed to sustain the continued existence
of the Multiverse. I accept that the energies of the non light are needed, and
I respect their purpose. Even though I am Light myself, as are many on the forum,
I do not consider myself to be "better" than those who are non light, they are
just different. Through our struggles with eachother, we both learn and evolve,
without the dual energies of Light and non light, the evolution of the Multiverse
would be left in complete stagnation.

Our Purpose.
1) Long ago this space in the Universe was only Light, there was no kind of
negativity here at all, and all planets had life. The Creator of non light then
created a black hole in this space, which destroyed all life and trapped all
Light. Once the black hole dissolved, all Light was freed again and returned
to the Light Realm to recover and rest. But this space that was previously
Light, was now damaged and dark. So the Light came here and created the
current solar system. The reason we (Light soulsą incarnate here in this solar
system, is to assist the planets in healing the space and restoring the flow
of Light through it. But the non light came and invaded, and they too started
to incarnate here. The real invasion on Earth, happened 89.000 years ago,
and since then we have known nothing but war and suffering here. The other
planets had life too, but they were not strong enough and the invading non
light wiped out all life on their surface. The planets, even the moon, are still
alive though, and they will know life on their surface again in the future.
Like I said, the purpose of the Light here, is to restore the flow of Light and
to heal the planet, to heal humanity, to heal the solar system. The purpose
of the non light, who invaded here, is to block the flow of Light and prevent
us from healing the solar system. We do not come here to ascend or become
enlightened, these concepts of status are made up, they don't actually exist,
even though many people believe in them. You can compare some of these
enlightened masters with a child and you'll much prefer listening to the child.

Being Light.
2) You are right, the reason we attract them are because we are Light, and
they are non light. We are not better or more valuable, just very different.
Especially if they are into the occult, they can see that you are Light, and
they will do everything they can to keep your from your intended path, to
hold you within negativity and darkness, so you cannot fulfill your purpose.
Do not fear them, no matter what they say, they cannot harm you, just try
to ignore them and break off contact with them if you can. Send them love
and compassion, send them healing energies to calm them down.

Unconditional Love.
3) Yes, our unconditional love is perceived as a weakness by those who are
non light, by those souls who follow the path of service to self. They usually
have no respect for us, as they only believe in the power to harm and control.
Many places have a vast majority of non light humans, sadly.. and it is very
difficult for us to feel good in these places. But if we learn to use the energy
of forgiveness, compassion and love, we can protect ourselves and really
disempower those who try to harm us. Whenever you find yourself in a deeply
negative situation, send unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness to
all people involved, as you get practice with this, you will be able to quickly
change a negative situation into a positive one, as unconditional love is more
powerful than any negative energy in the Universe.

Light and non light.
4) The purpose of the Light is to restore the flow of Light where it has been
blocked, and the purpose of the non light is to block the flow of Light where
it runs freely. This eternal struggle brings learning and evolution to all souls
in the Universe. The Universe was purely Light at its creation, but it became
soon imbalanced, and from this imbalance was born the non light. The non
light was not created by Divine intention, but by the forces of the Universe
that tried to balance themselves out as the Universe was being created. The
Universe needs both Light and non light to sustain its continued existence.
The struggle between the Light and the non light, will go on for all eternity,
as energy cannot be destroyed or uncreated, and nor can souls. Once all
souls were created, they will continue existing and evolving for all eternity.

Earth's Future.
5) I have to disagree with many of David Icke's work, not just because it
goes against what I learned from my mentor, but especially because it goes
against everything I have personally experienced throughout the years. I've
learned that the original purpose of the year 2012, was that the Mayas had
calculated that in this year, the vibrational energy of the Earth would get so
high, that only Light souls can continue existing in this solar system, and that
the flow of Light would finally be restored in this space of the Universe. They
were correct, except that the Light managed to push this date up to the
year 2008. So this means that all babies that were born since 2008, are Light
souls. This also means that within some eighty years, the average life span
of a human, all life on Earth will be Light, and all non light souls would be
forced to return to their own solar system, from which they invaded ours.
I have learned that all these doom and gloom theories about a third world
war, alien invasions, mass deaths, virtual reality matrixes, were all made up
by the ruling elite to hold us in stagnation and fear. These theories have
been spread for so long, that more and more people stop listening to the truth
of their hearts, and start believing that everything is pointless as they will
soon die anyway. I learned that because of what happened in 2008, the
future of the Earth is secured, I learned that the vibrational energy of the
Earth continues to grow higher and higher, and is shattering all occult powers
of the ruling elite.

Paradise Secured.

Whatever we do, we will be free of darkness in the near future, but the Light
still asks us to awaken and remember who we are, to walk a path of spiritual
awakening, so we can use our innate healing abilities, which all Light souls
have, including you, to who's questions I am replying, as you are a Light soul,
to join the global healing effort and to speed up the parting of the darkness,
to speed up the coming of a paradise civilization on Earth. The Light knows
no negativity, no ego, no anger, no hatred.. once all that is non light has left
then only positivity is left.. and that was the original Divine intention for this
solar system.

Once we are free, the solar system will stay in Light for as long as it lives, it
will never be overrun or invaded by the non light again, as it will have a
vibrational energy that is so incfredibly high, that not even non light space
craft can pass through the asteroid field that surrounds our solar system.

David Icke's Reptilians.

The non light came here in many forms, some came as spirits to incarnate
into humans, others came as spirits to manipulate the evolution of a certain
reptile species, to create an intelligent, humanoid reptile species, that is still
living among us, like David Icke said (this is one of the few things I agree with
him on).. others came as aliens in space craft, to rule over Earth and steal
our resources. But all of them will leave soon, none of them will ever be able
to come back.

Dark Wishes..

What I noticed is that some people oppose my beliefs here, because they
actually want these horrible things to happen.. they want an apocalypse,
they want an alien invasion, they want millions of people to suffer and die.
I did not understand this at first, but I guess that is the effect the energy
of non light and ego has on many people, whether they are non light souls or
Light souls.

I could go on and on about what I learned, but it is easier if I am being asked
specific questions, otherwise I would never stop writing at all.







People who have near death experiences, at least those with Light souls, don't
actually go to the astral world, they go to the Light realm, the same place they
go when they would have died for real. That is why they experience unconditional
love, as there is no negativity in the Light realm.

A soul does feel pain, it doesn't have a physical body but it can still get sick and
injured. It is immortal and it cannot be destroyed, but it can feel pain, even more
intensely than we feel pain here in the physical Universe. A soul can get sick, it can
get injured, it can get damaged and wounded severely, it can even be tortured.. I
experienced all those things while in the astral.

However, right now that only counts for non light souls.. right now, since a few
months, Light souls cannot be injured anymore, not in their bodies and not out of
their bodies. We can still receive illusions to give us pain, but nothing can cause us
any real harm or damage or wounds or blocks anymore. We still should not use astral
travel though, it is black magick, it is not for those of Light, it serves no purpose for
us but to connect us with dark energies, it can seriously ruin your life.


No one deserves it, but the moment I started helping people spiritually, I
became a target. Just like many others.. even people that never helped
someone became a target, just because they had the potential to help
people. All souls that are on a path of service to others, are targets.. even
if they never helped another person in their life. The reason they never
helped someone is mostly likely the blocks and wounds they were given in
past lives.

However, I've become invulnerable to their methods, just like many other
people became invulnerable as well.. not just because we had our past
life blocks removed, but because the vibrational energy of the Earth has
become so incredibly high, that all power of the non light was broken, and
broken permanently. They cannot do any harm to us anymore, they can
cause us pain with illusionary techniques, but they can't do real harm any-
more, they can't cause real implants or blocks or wounds anymore.


No you must've misunderstood me, Light beings always go to the Light Realm,
whatever they do on Earth. Sin doesn't exist in the Light, you are always and
every time forgiven by the Light the moment you do something wrong. The
Light also asks of us to not judge ourselves either. We may at times do bad
things on Earth, despite being Light souls, but these acts only happen cuz of
our wounds, our blocks, the damage to our beings, from past lives. In our
natural state we don't know negativity, we don't know negative thoughts,
acts, feelings or emotions.. these things only happen after we have spent a
lot of time incarnating onto a place where the non light extends its energies,
like on Earth.

I can try finding pictures of places that look like the places I have seen, I
kinda planned to do this before but I was too lazy to figure out how to post
pictures. I'll see what I can do though.

Most astral realms I've seen were more or less as solid as the Earth. It is a
bit different from realm to realm.. in some places I can walk through walls, in
other places the "astral matter" is too solid, too dense for me to go through.

I have seen some very weird realms that I didn't mention in my initial post
though.. one of them was like a realm in which everything looked like badly
drawn cartoon.. three dimensional but still very weird.


I help people by answering their many questions about spirituality, about
anything you can think of. If I don't know the answer, I ask my mentor or
I write a post on her forum. I do my own "minor mentoring" you could say.
But my purpose is not to feed people information, my purpose is to help
people find the truth by themselves. I always accept people's own truths
and beliefs, and I never tell them to replace them with my truths and my
beliefs. If they ask a question, I will answer it, and apart from that I help
them connect with their higher self, just like my mentor is teaching me to
connect with my higher self.

I also help them by getting them into touch with my mentor to allow them
to have their past life blocks removed by her. Throughout our many, many
incarnations here on Earth, some have more than others, we gather a lot
of spiritual wounds, blocks, holes and drains.. they disrupt our spiritual
evolution in the physical, and cause us many medical problems as well. So
once the blocks are gone, usually a few hundred, I had three thousand,
nothing holds them back anymore to evolve spiritually, to connect with their
higher self and the Light, so they can get their own answers and guidance,
and to prevent them from getting all kinds of medical problems in the future,
such as depressions, cancers, cardiovascular problems, etc.

Because of my slightly badly named thread "Rapid Spiritual Awakening", I've
been able to help a lot of people on this forum already. There are some who
feel the purpose of my work, and who attack me and insult me with every
post they make, but I just give them my love like I give it to anyone.


Visiting the astral can completely ruin your life, as it has done with me. I've
only entered the astral on purpose on single time.. but once that happened,
I developed a kind of hole in my energy body, and ever since, some three
years now, I am pulling out of my body and dragged into the astral against
my will.

Also, the Faerie Realm isn't part of the astral, it's part of the Earth, it's like
half a dimension higher, but still part of the Earth.. it is linked to the Light
Realm, but not fully part of it. I have seen Faeries on two occasions when
they came to ask my help. Two days before I exlaimed that I wanted to
meet them, so it wasn't a coincidence. Usually once you express that you
want to meet Elementals, such as Faeries or Kobolds or Leprechauns, and
they feel your energy isn't too low, then they will try and find a way to show
themselves to you and communicate with you, as often they need help.

First time I saw an Elemental, it was a little Kobold that was jumping around
on my chest as I woke up, and kept shouting at me, but I couldn't hear him.
Then the next day, a group of Faeries, just like Tinker Bel, came onto my
chest as I woke up, shouting at me for help, their little hands and wings were
touching my chin and lips. This time I understood their voices, and I was able
to help them during the week after.

About the astral, there is really no reason to go there on purpose.. it will
only bring trouble if you are a Light soul.. meaning a soul on a path of service
to others, instead of service to self. The astral world is the spirit home of
those souls who are on a path of service to self, the Light Realm is the spirit
home of those souls who are on a path of service to others. A soul can never
change sides.. might sound sad, but none of them would ever want to.


Yeah they (implants) are removed during a past life block healing, and some normal
psychic healers can also remove them, but they usually charge up to $200
per treatment, and they often leave some implants in and tell you that you
have to come back a few times, with you paying $200 each time.

I've had all kinds of different entities place implants into me.. each different
group uses different types of implants. I've had gray aliens and other aliens
place implants into me during etheric/astral surgeries.. but also human souls,
as well as demonic entities.. although demonic entities don't use work with
astral technology that much, they use astral magick.. their implants aren't
very technological usually, more like whirlwinds of black energy that keep
you in a permanent state of depression and exhaustion.


Sometimes in dreams I“ve encountered a certain type of entity with all-white eyes. No pupils, no iris, just totally white.Some times they emit a strong halogen-white light out of their eyes. Who are these types of beings?
I've never met them.. you have to know there are an enormous amount of
different alien groups in the astral world of this solar system. They come from
very far away, and they stay in the astral world of this solar system until
they decide to leave again.. from their they harass humanity and even fight
with other non light groups in the astral. Aliens in astral form usually always
use astral technology.. I have never seen one use astral magick.

What you saw sounds like either a type of demon or a type of alien, I really
couldn't say for sure.

An experience I had in the astral early this morning..

You know when you went to highschool, and someone started a fight,
everyone would come running and standing in a circle around you, cheering
and everyone together yelling "HOI HOI HOI HOI HOI HOI!".. you

Something similar happened to me too, but in the astral, I am still cracking
up when I remember what happened.. this was actually one of my only
positive experiences in the astral, not the only one but one of few.

Remember I talked about astral school realms in my original post? I ended
up in one of these school realms again, I even believe I have been there
before once. Now, in many astral bubble realms, usually in the kingdom,
school and military realms, there is this force wrapped around the whole
realm that makes levitating and flying impossible for its inhabitants. There
are often other restrictions, such as restrictions to astral magick. So this
school realm had one of those restrictions as well.

So I ended up in the playing grounds of this school realm, which was
surrounded by tall grey buildings, much like on Earth.. and I saw kids that
seemed to be about 14 to 16 years old, running around or talking to each-
other. I slowly floated to the ground, and hovered a foot above the ground
or so. I am a Light soul, so their restrictions usually don't work on me very
much. One of them looked at my feet, hovering above the ground and said
to me: "Hey how are you doing that, this is a no fly zone!" I just smiled at
him and flew up some higher into the air, and I started flying around in a
big circle.

Suddenly everyone else spotted me too, and they all came running at me
and stood in a big circle around me, as I was flying around.. they immediately
started shouting: "HOI HOI HOI HOI HOI HOI HOI HOI HOI!!!" It was so
amazing heh.

After a while one of the guards, or teachers I don't know, he had quite a
strong energy about him, made his way through the kids and stared at me.
I just smiled at him with my most loving smile, and after a minute or so I
returned to my body, because I didn't wait for the cavalry to come, most
realms have a small army of warriors for defence against other realms. If
there are too many then I can't disempower them all at once, they can't
hurt me but such a confrontation is not that pleasant.

Anyway, that's it, it was real funny to experience.


Astral travel is the best way to disconnect with the truth and with the Light
Universe. It has no purpose for those souls who are on a path of service to
others.. the astral world is the home of those souls who are on a path of
service to self.

I learned nothing in the astral realms that helped my spiritual awakening, all
my experiences were either neutral or negative, funny at some times. But I
learned that entering the astral world means disconnecting from all that is

The way we connect with our higher self, with the Universe, is not through
astral travel, but by increasing our vibrational energy. If we increase our
vibrational energy, we start remembering our past lives, we start remembering
who we really are.. our psychic and spiritual abilities will come to the surface
and with those abilities you can connect to the Universe, to the World and
to the Light Realm.

It is like a highly advanced form of remote viewing.. nothing like astral travel
because your soul stays inside your body at all times. With these abilities you
can connect with any place in the world, the Universe or the spirit world, and
it will be as if you are actually there, in spirit form.. but your soul never, ever
leaves your body.

With these abilities you can learn everything and remember everything. You
can also use them to enter any dimension or frequency, such as the realm of
the Elementals, such as the Faeries, Kobolds and Leprechauns, Tree Devas,
water elementals and sylphs.. among many other. You can see other spirits,
such as visiting spirits or earthbound spirits, whom you can then help enter
the Light.

The way we increase our vibrational energy, is by letting go everything that
is heavy and negative, such as:

- Eating meat and dairy products, even honey.
- Violent movies and aggressive music.
- Killing trees, flowers and plants.
- focusing on negative thoughts.
- Nurturing negative emotions.
- Performing negative actions.

And by doing things such as:

- Like above, becoming vegan.
- Watching beautiful, positive movies (boring for some, but it will get better).
- Listening to beautiful, peaceful music.
- Planting trees and flowers, helping the Faerie Folk.
- Focus on positive thinking.
- Light meditations and visualizations.. no heavy focus or concentration needed.
- Nurture positive emotions, such as joy or laughter, give into them.
- Don't ever do anything that will harm another being or plant.
- Having your past life blocks removed, very important.

These things, will continueously increase your vibrational energy, and they
will automatically unlock your psychic and spiritual abilities, and allow you to
become happy.. setting you on a fast path of further spiritual awakening.


Concepts such as enlightenment or ascension, don't actually exist. They were
made up by religious leaders who want to be placed above other people. If you
compare the teachings of an enlightened master, with the ramblings of a small
child, you will quickly prefer the child's small wisdoms over the egotistical rants
of the "enlightened master". Ascension does not exist either, again it was some-
thing created to place certain people above others, and to promote worship of
these beings. Beings such as archangels and ascended masters do exist, but
they are not Light, they are non light creatures who thrive on deception, hatred
and lies. They have led astray many psychics and mediums.. causing much lies
to enter mainstream spirituality.

You already know everything, you already learned everything, your soul is literally
billions of years old, and there is no such thing as old souls and young souls, as
all souls were born during the beginning of Creation.. all you have to do here on
Earth, is remember who you really are, remember what you've learned and what
you can do. Enlightenment and ascension are empty words, remembering is what


I'm actually learning how the different bodies work at the moment, I will let
you know what comes out once I know how it all works.

I know that it is possible to visit the Light Realm, but not by leaving our
bodies. When we leave our bodies we enter the astral realm, and from there
it is not possible, to my knowledge, to reach the Light Realm, because it is
a completely different part of the spirit world.

It does not matter how you call the Light, be it God, Allah, the Divine Spirit,
or any other name.. but beings that have feathered wings and that have a
status above humans as messsengers of God, do not actually exist. That is
what I learned anyway, and my personal experiences confirm this.

I learned that everyone in the Light is equal, there is no hierarchy of any
kind. All Light souls spend their time incarnating, and resting in the Light Realm
between incarnations. There are no beings such as angels that spend all their
time in Heaven, in the Light Realm.

I have met archangel Michael, at first he had me fooled, but he turned out to
be a non light creature, devoid of love. This being didn't come from Heaven,
its home was the astral realm and from there it deceives many psychics and
mediums who believe in archangel Michael as a divine Light being. The same
counts for ascended masters.. sure some of them exist, but they are not
Light beings.. they are beings who teach negative knowledge, and who
deceive those who are on a path of service to others. Archangels such as
Raphael or Michael are gigantic creatures, with a lot of power, but they are
not Light.. I have seen them in action, fighting against demonic armies, but
when I realized that the Light does not use violence, I knew that these
beings were not Light.

You gotta know, there are many different factions in the astral that all fight

But don't think that the Light doesn't guide us, because it does.. everyday
again the Light gives us messages and lessons to help us evolve and help us
remember who we are. There are no coincidence in our lives, the Light is
always there to help and guide us and give us what we need to fulfill our
purpose. Divine Spirit exists, and he guides us with Light, just like Divine
Mother, our planet Earth, guides us with Light every day again.


Sadly, books such as those of Robert Monroe have convinced people that
there is no negativity in the astral realms and that it is completely safe,
that nothing can happen to them there.

They are happy to ignore the many stories of people who have had their
lives ruined, and who have even been astrally murdered or mutilated.

Some books have convinced people that all negativity in the astral comes
from your own mind, and that there is no darkness in the astral.

Theories such as these are the cause of people getting their lives ruined,
people suiciding, people dying and people ending up in mental asylums.

Astral travel is something for black mages who have been trained for years
to protect themselves against the alien and demonic entities that roam the
astral realms. People like Robert Monroe, who seem neutral, are actually
black mages.. not all black mages are evil, but they aren't loving either, and
their knowledge is often deceptive and purposely incomplete, so people get
trapped in intensely negative energies and trapped within the energy of many
different types of astral entities, human, alien, demonic or monstrous.

Even for those who's home is the astral, for those who go to the astral when
they die, it is extremely dangerous, because they can end up in an enemy
realm if they are not supported by people from their home realm. Even if they
are supported, something much stronger may come and then it's over.

I wish I could be more positive about astral travel, and I do have experienced
some positive experiences, more or less, but it is just too dangerous. That is
also why I will never teach anyone how to successfully astral travel. I am not
a black mage, and therefor my knowledge is insufficient to teach others.

I'm a Light soul, like many others, and astral travel was never meant to be
used by us. We have different ways to connect with our spirit world, without
having to leave our bodies. In our natural state we can see all dimensions
and all frequencies, project our consciousness to any place and experience
it as if we're really there, without ever having to leave our body. You could
say it is a highly advanced form of remote viewing and consciousness


wots the reasons for not eating meat , dairys and honey?
Animals have souls just like you and me, all have us have been incarnated
as animals in the past. Many animals are Light souls, some animals are non
light souls, regardless of species. When we kill an animal and eat its corpse,
we might have killed and cannibalized a brother or sister or lover or father
or mother from a past life.. we will have cannibalized someone we love more
than ourselves.

When we eat dairy products, we join in with the non light and the enslavery
of bees, cows, goats, sheep, chickens and turkeys, among others. They
have to suffer more than you can imagine, to provide us with milk and eggs.

When we stop eating meat and dairy products, we stop joining in with the
mass genocide, slavery and torture of our brothers and sisters the animals.

Humans are in no way above animals, they are equally valuable, they have
the same kind of soul as we have, they are our brothers, our sisters, our
fathers, our mothers, our aunts and uncles and nieces and nephew from our
past lives on Earth.. they are US.

Also, eating meat massively lowers your vibrational energy, which is the
amount of Light in your body. With such a low vibrational energy, it is usually
impossible to walk successfully on a spiritual path, as meat often completely
blocks our ability to communicate with the spirit worlds, and from developing
our psychic and spiritual abilities and powers.


I've never read a book about astral travel, but really feel you are restricting yourself by taking this viewpoint. I just dont choose to see it like that. So, therefore, it isn't.
Well, reality isn't defined by our beliefs.. these astral entities exist whether
you believe in them or not, and they have the ability to attack you when
you enter the astral world unprepared, whether you believe that or not.

If you walk against a wall, you're going to bump your head whether you
believe that wall exists or not.

Sure, for some people the astral can be a safe place, but not for people like
me and many others here. Souls who are on a path of service to others will
find the astral a very hostile place once they are discovered there.

It is possible sometimes to travel through the astral if you know how to keep
your energy close to you, if you know how to change your appearance and
if you have the ability to control which realm you go to or not, but all this
takes a lot of training, and most people will simply never achieve the willpower
necessary to do these things.

But even then, souls who are on a path of service to others, have simply no
business in the astral realm.. it is the home of those souls who are on a path
of service to self, and they won't react positively if they find you invading
their home world. Sometimes I meet some beings who remain friendly with me
even if they know I am a Light soul, but that is very rare.

What I am saying only counts for people who are on a path of service to others.
I do not speak for those who are on a path of service to self.. their astral
experiences will be very different, and a lot more enjoyable, than mine.

I agree though that I'm not doing such a great job expressing myself right


Yeah, many people who are Light souls, are so damaged and traumatized
often that they cannot walk their intended path, and they are in pain most
of their lives, and often cause others pain as well. This is why it is so very
important we develop our innate healing abilities so we can help these people
to let go of their fear, their pain and their anger.

Those souls who are on a path of service to self will simply die natural deaths
and they will go back to their own solar system, or star system, where they
will continue incarnating, just like we will incarnate here on Earth.

I think you can imagine for yourselves what changes will occur when the dark
leave and everything becomes Light. Our society and our civilization will start
changing and everything that is negative will start disappearing, removed and
replaced by positive alternatives. Money and trade will disappear, as these
are concepts based on haves and havenots, fossil fuels will no longer be used,
forests will be replanted and no more trees will be cut, no more animals will
be killed or used in agriculture.. the entire population will become vegan, as
this is the only way to live in harmony with nature and with life itself. We will
continue to develop technology, but never negative technology, all weapons
will be recycled and all weapons factories will be closed. Conflicts will vanish
as there won't be any corporations and banks anymore to start wars.


Well, like I said I wasn't doing a very good job expressing what I was really
trying to say, but I will try to explain again. These things really aren't that
easy to explain properly.

Not everyone who goes to the astral and has a great time is a soul on a path
of service to self.. because even I had a handful of experiences during which
I really enjoyed myself. It is just that souls who are not on a path of service
to self will eventually always run into troubles when they continue going into
the astral.. it is not their home, and the beings who live there don't like us
entering their territory.. just like we don't appreciate if they would invade the
Light Realm, our home.. which they actually have once, and caused great
damage there.

You also misunderstood me a few times, I never said all astral travelers are
black mages, I said that only black mages can traverse the astral without
being in danger, and even they can run into very ugly situations.

Those souls on a path of service to others, will never find positive knowledge
in the astral realm.. because this realm is not their home. In the astral realm,
there are libraries such, and the Akashic Records, but all knowledge found
there is negative knowledge, not Light knowledge.. these places are meant
to teach those souls who are on a path of service to self.

A soul who is on a path of service to others, does not need to leave his or
her body to find the Light Realm, he is already connected to it at all times,
he just needs to learn how to project his consciousness to this place. In my
experiences, and basing on every single astral experience I ever read or
found, it is impossible to reach the Light Realm by leaving your body, as
leaving your body, for Light souls, means disconnecting from all that is Light.

We can reach the Light Realm and look into countless dimensions, but never
by leaving our bodies, because again, then we disconnect with all that is
Light. There are beautiful realms in the astral, sure, I described them in my
original post, but there is no real Light there, there is no real love there, as
beauty is not limited to the Light, the non light can be very beautiful too.

The Light Realm's true Nature.

But I will tell you this, and it is important:

"There is no physical shape in the Light Realm.."

In the Light Realm there are energies of Light, unconditional love, compassion,
endless forgiveness, bliss, joy.. there is amazing sound and music, there are
countless loving Light souls.. but they have no form, no gender, no shape..
and neither does the Light Realm. Only the astral realms have physical form
and shape, only there the beings are manifested in physical forms with gender
and shape.. they have landscapes and buildings and forests and roads.. they
manifested all this because of their attachment to physicality, to materialism.

But the Light has no such attachment to materialism.. the Light Realm has
no shape, no form, no physical aspects of any kind. The true form of a Light
soul is a pure energy, pure Light energy.. it has no gender or shape of any
kind, and nor does the Light Realm. The Light Realm is pure energy, there are
no oceans, no crystal cities, no pristine pearl temples.. there is no such need
to manifest physical shapes in the Light Realm. The Light Realm is pure and
pure energy, a realm of love, Light, compassion and bliss, there is no shape,
no grass, no roads, no fields, no forests.. there is no need for any of these
things there.

I have never said this before, but maybe that will help you understand the
true nature of the Light Realm, and that all these people who have seen cities
and roads and temples in the spirit world, were not in the Light Realm, they
were in an astral realm.














Because of my weak energy, I get pulled out of my body every night against
my will. I also often simply fall out of my body, into the astral, because my
energy is too weak to secure me inside of my physical body. Me spending so
many hours, thousands and thousands of hours already, in the astral, is not
natural for a Light being. I do learn from these experiences, although all I do
learn is what is not Light, I learn how they live in the spirit world, I learn how
they act, and think, and feel.

When I am pulled out of my body I am slightly slumbering. I'm not asleep yet,
I am still fully conscious and aware of myself, aware of being awake, but it
doesn't happen when I'm walking around or lying on the couch. Like I said,
usually I get pulled out when I start relaxing, or after I woke up. But I also
get pulled out in the middle of my sleep, then I wake up inside the astral.. I
am fully conscious and aware of myself when I am in the astral, but at times
the non light use illusions and mind control to manipulate me into using some
energies that are not Light, that are not healing. Usually I manage to stay
myself though, and I use the time that I am there to heal astral souls who
have suffered wounds and damage from wars with their own kind.

Some astral realms are much like Earth, but this is not a surprise. The astral
has a deep connection with physicality and with materialism, even though it
is a spiritual place. Every solar system has its own spirit world, so most souls
in the astral look like humans and have the same habits as they have during
their incarnations on Earth. The difference with the Light realm is great, as
the Light realm has no attachment with materialism or physicality, so the Light
realm is purely Light, purely energy, it has no shape or form and the souls that
live there have no physical like bodies, they too are pure Light.


Well, I never wanted to continue being pulled into the astral, I really do not
like that place, but you are right that it might be possible that it still happens
because there is learning for me there. I think if there was no learning, the
Light and my spirit guides would have prevented me from being pulled out by
now. Also when I am there, I make the best of the situation and I heal the
wounded astral warriors there. These aren't Light souls, they fight their own
kind and they get wounded that way. Sometimes they do attack me when
they find out I am Light, but then I just take away their powers temporarily
and heal them anyway.

Sadly, I haven't been able to project my consciousness into the Light yet,
as it is impossible to enter the Light realm by leaving your body the way you
do when astral traveling. But once my vibrational energy reaches the required
amount, I will be able to visit the Light Realm whenever I want, obviously with
out leaving my body, because leaving your body for a Light being, (at least
when not dead yet), means disconnecting from all that is Light.

But my spirit guides showed me the Light, one evening I was lying on my bed,
and they appeared before me, as clear as I can see my brother watching TV
right now. They were so beautiful and surrounded by such an intense Light
and Love, they smiled at me and slowly faded away. Two times this happened,
first my main spirit guide Zemzar appeared before me, and a week later his
partner Roxy appeared before me, in the same way. She was tremendously
beautiful.. it's hard to describe.

That's why I know the difference between Light and non light so clearly.

Just because you have dark inside you, it doesn't mean you are not Light.
Remember that a non light soul has no Light inside it at all, and the darkness
you might feel might be the darkness that entered your mind during your life
here on Earth. A Light being has no darkness of his own, all the darkness that
comes to him comes from the outside, and enters his mind. It can never enter
his heart, as that is invulnerable to darkness.

I can't say whether you are Light or non light, but if you have love in you, if
you have Light in you, then you are Light, as no non light being has Light in
him.. nor would he ever want to have Light in him.


A healer I just met, accidentally found out an interdimensional gateway
within my chest. It is lodged within a hole and a wound within my energy
body, and I believe that it is the cause why I end up in the astral every
night. If my mentor can find it as well and remove it, then I will finally be
able to rest in peace without being plagued by constant trips into the
astral world at night, in the morning and in the evening.

I am very excited about this, I won't rest easy until this gateway, which
looks to a healer like a blue sphere inside my chest, is removed permanently.

She can even look into the astral when she focuses on this gateway, it
is powerful interdimensional magick, I don't know who placed it there, but
it has been there for many years now.

The healer who found it, tried to remove it, but was unable to, it was far
too powerful. My only hope now is that my mentor will be able to remove
it once and for all. Who knows, maybe even my pain will be reduced one
this thing is gone.


Mentor! Uhoh...
Why didn't they find it in the first place?
Because during the time of my mentor's last diagnosis and healing of me,
quite a while ago, the energies on Earth were still at a point where the non
light who were in charge of wrecking me, could still hide some of the issues
with me from my mentor's spiritual eyes.

The veils have fallen off, but my mentor didn't have the time yet to make
a new diagnosis, so this healer managed to find it now. Thanks to her I can
have my mentor remove it once and for all. Sadly it will be a while before
my mentor can make a full diagnosis again, because she has seven weeks
of past life block healing ahead of her.. and she has to squeeze me in there


My aura has a gigantic hole in it, the astral entities who are out for my
demise, use it to connect this whole with the worst parts of the astral
realm, not that there really are any good parts, as there is no Light in
the astral realm, and then at night, everytime my brainwaves slow down,
they yank me out of my body and into their realms. They used to torture
me there horribly, but I learned to defend myself and now I just use the
opportunity to learn more about the non light.

I still don't go there voluntarily though.. this night I spend twelve hours in
different astral realms, in sessions of a few minutes to a few hours. It was
not all that unpleasant this time, because it's starting to get more difficult
for them to pull me into the demonic realms, and it's become impossible for
them to cause me harm anymore.. as I always react with love, and that
disempowers their ability to harm me, completely.

Shows how Light and love is stronger than darkness and hatred.. even in
their own territory.

Also, I can assure you my experiences and descriptions are not contrived,
they are not made up. The reason they are so detailed is because I have
had thousands of such experiences throughout the course of five years,
and still going on. When I am there, though involuntarily, I don't bother
to jump back into my body, because I would just get pulled out again right
away, and that back and forth sensation is sickening, so I just stay where
I am until my body pulls me back. I take the time to look around me when
I am there, and I do my best to learn as much as I can. To be honest I've
never read a more detailed description of the astral realms than my own,
which is why I decided to share it on this forum.. although I omitted the
personal events that occured while I was there, because some of them are
far too graphic and horrific to write down, it would reduce the energy of
my threads too much.

I have described roughly some of the bad things that happened to me here:

But I warn you it is extremely graphic, the only reason I described it like
that is because I was being accused of having an "easy" spiritual past.

Again, the difference must be made between the astral realm, which is
completely devoid of any Light and love, and which has physical characteristics,
and the Light realm, which is a place of pure Light and Love, which has
no physical characteristics. It is impossible to travel to the Light realm
by leaving your body as through astral travel, because leaving your body
whithout dying, means disconnecting from all that is Light.. and means
entering the astral realm.. which is the home of non light souls.. who too
incarnate here on Earth.. though it can be difficult to see if a human has
a Light soul or a non light soul. In the spirit world they are very different,
but on Earth they can be similar due to the amnesia that comes at birth,
which by the way, is against Divine intention, it is a non light block that
was never supposed to be there. We are meant to be born with all our
memories intact.. as we don't come here to learn, but to serve those
who need our help.. at least Light souls come to help



Nothing to do with the astral.. You got to realize the astral is just one part
of the spirit world. it is the home of that souls who are on a service to self
path, or "non light". Where as the Light realm is the home of those souls
who are on a service to others path, or "Light".

When an incarnated non light soul dies on Earth, he returns to the astral,
also when a non light soul on Earth, sleeps, he returns to the astral. But
when a Light soul dies, he goes to the Light realm, and when a Light soul
sleeps, he stays inside his body.. unless he has a hole in his aura and gets
pulled into the astral by force.. which is what happens to me.

I can tell you, there is no spiritual positivity, love, compassion or Light in
the astral. It is a purely service to self environment, which ranges from
reasonably peaceful and friendly, to demonic and malicious. Also the astral
realm has shape and form like the physical world on Earth, where as the
Light realm, has no physicality, no shape, form or gender. Light souls in the
Light realm, have no bodies, they are pure Light.

But there is also the elemental realm, which is home to the nature spirits
of this planet. It is not within the astral, but between Earth and the Light
realm. This is also the realm that is visited by many shamans, and often
mistaken as the spirit world. I guess it is a world of spirits, but not of the
dead, but of nature spirits.. who are half physical.


Which points do you want to know more about?

Yes, the akashic are non light records that are used by service to self souls
to learn about themselves and about their history on this planet. It is not a
place where Light souls such as you and me, can learn from. If a non light
soul wants to learn about astral magick, or about energy vampirism, he can
look that up in the akashic and study those topics there. The akashic is kind
of a service to self library, but it also serves to deceive the Light on Earth.

The Light has its own Light records, which can be accessed if your vibration
is high enough, meaning if your awakening and remembering have progressed
far enough. Once you reach that point, all you have to do is focus on these
records, and you can access all the information within it, you never have to
leave your body for this, as astral travel means disconnecting from the Light.

My mentor is one of the people who are able to remove all our past life blocks,
and she works for free. If you are interested, send me a private message and
I will tell you what to do to have your own blocks removed.

We don't actually have akashic records, that is a misconception, the akashic
is a place within the astral realms, people themselves don't have askashic
records or akashic memories.

The concept that we evolve into a state from which we don't have to come
to the physical for incarnation again, is also a false concept. Light souls will
always continue reincarnating, for all of eternity. Normally incarnation into
the physical is what we love doing most, it is what we enjoy most and we're
always very grateful if the Light asks us to incarnate onto a planet. Usually
when we incarnate, we keep all our memories, as a baby, child, adult or senior
and we never lose them.. so life in the physical is amazing that way. But the
reason we lose our memories when we get born, is because of major blocks in
our beings and on the world. Once those blocks are gone, we will incarnate
on Earth with all our memories intact again.

Non light souls cannot be born on Earth anymore, not since 2008.. so all life
born after 2008, including animals and elementals, are Light souls. This is a
permanent state, and no non light being will ever be able to incarnate into
this solar system again. As the vibrational energy of the solar system rises,
all non light souls will be forced to leave here, physically and spiritually, and
paradise will become reality.. this is not a cycle, such as the 1000 year old
golden age theory preaches, but it is permanent, life on Earth will be paradise
as a permanent state, until the solar system dies its natural death, many and
many billions of years from now.

A Light soul can never be trapped in the astral, that is luckily an impossibility,
even when I am in the astral, there is nothing the non light can do to prevent
me from jumping back into my body, the fluid cord is unbreakable, it can only
break when we die a physical death. Also after our death, we instantly enter
the Light realm, there is nothing that can prevent us from going into the Light
unless we choose ourselves to stay on Earth, but even then we are on Earth
as spirits, and not in the astral. Once we decide to move on, the Light picks
us up and we go home. A soul is immortal by the way, be it Light or non light,
even a black hole cannot destroy a soul. Once a soul is born, long ago, it can
never be destroyed or unraveled, not even by the Creators. You will exist for
all times my friend, nothing will ever happen that will make you stop existing
as an individual, immortal being.



I think you haven't enough of my posts, which is your right of course, but
you definitely should not advise people to start exploring the astral realms.
You don't seem to have any idea how dangerous this is.. you are very lucky
that you haven't been targeted.. or your experiences would be very different.

Here I am warning people to stay away from the astral and avoid having
their lives ruined, or even ended.. as I know several people who ended up
in a mental asylum with permanently shattered minds.. and you go telling
people to jump into the astral and have fun?

Some of them are beautiful sure, but even they are devoid of love and of
compassion.. there is no Light anywhere the astral, and there is absolutely
nothing you can learn in the astral that will help you with your life as a Light
being. There is no knowledge there, there is no wisdom there.. there is only
service to self energy there.

Also, you are entirely wrong when you state that absolutely nothing can
hurt you in the astral, because for five years I have been tortured for hours
on end, every night again, in the astral realms. The moment my body had
started relaxing when I was in bed, I was ripped out of my body despite still
being awake, brought to some realm and tortured for hours. The pain I felt
there was multitudes worse than anything I ever felt in the physical, and I
have gone through some tremendous pain in the physical.

You're again wrong when you say that everyone is happy and content in the
astral, there are tremendous wars going on between the different factions of
the astral kingdoms, and warriors come home with horrible wounds and intense
suffering. I often find torture chambers where disobedient servants have their
astral bodies ripped apart over and over, everytime it restored itself, the pain
started again for these poor beings.

I spend a lot of energy, when I am in the astral, to heal these poor beings,
who often have their limbs ripped off, and I restore them to health and beauty
with my Light energy, which is something the healers there cannot do, as non
light energy is not healing. So these poor astral souls are often quite grateful,
even if I am their enemy, if I have healed and restored them.

There are nice places in the astral, where service to self souls have fun, sure,
there are beautiful realms where there is peace, but the threat of war always
looms. Many times I spend in peaceful realms, when suddenly the borders of
the realm above my head, were broken and horrible armies stormed into the
realm.. soaring through the realm and maiming and taking prisoners.

I have spent thousands of times, and so many hours, in the different astral
realms, never voluntarily, but it taught me how they live.. and I am afraid that
your view of the astral realm is quite distorted and inaccurate. You must know
that there is another side to the astral realm that you have experienced, and
that "bad" side, is far more common than the "good" one.


(I am writing this in case some people will actually decide to try astral travel
because of the incomplete picture Dryadlover gave of the astral realms.

I am not saying that you are wrong, I am saying that your claims about the
astral world are incomplete, I apologize if I didn't make that clear in my post.

The Whole Story.

Your experiences are valuable and worth reading, all I'm doing is adding my
own perspective about the astral, to complete yours, so people know that
astral travel can be fun, but it can also be very dangerous. You are saying
you can't get hurt in the astral, which is sadly inaccurate, as the stories
of people, including me, who got hurt badly in the astral, are numerous.

I'm not trying to deny you, again I apologize if it seemed that way, I am just
trying to complete the story about the astral that you shared with us, so
people get the whole picture instead of just a part of it. Everyone who will
share his experiences in the astral, adds another piece to the puzzle. Maybe
you have no read the experiences in the astral of many people, and maybe
that is the reason why you think astral travel is all fun and joy.

Astral Realities.

I know that in the astral, we don't make our own realities unless we choose
to do so. It does not happen automatically, even our fear does not simply
manifest horrible entities. What we meet in the astral, unless we consciously
create it, is real.. these are real souls, real entities, that even incarnate on
Earth, just like you and me. In fact most people on Earth, are astral souls.

I know for a fact that none of my experiences were manifested by my own
mind or emotions, because I researched this thoroughly and I tested it as
much as I could, to gain certainty. The theory that the astral realm is all joy
and fun, and that all negativity is created by our own fears and negative
thoughts, is very popular amongst people who advocate careless astral travel,
but most people who become targets of the dark, find out that this is simply
not true.

Fun and Horror.

In your circles I may be rare, but I know many people who have had their
lives ruined and their minds shattered because they became targets of the
astral. They opened themselves up by forcing their soul out of their body
through astral travel, and as soon as they were spotted, the horror began.

I still sometimes get crazy emails from my friends who ended up in the mental
asylum, because the astral crushed them. Most of them didn't even enter
the astral more than a few times, but it was enough to open a hole in their
aura and become vulnerable to severe astral attacks.

Onesided Picture.

My only criticism is that you aren't acknowledging the other side at all, you
only advocate the fun side, the cool side, the joyful side, and you are totally
ignoring the dangers of astral travel, astral travel which should never, ever
be done by Light souls.. astral travel is part of the black arts, it has no place
within the life of a Light soul, it only brings problems, it only leads the person
away from his intended path. Light souls did not come here just to have fun,
they didn't come here for themselves, they came here because the Light has
asked them, because the Light needed them, Mother Earth needed them, the
people needed them.

You said I am denying you, but I am really not.. you are the one that denies
the other side of astral travel, by only focusing on the fun and the service to
self aspects. Light souls are not service to self beings, they have no place in
the astral.. our home is the Light realm, the astral is no playground for us. By
entering the astral for the purpose of fun, or any purpose at all, we jeapordize
our mission on Earth.

Astral Souls on Earth.

I'm not trying to tell you what to do, by all means keep going there and have
fun, but don't tell people that there is only fun and games there, that there
is no danger, that you can never get hurt.. because you can, and it has
nothing to do with what we create for ourselves.. these things are real and
certainly not of our own creation.. the bad people that make millions of people
suffer on Earth, aren't any more friendly when they are in their astral home.

Service to Self Mentality.

Entering the astral does absolutely nothing to expand our awareness, what
it does is narrow it down into a service to self mentality. The energies there
inflict our mind with a service to self mentality that carries over into the real
world if you do not cleanse yourself of it. If I would not cleanse myself every
time I come back from an involuntary astral trip, I would be unable to do my
work every day of mentoringn, healing and helping people.. as I would only
be thinking of what I could do for myself, instead of what I could do for others.


You must have misread, I didn't say that he was entirely wrong, I said
that he was entirely wrong when he said that no one can ever get hurt
in the astral realms.

Dryadlover, I am sorry if my posts were too pointed, I am just very
edgy when it comes to advising people to astral travel, as it has ruined
five years of my life, and destroyed the lives of several of my friends.

A person I met back then deceived me and told me I could learn great
things through astral travel, he told me I couldn't get hurt, I believed
him and it nearly destroyed me. Then he told me to use violence when
in the astral to defend myself, and it got even worse.

For some people it can be nice, for some people it can be horror, and
it doesn't have anything to do with their beliefs or their attitudes. It
depends on whether you are a target or not.. and the problem is that
if you aren't one yet, you can become one if you astral travel.

For some people, astral travel is simply not good, not good at all. If
your purpose on Earth is a threat to the astral gods, then you are a
target.. and astral travel will make things far worse.

I don't believe in fear mongering, and if you've read my other posts,
you'll see how almost all of them focus on positivity and a great future
on Earth.. but when it comes to astral travel, there is simply no way
to focus only on positivity.. as an example, how could you focus only
on positivity when talking about murder? I'm sure it was fun for the
murderer, but how fun could it have possibly been for the victim?


That is because the astral world is a world dominated by fear. Just like love
and Light is the predominant energies in the Light realm, fear and darkness
are the predominant energies of the astral realm. Like the Light realm is a
service to others environment, the astral realms are all service to self places.

Some astral realms are peaceful and beautiful, but still always devoid of Light,
unconditional love and true compassion. The reason why many people feel
fear when they come in contact with the astral, is not because they fear the
unknown, but because the energy of the astral is fear itself.. and this fear
creeps into your mind. Your heart is immune to it, but not your mind.

You can learn to not allow this fear to enter you, but as long as you are in
the astral, you are surrounded by fear energy, ranging from reasonable fear
to intense terror. Just like love is our energy, fear is their energy, all their
other energies are derived from this ego based fear, such as hatred, anger
and jealousy, greed and desire.

If you change your mentality to that of a service to self being, like Dryadlover
does, you can have fun there, you can abuse your power to act like a god
and have weaker beings worship you.. but these are not the actions of Light,
these are not the actions of a service to others being. The more you stay
within this mentality on purpose, the more you will get stuck within it, and
the more you will carry it over into the physical world, it may corrupt you.

Sometimes I have fun in the astral too, but not through service to self, I
have fun there through service to others. I often meet wounded beings or
beings who are stuck within the state of their astral body.. many beings
there are inflicted with astral curses and they cannot become free of these
things on their own. So I use my healing abilities as a Light being, to heal
their wounds, remove these curses, and restore them to their natural state
of being.

Often when a demonic being attacks me, he is out of himself by rage and
has barely any self awareness, because of his wounds and his afflictions..
these beings are put in such a state by their masters so they can easily be
controlled and abused for their purposes. So I use my Light to restore them
to their true self, heal their wounds and lift their afflictions.. their rage will
vanish, their demonic appearance will often turn into a beautiful form, and
they regain their self awareness and control over themselves.

Often when I heal and restore astral beings, they are very grateful to me,
and even though I never require gratitude, it still feels good. The nature of
a Light being is unconditional love, meaning to love without conditions, and
healing demons, beings who inflict great problems upon humanity, and then
restoring their beings, is a good example of how unconditional love can be
of use anywhere, can prevail in any environment, even if it is completely
devoid of Light, even if it is the darkest and most malicious place you can
imagine.. love can shine anywhere within Existence.. there is no place any
where in the Universe, not in any dimensions or realm, be it physical, half
physical or spiritual, where love cannot shine and prevail, where love can
not serve its purpose of healing, freedom and restoration.


Also, in my experiences with the both the Light and the darkness, there are
no such beings as real enlightened masters, or ascended beings. Also there
are no such laws as the karmic concept claims.

There are beings in the astral who play the role of ascended masters and
enlightened beings, but they are all service to self entities who's only goal
is to increase their own power, through deception and lies.. the archangels
are the same, they are beings who pose as benevolent entities, as religion
and Buddhism and other belief systems have taught us that they are good
beings for so long, that we start to believe it without questioning, without
heart discernment. We don't even consider that these beings, who are part
of a hierarchy, are not Light beings.. as there is no hierarchy in the Light.

Karma was a concept fabricated, just like religion, as a tool to easier control
the spirituality of people, and to prevent them from healing themselves.
Karma teaches us about revenge and vengeance, about hatred and about
schadenfreude.. these are not energies of the Light. Karma teache us that
all your problems are your own fault, and that whoever hurts you will get
punished by the Universe.. these are, luckily, false truths.. karmic laws do
not exist for the Light, and they do not exist for the non light.. they were
fabricated to hold people within a stagnating cycle of belief, where he will
focus on revenge and ignore forgiveness.. where he will expect his problems
to be resolved without any effort from the person himself.

Just like karma, the concepts of enlightenment and ascension were fabricated
to prevent people from walking their intended path here on Earth. Ascension
teaches that we incarnate for ourselves, and that helping others, if at all, is
only a tool to increase our status as entities in the spiritual hierarchy. Light
souls don't incarnate to ascend, they will always continue incarnating for all
of eternity, they will never reach a state where they never incarnate again,
a state elevated above others.. because guess what? There is no hierarchy
in the Light of any kind, all Light souls are equal, hierarchy only exists in the
non light factions on Earth and in the astral.

We don't incarnate for ourselves, we don't incarnate to improve ourselves, as
although we do become stronger within our abilities of love and Light, our
purpose on Earth, or in any physical incarnation, is to serve those who need
us, to serve the planet, to serve our soul family, to serve all in the Light who
need our help, our healing, our friendship, our love.

There is no such a state of enlightenment, where you are suddenly above all
others, who are not enlightened yet.. in the Light there is no status, there is
no hierarchy, all are on the same level of evolution, because the Light evolves
collectively.. every Light soul is unique, but we evolve collectively.. no one is
ever above the other, no one is more powerful or more valuable, or more wise.

If you know these things, then it becomes very easy to see through all those
false Light truths and these ego and fear based concepts that have been
spread through the world as wisdom and knowledge.

Knowledge and wisdom is not required to lift up this planet, what is required is
love. What is required is that we open our hearts and give love to all without
ever placing conditions on this love.. this will liberate our world for all times.
Someone that works for free in a hospital to support terminal patients, and
helps them to release of their fear through love and kindness, will achieve far
more for this wonderful planet than someone who spends all his life gathering
knowledge and trying to reach ascension, trying to become enlightened.

The world has no use for ascension or enlightenment, and awareness of
the truth is not required to fulfill our purpose in our life. What is required
is unconditional love, unconditional compassion, unconditional kindness,
unconditional forgiveness. This will transform this world into the paradise
it was always meant to be.. Sooner than you realize, this will happen, the
only question left for you: Do you want to contribute to this, or not? Do
you want to be a part of this transformation, or not? If so, then realize
that love, compassion and forgiveness is always the solution.


Every solar system has its own spirit world.

The Light Realm.

If only Light souls incarnate within a solar system, then that solar system
only has a Light realm. Such a Light realm doesn't have levels or layers, it
is a place of sound, Light, emotion, feeling and communication.. there is
no physicality there.. everything is pure energy. We, Light souls, do not
have bodies here, just like our surroundings, we are pure Light. Like I said,
this is the home of the Light, it is where we go between incarnations on a
certain planet within that solar system.

The Astral Realm.

If only non light incarnates within a solar system, then that solar system
only has an astral realm. Such an astral realm is like a huge, black space,
and within that space there are countless astral "bubble" realms. Many of
these astral realms, or as I also call them, factions, are at war with each
other, as I have witnessed large conflicts and wars between the different
astral kingdom realms, or bubble realms. I call them bubble realms because
when I am in that huge black space between the realms, the different
realms look like oval or spheric bubbles. Sometimes one faction invades
the "bubble" of the other, and other times the conflict is fought out within
the space between the realms.

Traveling Between Realms.

When the Light, or in the case of astral souls, their masters, require us to
incarnate within a different solar system, because our unique gifts are of
need there most, we travel through physical space, as spirits, to another
solar system. When there we will enter the Light realm of that solar system,
or in the case of astral souls, they will enter the astral realm of that solar
system. Once there they get accomodated, assigned to a soul group, or
astral realm, and prepare for physical incarnation within that solar system.

Sometimes we are asked to stay within the Light realm, because we are
needed to act as guides for incarnated Light souls. Once we are done with
that task, and the souls don't need our help anymore, we will return to our
previous solar system and continue incarnating there.

The Purpose of the Energies.

Light souls do not incarnate to learn and evolve, although this is a side effect
of our time in the physical. We do not go there where we can learn most, we
go there where our help is needed most. Light souls don't incarnate for them
selves, they incarnate for those who need their help most, for those souls
or those planets that need our assistance and our unique abilities the most.

We enjoy reincarnation very much, even though in our current state we'll
often feel little joy, as Light beings, every moment in the physical is a true
blessing. We are never forced to incarnate, there are no constraints within
the Light.. no laws, no requirements, no hierarchy, no status, no masters.

Forced Incarnation.

Astral souls are often forced to incarnate, for many of them incarnation is not
a choice, but slavery. Many astral souls that incarnate on Earth, really do
not want to be here, they are here against their will, because their masters
forced them to come here. That is why there is so much talk about escape
of the cycle of reincarnation within the spiritual community. The majority
of people on Earth are astral souls still, although this will change soon, as
they can't incarnate here anymore since two years ago. That is why you'll
hear Bridgeeteyes and Lyghtkynge speak about reincarnation as slavery.

Non light souls on Earth want to escape their cycles of reincarnation here,
they want to become free of the oppression of their masters, and while
here they seek the power to achieve this. That is where all the talk about
ascension and enlightenment comes from, both service to self concepts..
as the more power and knowledge they gain, the higher the chance they
will find a way to escape here and release themselves from their masters.

During wars in the astral realms, prisoners are made, and these prisoners
often become slaves that have to follow the whim of their new masters,
often they are forced to incarnate, even if they really don't want to, as
this is a Light planet, and for them being here, in a place with such a huge
amount of Light, is not pleasant.

That is why astral beings are focused on the desire for power. They want
this power so they can be the boss of themselves, so they cannot be taken
against their will and captured, so they can fight back those that want to
abuse them. That is the defense part of their desire for power, the offensive
part is their desire to gain control over other astral beings, to create a group
or faction of their own, and maybe create their own astral realm, where they
are the masters, so they can invade others factions and gain more power,
more minions and more control. You see this on Earth as well, they act on
Earth the same way as they act in the astral, they are still the same beings.

So the fact that astral souls cannot incarnate here anymore, is a source
of rage for the ruling elite, but a blessing for many astral souls and for us
of course, because this solar system is Light territory, non light was never
meant to come here in the first place.


I never spoke about evil, as I do not believe in evil. I spoke about service to
self actions and beings, and I never said it was wrong.. I only said it was not

I always spoke about in my posts, how both service to self and service to
others focused energies are equal, as the Universe needs both of them to
sustain its continued and eternal existance.

I really don't agree with your points about "extreme wisdom" and it being
contrary to a path of love, to a path of service to others. Real love means
unconditional love, and that is never a service to self path. As this path
always places others before yourself, and by default that is not service to
self. Wisdom is non dual, both the Light and the non light can possess
wisdom, as wisdom simply means to understand your situation and function
within the Universe.

Focus on wisdom has nothing to do with duality, with service to self or with
service to others.. it just means, like I said, that you want to learn about
your situation and your function within the Universe and within your current
state of being. Wisdom of the Light and of love, will always lead to service
to others situations.. the more wisdom you gain of the Light, the more you
will know what you can do for others, no matter what situation you are in.

In the astral there are very wise and powerful beings, with a tremendous
amount of knowledge of the Universe and of themselves.. the reason you
think that astral souls are not very wise or spiritually developed, is because
their masters have cut them off from their past memories and from their
knowledge and wisdom as astral souls. I'm not really sure what you could
teach them to help them heal their wounds and their afflictions.. why not
just heal them yourself, so they are free from suffering and restriction? Why
ask them to worship you and gloat over your own power above theirs?

You gave yourself a status of being above them, being wiser than them and
being more powerful than them.. doesn't this reek of arrogance? Placing your
self above other beings is an action of ego.. it is not extreme wisdom.

Why not treat them as your equals, why not respect them for what they are
and heal their wounds, so they can be free of their suffering, afflictions,
curses and wounds? What can these poor souls possibly gain from worshiping
you, from thinking that they are weaker than you?

I'm not saying that what you're doing is right or wrong, I have no right to
make a judgement like that, I am just asking these questions because I want
to understand your motivations.


You keep misunderstanding and misreading me.. I never said that all souls
who want ascension or enlightenment are non light souls, I said that the
concepts of ascension and enlightenment are non light concepts. Us Light
souls do not incarnate for ourselves, we don't incarnate to become more
powerful than others, we come here to serve others. If a Light soul wants
ascension or enlightenment, that simply means that he does not realize
fully yet why he has incarnated into this life.

It is true that there are no Light souls who incarnate reluctantly, when we
are in the Light, we are grateful for every opportunity to incarnate into the
physical, be it as a crystal, an insect, an animal, an elemental or human.
For Light souls, incarnation into the physical is a true blessing.. the amount
of time we are incarnated, is extremely small to the amount of time we
spend in the spirit world.. so every opportunity to incarnate is a blessing.

The only reason you despise the physical dimension, is because your blocks
have cut you off from your real self, from your memories and from who you
really are. Once you start remembering your past lives, once you start to
reconnect with your higher self, you will start to realize what a blessing it
is to be here, and you will enjoy every moment.. because that is our nature,
there is no negativity in our nature, and to despise something is not Light.

You must realize that who we are now, cut off from our memories and from
our higher self, is just a tiny facet of who we really are. The ruling elite has
worked very hard to disconnect us from who we really are, this way we are
far easier controlled, and ego can enter our minds to keep us focused on
the negative, to keep us focused on what we can do for ourselves, to stop
us from being happy with what we have, to stop us from seeing what a
blessing it is to be here, despite all the suffering and negativity, my profile
signature is connected with this as well.