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After about nine months of trying to get together and do this, Carol and I spent last weekend playing with her aura camera and taking pictures of my aura while wearing the different energy bracelets. It was a lot of fun and we ended up with some great pictures. You can check them out on my site at

Here's an example of me wearing the Grounding bracelet:

And here's what my aura looked like after about three hours of wearing the different bracelets and then taking them off:

After seeing this photo I realized why Stevo's business has been less affected by the months-long slowdown that has affected a lot of the orgonite vendors. He wears 16 or so of my bracelets 24/7, and seeing how wearing a bunch of bracelets affected my aura in this picture explained to me how he is able to keep his space so clear.

Many, many thanks to Madame Carol for the use of her camera and for evaluating each picture so that I could put that information on my website along with the pictures. I think this is a good tool to help people understand how the bracelets work.


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Post Re: Aura Photos 
Coach Dooney got loads of hacking during the process of posting these photos.  Last spring, she and Doc Stevo were visiting us while Carol was getting more famliar with her new aura camera and we spent hours experimenting, then.  During her visit, a week ago, we started to discover some consistencies, also some long range effects from wearing her bracelets.  Also, Carol has been gaining experience during that time by setting up her aura cameras in various fairs and has given lots of readings, so she now notices more things.  Carol has seen auras all her life and wanted to see if the aura camera shows what she sees.  It does and this allows the customer to see what she sees.

Stevo wears thirteen of Dooney's bracelets and I wear a heart-healing bracelet since last spring.   This is my second one because our two-year-old grandkid actually stretched the first one out enough to put it around his neck. I'm a sap around kids.  Dooney kindly made a second one, which stays on my left wrist.

Carol and I have noticed some pretty profound, positive effects on Stevo over the past months (we see them fairly often) and even though I haven't had a treatment for my poison-damaged heart from the Doc over the past four months my heart health continues to improve.  I track that by measuring the irregularity of my heartbeat.  He had cured my congenital heart murmur pretty quickly a couple of years ago, probably rescuing me from imminent heart failure due to the severe poisonings by the FBI and NSA in previous years.  When he cured my heart murmur he had already fixed my  reversed heartbeat, which is what caused me to fail a flight physical two years earlier.  But my congenital arhythmia has been a tough nut to crack.  I mention all that because the improvement in my heartbeat's regularity is apparently being caused by the gemstones around my wrist that Dooney made into a bracelet.

On account of her peculiar talent, she's adept at remotely knowing which bracelet a customer needs.  It's an incredible bargain and everyone needs healing.

As I'm writing this, her 'before' and 'after' photos were hacked from her post.   The white aura indicates that the chakras are all in balance and no outside help is needed.  I've been helping Carol when she sets up her aura camera at fairs and shows, so I've gotten to see a pretty good sampling of auras since last spring.  I'm particularly interested in seeing who has white ones or nearly white.   This is pretty unusual and it seems to relate more to who is essentially happy than to who is esentially 'advanced.'   In my view, it's more important to be happy than to be better than anyone else Wink and Dooney's a happy camper, these days.

Carol wanted to also work with Dooney with the new Kirlian camera (well, it's a year old but Carol had to go to London in July to get instruction from the fellow who made it).   She wasn't comfortable using the camera without consulting her notes but Katya has them and she's gone from home, this month.  Carol figures that having two types of subtle-energy cameras is going to produce some pretty comprehesive evidence of the effects of various healing devices.

The psychics who are working on disabling the profoundly powerful sabotage campaign against five EW-based businesses by the Triads and the NSA all feel that we're about to prevail over these sewer rats, partly because those agencies are experiencing diminishing returns, these days, with their predatory agendae but several of us have committed to some probably-timely extracurricular promotional campaigns.   This one is Dooney's and Andy of and Carol and I are also about to initiate our own.  Carol forbids me to say what ours will be but it has to happen in December, before I go south in January to finish my flight instruction for the weight-shift trike (my rough-field,  heavy lifter for strategic gifting; the hard targets).

This huge assault on our businesses from China (the US/Brit/Israeli/Russian sewer rats are now Triad lapdogs) has been a mixed blessing.  I feel oddly more serene than ever since it started in July and I'm pretty sure that heart bracelet plays a part in this happy development. I haven't been afraid of poverty, though, since I was on the curb in 1981 with a psychotic wife, two little children and all our belongings and no prospects.  It wasn't a happy time but I've been happier than ever over the past few months.  I think Dooney is going to have a lot of fun compiling the feedback that she'll be getting from her bracelet customers.   She's helped hundreds of people overcome the various psi corps' assailants with her other business but this one is purely fun and I think she's earned it.