Australia's New Inland Sea 

May 2011

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Post Australia's New Inland Sea 
I got this from Tony in Australia:

Hello Don and Carol...
A quick hello to you both and a report from Oz [Australia]. Our inland sea Lake Eyer (the size of Wyoming)...I think thats the spelling is full for the 3rd year running. Not bad considering it has only been full 3 times in the last 150 years. Birds have turned up from as far away as Russia and Japan...nobody knows how they know that it is full...sylphs perhaps?


The fellow who travelled around the continent with a truckful of orgonite (three years ago) needs to get due credit for generating all the rainfall that has occurred since then in the middle of Australia.  He and I corresponded so little that I don't even remember his name but I remember that he encountered a lot of interference along the way (we assisted in at least one chat session when he was underway) and even posted about it on this forum at the time.   Busting up all the coastal weather weaponry, which is what this fellow did, by casually tossed orgonite near each one,  pays off this way.  Georg and Trevor did that along the Indian Ocean coastline from Mozambique to Cape Town and it started raining all the way across the Kalahari, immediately.  It's still raining regularly in that former desert.  

Would someone please post information about him in this thread if he hasn't done it shortly?  Some foreign contributors helped him finance the effort, I think.   Most of the time they like to remain anonymous but if they allow their names to be posted I think that would be an appropriate honor.

The return of waterbirds from Asia and Russia to Australia, to me, portends a more or less permanent lake and I like the notion of Sylphs being involved with the birds.  Carol told us, recently, that she's seen Sylphs on the ground, lately--at least around here.  I experienced that once with her, I believe: everything around was brighter in a pleasant way and people seemed particularly content at the time.

I really don't want some lying, charismatic CIA/MI6-sponsored jerk to steal credit for this accomplishment, as they've tried to do a few times before but failed (thank grid).  Without online it would have been easy for the fakers to erase us from history.   Even such an obscure website as this one prevents it, which is probably why they tried a few times to destroy the site and its previous servers in Montreal and Chile in past years.  Thank you, Captain  Azti, for keeping EW safe on your server in the belly of the Beast! Cool  The Australian gifter's postings and photos might have succumbed to the most recent CIA  hacker destruction of EW in Chile, 2.5 years ago on Christmas Day.