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Jeanice Barcelo  ''I've shared this picture once before and I'm sharing it again to warn parents that those nasty baby monitors can be extremely detrimental to children's health and well being. Today, while doing research for my ultrasound book, I learned that baby monitors operate at frequencies from 12 MHz to 2.4 GHZ or somewhere between 12 million hertz to 2.4 BILLION hertz. Keeping in mind that whale songs operate in the range between 30 - 8,000 hertz, we can clearly discern the HUGE difference between the manmade frequencies that are being generated by the forces of destruction, and the natural frequencies which emanate from a loving Source.


In case you had any doubt as to where the dark forces are planning to take us with these extremely dangerous frequencies, have a look at the following, from an Israeli website and the very (((tribe))) from which all evil attacks against life originate.


“The existence of a possible association between exposure to non-ionizing radiation (such as that emitted by mobile phones, domestic wireless phones, wireless communication networks, cellular base stations/antennas, electric grids, etc.) and the risk of developing diseases has been investigated for many years.


Most of the studies on radio frequencies have focused on the risk of developing cancer in its various forms, in particular brain tumors and tumors of the acoustic nerve or salivary glands. Additional health outcomes studied were the effects on: fertility (e.g. quality and morphology of sperm cells), the brain (e.g. cognitive function, attention deficit disorders in children, brain development in babies), the heart and cardiovascular system (blood pressure, heart rate), the acoustic nerve, the saliva (secretion, composition, flow), blood lipid profile, obesity, neurodegenerative disorders (e.g. multiple sclerosis), headaches, and hypersensitivity to non-ionizing radiation.


Research on extremely low frequencies (ELF), specifically in the frequency of electric grids, also focused on the development of cancer, in particular leukemia in children, outcomes of pregnancy (miscarriages, birth weight), child behavior, cognitive function, hormones, neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. Alzheimer's disease), and heart diseases.


It is known that exposure to high-power non-ionizing radiation at certain frequencies causes heating of tissues, and that induced voltage gradients and currents may cause electrocution...”


Quoted from the Tnuda Center, operated by the Cancer and Radiation Epidemiology Unit of the Gertner Institute, Tel-Hasomer, Israel.