The Biggest Secret by David Icke   Satanism Human sacrifice

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Satan’s children

The black magic rituals we know as Satanism are the modern expression of the rituals and human sacrifice in ancient Babylon and the Brotherhood infiltrated societies of the Sumerian, Phoenician, Hittite, Egyptian, Canaanite and Akkadian peoples, among many others across the world. It has been a seamless procession through history of the same rituals to the same deities and this remains of fundamental importance to the initiates of the Brotherhood today.

My use of the term Satanism has nothing to do with the Christian version of Satan. I use it only to describe a system of ritual sacrifice and torture which, staggering as it may seem to most people, is commonplace all over the world today. Satanism is just another name for the worship of a highly destructive, negative force which has been given endless names over the centuries: Nimrod, Baal, Moloch or Molech, Set, the Devil, Lucifer, there is no end to them.


Satanism perverts everything positive in the same way that the Nazis took a positive symbol, the swastika, and turned it around to symbolize the negative. This is why the Satanists invert the pentagram and why they use black to symbolize the darkness, hence their Black Mass. But they also reverse the symbolism of white and that is a powerfully negative colour to them. The Satanic networks, under the names of their various deities, were created by the Babylonian Brotherhood to serve their needs. We have seen that the accounts of the Watchers and their offspring, the Nefilim, include references to their blood drinking activities.


The Brotherhood know that blood contains the life-force energy. Drinking menstrual blood has always been a feature of the reptilian bloodlines because they need blood to live in this dimension. It was known as the Star Fire, the female lunar essence. The female menstrual cycle is governed by the cycles of the Moon and the blood contains that energy. It’s ingredients are supposed to ensure a long life. In India it was called soma and in Greece it was ambrosia, some researchers suggest.


This was said to be the nectar of the gods and it was - the reptilian gods who are genetic blood drinkers. The ‘holy grail’ chalice or cup is also symbolic of the womb and drinking menstrual blood, as well as being a symbol of the reptilian ‘royal’ bloodline itself. Menstrual blood was provided for the Elite of the reptilian ‘royal’ line by virgin priestesses and this is the origin of the term ‘Scarlet Woman’ or, to the Greeks, ‘Sacred Woman’. The Greek word for this, Hierodulai, was eventually translated into English as harlot and into German as ‘hores’, the origin of whore.


The word ritual derives from this practice (ritu = redness) and so do the words rite and red. Menstrual blood is one reason why the colour red is so important to Satanists and it is another reason for the constant use of the colour gold by the ‘royal’ bloodlines. Gold is called the metal of the gods, but to the Anunnaki of the Sumerian Tablets, menstrual blood was the ‘gold of the gods’.

The reptilians and their crossbreeds drink blood because they are drinking the person’s life-force and because they need it to exist in this dimension. They will often shape-shift into reptilians when drinking human blood and eating human flesh, I am told by those who have seen this happen.


Blood drinking is in their genes and an Elite high priestess or ‘Mother Goddess’ in the hierarchy, who performed rituals for the Brotherhood at the highest level, told me that without human blood the reptilians cannot hold human form in this dimension. Her name is Arizona Wilder, formerly Jennifer Ann Greene. Interestingly, she said that the reptilians had been pursuing the Aryan peoples around the universe, because the blood of the white race was particularly important to them for some reason and the blond-haired, blue-eyed genetic stream was the one they wanted more than any other.


They had followed the white race to Mars, she said, and then came to Earth with them. It is far from impossible that the reptilian arrival on this planet in numbers was far more recent than even many researchers imagine. An interbreeding programme only a few thousand years ago between the reptilian Anunnaki and white Martian bloodlines already interbred with the reptilians on Mars, would have produced a very high reptilian genetic content. This is vital for the reasons I have explained earlier. They appear to need a particular ratio of reptilian genes before they can shape-shift in the way that they do. But when the interbreeding happened is far less important than the fact that it did happen.

Satanism is based on the manipulation of energy and consciousness. These deeply sick rituals create an energy field, a vibrational frequency, which connects the consciousness of the participants to the reptilians and other consciousness of the lower fourth dimension.


This is the dimensional field, also known as the lower astral to many people, which resonates to the frequency of low vibrational emotions like fear, guilt, hate and so on. When a ritual focuses these emotions, as Satanism does, a powerful connection is made with the lower fourth dimension, the reptilians. These are some of the ‘demons’ which these rituals have been designed to summon since this whole sad story began thousands of years ago. This is when so much possession takes place and the reptilians take over the initiate’s physical body.


The leading Satanists are full-blood reptilians cloaked in a human form. These rituals invariably take place on vortex points and so the terror, horror, and hatred, created by them enters the global energy grid and affects the Earth’s magnetic field. Thought forms of that scale of malevolence hold down the vibrational frequency and affect human thought and emotion. Go to a place where Satanic rituals take place and feel the malevolence and fear in the atmosphere. What we call ‘atmosphere’ is the vibrational field and how it has been affected by human thought forms. Thus we talk about a happy, light or loving atmosphere, or a dark or foreboding one. The closer the Earth’s field is vibrationally to the lower fourth dimension, the more power the reptilians have over this world and its inhabitants.

Satanism is not just a sickness and a perversion, although it is that also, its main reason for existence, from the Brotherhood’s point of view, is:

These sacrifices are, literally, sacrifices to the ‘gods’, the reptilians, and they have been happening for thousands of years. The mass sacrifice of people by the Aztecs in Central America, and so many others, were to provide food for the physical reptilians and crossbreeds who eat the bodies and drink the blood, and energy nourishment for the non-physical reptilians of the lower fourth dimension.


Phil Schneider, a builder of US underground bases, told the writer and researcher, Alex Christopher, that when children reached the point where they could not work anymore in the slave conditions underground, they were consumed by the reptilians. They prefer young children because they are not contaminated like adults. Hard to accept isn’t it? I’m sure your mind is screaming ‘nonsense’ at you because who wants to face a truth like this? But unless we do, how is it ever going to be stopped?

Satanic rituals generally take place at night because that is when the magnetic field is most stable. During the day the electrically charged particles of the solar wind cause turbulence in the field and make interdimensional connection more difficult. It is most stable during total eclipses and this is when native peoples held their most important ceremonies to contact and manifest other-dimensional entities.


The tribal shamans know this. Satanic rituals and human sacrifice, especially of children, are performed on a vast scale and involve some of the most famous politicians, business people, media owners and entertainers on the planet. Of course they do. It would be amazing if they did not, given the background. These rituals and human sacrifice have always been the foundation of the Brotherhood ‘religion’ since ancient times.


And the Brotherhood manipulates its Satanic initiates and ‘gofers’ into the positions of political, economic, business, military, medical and media power, and into influential positions in the world of entertainment. Therefore the ratio of Satanists and child sacrificers at the top of these professions and institutions is staggeringly high compared with the general population.


Apparently, according to former Satanists I have met and read about, some world politicians are addicted to blood taken from a victim at the moment of sacrifice because of the adrenaline which is produced at that time. I am told this addiction is quite common among Satanists, and researchers into the reptilian question suggest that this is the substance the reptiles also want. It all fits.

The theme of human and animal sacrifice can be easily charted from the ancient world to the present day. Ironically, but understandably in the context of this book, much of it was designed to preserve life rather than destroy it. The belief was that one sacrifice to appease ‘the gods’ would protect the lives of many more. This is another origin of the concept of the scapegoat, the one killed for the ‘sins’ of others.


This has, of course, manifested as many mythical religious ‘heroes’ who “died so our sins could be forgiven”. The sacrifice of the king or ruler to appease the gods is another ancient tradition. In the so-called cradle of civilization, North Africa and the Near East, where the Anunnaki and the Watchers were documented, there were human sacrifices, particularly of children. Similar rituals were prevalent in China, Rome, Africa, Asia, Greece, South America and, most famously, in Mexico where the Aztecs sacrificed en masse to the ‘gods’.


This region is where the former President of Mexico, Miguel De La Madrid, told the mind controlled slave of the CIA, Cathy O’Brien, that the reptile extraterrestrials came down and created physical bodies to occupy, just as they did most profusely among the Aryan people. The reptilians and human sacrifice go together. The Scandinavians buried children alive in an effort to stop plagues and to appease the great god of the North, the Scandinavian Odin or the German Wodan or Woden.


The gods of the mystery schools were invariably connected to human sacrifice and it was these very schools which have, via the now global Brotherhood and Satanism networks, carried the knowledge and the rituals into the present day. The Incas of Peru sacrificed children and human sacrifice was practiced from the earliest days in Europe. One Druid ritual was to bury a child under the foundations of a new building or to sprinkle the child’s blood on the site.


The same ritual can be found in many parts of the world. In the stories of St Columba (dove, Semiramis), this ‘Christianhero is said to have told his monks that it was fitting for one of them to be buried in the foundations of a new monastery on the Scottish island of lona (the Sun) to ‘hallow’ the ground. A Saint Oran volunteered and as a result, it was believed, he went straight to heaven.1 Roman accounts by the historian, Tacitus, reveal how the Druids deemed it a duty to cover their altars with the blood of their captives and how they consulted the gods via human entrails.


The same stories can be found in Ireland and Scotland. Irish myth says that Ireland was first peopled by a greedy group of gods called the Formorians who demanded two thirds of the children born each year. The Phoenicians and their kinsmen, the Carthaginians, sacrificed humans on a large scale and so did the Canaanites. When Carthage was struggling in the war against Rome, 200 noble families sacrificed their sons to Baal (the Phoenician Sun god, Bel or Bil).2

Another theme is the sacrifice of the first born child, most often the first born son. In some aboriginal tribes in Australia, the mother would kill and eat the first born child to ensure she would be able to have more.3 The sacrifice of the first born of animals and humans was quite common and is mentioned in the Old Testament. The Book of Kings tells how Mesha, the King of Moab, was so distraught by his defeat at the hands of the Israelites that he sacrificed his eldest son and heir.


Remember in Genesis how ‘God ’ (the gods) insisted that Abraham sacrificed his first born son to them to test his faith and obedience. The same ritual continues today among the Satanists, the bloodline families of the Brotherhood, and their organized crime offshoots like the Mafia. Sacrificing the first born son is used by these strange people as a way of testing a person’s commitment to the cause. Yahweh-Jehovah makes it plain in the Book of Numbers that ".... all the first born of Israel are mine, both man and beast,” and in Exodus, Yahweh demands that “The first of all thy sons shalt thou give unto me.”


The Bible says that Abraham came from the Sumer city of Ur and excavations in 1927 by Sir Leonard Woolley in the Royal Cemetery there revealed widespread evidence of human sacrifice in graves dating from about 2,800 BC. The Scythians, the people who transported many of the Aryan bloodlines and rituals into Europe, did the same. Evidence of human sacrifice, especially children, can be found among all the main locations and peoples who are mentioned in this book, including the palace of Knossos on Crete.4


The cult of the skull as a focus of ritual has recurred again and again in this story with the Templars, the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery, and the Skull and Bones Society in the United States. By examining the bodies of Peking Man, dating from perhaps a million years ago, and Neanderthal man, dating from about 200,000 years ago, evidence of such rituals can be found even at these early times.


The cult of the head, which included eating the brain of the victim, became more elaborate in Jericho some eight thousand years ago and evidence of the same rituals have been found in the Shinto religion in Japan and in ancient China. Anath, the legendary sister of Baal, was portrayed festooned with severed heads along with human hands hanging from her girdle, the same as the mother goddesses of Mexico and India.5

Written texts of ancient Egypt reveal many kinds of sacrifice and torture, which later became widespread.6 The Egyptians would sacrifice red-headed men on the tomb of Osiris because red was the colour associated with Set, the Egyptian version of Satan. Some rituals recalled by people today who have suffered indescribably in these horrors, mirror those detailed in the Egyptian Book Of The Dead and include keeping hearts in a jar.7


The hearts were placed on the scales in Egypt to be weighed for judgment by the goddess, Maat. This is the real meaning of the woman with the sun crown holding the Scales of Justice which you see on so many court buildings. In the ancient world, the Brahmin fakirs in India and other mystery schools knew of drugs, torture rituals and ‘magic’ which created hallucinations. Silly fakirs. Hypnosis was widely used in the temples.


The demon worshippers of Bel/Baal/Nimrod in Canaan, Babylon and Phoenicia engaged in human sacrifice, cannibalism, and child murder in the name of Moloch or Molech, an aspect of Nimrod/Baal, as part of their religious rituals.8 Baal (lord or ruler), the supreme god of the Canaanites and Phoenicians, was said to be the giver of life and Moloch was the destroyer of life. Both demanded appeasement by sacrifice. Baal or Moloch became identified with the Roman god Saturn.

In honor of Baal, the Sun god and god of fire, the Carthaginians, following the rituals of the Phoenicians and Canaanites, rolled children into a fiery pit made in the shape of the image of Baal/Moloch. At a site near modern Tunis six thousand urns were found containing the charred remains of infants. Remember, these rituals and ‘gods’ are the same as those performed and worshipped by the Satanists and the Brotherhood today.

This is why the children of Waco were allowed to burn to death in an inferno caused entirely by the Satanist controlled FBI and the ATF, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, on April 19th 1993. These were the same deeply sick people who blew up the James P. Murrah building in Oklahoma on April 19th 1995, in which so many children died.


April 19th is a Satanic ritual day relating to fire - the fire god, Baal or Moloch. And what does Moloch demand? The sacrifice of children. Waco and Oklahoma were child sacrifices to Baal/Moloch according to exactly the same belief system as those performed by the ancient fiffits.


In the same way, a war to these people is a mass blood ritual in which unimaginable numbers are killed and maimed, and the planet is engulfed by negative emotional energy. It is this energy on which many of the lower fourth dimensional reptilians either feed or use to manifest in this dimension. If you want undeniable proof that the Branch Davidians and their children were sacrificed at Waco, I strongly recommend you watch the video: Waco: The Rules Of Engagement.9 You will never believe an official statement again.


The ritual names for the ‘demons’ are still the same today as those used in the ancient world and by later groups like the Templars. Confirmation of this comes from a stream of accounts by modern victims of Satanism. A friend of mine, the British therapist, Vera Diamond, has been working for nearly 20 years with people who have been subjected to Satanic and mind control abuse. She says:

“Children say the word Satan is used more frequently than any other, but other demons include Baphomet and Behemoth. Molech (Moloch) seems to be one particularly associated with eating babies, and one called Choronzon. These do seem to be particularly involved with sacrificing babies.”10

Choronzon relates to Chronos, the Greek version of Nimrod. According to Greek legend, Chronos swallowed his children as fast as they were born because he feared they would overthrow him. Chronos was the most powerful of the Titans, the Greek name for the giants who resulted from the interbreeding of the reptilians with the human, ‘daughters of men’. Greek myth symbolically referred to them as children of the union between heaven (extraterrestrials) and Earth (humans).


Chronos was the father of Zeus who survived because his mother hid him from her child-killing husband. Zeus later waged a victorious war against his father and other Titans and then ruled as the King of Gods over a dynasty awash with child sacrifice. As you connect the different peoples across the generations, so you find the same themes of human sacrifice. The Cannanite-Hebrews were seriously into the sacrifice of humans and animals, much as their spin doctors have tried to deny it over the years.


The Satanists among the ‘Jewish’ hierarchy today still perform the same rituals while the mass of the Jewish people worldwide have no idea that this is so. Stories throughout the centuries to the present day of the sacrifice of children by Jewish fanatics at the time of the Passover can be seen to have an historical basis when you realize the true meaning of the Passover.


It had nothing to do with ‘God passing over the homes of Israelite children and killing only the first born Egyptians. This is more symbolism that only an initiate or a determined researcher would understand. Records from the 8th and 7th centuries BC, show that the Israelites burned their sons on sacrificial fires in the Valley of Gehinnon outside Jerusalem.11 The infants were said to have been “passed over” or “passed through” the fire in sacrifice to Moloch-Baal.


In the Book of Leviticus we find the line: “Thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Moloch”. The prophet Jeremiah talks of the people: “burning their sons in the fire as burnt offerings unto Baal” and also in the Book of Jeremiah we are told that:

“They have built the high places of Tophet, which is in the Valley of Hinnon, to burn their sons and daughters in the fire...”

John Milton also wrote of Moloch in his Paradise Lost:

“First Moloch, horrid king, besmirched with blood,
Of human sacrifice, and parent’s tears,
Though, for the noise of drums and timbrels loud,
Their children’s cries unheard, that passed through fire,
To his grim idol.”

The Old Testament abounds with stories of animal and human sacrifice. The same symbolism can be seen in a stream of ancient texts about the sacrifice of the first born or young children. The Jesus story includes this theme also, of course. At it’s most extreme, the Jewish dogma is deeply sacrificial. Their temples were slaughterhouses with a constant supply of animals taken there for ritual murder and sacrifice.


Look at the Jewish form of killing animals to this today. Meat is only considered ‘kosher’ if the animal has its throat cut and dies by being bled dry. The same with the ‘halal ’ meat of the Muslims. Through the Brotherhood bloodlines the ancient rituals have been strictly maintained and the ruling Elite today are sacrificing children and drinking blood the same as they did in the ancient world.


The Hindu faith and the information for its sacred books, the Vedas, were taken to the Indian subcontinent by the Aryans from the Caucasus Mountains, one of the centers for extraterrestrials/inner terrestrials and their offspring. It is therefore predictable that the Vedas contain the same instructions for sacrifice to the gods. The Vedas, written about 1,400 BC, list the names of the gods and the victim most suitable for each one. In the modern world, annual victims have been offered to the Mother Goddess Kali, the wife of the god, Shiva, and she was always believed to live off human flesh.


A male child was offered every Friday evening at the temple of Shiva at Tanjor until the practice was stopped (officially) in the mid-nineteenth century. The Thugs, one of the ancient secret societies in the Brotherhood network, murdered their victims according to elaborate rituals dedicated to Kali, who is depicted wearing a garland of skulls.

Children or so-called ‘young virgins’ are used in these sacrificial rituals because the Satanists and their reptilian masters want to access the pure pre-pubescent energy for their own purposes. I have been told by Satanists, many of their victims, and by therapists working with victims, the same stories of ‘regeneration rituals’. The ageing Satanist, sometimes a high ranking member of the Brotherhood, stands in the centre of a circle of babies or young children. As they are sacrificed the ritual allows the Satanist to absorb their life-essence, their life-force, and regenerate his or her body.


The world’s most famous Satanist, Aleister Crowley, who had connections to both Winston Churchill and the Nazis, advocated human sacrifice and admitted to sacrificing children.


In his 1929 book, Magick In Theory And Practice, he explains the reasons for ritual death and why small boys are the best victims:

“It was the theory of the ancient magicians that any living being is a storehouse of energy varying in quantity according to the size and health of the animal, and in quality according to its mental and moral character. At the death of this animal this energy is liberated suddenly. For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.”12

Crowley adds in a footnote that according to the records of the Satanist, Frater Perurabo, he performed just such a sacrifice 150 times every year between 1912 and 1928. Think about that. It means that this one man ritually sacrificed almost 2,500 young boys in that period alone.


Do you still wonder what happens to many of the millions, yes millions, of children who go missing every year all over the world never to be heard of again? And that’s without all of those bred for sacrifice that the public knows nothing about. We can begin to see that the estimates of ritual sacrifices every year are no exaggeration.


Satanism at its core is about the manipulation and theft of another person’s energy and consciousness. In olden times they called it “soul snatching”. It may appear to be merely a sickening perversion, but those who truly understand the background to the rituals know that what really matters is the effect of the rituals, not so much the rituals themselves. They are the means to an end - stealing or manipulating energy. Sex is so common in Satanic ritual because at the moment of orgasm, the body explodes with energy which the Satanists and the reptiles can capture and absorb.


Sexual activity inspired by love resonates to a much higher vibration and therefore cannot be accessed by the reptilians. Sex during a Satanic ritual or sacrifice, however, explodes the orgasmic energy at a very low frequency because of the intent involved and so the energy of Satanic sex resonates to the reptilian frequency. The astrological energies constantly generated by the movement of the planets and the cycles of the Sun and Moon are also employed to add to the power of the rituals.


So there are particular Satanic days for their most important ceremonies. On these days unimaginable numbers of people, mostly children, are sacrificed. Some of the main dates are:

Let me emphasize again here that these dates and festivals are not Satanic in themselves. They are times in the annual planetary cycle when very powerful energies of various kinds are manifesting on the Earth and the rituals and ceremonies of both a positive and negative nature are performed on these dates. The cycle produces the energy and the Satanists simply harness that energy for their own purposes, just as the positive rituals do, like those performed by most modern Druids.


Other dates for widespread Satanic ritual include every full Moon because the reflected energy of the Sun is at its most powerful on those occasions. Note also the significance to Satanists of May 1st, the day the Bavarian Illuminati was formed in 1776 and the day of celebration in the Brotherhood-created Communist and Socialist calendar.

The Key of Solomon is a book of occult magic which legend claims was written by ‘King Solomon’ himself. It includes the pentagram in its instructions of how to invoke demons and make sacrifices to demons. Such ancient works provide the foundations for the same rituals in each generation. The inner core of the Knights Templar was involved in black magic ritual and the Templars were accused of what today we call Satanism and of rejecting Christianity by denying Christ and spitting on the cross.


They were said to worship a demon power called Baphomet, a black magic symbol, also known as the Goat of Mendes. Capricorn (the goat, also symbolized by the unicorn) is the sign of the initiate and it represents political power, while Leo (the Sun, the lion) represents royal power.

Hence the lion is the King of the Jungle and is the main symbol on the flag of the British royal family. The planet Saturn rules Capricorn while the Sun rules Leo and Satanists and black magicians are very much focused on the Sun and Saturn in their rituals. The Saturn vibration has a much bigger impact on the Earth than is recognized. In astrology it is the planet of law and authority. Capricorn, the sign of authority, is also, according to astrologers, the astrological sign of England, that centre of global control.


The name, Baphomet, is reckoned to derive from Greek words meaning baptism of wisdom or knowledge (initiation) and Dr Hugh Schonfield, one of the experts on the Dead Sea Scrolls, says that using the code of the Essenes, the word Baphomet can be translated to ‘Sophia’, the goddess of the Gnostics, and the Greek word for wisdom.13 Sophia is another name for the female energy. Schonfield is sure there is a link between the Templars and the Essenes and so am I.


He has demonstrated that the Templars used the same code, the Atbash Cipher, employed in some of the Dead Sea Scrolls.14 Other accusations against the Templars were of killing children and teaching women how to abort.15 It is true that most of these confessions were made under extreme torture by the Roman Church Satanists, the Inquisition. But not all of these reports were gleaned in this way and the themes are so strong, and the story so consistent, that it would be ridiculous just to dismiss them all. And one thing is quite provable.


These very ceremonies involving the ritual murder of children, and the use of women called breeders to produce babies and aborted foetuses for sacrifice to a demon ‘god’, are most certainly performed today and this Satanic structure of abuse and ritual murder is controlled by the very secret society network the Templars helped to expand. The testimony of one Templar, Squin de Flexian, said they all had to swear never to leave the Order and to further its interests by any means, right or wrong. No crime committed for the honour or benefit of the Order was considered to be sinful. He also made allegations about sacrificing babies and aborting foetuses.16

It is the same with the inner circles of the Freemasons. Credo Mutwa, the Zulu shaman, told me that compared with the Freemason rituals he had seen in the United States and the United Kingdom, the voodoo and black magic of Africa was put in the shade. The secret password of Freemasonry is Tubal Cain, a descendant of the biblical Cain, who was an Anunnaki crossbreed. Tubal Cain’s sister, Naamah,17 is said to have been the one who brought human sacrifice and cannibalism into the world.18


Tubal Cain is known as the father of witchcraft and sorcery and thus his name is a Freemasonic password.19 The ‘G’ on the symbol of Freemasonry stands for Gnosticism (knowledge, knowing) and for generation, the fertility rites of the sex cults of ancient Baal and Ashtoreth.20 No doubt it is also a symbol connected to generation and genetics, as in the reptilian bloodlines. You see the ‘G’ in the logo of the Gannett chain which has been buying up newspapers and television stations across the United States and publishes the national daily, USA Today.21


The de Medici bloodline of the Black Nobility in Venice, who funded Christopher Columbus, included Catherine de Medici, the Queen of France, who was reported to have commissioned human sacrifice in a Black Mass in the 16th century. A young boy was sacrificed and the blood used in a communion designed to save her dying son, Philip.22 Medici wore around her neck a talisman with the name of the Satanic demon, Asmodei.23


Benjamin Franklin, a so-called pillar of the Christian Church and Founding Father of the United States, was a member of the Satanic Hellfire Club and the bodies of six children and four adults have been found under his former home in London dated to the time he lived there. Adolph Hitler and the Nazis were Satanists and so were their ‘opponents’ like Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


The Rothschilds, formerly the infamous German occult family, the Bauers, apparently use the Canaanite Satanic rituals24 while some of the bloodline families with long connections to the Celtic lands, like the St Clair-Sinclairs, prefer the Druid system.25 It was the Satanic deity, Ashtoreth, which inspired the name, Astor, one of the bloodline families which has been heavily involved in Satanism.26


The Astors have close connections to the British royal family and they were at the heart of the Profumo scandal in 1963 when the British Defence Minister, John Profumo, was forced to resign after lying to the House of Commons about his involvement with Christine Keeler, a call girl who was also having a sexual relationship with a Russian KGB agent. The Profumo-Keeler liaison was arranged by Stephen Ward, a sado-masochist and black magician, who lived in a house on the Astor estate at Clivedon in Berkshire.


There was much more to this than was allowed to come out and if it ever does it will once again shine a light on some very dark practices and connect with the highest echelons of British society, including the Windsors. Prince Philip knew Stephen Ward and Lord Mountbatten was a guest at the infamous ‘swimming party’ at Cliveden which played a major role in Profumo’s downfall.

What is called Satanism is the ruling hierarchy of the Brotherhood pyramid under the command of the reptilians. Like all the other parts of the network, it is strictly compartmentalized. The highest levels of the Satanic network lock into the highest levels of the Brotherhood, but the lower degrees are not allowed to know the true nature of the organizations they are involved in. Some of the levels of Satanism are known as

One of the global centres of Satanism is the Castle of Darkness, the Chateau des Amerois or Castle of Kings, in Belgium, near the appropriately named village of Muno Bel. The castle is close to the French border and some 20 kilometres from Luxemburg. It is protected from view by thick forests and guards keep out the curious. In the grounds is a cathedral with a dome containing 1,000 lights.28


When President George Bush talked of 1,000 points of light, he was speaking in code about this place of initiation for the highest initiates of the Satanic pyramid. In this Satanic cathedral is the throne of the high priestess of the upper hierarchy, a position known as the Queen Mother.29


Every day, apparently, a child is sacrificed in the basement.30 Ceremonies are performed here to the Satanic ‘goddess’ known as Lilith, a demon in the Hebrew Cabala. In ancient Sumer the reptilian bloodline, as passed on through the female, was symbolised as a lily and the main reptilian gene carriers were given names like Lilith, Lili, Lilutu and Lillette. Elizabeth (El-lizard-birth) is a derivative of this. Another demon used by some ‘Mothers’ is called Bilair, Bilar, and Bilid, cabalistic names for the force others call Satan, etc.31


It is from these lands in Belgium and northern France that the bloodline families came, including the Bruces, to take over Scotland all those centuries ago. Belgium, this little country between France and the Netherlands, is also the home of the European Union, NATO, and, I am told, a massive computer centre where databases on all the people of the world are being compiled. It is known apparently as ‘the Beast’ and there are a number of these around the world. An Elite mind control operation called the Janus Group is also based in the NATO headquarters.


Nimrod was Eannus, the god with two faces, who was later known to the Romans as Janus. The reason that Belgium is a headquarters for Satanism and so many Brotherhood institutions is very simple. The Brotherhood created Belgium for just this reason in 1831 and they imposed upon it a reptilian ‘royal’ line, the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the bloodline of the British royal family and, through its branch in Prussia, the supporters of Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati.

The paedophile murder ring which came to light in Belgium in 1996 is but one part of the Satanic network operating from and in that country. It was organized by Marc Dutroux, who is connected to the Satanic Order of Abrasax, based in the village of Forchies-la-Marche near Charleroi in southern Belgium, not far from the Castle of Darkness. Abrasax is Abraxas, a fat-bellied demon from whom, it is likely, the magicians term, abracadabra, originated.


Dutroux buried alive an accomplice, Bernard Weinstein, and among Weinstein’s effects was a letter from the Abrasax group signed by someone describing himself as the Egyptian god, Anubis. It ordered him to provide ‘presents’ for the High Priestess of the Order and apparently gave specific details of the age and sex the victims must be. The British Sunday Times reported the accounts of witnesses describing Black Masses in which children were killed in front of audiences which included prominent members of Belgian society.32


A Belgian newspaper reported that a former commissioner of the European Union was among a group of judges, senior politicians, lawyers, and policemen, who attended orgies at a Belgian chateau organized by Michel Nihoul, one of the accomplices of Marc Dutroux, the alleged leader of the paedophile ring. One investigator said it was “Like going back to the Middle Ages”33


In fact there has not been an old, middle, and modern age with regard to these rituals. It is a seamless flow over thousands of years under the control of the same bloodlines. Human skulls were found at the sacrificial sites identified by witnesses, particularly at the sect’s headquarters. The Satanic group behind the Belgian murders is said to interconnect with similar rings in Holland, Germany, and America.34


In truth, it will be part of the global network which operates in all countries. Satanism is run like a transnational corporation.

Black magic rituals are going on all over the world and I have spoken with victims in country after country. In England I met a brave woman, then aged 40. The story she told me of her experiences mirrored those of so many others. She was born in Darlington in the 1950s, and soon after she was sold by her Satanic father to two other Satanists.


She knew them only as Thomas and Helena. She was brought up in the most horrific circumstances at a children’s home in Hull which was run by two child abusers. At night a torchlight was shone into their bedrooms and when it was held on a child for a minute or so, they knew it was their turn to go downstairs and be sexually abused.


During holidays back in Darlington, from the age of just seven and eight, she met her father who linked her with the two Satanists, Thomas and Helena. She would be given drugs via orange juice and ice cream and be taken at night in a van to country churches in the Darlington area. The drugs were designed to make her easier to mind control and to prevent her from remembering what she saw. I will explain more about this in the next chapter. However, as is often the case when people enter their 30s and 40s, the victims can begin to have flashbacks of their ordeals.


They experience them again like watching a movie screen. It is for this reason that so many are murdered before they reach that age, often for ‘snuff’ videos, which show in graphic detail a person being murdered. Others are subjected to the snatch back when they are abducted to undergo ‘booster’ mind-programming to keep the memories secret.


Increasing numbers of people who survived their horrendous young lives, are now beginning to remember and they are telling the same basic tale. If you are one of them, please contact me if you have anything to add to what I outline here. An address is at the back of the book. Within days of speaking to me, my informant says she was grabbed off the street and bungled into a van by six Satanists.

A syringe was held to her throat and she was warned to stop talking to “That dangerous prat, Icke” and to stop naming names. They threatened her life and those of her children if she continued. She was also told that if she didn’t keep quiet, the family dog would be taken and “Posted back to you in pieces”. Nice people.

In the ordeals at the country churches which she now remembers, my English informant and other children would be used in Satanic rituals involving sex, torture, and murder. The windows of the church were covered over with black drapes and the inside was laid out according to Satanic law with different colours used for different ceremonies depending on the time of year. Sometimes they would use the churches in secret, but don’t underestimate how many people in the Christian clergy are also members of the Satanic network.


The Satanists, she remembers, were dressed in robes and a number wore masks, including the face of a goat or Baphomet, the deity the Templars were accused of worshipping. In the UK, as in America, some of the best known names in the country are involved. She remembers vividly (God, the thought of it), being laid on her back on the floor of a church as a screaming boy, no more than six, was being held by the hair above her while a man, who she would later identify as a top politician in Northern Ireland, had anal sex with him.


When it was over, a knife was produced to cut the boy’s throat and the blood poured over her. “I remember this man’s eyes,” she told me. “The coldness of his eyes I will never forget.” He prefers boys to girls, she said.

On more than one occasion, she says, she was brutally raped by a man who has been a major name in United Kingdom politics for decades. This man, she says, used to hold her naked body to him by using hooks inserted into her flesh at the hip. She was just a little girl when this was happening. She told me that this man was Edward Heath and his name comes up again and again in interviews with victims of Satanic abuse in Britain.


Heath was the UK Prime Minister from 1970-74 and the Bilderberg Group member who signed the UK into the European Community, now Union. He has been one of the main architects of Britain’s further integration into the United Fascist States of Europe. One of the many unconnected people who have identified Heath as a Satanist was the lady I mentioned early in the book who saw the ‘lizard’ figure at Burnham Beeches in Buckinghamshire, 25 minutes drive from the British Prime Minister’s official country residence called Chequers.


The game of chequers is played on a board of black and white squares - the floor plan of all Freemasonic temples. Burnham Beeches is not far from High Wycombe and the headquarters of the Hellfire Club of Benjamin Franklin and Sir Francis Dashwood. I’m sure Burnham Beeches would have been one of their haunts, too. This lady was the wife of the Head Keeper at Burnham Beeches and they lived on the land. She had been brought up by a Satanic family in Scotland and had been sexually and ritually abused as a child by the Scottish Brotherhood network.


Her husband was also a Satanist which is why he was given the responsibility of looking after Burnham Beeches, an area of ancient groves and forests managed by the authorities in London and including an area called Egypt Wood. Late one night in the early 1970s during Heath’s reign as Prime Minister, she was taking her dog for a walk when she saw some lights. Quietly she moved closer to see what was going on.


To her horror she saw that it was a Satanic ritual and in the circle was the then Prime Minister, Edward Heath, and his Chancellor of the Exchequer, Anthony Barber. She says that as she watched him, Heath began to transform into a reptile and she said that what surprised her was that no-one in the circle seemed in the least surprised.

“He eventually became a full-bodied Reptiloid, growing in size by some two foot.” She said he was “slightly scaly” and “spoke fairly naturally, although it sounded like ‘long distance’ - if you can imagine the short ‘time’ lapses”.

I remember well meeting Heath on a television election programme in 1989 while I was a spokesman for the British Green Party and I have never seen such cold and unpleasant eyes in my life. I knew nothing of these subjects then, but the look of his eyes I have never forgotten.

Another famous paedophile and Satanist in Britain is Lord McAlpine, the former treasurer of Heath’s Conservative Party, and executive of the McAlpine Construction empire. He also followed the late Jimmy Goldsmith as head of the Referendum Party in Britain which was created to hijack the groups opposing the European Union and lead them to glorious failure. McAlpine, who is heavily involved in a network of Brotherhood secret societies, including the Freemasons, has been publicly named as a paedophile by the investigative magazine, Scallywag.35


He was accused of having oral sex with an underage boy in 1965 and was formerly cautioned by Strathclyde Police for sexual offences against a minor. McAlpine was also named by one of the former residents at the Bryn Alyn Children’s Home in North Wales who said he was forced to have oral sex with him. The McAlpine family is one of the Elite bloodlines of Scotland, possibly connecting with the ancient Scottish king, Kenneth McAlpin.


The McAlpine family has a long history of Satanism in its ranks, as does the Scottish Keswick family. Both are part of a web which operates across the world into the Far East and Australia. A close friend of the McAlpines is Willie Whitelaw, a chairman of the Conservative Party. He was also Deputy Prime Minister to Margaret Thatcher, who was ‘minded’ by Whitelaw, the McAlpines, and Sir Geoffrey Howe, during her years as Prime Minister.


When she had outlived her usefulness to the Brotherhood, it was Howe who made the speech in the House of Commons which effectively ended her reign. Whitelaw was named as a leading Satanist by self-confessed Satanist, Derry Mainwaring-Knight, at Maidstone Crown Court in 1986. As usual, nothing was done about it.36


Mainwaring-Knight lived near East Grinstead, one of the centres of Satanism in England. In Scotland, a foremost Satanic centre is Loch Ness, near Inverness, the home, according to the legend, of the famous reptile, the Loch Ness monster. So what could these legends really be symbolic of? Aleister Crowley, the best known Satanist of the 20th century, had a house at Loch Ness and it was to this area that he came to perform some of his most powerful black magic rituals.


A rock formation near the loch called the Rock of Curses has been used by black magicians for hundreds of years and Crowley was particularly drawn to the energy emanating from a nearby mountain known as Mealfuorvonie.37


There is much more to the legend of the Loch Ness Monster than meets the eye and the same is true of other unidentified creatures like the so-called Bigfoot. Some Native American shamans believe that the entity which manifests as the Bigfoot can also appear as an aquatic monster or a panther because it has the ability to shape-shift.38

Over and over I have been told by survivors of how they were abused or programmed at the stately homes of the aristocracy or in rooms under the British Museum and other official buildings in London. Names of Conservative government ministers keep recurring in survivor’s accounts. Another paedophile is the former Leicester member of Parliament, Greville Janner, a vociferous campaigner for Jewish causes in Britain.


A notorious location for paedophile activities is an apartment block called Dolphin Square in Pimlico, the biggest block of flats in Europe and the London residence of many members of Parliament. The building has been under surveillance by the British Customs after the discovery of pornographic material from Amsterdam. One resident was quoted as saying:

“We often have underage boys wandering in the corridors totally lost, asking for the flat of a particular MP.”

Pimlico has been nicknamed ‘Pimp-lico’ because of the widespread use of boy prostitutes known as rent boys. The Dolphin Square resident, David Steel, the Scottish former leader of the Liberal Democrats, has actively supported campaigns for ‘gay rights’ by Ian Campbell Dunn, a planning officer at Edinburgh District Council. But Mr Campbell wants rather more than just ‘gay rights’. He is a founding member of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which wants to legalise sex with children.39


Should Mr Steel be supporting such a character? The former cabinet ministers, Michael Portillo and Peter Lilley, are apparently regular diners at the restaurant in Dolphin Square along with many famous political figures. I wonder what the attraction can be? Must be the food. Yes, definitely the food.

People think that ritual abuse and sacrifice, if it exists at all, is rare. Like hell it is. Human sacrifice and ritual abuse is rampant. Look at the Satanic child abuse and murder network exposed in Belgium which involves the police, judges, and top politicians. The same is coming to light in North Wales and other areas of the UK.


The lack of interest by the media is stunning, if not surprising. Ted Gunderson, a man of 28 years experience with the FBI, told a mind control conference in the United States that after long and detailed research, he estimates there are 3.75 million practicing Satanists in the US and between 50 and 60,000 human sacrifices a year. Therapists at the conference said that their clients had pointed to a massive Satanic grave site in open land outside Lancaster, California.40 Another exists, apparently, at Matamoros, Mexico. The Satanic ritual network connects into the children’s homes, care centers, and runaway hostels to ensure a constant supply of children. Please tell me what you know.

A short while before this book was sent to the printer, I was contacted by a friend in the United States who was deprogramming a mind controlled slave of the Brotherhood called Arizona Wilder. I will explain how this mind control is done in the next chapter.

She had been mind controlled from childhood to be a so-called Mother Goddess, who conducts sacrificial rituals at the highest levels of the global Brotherhood. Arizona was one of only three women at that level in the world. She has performed rituals for the British royal family, as you will see in the chapter, The Goddess and the King, and this lady is so high in the Satanic hierarchy that even the Queen is, apparently, forbidden to speak to her during the ceremonies. She was genetically bred for this job and her mother is of French noble descent.


Arizona told me that the reptilians do not appear to be that psychic, and I guess this has something to do with the lack of a fully formed emotional and spiritual level of being, and so they mind control and programme humans of particular bloodlines, like her, to perform the rituals and draw in the energies for them.


She says she was personally programmed by Josef Mengele (she knows him as Green or Greenbaum), a shape-shifting reptilian, and the infamous Nazi mind controller and genetic manipulator, who escaped at the end of the war with the help of British and American Intelligence to continue his horrors in the United Kingdom, the United States, and South America. He once showed her a spider a foot wide which he had genetically developed and he introduced her to Adolph Hitler in the United States in the 1960s.


She has described many top secret facilities in the United States which my friend has personally seen himself and every time she has been 100% accurate. She says that each of the ruling 13 families of the global Brotherhood have their own council of 13.


The most powerful council in the United States is based in California and among the members are Robert Caldwell, his son Richard, Jim Christensen, Richard Hoehn, Richard Bradbury, Jim Efferson, Fred Danger and Frank Cohen.


But the head of that council, and the highest-ranked member of the Illuminati (Brotherhood) that she knows, is a man code-named Pindar from the Alsace-Lorraine region of France. Pindar means ‘Penis of the Dragon’. His name, Arizona says, is the Marquis de Libeaux. I have not yet established if this is his real name or another pseudonym - can you help? Libeaux relates to ‘of the water’ and is consistent with the ancient legends of reptilian gods coming from the water.


She says that in the basement of his chateau in Alsace-Lorraine there is an opening into the subterranean world. Note the area - Lorraine, home to key reptilian bloodlines going back many centuries as I outlined earlier. This mind controlled high priestess/ Mother Goddess was impregnated by Pindar, she says, but her own mind began to reject the programming and she aborted the foetus and broke with the Brotherhood.


As often happens, her programming began to break down when her programmer, Mengele, died in the late 1980s. Arizona says that Pindar, like all the reptilians when they shape-shift, has very powerful hypnotic eyes (the ‘evil eye’ of legend) and at sacrifices the victim’s face is turned to Pindar at the moment of death for him to steal the person’s soul or energy through this ‘evil eye’ magnetic process.

The following is information that has been supplied by Arizona:

(A ‘code-white’ is a code understood by judges, police, the military, etc, and it means: look the other way or do not prosecute this person).


Military guards carrying automatic weapons protect the church and inquisitive outsiders are ritually murdered and disposed of at the mortuary down the street. The Walpurgis ritual takes place at the west side of Catalina Island. The Coastguard vessel, Golden Eagle, takes sacrificial children who can’t swim across to the site and they are thrown overboard. The bodies are recovered and placed in cages filled with starving sharks for disposal.

At outdoor rituals, Arizona says she wore a red robe and stood in the centre of a pentagram which was surrounded by a hexagram or Star of David. She was triggered into her ‘Isis’ program and conducted the Drawing Down of the Moon ceremony which, she says, made four snarling, hideous creatures materialize in the Satanists’ circle. The sacrificial victims, who have been bred from birth for the role, are ritually killed by slashing the throat from left to right. This is the origin of the Freemasonic sign of pulling the flat hand across the throat from left to right, a movement which means “You’re dead”. The blood from the victims is collected and mixed with arsenic, which appears to be a necessary element for those of the human-reptilian bloodlines. This is poured into goblets and consumed by the Satanists, together with the liver and eyes.

This is supposed to provide strength and greater psychic vision. Fat is scraped from the intestines and smeared over the bodies of the participants - like the fat of the ‘messeh’ in ancient Egypt. The corpse is then suspended from a tree and the Satanists stand naked to allow the dripping blood to fall on them.


The Mother Goddess says that by this time the participants are in such a high state of excitement that they often shape-shift into reptilians and mostly manifest, she says, in a sort of off-white colour. They are also terrified, because at this point the Mother Goddess points to four of them and they are then ritually murdered. Clare Reeves, the President of Mothers Against Sexual Abuse in the US, told me that at least 12 ritually abused clients had reported that the participants shape-shifted into reptilians.


Another ritual takes place in Orange County at Dana Cove Point in which a pregnant woman is drowned and her baby removed. The British royal family, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Gerald Ford, George Bush, the two Bush Governor sons, Henry Kissinger, Newt Gingrich, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Rothschilds, Habsburgs, Bob Hope, Rupert Murdoch and a stream of other famous names have all attended sacrificial rituals at which this Mother Goddess has presided, Arizona says.


She says that Hillary is the power that controls Bill Clinton because she is far higher up the hierarchy than him. He is mind controlled, she says, and Hillary is his handler. She also reports that she has seen reptilians, Greys, and reptile-human hybrids at many underground facilities, including the infamous Area 51 in Nevada.


She says that astronaut Neil Armstrong took pictures on the Moon of translucent structures and an underground habitat. These pictures are, apparently, in a building in Oklahoma City. The Mother Goddess said that she had also conducted Satanic ceremonies in France involving Pope John Paul II. Another source within the mind control community reports that the Pope is also a mind controlled stooge and a contact with relatives in the Vatican told me that they were slowly poisoning the Pope to ensure that he dies in time for their chosen one to replace him at the right time. We should expect, he said, to see the Pope looking more and more frail and sick in the weeks and months ahead.

What the victims have told me would be almost unbelievable were it not coming from so many different, unconnected sources and were not the stories across the world not telling the same basic tale, even down to the details of the rituals and the mind programming techniques. The children, and the traumatized adults they become, have nowhere to turn.


Their stories are so astonishing that few believe them and they are frightened of going to the police because they know that the Satanic network includes top police officers, judges, civil servants, media people, politicians, and many others who control our ‘free’ society. Questions like “Who are you going to tell?” and “Where are you going to run?” are used to break their spirit. Their sense of hopelessness makes them think there is nothing they can do to seek justice, so they give up and stop trying.

The vast majority of Freemasons are not Satanists or child abusers, but there is a far greater ratio of them in secret societies like the Masons, than outside. How can you have confidence in justice therefore when, for instance, the Manor of St James’s Freemasonry Lodge, No 9179, consists of the leading operational police officers from all the major units of London’s Metropolitan Police, including the Anti-Terrorist Squad, Fraud Squad, and the Complaints Investigations Branch which is supposed to investigate allegations of police wrong-doing!


The St James’s Lodge further includes senior figures from the Home Office, judiciary, and the Directorate of Public Prosecutions, which decides if a person will or will not be prosecuted. The whole system of investigation, prosecution, and trial, or the suppression of them, can be achieved by members of this one lodge working together. What chance has a child got against that?

Also, as many of the victims have said, they themselves are drugged and programmed to take part in the ritual murder and torture of other children. This is videoed and played back to them when they are in a conscious state. They are so horrified at what they have done and so terrified of the consequences that they dare not speak to the authorities. Other techniques to prevent exposure include abusing children while wearing a Mickey Mouse face or a Devil’s head.


When little children say they were abused by Mickey Mouse or the Devil it makes them even less likely to be believed. One woman who contacted me said that her father sexually abused her while wearing a Devil’s head and it was a long time before she realized that her father was responsible. The stories of the people I have talked to, and the accounts of others I have read, tell of events that are beyond comprehension or, at least, they would be if they were not actually happening.


Drinking blood, eating the flesh of dead bodies, thousands of adults and children buried in deep graves, the murder of people on camera for the so-called ‘snuff’ videos, the story is just appalling. One mother told a television documentary in the Dispatches series on Channel Four in the UK, of how she was forced to place her new-born baby on a Satanic altar and push a knife through its heart. A Satanist then had sex with the dead body. This is happening in your country NOW!

Many of the victims are born into Satanic families and others are bred for sacrifice through the use of breeders: women kept in captivity to give birth to one child after another which are never formerly registered and so, according to official records, they don’t exist. You can’t murder someone who doesn’t exist and so these children and foetuses are sacrificed without anyone outside the circle knowing the children have even been born.


The Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan master race fanatics created by the Freemason Satanist, Albert Pike, are one of the endless groups who keep women under lock and key for this purpose.41 These groups have their own midwives who supervise the births and they are also born in hospitals under the supervision of staff loyal to the Brotherhood and their Satanic ritual offshoots.42


Other children from non-Satanic families are taken away at birth and the parents are told their child has died when in fact they are taken away to be sacrificed or to be used in the mind control projects I will discuss in the next chapter. Low income parents, and those addicted to drugs, are at the mercy of the Freemasons and Satanists operating among the social services hierarchy and judges.


Their children are often taken away from them for Satanic ritual or mind control projects. So called ‘crack’ babies are apparently sought after for mind control operations, as are twins. I know of twins who were crack babies in Denver, Colorado, a major Satanic centre. They were first taken from their parents and given to foster parents. Later they were taken from the foster parents by Denver Social Services after the husband was murdered in very strange circumstances and they were given to a single woman who had turned up out of nowhere after the murder and offered to be a nanny to the children.


The Satanic ring centred in Denver connects into Boulder, Colorado and this was where the child beauty queen, JonBenet Ramsey, was found murdered in her parents home in very mysterious and unexplained circumstances in December 1996. The American coroner and investigator, Dr Cyril Wecht, says that the evidence proves that her death happened during sexual abuse by her parents, John and Patsy Ramsey.43


JonBenet was murdered on Christmas Eve and Josef Mengele created a sacrificial ritual for this date called “The Last Bulb on the Christmas Tree”. Mengele’s pseudonym, Greenbaum, means green tree and relates to the Cabalistic Tree of Life. A Brotherhood term for the Devil is JonBet and the coincidence is so amazing that, given the other circumstances, I cannot believe that this was not the true inspiration for her name.

A research project into ritual abuse at the University of Colorado at Boulder found that,

A long, long list of child and other murders across the world are the work of Satanic groups, including, I would strongly contend, the still unexplained murder of 13-year-old Genette Tate near Exeter in Devon in 1978. Her body has never been found. I have met with people who have been investigating this case for many years and the evidence is overwhelming that it involved a Satanic group which could well have included some leading personnel at the Devon and Cornwall police headquarters, a short distance from where Genette was last seen alive. Her father, John Tate, also has some significant questions to answer.


A manuscript exists of this evidence if there is a publisher out there who is interested in exposing the case. When skeptics ask how such widespread Satanism, abuse and murder can be covered up, they need to appreciate the sort of people who are involved in these rings. David Berkowitz, the serial killer in New York known as the Son of Sam, has written that he was part of a Satanic group which had orchestrated the murders.


In letters to a church minister, Berkowitz said:

“...this group contained a mixture of Satanic practices, including the teachings of Aleister Crowley and Eliphas Levi (another notorious Satanist). It was (and still is) totally blood orientated... The coven’s doctrines are a blend of ancient Druidism, teachings of the secret order of the Golden Dawn, black magick, and a host of other unlawful and obnoxious practices...

Satanists (genuine ones) are peculiar people. They aren’t ignorant peasants or semiliterate natives. Rather, their ranks are filled with doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and basically highly responsible citizens... They are not a careless group who are apt to make mistakes. But they are secretive and bonded together by a common need and desire to mete out havoc on society. It was Aleister Crowley who said: “I want blasphemy, murder, rape, revolution, anything bad.”44

Satanism is the creation of the reptilians, thefallen angels’, and interestingly they also had a son of Sam according to a one thousand-year-old account. The Arab poet, Firdowsi, completed his legendary history of Iran in 1010 AD, a work called the Shahnameh or Book of Kings. He writes about a king called Sam who married a beautiful woman who gave birth to a baby of unearthly appearance.


The description of the baby’s features is exactly the same as the children born of the interbreeding between the Watchers and human women - very large, white skinned, and hair like snow. His name was Zal, a Nefilim child, a Watcher (reptilian) - human hybrid. And Zal was the son of Sam. In 1969, Charles Manson and his Satanic ‘Family’ murdered nine people, including the actress Sharon Tate. Manson operated in California in the Flower Power years when a group called the Process had a high profile in cities like San Francisco.


The Process emerged in Britain and then established branches in California and New York. The group celebrates Adolph Hitler and worships a Trinity of Jehovah, Lucifer, and Satan. In the British occult magazine, The Lamp Of Thoth, a writer by the name of Soror H, said of Charles Manson:

“(He) showed many of us what it is like to actually commit the crime we’d like to commit... Manson went astray where others like the Process succeeded. He got caught.”45

Another serial killer, Henry Lee Lucas, who is said to have murdered 360 people, including his mother, claimed he was a member of the Hand of Death Satanic group. He said that murder was part of the initiation and he admitted to drinking the blood of some of his victims. The Hand of Death, he said, was involved in drug running and the kidnapping of children for slavery and sacrifice. When they were killed, the group would drink their blood and eat part of their body, Lucas said. Mutilated bodies were found in Mexico and Arizona which appeared to support his story.


Richard Ramirez, the serial killer known as the Knight Stalker, said he killed his thirteen victims in the name of Satan. Inverted pentagrams, the classic Satanic symbol, were found spray painted in the homes of several of his victims and he carved a pentagram on the thigh of an elderly woman.

The number of murders world-wide involving Satanic ritual is simply fantastic. While I was writing this book I heard from another researcher of the ritual murder of Alfred Kunz, a rebel Roman Catholic priest who performed exorcisms. He was found in March1998 in his rectory at Madison, Wisconsin, hanging upside down with his throat cut from ear to ear. His head had then been cut off and his blood taken away.


Such were the circumstances in the case that the FBI was called in to investigate. The assassinations of President Kennedy and Princess Diana were full of Satanic ritual, also, as I shall outline later. I hear the same themes of Satanic ritual, abuse and sacrifice in every country I visit and even on the Isle of Wight, the small island off the south coast of England where I have lived for many years, there is substantial Satanic activity. Britain’s biggest selling Sunday tabloid, The News Of The World, published the revelations of a community worker on the Isle of Wight who exposed the nature and extent of the abuse there.


She said that these Satanic sacrificers of children were pillars of the local community, owners of seaside hotels, business people, local government officers, and politicians. She described the breeding programmes on the island in which babies are bred for sacrifice and how it connected into the paedophile and drug smuggling rings, another common theme. Detective Chief Inspector Neil Kingman, who was heading the inquiry, said:

“I have met the community worker several times and interviewed other people regarding this matter. I have no reason to doubt what I am being told.”46

There have been many famous cases in which ritual abuse has been alleged, but these have been successfully covered up by the political and judicial authorities and a compliant, uninformed, and slanted media. In the United States, the McMartin case in Los Angeles which came to light in 1983 was a prime example. It involved allegations by 369 children at the McMartin Day Care Centre that they had been sexually abused.


They told of animals being slaughtered and other Satanic rituals. They described how they were buried, locked in the dark, and taken to different locations to be abused. These included a grocery store, a cemetery, a church, and a crematorium. The children said they were forced to drink blood and urine and they saw the eyes of a baby ripped out and its body incinerated. Others said that a rabbit was killed in front of them to show what would happen if they told their parents.


The case was under investigation for four years, on trial for two and a half years, involved 124 witnesses, 50,000 pages of transcript, and cost almost $23,000 a day. But in the end it fell apart and those responsible escaped with their freedom. Crucial to the children’s stories was their description of a network of secret tunnels under the building through which they said they were taken to be abused.


It was claimed at the trial that there was no evidence that these tunnels existed, but five months after the files were closed on the McMartin case and the official cover up completed, a team of trained investigators and excavators uncovered the tunnel system which connected to a vaulted room under the day care centre. They extended out to adjacent buildings where the children said they had been taken before they were driven to other locations.


In 1991, an independent archaeologist also confirmed the existence of the tunnels and an alarm system inside the centre. In other words, the children had been telling the truth. In Britain there have been, among many others, cases in Orkney, Nottingham, Rochdale and Cleveland. Each time the social workers trying to expose Satanic abuse have been subjected to a blitz of condemnation by the mainstream media with the Mail On Sunday particularly vehement in its opposition.


It went so far on one occasion as to describe the “spectre” of Satanism as “hysterical nonsense”. Such remarks are so at odds with worldwide evidence that they can only be the work of an uninformed idiot (quite possible) or someone who wishes the truth to remain uncovered. As a result of such imbalanced coverage and, of course, the staggering nature of the children’s evidence, most cases do not even come to trial and when they do very few lead to conviction.


The public would rather believe the allegations are not true because they want to believe such horrors are not happening. Unfortunately they are, on a vast scale, and if you go into denial about it because you don’t want to face the truth about your world, then you are helping to perpetuate this unspeakable treatment of children. As Caroline Lekiar of the National Association of Young People in Care, said:

“I can understand people finding it difficult to believe, it’s extraordinary, but yet, everything is showing that it is happening. Young kids are drawing pictures of the type of thing that don’t come on TV. I’ve been dealing with this for the last two years, I’ve come across many cases of ritualistic abuse and a lot of it happens all over the place; people have really got to wake up.”47

Satanic ritual abuse is a global network, another pyramid of interconnecting groups, with the high and mighty of society among their numbers, top politicians, government officials, bankers, business leaders, lawyers, judges, doctors, coroners, publishers, editors and journalists. All the people you need, in fact, to carry out and cover up your rituals and crimes against humanity. It is not that researchers see Satanists everywhere. The ratio of them in leading positions is very high because that’s the way it is meant to be.


The Satanic networks control the system and so they ensure that there is a far, far, higher ratio of Satanists in positions of power than there are in the general population. The higher you go up the pyramids, the more Satanists you find. Most of the non-Satanists are filtered out before they reach those levels. The result of all this for the children involved is beyond the imagination of anyone who has not experienced the level of trauma that they must suffer.


The singer, Joan Baez, sings a song about recalling childhood abuse as the amnesiac barriers begin to fall, the mind control breaks down, and the memories come flashing back. The words capture the feelings of such people magnificently:

You don’t have to play me backwards,
To get the meaning of my verse,
You don’t have to die and go to hell,
To feel the Devil’s curse.

Well I thought my life was a photograph,
On the family Christmas card.
Kids all dressed in buttons and bows,
And lined up in the yard.
Were the golden days of childhood,
So lyrical and warm?
Or did the picture start to fade,
On the day that I was born.

Let the night begin, there’s a pop of skin,
And the sudden rush of scarlet,
There’s a little boy riding on a goat’s head,
And a little girl playing the harlot.
There’s a sacrifice in an empty church,
Of sweet li’l baby Rose,
And a man in a mask from Mexico,
Is peeling off my clothes.
I’ve seen them light the candles,
I’ve heard them beat the drum,
And I’ve cried Mama, Mama, I’m cold as ice,
And I’ve got no place to run.

So I’m paying for protection,
Smoking out the truth,
Chasing recollections,
Nailing down the proof.

I’ll stand before your altar,
And tell everything I know,
I’ve come to claim my childhood,
At the chapel of baby Rose.48

What an horrific experience this verbalizes and many thousands of children will go through that same nightmare all over the world today and every day. Does anyone still believe that we should walk away and ignore it? That we should kid ourselves that it is not happening.


Or is this get-off-your-arse time? A time to make a difference.



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