Black sun


Thule society  Rotary symbol

Himmler had this symbol adorn the floor of his Order-room in his SS castle Wewelsburg.

Left image
: decorative brooch found in Inzing, Innsbruck-Land, dated to ca. AD 400, from Hermann Wirth, Die heilige Urschrift der Menschheit, Leipzig 1936, BD. II, Bilderatlas, Tafel 42 (at the time kept in the Staatl. Museen Berlin.)

Right image: Migration age Alemannic decorative brooch, from Hans-Joachim Diesner, Die Völkerwanderung, Gütersloh 1980, used on the title cover of a 1982 Artgemeinschaft booklet.


Black Sun Empire (Rene Verdult and brothers Milan and Micha Heyboer)