Blood Axis, Michael Moynihan

Moynihan began his political activities as a Nazi skinhead in the one man band Coup De Grace....... Soon he moved to the West Coast where Moynihan became a priest in Anton LaVey's Church of Satan.....when one closely examines Moynihan's work, a clear and distinct Fascist and even neo-Nazi ideology emerges. Moynihan is best known to the general public as the author of Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground (Feral House: 1999). This study, co-authored with Norwegian writer, Didrik Soderlind, examines the development of the black metal music youth subculture, especially in Norway. As mentioned, this counter-cultural group combines neo-Nazism Satanic Crime with Satanic ritual religion and the blaring sounds of heavy metal music to form a distinct philosophy of life which devotees have dubbed “black metal”.
.....In Moynihan’s reckoning, such recently reported occurrences of Satanic metalists committing acts of destruction and violence can be attributed to the integration of Norse deities into individual neo-Nazi/Satanists. This process is catalyzed by a combination of ritual Satanism, Fascist indoctrination, and the harsh rhythms of black metal music.
......The authors contend that Vikernes’s violent actions are the result of psycho/spiritual/biological atavism, in which the pagan Norse wolf god emerged within him and conducted these evil acts......Other criminal black metal bands Moynihan covers in his book include Norway’s Belfagor and the Swedish Satanic band Nefandus, who attacked a black man in a self-described “nigger hunt”; Bard Eithun (“Faust”) from the Norwegian group Emperor, who murdered a gay man who allegedly tried to seduce him; and Jon Nodveidt from the Swedish group Dissection, who slaughtered an Algerian immigrant. Moynihan even dedicates an entire chapter to an obscure two-man German band called Absurd, who coldly executed a fellow high school student.....he has also published the writings of James N. Mason -- a neo-Nazi ideologue who was an original member of George Lincoln Rockwell’s American Nazi Party......In his effort to promote Fascism, Moynihan also paid homage to white racist “lone wolf’ assassins like Mason's former ANP colleague Joseph Franklin, who specialized in shooting interracial couples (“race traitors”); and James Huberty, who massacred a largely Hispanic clientele at a McDonald's restaurant in San Diego.....Moynihan's blood fetish included drinking blood in weird, arcane rituals. [2006] Satanic Crime. A Threat in the New Millennium by William H. Kennedy