Boarding/residential schools

[Boarding schools have improved from the old days where they were designed to pervert sexuality and feelings, mostly through harming child parent Bonding, Corporal punishment, Pedophilia and Sodomic mind control.  The whale editor's prep school head was, on reflection, a psychopathic 'bachelor', he loved to beat boys for such things as talking after lights out, often 6-10 boys a night.]

Canadian Holocaust
Catholic Priest child abuse
Corporal punishment

[2011 Aug] Ken Bear Chief Reaches Out to Boarding-School Survivors  Five hundred of the firm’s Native plaintiffs recently participated in a historic $166-million-dollar payment from the Jesuit order. “When Brother Charley (the late René Gallant) began repeatedly raping one girl at St. Ignatius, nuns targeted her for beatings and eventually ran her arm through a washing-machine mangle, crippling her, according to the affidavit of another of our clients.”

[2011 July] South Dakota Boarding School Survivors Detail Sexual Abuse They charge that priests, brothers, nuns and lay employees at these institutions raped, sodomized and molested them, often for years.

[May 2008] Residential School Genocide: Why "Apology" Isn't Enough by Rev. Kevin Annett

[2004] Some say sex abuse was rampant at British boarding schools

Boarding schools not only give the elite a chance to isolate, educate, and indoctrinate their children, but it is also a great way to layer in body memories that instil a subconscious ethic of elitism. It is an attitude of elitism that allowed the Pharisees to crucify Christ, the Nazis to kill Jews, and Moslems to kill Hindus, etc.
    How does this layering of body memories happen? The memories of our bodies are buried within the cells of our bodies. Therapists have known about body memories for some time now. Cellular level body memories are way beyond the grasp of the consciousness. Buried into a deep unconscious repression are the body memories of the social values (elitism) that are contained in how the social elite walk, hold a spoon and knife, how a person must stand up straight with good posture, and how the person holds and uses their facial muscles. The boarding schools teach an entire world of elite mannerisms such as "keep a stiff upper lip" to "don’t hold your knife in your left hand."
    West Point performs the same programming of body memories, to insure that their West Pointers develop an elitist attitude. The effect of these body memories is to subconsciously encourage the mind into thinking that it is elite. The erect posture and military gait that this author was taught carry with them the implication of superiority. While the conscious awareness of this elitist indoctrination can be gotten in touch with and defused, there are none-the-less buried elements of body memory that resist tampering. This author would ask his fellow West Pointers, how do they feel if they walk like a general around civilians?
    This type of body programming contributes to an ethic of elitism. How it is created and how it works has not escaped the detection of the elite bloodlines. This is why the British boarding schools are so strict about "good manners." Through a plebe year of bracing, the mind develops body memories of how to stand in a military brace. Some cadets are so traumatized by their first year, they never return to a normal posture. A military brace has been proven to not be the healthiest posture. It’s this author’s contention that the military brace is insisted upon for mind-control, and not for health reasons. 12: SCIENCE No. 12-EXTERNAL CONTROLS Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula