Boris Johnson

[A passionate Psychopath or psychopath puppet, singing from the Zionist hymn sheet, so he could go far.  Has he sold his soul or was he born a Zionists, inquiring minds want to know?]

[2016 June] Brexit- What is the Hidden Globalist Game? the Brexit movement is overwhelmingly dominated not just by common or garden variety Zionists, but by hard-core Zionist ultras of a particularly toxic variety. For example, Boris Johnson, the part-Jewish de facto frontman for Brexit, describes himself as "a passionate Zionist" and supports with an equal passion both the corrupt City of London and mass migration to Europe.  But compared to Michael Gove, the other leading Tory Brexit spokesman and senior British cabinet member, Boris is a veritable peacenik. Gove has never seen a Zio-war he didn't like. A former journalist with the Zionist London Times newspaper, he once penned the following excruciating line about war criminal Blair: "I can't help myself! I love Tony!".

[2014] I am a passionate Zionist, declares Boris Johnson

[2008] The influence of Big Media

Rothschild, Jacob

Israel control of UK government  Yarmulk/kippah

Israel control of UK government  Zionism

Palestinian genocide

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