Mark Taylor  Force medicated

Breaking Info From Columbine Whistleblower on Sandy Hook

By JG Vibes
February 8, 2013

Tonight on the Bob Tuskin Radio Show we will be covering some of the days top headlines from around the world.

Also be sure to catch tonight’s guest Donna Taylor, Mother of Columbine shooting victim Mark Taylor who was one of the most severely injured shooting victims in the tragic incident on April 20,1999.

Whistleblower Mark Taylor has been institutionalized against his will in a psychiatric hospital, and force-medicated with psychotropic drugs by court order.

Donna Taylor is desperately trying to have her son released from State custody, weened off the psychotropic drugs which have rendered him a virtual zombie, as well as tell the true story about the massive political cover-up of facts about the Columbine shooting.

Click here to listen live at 10PM-11PM eastern standard time on February 8, 2013

New evidence presented in this episode will shock the American public, especially when they realize that the Clinton family of Illuminati members are implicated along with their luciferian cohorts in what the listener will agree is a coverup of epic proportions.

Columbine victim Mark Taylor was exposing the information that we had learned about the shooter who shot him when he was illegally abducted and drugged.

He had learned that Eric Harris had been raped during an arrest and Mark was also testifying before the FDA that the drugs Harris was on caused suicidal ideation.

Our research into Sandy hook indicates that Adam Lanza was a Columbine copycat and was also raped. There were two internet posts made prior to the Sandy hook tragedy. One shows the Columbine shooters in a pool of blood.

Also appearing on tonight’s show:

Steve Allen: Steve “Stars” Allen is a frequent contributor to Bob Tuskin’s show and has been working with Bob since 2007 in alternative radio, always directing the listeners towards solutions they need to follow after they become well-informed. To both Bob and Steve, “being informed is not enough” if the end result is not effective in directing a change for the better.

Steve Stars began his career in radio back in the early 70′s just prior to the Watergate hearings. After receiving his degree in Journalism from Colorado State University, he went to work in the mainstream media as a news and sports anchor at a small ABC affiliate in Idaho, then as a production engineer in Denver (CBS) and various satellite networks in Dallas.

He left working with the mainstream media back in the early 80′s claiming the control and manipulation of information was already becoming a dangerous system of political and corporate propaganda in his opinion. He never looked back, and has no regrets about that decision today.

As a screenwriter and documentary producer, Steve has done extensive research on historical events like the Lincoln Assassination, the sinking of the Titanic and the HIV/AIDS fraud.

After a prior failure, Steve finally completed a full-length professional production entitled “HIV=AIDS – Fact or Fraud” released in 1997. The film was blacklisted and censored by the mainstream media, but went viral on the Internet reaching millions internationally and saving lives.

Since then he has continued to follow a long list of State Crimes Against the Republic (which he refers to as SCAR events) such as 911, Oklahoma City, the Federal Reserve bankster theft of trillions, Chemtrails, GMO foods, UN agenda 21, illegal wars, assassinations of leaders like JFK, RFK, MLK ,John Kennedy Jr, and the ongoing attack by these NWO elitists against the entire human race.

Steve also has an extensive background in studies of biblical eschatology and archeology which he occasionally interjects.


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J.G. Vibes is the author of an 87 chapter counter-culture textbook called Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance, a staff writer, reporter for and Executive Producer of the Bob Tuskin Radio Show.

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