Brett Ratner

Apologies Are for Fags  I’ve known people who say they have worked with Ratner in the past. They say he is a lecherous pervert who is constantly trying to get fellated. One extra tells me Ratner offered her a promotion if she did the deed. She says she did and got the promotion but couldn’t take advantage of it because she was too hung-over to go to work the next day.  It’s called “Hollywood.” It’s a Sodom and Gomorrah cesspool where everyone knows the deal and shamelessly drops to their knees to milk it for all it’s worth. Who cares?

Brett Ratner Admits To Sex With Olivia Munn, Having A Small Penis   In Olivia Munn's memoir, "Suck It, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek," the far-too-intimate details of a short relationship with a bigwig Hollywood director are amongst many tales she recalled from her early days in Hollywood. Details such as seeing, "a grown man in an oversized shirt holding his undersized manhood in hands glistening with shrimp fat."  On Thursday, Ratner came clean, saying that he was that bigwig director, but denied ever having such glistening, self-pleasuring hands.  "I used to date Olivia Munn, I'll be honest with everyone here. But when she was 'Lisa.' She wasn't Asian back then," he said. "She was hanging out on my set of 'After the Sunset,' I banged her a few times, but I forgot her. Because she changed her name. I didn't know it was the same person and so when she auditioned for me for a TV show, I forgot her, she got pissed off, and so she made up all these stories about me eating shrimp and masturbating in my trailer. And she talked about my shortcomings."

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