Clifford Carnicom

"If it were in my power, I’d attach this header to all disinformation sites like Carnicom’s, Rense’s and Bell’s: Abandon hope, all ye who enter here!" --Don Croft

[Controlled opposition.]

"I gave Clifford Carnicom a full hour of this information over the phone. And he acted all excited and he said that he wanted to give me an hour-long radio interview, and actually let you interview me, and he’s gonna broadcast it through the Carnicom Institute. And I even mailed them a set of precious distilled water books and urine therapy books. And I ended up getting complete silence from them after the phone call........ I sent him a nice package of urine therapy books and distilled water books.....And, y’know, complete silence now. I don’t know it somebody told them not to let me on the air, or they got freaked out, or if they’re actually… they don’t want to give answers. That’s kind of what I’m most suspicious of, because I watched Carnicom at the 9/11 Truth Movement speech in Portland, Oregon 2 or 3 years ago. And during that speech, during the question & answer period, this kid stood up and very, very emotionally and strongly told the crowd that he had been covered with Morgellan’s symptoms, and he had applied this… a particular method that had completely erased it. And he was almost crying telling his story about how much pain he had been in, and that how beautifully and miraculously he had discovered a method to clear it all up. And I was listening, and I was going, “Oh my God, I bet you anything he’s talking about urine”. An so he tells that and Carnacom is standing there listening up at the podium. And of course everybody at my house is watching the video. And I’m sure everybody that’s listening is going, “Okay, okay, okay, yeah, yeah, tell me, tell me!” And you’re expecting the next thing that’s gotta be out of Karnikom’s mouth is, “Oh! Well, geez! Share!! Y’know, tell us what you did to erase Morgellan’s symptoms!”  HE DIDN’T ASK HIM AT ALL!!!  He didn’t even ask him at all!! And that made me incredibly suspicious! How could you do that?!? How can somebody be right there telling you the cure to Morgellan’s…? And Karma-con’s all about exposing the truth about chemtrails and Morgellan’s and how awful it is, but yet… he didn’t ask the kid to share what it was that so perfectly removed it from his body. And so the same thing… I call Carnie-Kahn. I ask him what he knows about distilled water. He says he doesn’t hardly know a thing about it. And so I give him a complete run-down about distilled water and urine therapy.
...... And he’s listening, and listening, and agrees. “Oh you‘ve got some great information. I’d like to give you a radio show.” And then complete silence. And it’s been months now since then. And they, you know… they didn’t lose my email. It’s not hard to get a hold of me. And I even called them again and left a message, saying, “I’d like an explanation for why you all-of-a-sudden drop me”.  And, no explanation. No phone call. No email. All I ever got back from them… I even emailed them all the documents, I emailed them the Egyptians, the Indians… on and on and on… I got one email back from a secretary there that said, “It’s nice that everybody wants to help out.” You know… some bull-pucky-thanks-a-lot thing. But, you know, nothing. And same thing with Scott & Meredith at the Conscious Media Network. I spent a couple of days sending emails back and forth with Scott, and telling him about all this stuff. And he was just asking me to prove how this could be true about urine. And I gave him the proofs. And he was all about it, and all about it, and all about it. And then I was like, “Okay, so do you wanna do an interview or not?” Total silence! “Nope. Don’t wanna do it”. So, y’know, you and I are doing it now. "---[2011] Andrew Norton Webber interview (Urine therapy, distilled water) by  Chrissy McMahon

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