Cate Blanchett

All seeing eye (people)

Hand sign (Satanic/horn) Another interesting image I came across was this pic of Cate Blanchett in W Magazine...I don't know if this is intentional but her hands are positioned in the Mano Cornuto, or the "horned hands." Used by Neapolitans as a charm to ward off evil and the devil, it has been adopted by many heavy metal groups and Satanists as another symbol for Lucifer/Satan. In this shoot however, Cate seems to be personifying another mother goddess, more specifically a moon goddess. Neapolitan women often fashioned mano cornutos out of silver, the color of the moon. The color green suggests the fertility of spring (the Greek goddess of the moon, hunt, and forests Artemis for example while her caped hood is a reference to Cybele and/or the ultimate incarnation of the pagan mother goddess the Catholic Virgin Mary