[2008] Was Churchill a “Holocaust Denier”? T Stokes  Churchill condoned the Soviet rape squads sent into Germany at the wars end and helped Stalin hide the Soviet Katyn Forest murders, like Stalin, blaming the Germans for the crime...On Churchill’s orders the S.O.E murdered Reinhardt Heydrich in order to bring reprisals on the Czech’s and thereby harden their resolve against Germany. The papers reveal that Churchill joked about the huge bombing raids on defenceless German dormitory towns.  Sir Anthony Blunt said that as the war was closing, Churchill did not want to feed or house large numbers of German refugees, and preferred them burnt in their homes......Also mentioned is Churchill’s wish to murder Ghandi, who was against the violence of the war....Russian spy Ursula Kuczinsky, codenamed ” Sonja” serviced Oxford during W W II and claimed Chamberlain was murdered by Churchill after he accepted 50,0000 pounds from the Rothschild syndicate to take the country to war.