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Friday, November 17, 2006

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CdB and the eye of ©Horus? Texe Marrs take note!

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A little light relief before resuming the important business of Edom, the quinotaur, unified field conspiracy theories and occult high weirdness. You see, something very strange has been happening to me. I've been having these strange dreams.

Let's start with Chris de Burgh(1); or 'disgraced 80s crooner Chris de Burgh' to give him his full (tabloid) title. Poor old Chris. All he did was sleep with the au pair whilst his wife was recovering from a minor injury: viz. a broken back. Quite why Chris is entering my room at night I don't fully know- not something we need to probe too deeply- considering it has been a good fifteen years since I last went to a concert. (Oh, the shame!) The day after the dream- the details of which are (perhaps thankfully) lost to memory- whilst flicking idly through the scintillating literature provided free by my local kebab shop, my eyes fell upon the following story:

'Chris De Burgh cured my paralysed arm!' Chris, it would seem, has had a funny turn. (Some interesting possible reasons for this. Chris, as you may know- if you're extremely odd- was a student at the impeccably posh Marlborough College, a few miles from the Avebury henge in Wiltshire, Albion. Readers of The Sun and the Serpent by Paul Broadhurst and Hamish Miller will be aware that the famous 'St Michael Line'- an energy line which traverses the southern end of the country, visiting dozens of sacred sites- brushes the College chapel; and joins up with its sister strand, known as 'Mary', atop the neolithic mound in the College grounds. Known as Merlin's Mound- or barrow- it is this ancient 'tot hill' which is believed to have provided the town, and the College, with its name.)

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Chris De Burgh proving he is, indeed, a big player in the masonic One World conspiracy

A connection, perhaps, between this famous ley-line, his old boy education; and his recent spiritual awakening?(2)Funny thing is- and the snipers will be out in force for me for this- there is a certain, tremulous sincerity to his output which the ironists despise; but which idealists (with no credibility) like myself occasionally warm to. A reasonable candidate, we might surmise, for a late-life flowering.

Now let's doff the hat in the direction of Jake Kotze and attempt a little synchro-mysticism. (This, in case you don't know, is a method of divination, pioneered by Kotze, that draws meaning from coincidences scattered across various popular media. To test the viability of the 'Mary wife of Jesus' idea, for example, he drew upon the cinematic career of the actor Willem Dafoe. To whit: Defoe played Jesus in 'The Last Temptation of Christ'- the brilliant and brave adaption of Nikos Kazantzaki's novel- and the boyfriend to Madonna in her 'Body Of Evidence' skin flick. In other words, Defoe (Jesus) has sex with Madonna (Mary)- and thus, in a roundabout, film geek sort of fashion, the theory is confirmed. Or, to give greater credit to the finer points of Kotze's system, the conceptual possibility silently enters the oversoul, to be brought into being as accepted 'fact' or slung off as 'fringe theorising' via the hundred monkey syndrome.(3))

Let's try to demonstrate how it works (though I fear my efforts may fall far short of those which pour from the nimble mind of Mr Kotze.) Chris de Burgh, of course, is most famous for having written and performed the hit song The Lady in Red. There is another famous woman in a red dress: in the film series The Matrix; in which the lady in question is a 'sentient programme' created by Mouse and slotted into Neo's holographic world as a way of testing his mettle. The Lady in Red, the Chris de Burgh one, was liberally 'borrowed from' by Sir Elton John for his tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales: The Way You Look Tonight. (The B-side to the better known Candle In The Wind.(4)

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'The Woman in the Red Dress' from The Matrix series

So what do we have so far? The Princess of Wales and a 'sentient programme.' Something, remember, without autonomous will- subject to the whims and caprice of its programmer. Proof positive, then, as if it were needed, that Diana was a fabled 'Dead Eyes': under a form of total mind control administered via trauma, thus producing a multiple ('split') personality capable of being directed by a competent handler.

We may have arrived at our tentative conclusion in a rather unusual way- via Chris de Burgh and Sir Elton- but it accords perfectly with the more 'scientific' researches of Fritz Springmeier, self-appointed authority on trauma based mind-control and (if the rumours are true) occasional bank robber. (We've all been there.) MPD- Multiple Personality Disorder- would, according to Fritz, explain some of the Princess's troubled behaviour; as well as the notorious interview she gave to Martin Bashir in which she exhibited what Fritz might describe as 'dissociative symptoms.'

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The coincidences don't end there either. (They never do.) In an online gaming spin-off from The Matrix series, The Woman in the Red Dress re-appears. In this version she has a name: Scarlett. Now, as all good middle-class children of my generation will know, Miss Scarlett is one of the characters in the classic British board game, Cluedo. In her original form, she was depicted as a 1950s-style blonde bombshell- with a passing resemblance, perhaps, to...? You get the idea. In Cluedo, remember, contestants assume the role of detective, charged with solving a murder.(5)

Just for fun, we can run with this idea even further. The 'Scarlet Thread' is an important concept in both Talmudic Judaism, and the movement known as British-Israelism. It relates to the story of the birth of the twin sons Zarah and Pharez, by Tamar through Judah: the fourth of Jacob's twelve sons. (Judah, of course, is the legendary forebear of the Jewish people, and the origin of the names of the House of Judah and the landmass of Judea/Judaea; not to mention Judaism itself.) As recorded in Genesis 38:27-30, the hand of the first child emerged from its mother; and was marked with a scarlet thread around its wrist to denote its first-born superiority. After being summarily tagged, however- the Biblical precursor to the dreaded microchip, perhaps- the boy drew back his arm in sensible retreat to the comforts of the womb. The second boy then arrived, in whole this time, and to mark this 'breaching' of the marked boy's birthright, received the name Pharez (meaning 'breach.')

According to the Anglo-Israelites, Zarah- the twin who lost his birthright- went into exile to Iberia, where he founded Zaragossa. After being driven from the land by Babylon and then Rome, the Zarahites journeyed westwards to establish a new homeland in Hibernia (Ireland.) (6)Researcher Michael Tsarion writes: 'This lineage is believed, by British-Israelites, to still exist today, having come down through one of Judah's twin sons, known as Zarah (meaning "seed"). The second twin is known as Pharez (meaning "breached" but which more may be related to Pharos meaning "light."'(7)

In Talmudic Judaism, a scarlet thread was used in rituals to celebrate Yom Kippur: the Day of Atonement. It features in accounts of miraculous activity associated with the Second Temple period, when 'the scarlet tongue' would be fastened to the door of the Temple court and turned white to indicate Yahweh's acceptance of the sacrificial offerings.(8)

So, for us in our new role as 'synchro-mystics', this is all very interesting. We have discovered clear evidence of associations (via Chris de Burgh, the Matrix and an old fashioned British board game) linking Diana, Princess of Wales; and an ancient Jewish royal bloodline known as the Scarlet Thread. Now where have we heard that phrase before? In the Sherlock Holmes novel, A Study in Scarlet, published in 1887. The famous quote is rather revealing. Says the ingenious sleuth to his trusty assistant: '"There's the scarlet thread of murder running through the colourless skein of life, and our duty is to unravel it, and isolate it, and expose every inch of it."' I think we synchro-mystics would wholly agree.

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Have we just stumbled upon evidence (albeit of a sort unlikely to be admissible in a court of law) to support the theory set out by writers Jon King and John Beveridge, who claim Diana was descended from the Merovingian line of Frankish royals; and that she had been courting representatives of the (Lafosse) House of Stuart before her sudden demise? This would tally with the writings of R Lewis (Lewis DaCosta) in his masterpiece, reviewed elsewhere on this site, The Secret Diaries of An Alchemist. He explains the unprecendented, seemingly spontaneous outpouring of emotion in the days and weeks immediately following the Princess's death as an intuitive response to the loss of another Grail bearer. 'Knowing and not knowing, where memory is genetic, from deep in the unconscious, the people knew they had lost another child of the Grail Family.'(9)

Might it be these occult, perhaps subliminal, associations between The Lady in Red, on one hand, and death on the other, which explain the almost pathological hatred which (in some people) both the song, and the artist, seem to provoke? Violent death has its own attractions, of course; and raw energy enough to cast a spell over entire nations, if usually only for a brief, destructive moment. Once the moment passes, the frenzy may give way to collective despair, decades of fruitless soul-searching and a reflexive, defensive aversion to anything which seems to smack of the ancien regime. Something similar could be said of Mr De Burgh, and the arc of his career. Now roundly despised- particularly in Great Britain- this song of violent, bloody death was a (genuine) monster hit in its day: going to number one in no fewer than twenty five countries. All across the globe did this funerary anthem march: its horrific portents occluded behind a romantic veneer. Did we- all those who danced to its tune- set our seal, quite unknowingly, on the events that were to follow, of August 31 1997?(10) What, furthermore, might this mean for the people of Iran, for whom Chris de Burgh is perhaps the most popular of all Western entertainers? Are they unconsciously courting the angel of death?(11)

Let us briefly now examine another case of a famous Scarlet Woman. This was the title given by Aleister Crowley for several of his principal consorts, who embodied the complex figure known as BABALON. The image below is of interest to our investigation, if only for the six letters printed underneath: L.A.Y.L.A.H.

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Now what does that remind of us of? If you're anything like me, a certain riff: the inner soundrack of Jeremy Clarkson's entire life. Which brings us to this: the famous album cover of Derek and the Dominoes' Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs (1970.)

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But when we do a Google search for images related to 'Layla'- we find this: the piece de resistance.

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All told, then, at the end of this short but highly satisying synchro-mystic ramble, we have found evidence for the following: that Diana, a Merovingian princess of the Scarlet Thread, who was under constant mind control by her Illuminati handlers, was killed by the same forces of BABALON (Rome) who are now planning to strike Iran. Not bad for a couple of hours work. And then, to top it off, we meet a little girl Layla (and her middle eastern Camel, the name of a brand of cigarettes whose advertising is notorious for its phallic and Illuminist themes) who discovers secret patterns. I think we'll call a halt to the synchro-mysticism right there, lest 'we get too close to the truth.'

A few nights later and it was turn of fellow 80s icon, the reborn Noel Edmonds, to intrude upon my dream-life. Now, in this case, the surprise was more muted. I do, I admit it, occasionally meditate (with some fascination) on the recent career revival the supercharged Mr. Edmonds has suddenly benefitted from. A new woman in his life, a new yacht; and- if the photos can be believed- a tight new pair of Speedos. (Or am I mistaking him for Daniel Craig?) This would be fine, except the cosmic volte-face has (inevitably) been accompanied by a kind of Icke-like epiphany. Yes, Noel- as viewers of Richard and Judy's daily dose of dribble will be aware, if they can summon the intellectual energy required to formulate thought- has got religion; albeit of a socially-sanctioned, gay friendly, non-extremist and (most importantly of all) highly lucrative kind.

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Edmonds, just in case you didn't know, has done an Oprah. Or a Shirley. Or even- Christ forbid- a Neale Donald Walsch. He is one small step away from achieving the kind of guru-like status amongst 'New Age Wankers' reserved exclusively for multi-millionaires. And all this for doing what I was repeatedly told off for in primary school: writing on his hand. Cosmic ordering, he calls it. A kind of mercenary petition to a disinterested Universe; or 'releasing the angel of wealth' as those NAWs (see above) would certainly say.

In my dream, Noel gave me a crystal. The very next day- back in our snoring reality- and I'm in no lesser place than Glastonbury. (Another important Michael site, incidentally.) I have a strong compulsion to visit a crystal shop; just as well I'm in Glastonbury really, because there's certainly no shortage, as any NAW will tell you. The shop I go to, I see this strange lump of unidentified dark black stone. It's only as I'm leaving the store- having watched myself parting with a not inconsiderable sum of money- that I realise it's almost identical to the rock that was given to me by Noel Edmonds in my sleep the night before. Its hard hewn angles and inky complexion give it a passing resemblance to a Rosslyn cube- or the Lament Configuration- discussed in a recent post. Am I due to play host to the Cenobites? (I'll get my dog collar ready, just in case.)

Then, a few days ago, another strange dream. I dreamt my collection of books were being investigated by some 'shadowy elite' (you can tell I think about conspiracies far too much) who suspected me of thought crimes. I remember three or four volumes being marked down as subversive; and identified as such with a white triangle appended to their spines. Didn't think at all on that- as no funny celebrities involved- but the next day I'm in Rose Hill high street (or as high as it gets, in this Croydon-borders hinterland.) Not the usual place one expects to source samizdat literature. Feeling possessed of an urge to rummage in some boxes, I make a Merovingian beeline for the local 'charidee' shop. Where I find three volumes of history by the (jailed) controversialist David Irving: an unusual find in a town where the reading matter rarely extends much further than Razzle. I buy all three- somewhat breathlessly- for about thirty pence each... then remember the three white triangles of the night before.(12)

Funny thing about all this dreaming is, I think the universe likes it when I listen. It's sort of a silent initiation: an obedience test, though thankfully devoid of sheepskin aprons or disinterred skulls. (See Prescott Bush and Geronimo.) I'm obviously starting to get it... whatever it is. What's next, I have to wonder? Massive kundalini explosions in Peruvian stone circles?

Fear not, brothers, I will keep you (and the ADL) fully informed.


1: Chris de Burgh was at the Birmingham NEC on Saturday November 17- his only UK date this year: the very day that I wrote most of this article. Needless to say, I had no idea of this fact at the time.

2: The De Burgh family (to which Chris de Burgh is related on his mother's side, having taken her maiden name as his artistic persona) can trace their bloodline back to William the Conquerer. Is this 'royal blood' the secret to his new-found gifting? As Ellis Taylor informed me shortly after beginning this article, Chris de Burgh can derive to 'Bearer (or Mountain) of Christ.' As ever, I am grateful to Ellis for this insight. (It is presumably upon this illustrious heritage that he drew for his album, Crusader (1979) containing the ominously-titled: When Jerusalem Falls.)

3: The Glastonbury restaurant I visited shortly after purchasing 'Noel's Lament Configuration' was called Hundred Monkeys.

4: Diana, interestingly, was under the mistaken impression that The Lady in Red (by CdB) was also composed in her honour- but then she was friends with Michael Barrymore.

5: Miss Scarlett, the reader may care to know, was the unswerving character of choice of the present author; throughout several years of Cluedo playing in younger life. Quite what this indicates about the author's psycho-sexual development is a matter best left to experts.




9: R Lewis, The Secret Diaries of An Alchemist, p76

10: This would seem to make more sense than a competing rock-related Diana theory: which posits no lesser a character than Morrissey as the central figure. See

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To further reinforce the association between the Lady In Red and death, Jake Kotze informs me that the song is a favourite of serial killer Patrick Bateman, as played by Christian Bale, in the movie American Psycho (based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis.) For an insight into Bateman's mind, the 'mature reader' may like to explore, the conquistador diaries of a monomanical Briton in Thailand.


12.In a regrettable lapse of literary discernment, as well as the three Irving volumes, I also picked up a novel by Highbury whinger Nick Hornby. Entitled How To Be Good, this tells the story of a North London doctor whose comfortably grim marriage is turned upside down after her husband's encounter with a spiritual healer known as DJ GoodNews. The parallels with Chris de Burgh are, I should hope by now, obvious.

* UPDATE 07.03.07 **

I have since updated this article, adding a new factor to the synchro-mystic mesh. Please follow the following link for further information:

Series of Dreams- Update

Wednesday, March 7, 2007
Miss Scarlett: the (mind controlled) Lady in Red?

Readers with a fairly long memory may recall my article entitled Series of Dreams, a synchro-mystical investigation of (amongst other things) the murder of Princess Diana, as seen through the work of Chris de Burgh. The Lady in Red, the song that will follow Mr de Burgh (and the people of Iran, quite possibly) to his watery grave, is closely associated with Diana via her mistaken assumption that it was written about her, and by dint of its obvious similarity to Elton John's tribute to the Queen of Hearts, Something About The Way You Look Tonight. There is another lady in red in The Matrix movies: a 'sentient programme' or hologram. Thus, synchro-mystically- to borrow Jake Kotze's terminology- we have connected Princess Diana and 'programming'... and hence to the inevitable conclusion that Diana was under some heavy form of mind control.

The article continues by drawing out a few additional possibilities: from the Lady in Red to Miss Scarlett of the famous British board game Cluedo... and from there to 'the scarlet thread' of the Jewish Zarahites. Interestingly, it would seem somebody else has stumbled onto the same strange mesh. Whilst surfing YouTube for things Dylan-related (predictably, there are lots) I found this: the promotional video for Bob's latest release, taken from his Modern Times album, When The Deal Goes Down. It features the actress Scarlett Johannsen, in an evocative home-movie style 1950s period piece- echoing the similarly vintage mood of the record.

Scarlett, in the gaming spin-off to the Matrix films, is the name of the holographic 'Lady in Red'; a fact which should be borne in mind when reading the following (very bizarre) comment on the video, submitted by a YouTube user from the United States. (Where else?)

'Hey guys! What do you think that Scarlett Johansson (actress) actually is a clone from original person, which has nothing with acting career. That clone was created illegally using stolen biological material. Original person is very nice (not damn sexy), most important - CHRISTIAN young lady! I'll tell you guys more, that clones (it's not only one) made in GERMANY world leader manufacturer of humans clones, to be more detail it is in Ludwigshafen am Rhein,Bavaria, Mr. Helmut Kohl home town.' To which somebody else has posted the response: 'she's also jewish on her mum's side.' (She could hardly be Jewish any other way.)

As good synchro-mystics, then, is this another example of a telling resonance between the Lady in Red (Scarlett/ Diana) and cloning/ artifical intelligence/ mind control? Moreover, can we now connect Diana and Scarlett Johannsen via this route? There is certainly something highly significant about the latter, not least because of her physical resemblance to Marilyn Monroe, with whom Diana strongly resonates- via Candle In The Wind. And, via Diana, to Madonna (who also idolised Marilyn.) Add to this strange association Miss Johannsen's Jewishness- a connection we can also make to Diana, through the 'Scarlet Thread'- and a murky picture emerges.

Is Scarlett also bloodline, perchance; being groomed as a future Marilyn/Diana by forces unknown? One thing is certain: all the indications suggest she will play a significant role in our collective life for many years to come. And, pleasingly, Bob Dylan clearly agrees.

For more on synchro-mysticism, see The Brave New World Order.