Colin Figures (1925Ė2006)

[2011 Nov] Did Mossad Murder Hilda Murrall? By T. Stokes   The general opinion in informed circles is that the killing was authorised by Sir Colin Figures, the Jewish Chief of MI6 who worked closely with Prime Minister Thatcherís security advisor Lord Victor Rothschild. And here itís worth recalling that Rothschild was instrumental during Harold Wilsonís years in office for the secret export of Plutonium to Israel.  Rothschild pushed for further British investment in the nuclear industry for his own ends, and he allegedly also helped orchestrate the minerís strike, which crippled the country and put huge numbers on the dole. Defectors have suggested that the Russians assisted the industrial disruption while the murder of those people opposed to the nuclear industry has Rothschild fingerprints all over it.