Colonel James Sabow
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[Obvious 'Suicides' tend to be warnings (Kelly Gary Webb) to deter whistleblowers.  Murdered in broad daylight on an army base.  That tells you who is behind Dope Inc.]

[2012 Jan] DOCTORED PHOTO IN MARINE MURDER PROBE (PART1)  Fraudulent  autopsy photo supports murder of Marine Corps Colonel and cover-up by DOD.     
[2012 Jan] DOCTORED PHOTO IN MARINE MURDER PROBE (PART 2)   The DOD crime scene reconstruction by Bryan Burnett supports the hypothesis that Colonel  Sabow was killed by a government assassination team...... The assassination team were flown by Marine helicopter from Camp Pendleton to MCAS El Toro during the early morning hours of January 22, 1991, landing in a vacant field several hundred yards from Colonel Sabow’s backyard.  The helicopter normally landed next to the control tower at El Toro, but on January 22nd the chopper landed across the airfield at a point that was nearest to Colonel Sabow’s quarters.  Four men got out, headed for the Sabow residence on Fifth Street.  The helicopter then immediately took off, went right across the airfield, and landed where it usually does, at the tower. The pilot got out, said he was having some trouble, but was checking it  out and that’s why he had landed across the field.  He then went on to say that he  wasn’t sure and he may do the same thing again, and he did, according to Dr. David Sabow.  And shortly after 0900, the pilot landed there again.  Dr. Sabow said he was told the pilot picked them up from the records. However, he  feels the records are false and the pilot picked up only one man, “accounting for the three that remained behind at the scene of the crime.”
[2012 Jan] DOCTORED PHOTO IN MARINE MURDER PROBE (PART 3)   Motive for the murder was to prevent Colonel Sabow from talking about unmarked civilian aircraft to flying drugs into MCAS El Toro.

Marine’s Murder Ignored by ‘Scientific Journals’ (Part I)
Marine’s Murder Ignored By ‘Scientific Journals’ (Part II)

[pdf] Blow to the right side of Colonel Sabow’s head:  “Semper Fidelis:  An American Tragedy, Part I,” J. D.  Sabow, MD, Forensic Neurologist

[pdf] BURNETT’S ANALYSIS SUPPORTS HOMICIDE:  Bryan Burnett’s complete scientific analysis of the fraudulent photo