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Controversy continues in rickets vs. child abuse cases in England

Posted on January 5, 2012 by John Cannell, MD


How would you like to be the British pathologist, Dr. Irene Scheimberg? First, she rendered a politically incorrect autopsy report on a couple’s infant, reporting the infant died from vitamin D deficiency, not from child abuse. The state freed the couple only because the baby died, thus making an autopsy possible where Dr. Scheimberg discovered the rickets. If the infant had lived, the state would have taken the infant away, given it formula (with vitamin D) thus destroying the evidence of vitamin D deficiency and jailed the couple for felony child abuse. Only the infant’s death kept the parents out of prison.


Coghlan A.  Murder trial highlights return of Dickensian killer. 05 January 2012 New Scientist


Dr. Scheimberg is exceptionally honest, intellectually I mean. After she found vitamin D deficiency in the couple’s infant and exonerated the couple, she realized that she may have missed vitamin D deficiency as the cause of death in 27 other infants that she has autopsied over the last few years. I don’t know if she plans on redoing the autopsies, only to tell 27 grieving couples that their infant died a completely preventable death; a death directly out of the dark ages.


As readers know, I have written about false allegations of child abuse before:



However, things are worse in England. According to a source I have, the British police are filing complaints against British experts who dare to oppose the cop’s “child abuse” specialists. Recently, the police were successful in removing a respected physician from the expert medical panel, a physician who has written about the misdiagnoses of child abuse/rickets for more than 10 years. The police are now going after other experts who dare to question child abuse charges. I wonder if Dr. Scheimberg is on their list?