The Cranberries

[The eye symbol by Storm Torgerson on Bury the Hatchet is a pretty good depiction of it's effect on humanity, and that is what they would like you to think.]

Singer: O'Riordan, Dolores

[2011 Jan] The Cranberries worship The Devil


All seeing eye symbol  The Cranberries - Bury the Hatchet (1999)
Storm says: 'I was both suprised and heartened that the Cranberries chose the design at all ... the Cranberries had previously used pictures of themselves, often on a sofa. Our image was clearly a departure, not a sofa in sight. The second miracle arose after we decided that red earth was paramount to contrast with a blue sky, which had to be empty (ie cloudless, to echo the empty landscape and to emphasise that the All Seeing Eye can get you anywhere).'

Sun, Sun Gods, Halo  Triangle

The album covers of bury the hatchet and wake up and smell the coffe, and other EP's from the cranberries were designed by Storm Torgerson, the same photographer that has designed several album covers for pink floyd, like "the dark side of the moon," and many other bands like europe's "secret society", muse's "black holes and revelation" and "absolution" and many other designs to many albums for alan parsons (Try Anything Once, the time machine) , Peter Gabriel, The scorpions, Led Zepellin, Audioslave, 10cc, Megadeth etc...