Dave Monceur


Grey Shapeshifting Replacement People - corroborated witness  David Moncoeur, one of the Uks most respected researchers gives us the Robert France case - the corroborated story of a man who appeared to have been replaced with a small grey alien who projected a hologram of his victim. This extract from the East of Scotland UFO Conference at the Templar Lodge Hotel, Gullane in 2000.  Thanks to the late Stephen Prior and also to IFDNRG.com the film company who transferred some of the video rights to Andrew Hennessey the conference organiser. A classic from the famous Dangerous Dave Moncoeur

"The most serious state secret you can learn is that Albert Einstein was murdered in 1947 and a double put in his place. "  CORRUPTION/TELEVISION/MARCONI/VERY LONG ANTENNA/MIND GAZING ---David Moncoeur.

"There's this judge whose been a friend of the family ever since I was a child, he almost always comes to Sunday dinner, he's that sort of really close friend of the family, I'll try asking him about these strange deaths." He managed to get this judge along to an Edinburgh pub to sit and chat, but kept the conversation absolutely mundane for a long time. He then enquired: "Er, what do you think about this Marconi business?" The judge put the pint of beer down, said "Good-day" arose from his seat and walked right out the door. The student and his family never saw him again at their house.  It was in the weeks after this the student communicated his most sensitive confidence from the high-ranking police officer world, and if there are sensitive issues to learn of in Britain it's difficult to beat this one. One can only wonder now if the fright of this judge relates to this next divulgence:  "They do pass death sentences in Britain. A single judge is sitting in a chair in front of a table with a piece of paper on it describing what some guy's supposed to have done. The guy to be sentenced is then walked in with one other person beside him as a witness, and nine times out of ten the judge is expected to pass a death sentence. Sometimes he doesn't, very occasionally, but I would say nine times out of ten it is a death sentence." And surely after such a reaction from a judge one would wonder whether he had spoken to a man who had passed such death sentences.  CORRUPTION/TELEVISION/MARCONI/VERY LONG ANTENNA/MIND GAZING ---David Moncoeur.

In Edinburgh a student in temporary employment was told to go and acquire a file, the boss specifying a particular drawer. The student went to find the file, opened one drawer through forgetfulness, then opened the right one. He took the file to the boss, but unfortunately, that was the end of the student's electronics career. He was asked why he had opened the drawer above, he answered there was no big serious reason why, but the boss said - quoting my student ally - "He wasn't just sacked from that job. They told him he would never have another job in the electronics industry ever again. He was sacked from the whole career of electronics. For having opened the wrong drawer."
    One might imagine a tendency of that sacked employee to exaggerate his plight, but the student knew of another story from down south in England conveying a Marconi boss in Scotland was behaving no differently to a Marconi boss in England. "A guy given a job of just sweeping the floors in one of the depots swept out a particular room they hadn't asked him to sweep out. He was forced to work out that that was all he had done because when he went to the pub, and basically everywhere he went, he was suddenly aware of these really heavy people constantly following him around, he was really obviously watched everywhere he went. And he was later quizzed as to why he had swept out that particular room anyway, so he eventually knew it was that."CORRUPTION/TELEVISION/MARCONI/VERY LONG ANTENNA/MIND GAZING ---David Moncoeur.

I asked him whether he knew about the strange deaths of Marconi scientists, it being exceptionally interesting that they each, according to a Sunday Times reporter been electro-magnetic wavelength spectrum analysts. CORRUPTION/TELEVISION/MARCONI/VERY LONG ANTENNA/MIND GAZING ---David Moncoeur.

"You know these mysterious deaths of Marconi workers? Well there's been four or five of these strange deaths of Sky TV technicians, very similar to describe to the Marconi ones except the Sky ones never got into the papers and this is in the eighteen months that I've been working there. It was after hearing something over some funny frequency or something. They were taken into a particular room that I'm not allowed to go into and it was right after that that they died. Really bizarre descriptions, dead in fume-filled cars, hung themselves and stuff, but with really bizarre aspects to the descriptions. And the funniest thing was, on my very first day of working for Sky TV this guy walks up to me friendly as anything like sayin' 'Wait'll you see what we can do with ultra-low frequencies man! Absolutely fantastic! Totally incredible!' Then he finds out I'm from Ireland then suddenly he's walkin' past me without sayin' a thing, wouldn't even give me the time of day."  CORRUPTION/TELEVISION/MARCONI/VERY LONG ANTENNA/MIND GAZING ---David Moncoeur.