David Baddiel

"I despise conspiracy theories and anybody who buys into that rubbish." (Sunday Mail, 18/5/2014)

[Jewish comic & Quenelle critic.  Considers himself an intellectual yet despises conspiracy researchers/thinkers?   Well, it would do his head in to know what his masters, the Zionists, have been up to, assuming he doesn't know, that is.]


[2014 May] GILAD ATZMON ON DIEUDONNÉ, THE QUENELLE AND CHRIST KILLING "What we see with Dieudonne is the repetition of the murder of Christ...the Crucifying of this beautiful man, and we see the French, Judaified, press shouting...but we see millions of people  saying this is not right, it stinks..... Every time they try to punish me they actually expose their matrix of power in which they operate in."

GILAD ATZMON ON DIEUDONNÉ AND THE QUENELLE   If the quenelle is loosely defined as an anti establishment salute,  one may wonder why Jews are offended by it and regard it as an ‘anti-Semitic’ gesture?  Is it because many Jews actually identify with ‘the establishment’? And how do we explain the fact that the French government is happy to compromise the most elementary liberties just to appease the French Jewish Lobby (Crif)?