Dr. Suzanne Humphries Neonatal Immunity The First 3 Years Parts 1-6



Sunday, July 12, 2015



"Do vaccines provide net benefit in the context of public health? That's the crux of the debate always. It's also the question I address in the big picture. let's look at the big picture that involves infant immunity and brain function. this picture is designed to show you how I see a baby and its potential downfall. If you want your baby to have a chance to grow up to be healthy with all of its cogs functioning normally, you should make sure that nothing interferes with the immunologic programming especially during the first 3 years of life. Anything eaten, injected, breathed, for instance, which creates damage or stress, has the potential to change the DNA instruction manual of protein synthesis and lead to system malfunction. After 21 years of being a medical doctor working as a kidney specialist for part of that time, and teaching in academic institutions for part of that time, and studying the science intensively, especially over the past 4 years, and my recent years of listening to the disenfranchised parents of wounded children, it's my conclusion that the most efficient way to destroy a life is to indiscriminately agree to use everything considered "best practice" or "gold standard" in the aggressive interventionist medical model of today, which is often based on reductionist "science", produced by industry, and encouraged by government agencies. The medical system used to consider the first months of pregnancy developmentally vulnerable. That appears to have gone out the window, with new directives in the U.S. to vaccinate pregnant mothers with a variety of vaccines, most of which contain aluminum. So looked at from a purely biological and immunological perspective, the 3 yr pregnancy, as we call it, must be considered. "


"This is a schematic that a friend and myself came up with together when we were thinking about this. Some medical researchers are starting to see, that there is a highly orchestrated amazingly intricate metabolic and immune system blue print which is highly influential upon the normal growth and development of brains and immune systems. and that's whats at stake, here right? brains and immune systems. the microbiome which is all the bacteria, viruses, and fungi which are supposed to be living in you and on you, the immune system and the nervous systems are interdependent and intimately related. the strengths and weaknesses of the child in their future lives are determined in part before gestation by the health of the parents and the diet of the parents, during gestation by what the mother is doing, what the medical system is doing to the mother, what she is thinking, how she is feeling, and during the first 2 years of that baby's life after it is born. That's what I call constituting the 3 year pregnancy. which is depicted schematically here. This whole circle is the 3 yr pregnancy. This denotes the period of time before conception, where it's been shown that even the diet of the father has an impact on how that baby turns out. Then we have the pregnancy period. This is a continuum. Once pregnancy starts there is a shift in the mother's immune system. It's basically to create a balance so that trophoblast doesn't invade through her and so that she doesn't reject it at the same time. So her immune system basically goes anti-inflammatory and the whole goal during this situation is to keep the baby anti inflammatory. so the microbiome of the mother is key to that. then right before birth she shifts into a pro inflammatory situation. and her microbiome changes again. that is key to triggering labor. then we have birth and there's another shift. to dampen down all the catacholomines and the inflammation that's necessary to have a normal healthy vaginal delivery. then we have the 2 years after wards. We have continuation of mother's immunity.They're still connected and the breastmilk takes over. And so we have the infant gut microbiome that has to be established and that's extremely important that that happens on time. and with the right microbes and it's not interfered with with antibiotics "just in case" for all sorts of situations for the mother and the baby. towards the end of that the baby graduates and the baby's immune system turns slightly pro inflammatory. and that's where we live during health."




"here is what can happen to genes in the nucleus after the membrane is stimulated. in which areas are the epigenetic effects prominent? pretty much everywhere. health problems rarely exist in isolation. they exist as part of a pattern or superstructure of health risks across a lifetime. every word on this slide has an impact on epigenetics. This is just a brief overview of a how a baby's immune system develops and what might happen if you put vaccines into that. but vaccines aren't the only factor. and that's what I want to point out here today. stress from any source on this slide are all shown to be highly influential in neonatal development. epigenetic factors play a huge and unappreciated role in disease development. also in how drugs affect you and how vaccines affect you. that can no longer be ignored because the science is blossoming over the importance of the cell environment"





"if a mother makes this choice (right) the baby can be programmed into an inflammatory phenotype (how they look from the oustide, how they're expressing/living)......but this choice (left) can do the opposite. "parents are mostly maneuvered into a one size fits all medical model but parents have to live with the consequences of their choices. when it comes to conventional medical care, vaccines, and so many interventions, not only are most doctors not informed about the biochemical results of their daily practice (I certainly wasn't), but they often adamantly deny the effects of their inventions, and seem hardened to the consequences of what they deny or don't understand."


"At the core of this is a factory inside every cell responsible for listening to, responding to, and sometimes defending itself from its environment and it's not all about genes. there is a revolution in genetics and biology that's reshaping the way scientists once thought about inheritance and our genetic fate. it's a gamechanger. the epigenome is the conductor of the blueprint manual. DNA is just a blueprint, it has no activity by itself. epigenome means above the genome. and this is a whole system of signals which either tightens and shuts down or opens up and activates sections of DNA to make proteins which can produce different results depending on the signals they receive from the outside world. those signals can come from drugs, food, chemicals, social stress, and even the predominant tenor of an individual's thoughts. and epigenetic changes are also inheritable. the scientists used to think that the slate was wiped clean during conception, but now we know that epigenetic changes that happen to your baby, or that happen to your grandmother can be passed down. and can magnify with each successive generation. obviously this doesn't just apply to humans. it applies to animals. and it's most quickly seen and recognized by home gardeners."


"here is a really obvious example of epigenetic differences. these are 2 different plants with the same genetic seed planted the same year. this is an italian tomato called a capri. the seeds are the same. the big difference is the quality of the soil, the watering, and the sun levels. the outcome is dramatically different. even to the untrained eye. this plant might get 10 or 20 tomatos if you're lucky this one had over 100. what tomato plants get to eat has a huge bearing on how they grow. the same applies to animals and humans"


"All mammals have a gene called an Agouti. But that gene can become mutant. When a mouse's mutant Agouti gene is completely unmethylated it's coat is yellow and its obese and its prone to diabetes and cancer. when the agouti gene is methylated the coat color is brown, the mouse has a low disease risk, and is thin. fat yellow mice and skinny brown mice are genetically identical. the fat yellow mice are different because they have had an epigenetic change that occured from the amount of B12 and folate and choline that the mother ate when she was pregnant with this mouse. If she didn't get enough B12, folic acid, and choline then this agouti mutant will come out and if she gets enough then this one is what will come out. this is an example showing how genes are activated and its a more common issue than the genes themselves and just what is in the DNA. so what denotes environment? this is a very important question so anything outside your cells constitutes environment. whether its inside or outside your body. and variations in the environment can make an instant change. just as folic acid, B12, and choline, make big changes in these mice. environmental changes in a pregnant woman can do exactly the same thing. to start to understand what makes a healthy child. we have to understand that the old central dogma that many of us may have learned in college, that our genes control us. That's not true. Our genes don't control us. They are read out manuals with lots of different options dependent on the owner. DNA is only responsible for about 10% of how we turn out. you know all that junk DNA we hear about? it's not junk. blueprints, like DNA have no activity or power on their own. they are controlled from outside. so let's get rid of that old dogma."

"This is a schematic of a cell. So imagine the membrane going all the way around. inside you have the cytoplasm. you have the nucleus at the very center. and this is the genetic material. the DNA. each cell membrane of every one of your cells has around 100 thousand protein switches that open and close to various substances and send signals inside depending on what's happening out in the environment. signal (transduction/transsuption?) is what this is called and it is key to when and which proteins are made in the cell and how that cell will function. our environment does most of the controlling through these cell membranes. thus the nucleus is not the brain of the cell like we used to think. in fact some cells live for up to 2 months without a nucleus. no cell lives without a membrane. if you interrupt these processes in the membrane the cell will become dysfunctional. death or life messages can be sent through these membranes into the nucleus and that's what determines whether you grow normally, you grow wrong, or you mutate. 90% of what comes from the blueprint of your genes is controlled by what the cell surface encounters. the broth your cells are exposed to can be stress hormones or endorphins, nutrients or starvation, inflammation or non inflammation, and on and on. What made the difference in those agouti mice was not their mutant genes but how those genes responding to the environment their cells were bathing in. whether those cells were marinating in proper nutrients or not. that's the basis of epigenetics."



"babies are built out of stem cells which are crucial to the future of the baby's immune system, and future life. Our longevity and our health is based in part on how many stem cells and the quality of them that we get at birth, and how long they survive in the body. "there was recently a study of a 115 yr old woman. they looked, she donated her body to science, they found that she was still living on 2 lines of stem cells to make her blood. "the placenta is a masterpiece of construction, orchestrated by stem cells, and churning out millions of stem cells into every crevice and even into the amniotic fluid where those stem cells orchestrate the lung and gut integrity. in utero the baby breathes, swallows, and urinates stem cells, as well as having them transported inside via the umbilical cord. there are about 80,000 stem cells in 2mL of amniotic fluid. however at birth, the baby should receive a massive stem cell infusion from the cord blood. an immediately cord clamped baby is deprived of its own property, which is approximately 8 million stem cells. the problem today is that many obstetrics staff have lost their grasp of (core/poor?) physiology so that even in 2014 hospital doctors and nurses often have never seen or done a delayed cord clamp. the function of these stem cells at birth is to dampen down the effect of the very high catacholamine stress hormones which are actually vital for jumpstarting the baby's immune system at birth. the stem cells allow for a seamless transition for the baby into the next steps of life. one of which is the establishment of the gut and the body microbiome, all those microbes. profound anemia also results from immediate cord clamping. up to 40% of that baby's blood can be left behind. and it's a contributor to much illness in infants today"


"through DNA fingerprinting we can tell that microbes are in the placenta, the amniotic fluid, the umbilical cord, and many other places, including meconium. which means that the baby has been exposed throughout pregnancy to microbes. what we have here is meconium samples of 4 different individuals, this is an adult for comparison, this is a baby from a healthy mother, this is a baby from a mother who had gestational diabetes, this is a baby's meconium from a mother that had type 2 diabetes, and this is the color coding of the different microbes. and what you can see is that they are very different from person to person, or group to group, depending on the status of the mother. one of the most important elements of a healthy child, is a healthy microbe profile in the mother and the baby, and that's dependent on doctors understanding what normal really is, and understanding what else they can do besides napalming the gut of the mother, and tossing antibiotics into the situation where they don't need to be. mother's milk continues to maintain the baby anti inflammatory just like the placenta was. antiobiotics, antifungals, poor diet with low minerals, low fiber will put the mother infant dyad at a disadvantage at any point before this period."





"this schematic here shows us the different colonization times of the infant based on its age. the major task of a baby's immune system is to know when NOT to respond. all of our immune systems right now are constantly sampling and screening material from within our own tissues and also from the exterior, and 99.99% of the time it has to make the decision NOT to mount an immune response. a well developed anti-inflammatory immune system is dependent upon microbial balance. which bacteria dominate during the initial colonization process is very important, as is the step wise introduction taking place at the right times, and we can see the shifts of the different bacteria that come in later. whether or not the colonization process happened on time and appropriately can impact allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disease, and brain function. this is well documented in the medical literature. there are 3 classes of bacteria. 1 are called commensals, which you're probably familiar with, they are residents of the bowel and the body that don't cause any harm but they don't really help. then there are other ones called symbionts which are residents that actually give benefit, and then there are microbes call pathobionts they are residents that can cause disease under certain circumcstances. for instance, clostridium bacteria are actually very beneficial, we need them, but if we throw antibiotic into the system what happens is, their competitors are decreased and then they can overgrow and then they become problematic. that's an example of a pathobiont. but note, that all of these bacteria are residents, normal residents, and that balance is the key. this one here, bacteroides is a symbiont, meaning that it gives benefit, and it helps keep inflammation down, and as you can see it's one of the first colonizers of that baby. so not only do antibiotics affect this pattern, but any kind of repetitive and constant stress or vaccination, and the mode of delivery, and even the mode of feeding can affect how this happens"

"until relatively recently it was assumed that microbes in human milk were contaminates from the mother's skin, and that human milk was sterile, but when they collected milk under aseptic techniques bacteria were still found, so scientists were mystified and they decided to look at the microbial DNA fingerprint and were astonished to find that human milk bacteria had different DNA fingerprints when compared to that mother's skin bacteria. a vaginally born baby gets its first gut flora bolus transplant from its mothers vaginal flora which is hugely complex, and this is flushed down into the gut by precolustrum clear fluid, then that's followed by colustrum bolus, and then ends up in mature milk which still continues to have microbes in it. there are approximately 10,000 bacteria per mL in aseptically collected human milk, but that's only part of the story. the milk that looks like a white liquid is actually a live transplant made from the mother's own blood."


"Human milk is a pulsing living organism, which has one main function outside of food, and that is to keep everything in the baby as much as possible anti-inflammatory. breastmilk has substances which stop pathogens attaching and other substances which go after invading pathogens and butcher them to pieces. development of the intestines and mucosal immunity and growth of many of that infants tissues are mediated by human milk. that master butcher I mentioned before is called HAMLET. it stands for "human alpha lactalbumin made lethal to tumors". it kills tumors. its being used by the oncology industry, or they're attempting to anyway, to treat cancer. but it happens to also be lethal to pneumococcus and encapsulated bacteria. if you think this is a long list here, of whats in milk, look at stem cells, micro RNA, messenger RNA, Erythroproitin making blood, we've got factors that make bone and orchestrates bone , food for the baby, food for the microbes, there's all kinds of stuff going on there, but this is actually a really short list, because every time scientists looks with new technology, not only does the list grow longer, but they find multiple functions for many components of milk that were formerly assumed to have had singular functions. HAMLET is a really good example of a protein that can be either a food or a killer. and we used to think that proteins only had one function but it turns out that depending on the shape of HAMLET its either going to be a killer or it will be a protein food"





"a mother's breastmilk is unique to her baby. if she has a premature baby she's going to make milk that's good for that premature baby's brain and immune system. and it changes to suit that baby. it even changes throughout the course of a day believe it or not. it does way more than flex a muscle, it's pretty much a miracle in the making, yet many mothers don't know that, but how could they when scientists are only just beginning to understand the functions. but one thing that's becoming blindingly obvious to scientists and anyone who reads breastmilk medical papers, is that human milk contains factors that are capable of programming the infant's developing immune system and metabolism into a health promoting model."





"yet it does way more than that. it can heal and it can rebuild. I've got papers showing that a wet nurse without a disease, actually cured a genetic disease in a baby that was suckling from her. that is because of the messenger RNA and the micro RNA (authors name IRMAK). remember the placenta I showed you before, scientists who understand how placenta builds a baby particularly when it comes to micro RNA and messenger RNA realize that breastmilk performs many of the same functions that the placenta did during pregnancy."





"one big key to a baby's genetic destiny is the fact that "a new mothers mammary glands take over from the placenta to provide the developmental guidance to ensure a baby's genetic destiny is fulfilled. it's setting the baby up for the perfect development." the doctor who said that is the guy who discovered stem cells. so let me remind you that breastmilk is 100% alive. with millions of live cells, including stem cells, micro RNA, messenger RNA, cancer nukers, immune primers, bacteria, viruses, probiotics, proteins, carbohydrates, oliigosacharides, fats, and all this stuff that we just seem to think of most of the time as food. the natural bias of breastmilk is anti inflammatory. you should all get that by now, as well as having key roles in epigenetic modulation and immune system education, particularly relating to tolerance. which means the baby isn't going to react strongly to things that it shouldn't be reacting to. so let's look at how vaccines might impact the natural programming of the anti inflammatory bias that nature has set forth for millenia."






so let's look at how vaccines might impact the natural programming of the anti inflammatory bias that nature has set forth for millenia. before we do though we need to discuss a major flaw in scientific thinking. scientist and doctors have this concept that on the one hand the baby is so vulnerable immunologically that it needs vaccines to survive, but on the other hand its stronger than an ox and according to some doctors it can tolerate 10,000 to 100,000 vaccines all at once and it will do no harm whatsoever, and then there's the idea that vaccines will make a baby stronger. none of these are true. this thinking comes about partly because of flawed assumptions about what a baby's immune system really does. when that baby meets a threat, and starts to react in an inflammatory way, the breastmilk is there kick out pathogens from inside and constantly redirect the immune system to react to the minimum degree as possible. there is an article by Pabst from 1997 that shows that if you vaccinate with MMR a breastfed baby or a formula fed baby, their immune profiles are completely different. the breastfed baby keeps being brought back into anti-inflammatory state."



"a baby's immune system has to be anti inflammatory. a baby needs to develop good gut flora and be gradually exposed to foods and other potential allergens via the environment and through breastmilk which is the best way for a baby to learn what is safe and what is not. both food and other allergens are processed by the mother and presented to the baby encapsulated in breastmilk constituents which tag those things as safe."





"all the scientists who study breastmilk and neonatal immune system in depth know that "the developing immune system is highly susceptible to modification" and "disruption by environmental influences and it is at significantly greater risk than the fully matured immune system of an adult"





"the same applies in all mammalian species. in terms of milk, modulation of the immune system. but what's important for us, is that "numerous unique immune maturational events are programmed into a specific window of prenatal and neonatal development" "These maturational events are building blocks on which subsequent changes in the immune system are built"



"the discovery of these specific windows is very important because they are windows of opportunity whereby certain maturational and developmental events are programmed to occur. at every window a baby can go the right way or it can be derailed and go the wrong way. and in the last 3 years I've become very aware of the fact that the medical models constant interference in this process is sending our children in the very direction that we don't want them to go. and it can be very difficult if not impossible to fix these derangements or make up for lack of proper events during these specific windows. but because the baby's default program is anti inflammatory one thing we know they don't cope well with without breastmilk is infection with encapsulated bacteria. most breastfed babies cope brilliantly and this has been documented since the 1920's or 1930s."


"but why is it that babies don't respond well to encapsulated bacteria?, because this is afterall, the reason these bacterial vaccines are being mandated. first up, as I said, breastfed babies do cope very well. human milk has that thing called HAMLET which goes in like a rampant frontline army with bayonets and mows them down. however formula fed babies don't have that kind of infantry cover. the design of the infant immune system depends on breastmilk to cover encapsulated bacterial infection. and this is the risk the baby takes to ensure successful development of the brain and the immune system. However for decades, formula has been considered to be as good or nearly as good as breastmilk. many pediatricians have little idea of the complexity of immune protection from breastmilk. they have no idea of the genetic modifcations which micro RNA and messenger RNA conduct in breastmilk. or even what that cow micro RNA and formula might be doing. most of the children they see with encapsulated bacterial infections are formula fed. and little thought is given to why that is. I hear so many cases of mothers who want to breastfeed in the hospital and because the doctors and the nurses don't think she is making enough, they insist on topping off with formula. if you give a baby formula, their gut flora changes for 2 weeks. our breastfeeding rates in america are pathetic. even the World Health Organization reccomends to exclusively breastfeed for 6 months and to continue at least partially for 2 years. that's really important and it should become obvious now why that is so important. instead doctors primary thinking, is what can we inject into babies to stop these infections, but if they understand neonatal immunology and breastmilk a bit better they might ask why are we not making sure these babies are being fully breastfed?"


"so the next logical question is what might happen if you tried to help a neonatal immune system protect itself with a vaccine Especially when the baby is preprogrammed to dampen inflammation?"


"this is important because we know that in children who do have competent immune systems, vaccination is still a trauma of considerable intensity. this study was from 1967. and you're probably not going to see another one like this. but Dr. Del Campos studied 200 children over a 5 yr period. they were given all different kinds of vaccinations. he looked at them in many different ways. in 1967 the vaccination program was a fraction of what it is now, and children were vaccinated at older ages. but this is still what they found. he documented adrenal stress, high levels of acid production, massive inflammation, derangements in clotting and bleeding factors, lipids that went haywire, they went up and down and sometimes they didn't go down. and heart rhythms that went off track. so what happens if you do this in babies who are supposed to be in their anti inflammatory window of opportunity. after all we know that a baby's immune system does not want to respond this way. pediatricians however refer to this programmed non responsiveness over and over and so does the medical literature, as inadequate, sluggish, defective, weak and in need of correction. they want to make it respond like an adult. so what do they do to make it respond like an adult?"


"they give vaccines with something in them which throws a red alert switch and forces a normal baby to respond whether they want to or not. the process goes like this. injection of aluminum adjuvant vaccines, most of which are, into a muscle..... not eaten, not intravenous, but injected into muscle (very important), causes the release of uric acid, DNA, and cell components from those damaged cells that the needle went into. and what that does is it turns on an inflammatory cascade which is represented here. these inflammazomes get activated and T helper cells come in and macrophages just continuing to eat aluminum until they basically eat themselves to death sometimes, or they carry it off to other places in the body. aluminum's mechanism of action as an adjuvant is still not fully understood even though it has been used in vaccines for over 70 years. what is known about the mechanism and about the overall effects of aluminum is very disturbing and it's also well documented in toxicology literature and in independent medical research literature. basically aluminum sets the immune system on fire to accomplish what the antigens couldn't do on their own. if you inject a baby with pneumococcal vaccine that does not have aluminum the baby won't respond to it. because it's programmed to be anti inflammatory. so the aluminum is basically to override the baby's, and even adults, anti inflammatory predisposition. the problem with this is while vaccines promoters do their best to brainwash people to into thinking that aluminum is essential for healthy growth. I've even seen vaccine promoting doctors that are quite famous say that its necessary for normal gestation. they also say that it's easily excreted. well that's just a lie on wheels. which is whipped around the globe while no one appears to have a clue where to look in the science to find out if it's actually true. guess what it's not true"



"scientists in 2013 say "although traditional aluminum based adjuvants have been used in humans since the 1930's, there is still not enough information about the manner of their actions. so if there is not enough information about how aluminum acts, how then is it possible to say that it is safe? the simplest way is to say nothing and rely on the fact that most parents don't ask questions and don't go looking for the answers themselves. they think well the mercury is gone, that's good. well guess what the aluminum is nowhere near gone and it's much higher levels than the mercury ever was. when parents do ask they discover not only is little known about the action of aluminum but worse there is plenty of evidence explaining in considerable details some of aluminum's many known dangers. one of these dangers is related to what we are talking about with epigenetics. the interference of epigenetics in the cell membrane. well the interface of aluminum damage is exactly at the same place. in that cell membrane. we know that cell membranes and myelin are affected by aluminum."

"and this is just a schematic of a cell membrane and some of those proteins that are sitting in there. and aluminum goes in there. have a look at this membrane and consider that each cell has around 100 thousand switches, that open and close it to various substances and affect the inside and the nucleus. then consider the fact that after aluminum exposure the cell membranes and myelin become stiff and dysfunctional. (the references are on the slide). aluminum is a death signal to cells. it's not a nutrient. it has no place in the body. and it should never ever be injected into a muscle. another pediatric fallacy of the past is that a baby's blood brain barrier is impermeable. it's not and when it comes to aluminum neither is yours."




"this is a schematic from an incredible article, by Kawahara from 2011. he shows, and not only him but many other authors have shown, in trojan horse fashion, aluminum does cross the blood brain barrier, in macrophages and with other carriers that shuttle it across. Kawahar's article is really important because it supports with 176 scientific references the fact that aluminum is a death factor for cells. aluminum binds to phosphorous in DNA. and it influences various genes. we talked about epigenetics. things can be turned off or shut off. it also binds to ATP. and impairs energy production. ATP is this substance that gives us energy in the mitochondria. it displaces calcium and magnesium on enzymes. enzymes won't work if they don't have the proper minerals and cofactors. and it basically makes the enzymes useless to do their enzymatic work. and worse than that it increases the halflife of aluminum in the body. because it's still hanging out there on these enzymes. it damages cell membranes by catalyzing this peroxidation reaction. and that's just the beginning of the havoc that aluminum causes. remember that cell membranes control how genes function, how the inside of the cell functions, how cells talk to eachother, whether we grow, whether we die, whether cells differentiate into organs, or whether they turn into cancer."


"so the question we need to ask is 2 fold. why do we have so many vaccines containing aluminum? why are there no other safe or effective adjuvants being used? the medical model says that aluminum is safe in babies. this article says we need safer adjuvants. this is an article from 2013. while the body is able to excrete aluminum in its natural form. the element aluminum like mercury is toxic to all life forms when concentrated in their tissues. how would aluminum concentrate in tissues? it just wouldn't be excreted rapidly like we're told that it is."





"the kidney function of a baby bears little resemblance to that of the 7 healthy adults that were used to justify the vaccinations of all babies with aluminum. kidney function is a very important detail left out of the discussion. as a nephrologist I know a little bit about that. as you can see on this chart, it can take as long as 2 years for babies to gain peak kidney clearance or kidney function. in the first 3 months, none of them has peak kidney function, and at birth look at how low it is. if >90 is normal... between 2 and 8 days the average is 39 and the range is from 17 to 60."


"There have been 2 analyses, looking at whether or not aluminum at current dosing is safe or not. It's important to look at both of these studies to analyze how the authors came to their conclusions. The first is this Keith from 2002. Keith used only part of the total vaccine aluminum schedule in the calculations of whether or not the ingested and injected aluminum surpassed these theoretical minimal risk levels for babies. so this is the minimal risk level line, and these are the injections, and these are formula, and breastmilk. we know that aluminum is in formula and it's in breastmilk. it shouldn't be but it is. here is the spikes right there that go through that minimal risk level, during the time of vaccination. what happens to brain, nervous, and immune systems in these conservatively estimated 3 days. also not taken into account is the cumulative body burden of aluminum especially in infants with lower than normal kidney functions, which is a common occurrence up to 6 months and can even happen up to 2 years. well this analysis grossly underestimates the aluminum excess to infants. it certainly doesn't take into account the aluminum the mother was injected with with hep a, hep b, Dtap, that are recommended to them now. But someone in the pro vaccine world must have realized that Keith's study had the potential to cause trouble if someone thought about what might happen to that graph if you added in all of the vaccines and considered kidney function. so in 2011, a group of talking heads came up with the most extraordinarily assuming science since bloodletting. I'm glad you're all sitting down"




"Using the same flawed assumptions that Keith did, Mitkus took on the question of aluminum toxicity in infants and said that he included the low filtration rate of kidneys in babies and the higher vaccine schedule and he magically came to the conclusion that it's even better than Keith said it was. The aluminum level is down here, and these are the minimum risk levels. This is called dismissal by wand waving. (laughter) Let's have a closer look at the wands and the fairies that were involved."




"Just take a quick look at the 3 points here and you'll see why the minimal risk levels are fictitious. Because they used a miniscule single dose of aluminum. .7 micrograms. consider that your 2 month old baby will get 1200 micrograms of aluminum injected intramuscularly. they used .7 micrograms on a full grown man with normal kidney function. and later they did it to 6 more people to track the aluminum excretion. they used an intravenous dose, which does none of those inflammatory processes that I mentioned. it would go right to kidneys and be filtered. and it would not have behaved nearly as maliciously, as an intramuscular injection. they also used a form of aluminum called aluminum citrate which has never been a form of aluminum in vaccines. then they simply followed the blood and urine levels of radio labeled aluminum. they used the radio labeled aluminum for the intravenous. and they did separate studies where they fed rodents high levels of aluminum and determined this minimum risk level from rodents and these adults I'm talking to you about. they made this comment about monkeys. they said towards the end of the article. "An infant monkey study could provide these data, (meaning more accurate data), however given the present lack of evidence of harm due to the current aluminum levels, such studies may be a low priority." of course doing monkey studies would be a low priority, because if they did them and found that aluminum was causing trouble, they were coincidentally linking with other things, or calling it idiopathic, which is what I see happening most, the vaccine companies would not only have to reformulate vaccines, but they would have to go back to the start, and complete millions of dollars worth of phase testing for safety and efficacy. neither the vaccine manufacturers the FDA, the CDC would ever tolerate that."



"Here's proof. This was a study from Dr. Thomas Jefferson. I think from 2007. they did a meta analysis. they looked at studies that had already been done comparing people who had the diptheria, tetanus, pertussis vaccines to those who hadn't. Just that one vaccine. They determined that "despite a lack of good quality evidence we do not recommend that any further research on this topic is undertaken." this was the Cochrane collaborative database, an independent research conglomerate. why would they say this? They gave away why they said it later in the article and I'm just going to read to you what the article said. It's one paragraph. "Replacement of aluminum compounds in currently licensed vaccines would necessitate the introduction of a completely new compound that would have to be investigated before licensing. No obvious candidates to replace aluminum are available." (they tried Squalene in Gulf War, that didn't work very well. they also tried it over in Scandinavia and there was an epidemic of narcolepsy) "SO withdrawal for safety reasons would severely affect the immunogenicity and protective effect of some currently licensed vaccines and threaten immunization programs worldwide." (and we all know what else it would threaten). This type of commentary is made repeatedly. It flies in the face of reason. Well established, peer reviewed, independent publications are ignored time and again. I have many more examples of such blatant denial but not enough time to discuss it. I have a pile of papers down here with more of it."



"This is a real experiment done on pregnant and newborn animals where aluminum was injected into the mother and it was also eaten. Then the animals were dissected after the mother gave birth to them. The mother was dissected. The babies were dissected. (Sad that we have to do this to show some common sense). They were all euthanized and dissected around the time of a human equivalent of 1 to 2 years. To see where the aluminum actually went. Now doesn't that make much more sense, than creating a fairy tale mathematical assumption? It showed that blood levels may be showing the best case scenario. Remember blood levels are what they talk about when they talk about this minimum risk level. Blood levels are down here, brain levels are up here, liver levels are up here, and kidney levels are up here, and bone I think is even higher than that when it comes to where aluminum is deposited. So looking at only blood levels and the excretion times of aluminum as these former theoretical analyses did that I just went over, ignores the damage that is done at time zero when that vaccine is injected and the tissue deposition that occurs throughout the body. This study also showed that adult rat brains, in those adult rat brains the aluminum level was 1% of what the liver levels were, but in the fetuses the aluminum level was 30% of what the liver levels were. And they concluded that the fetal brain is an aluminum sink."





"Instead of doing meaningful primate studies, theoretical calculation studies and meaningless human experiments are done so that aluminum can be defended and so that industry can be protected. not so your children can be protected. and not so you can be protected when you're pregnant. this is what I mean when I talk about reductionist science. infant health is determined by a very complex interaction between the environment which is a complex thing on its own, and the human body which is a very complex thing, that's still not well understood. So it's not scientific to study a single aspect, the tunnel view of aluminum toxicology in adults for instance, and automatically extrapolate those findings in theoretical conclusions about infants using minimum risk levels."



"Then there was this study done, the interpretation of which, will boggle the mind. This was actually a good study because what this doctor did was looked at 2 month old infants after they received the usual 1200 microgram aluminum dose, for the 3 intramuscular vaccines. the aluminum was given per the usual infant schedule. then she measured the blood levels and the urine levels of aluminum over the subsequent 12 hours, because we are told that the aluminum is rapidly excreted within 12 to 24 hours. This paper said that they were relieved to notice that no significant change in levels of urinary or serum aluminum were seen after vaccination. And I read that and I thought why are they relieved to see that? I wrote this doctor, and I queried her. I told her about the problem with low filtration rates of infants. Where is the aluminum going? what's happening? so they injected these babies with aluminum. they didn't see it rise in the blood, and they didn't see it come out in urine. so you can put that equation together right? Her reply to me was: We don't really know what happens to the aluminum at this point in time. As you said more research is needed in this area. I wrote her back again, and sent some more studies and some more questions and she hasn't written me back."




"So with all that in mind, have a look at this nasty partial list of aluminum's known effects on the body. When I say partial list, I have about 4 more slides I could have been put on here, but I just boiled it down to some of the things that I think are really important. These scientists are not the only ones sounding a warning about the potential results of aluminum in neonates."




"Another group who recently banged the gong, is Khan 2013 group, who didn't seem too pleased. the study showed intramuscular injection of aluminum containing vaccine was associated with the appearance of aluminum deposits in distant organs, such as the brain and spleen, where they were still detected one year after injection. I have 2 folders filled with papers which describe in intricate detail the known and proven toxicities of aluminum throughout the body. Dismissing all of that literature vaccine proponents continue to reassure parents that aluminum is no big deal, and they base these reassurances on junk "science" or no science at all. The problem with aluminum is that its efficacy and its toxicity are one in the same. The same mechanisms that drive the immune stimulating effect also have the capacity to provoke a variety of autoimmune and or inflammatory adverse reactions. Repeated intramuscular injection of aluminum adds to the accumulation in cell membranes, lymph nodes, liver, spleen, brain, kidney, and bone. And when you go back and consider some of the windows of development that we talked about in immune maturations, the use of aluminum should take on a new importance."


"This Dr. Dietert wrote some really amazing articles that talk about these windows of vulnerability and all of the environmental problems that could occur during this development, but they never once mention vaccines. This is a dangerous place to go for researchers. Their grant money tends to dry up when they go there. To show you a little bit. This is a 2 year line. Right here we have conception. And 5 to 7 weeks of gestation. 12 -24 weeks of gestation. and then birth happens around here. and this is the 2 yr old baby. Each of these blue boxes here denotes immune cells in the brain that are developing at this period of time. SO they talk about these 9 developmental windows of the immune system. It's pretty amazing"




"There was another scientist named Chelvarajan who for years was writing articles about the defective, impaired, weak, baby immune system. and the light bulb went off for him. maybe an apple did hit him on the head. I don't know. He woke up to the reality that the baby's immune system is not an accident that requires fixing by vaccines. He mentions that tissue growth and remodeling are taking place at a rapid pace. So maybe, that's why the babies are in this anti-inflammatory phenotype. I think he is right"



"This is an example. This was given to me by a Merck vaccine scientist. So I don't have a reference for you. I've looked into this myself and found this is all absolutely true in other scientific writings. So if you look at this graph, which show gene expression of various brain cells. You can see that if you derailed any of these processes, it would be like throwing a spanner into the spokes of a child's bike while they were speeding down a steep hill. Gene expression is at a maximum for many types of brain nerves, even up to 4 years. One of them when you're born is maximally regulated. That's this one here, cholecystokinin which is about whether you're thirsty, hungry, whether you even know you are. Then you have these 2 gene expression here, at 3 months 100% gene expression which continues at 100% for just about 2 years and those have to do with the ability to think, and nerve excitation, and muscle tone. And then at 3-4 yrs you have a peak in this one here, which has to do with motivational and reward related behavior. We know that inflammation and aluminum can alter normal gene expression. Keeping infants and children away from inflammatory influences is really important, because where the damage occur in the brain, is the microglia and the astrocites, which are involved in every major aspect of brain development and function, including synapse formation, meaning how nerves talk to each other."





"What we have here is a schematic of a brain nerve and here we have migratory microglia. They can come in from the periphery. Arresting microglia. This one here is activated. You can see it's secreting cytokines. A fully activated one here, They change morphology. And then you have an which is another kind of immune cell. It's really important that these immune cells up regulate and function when you need them to and they turn off when you don't need them to work. It's very tightly regulated. inflammation and anti inflammation in the brain. It's very important. Brain pathology is to a large extent, a pathology of these immune cells called microglia. Cytokines are these chemicals that are secreted by immune cells, are one of the largest and most diverse families of signaling molecules in the body. Under healthy conditions, most cytokines, circulate at very low concentrations, but can increase up to 1,000 fold during trauma, stress, or infection. They can be both pro or anti inflammatory. They can work together for synergy. Though after stress, they become pro inflammatory. The brain is very sensitive to the proper balance of these cytokines."




"What are some known microglial triggers? Vaccination stimulation, vaccinations components, including aluminum, DNA, RNA, and protein fragments, which exist not only from the animals that vaccines are incubated in including monkeys, cows, pigs, chicks, aborted human fetuses. There is mercury still in the multidose influenze vaccines, and there are still trace amounts of mercury in some of the other vaccines. MSG which actually is in the inhaled flu vaccines, and is in food. Gut infections are imbalance and inflammation also, because of the brain bowel connection which we now know absolutely exists. It's very well documented now. There are 3 references for you if anybody has any doubts on what I'm saying"



"In order to go on, I have to give you a little crash course in immunology. This is a dendritic cell. I've spoken about dendritic cells and I will bring them up again. So remember the word dendritic cell. These are cells that are antigen presenting cells, meaning when there is all that scanning of the body or when something comes in from the outside, cells have to come and sample it, and then put a piece of it on the outside membrane, to present to other cells to give direction as to what to do in the immune system. Like I said 99.99% of the time, our bodies don't do anything. Unless there is a pathogen. Basically they present this antigen to a naive T cells, (naive means it hasn't differentiated yet) and the differentiation that happens depends on the cytokines that hit this, as well as the receptors, its epigenetic influences basically. We can go in several directions, and I just have 3 of them written down here and I'm really only going to focus on 2 of them for now. We can go up to a Th1. This naive T cell can go into a T h1 profile, and T cells will predominate. This is an inflammatory profile. This is what protects us from pathogens. It's what we want to happen when we are invaded by a microbe. Then we have a Th17 profile which is also an inflammatory profile. Then we have this Th2 profile. It has a purpose, it's not just all bad. The purpose of it is to protect us from intracellular pathogens and parasites. It activates the eosinophils responsible for a lot of allergies. We now know that aluminum and early antigen injection in a newborn can bias the Th2 profile over and above the Th1. Nature didn't do any of these things by accident. They are all normally supposed to work together. These 2 work when we have a high level of inflammation, Th2 cytokines are able to come in and tell it to shut down and that the job is done. "



"There are a few people that are taking this very seriously. What they are finding should turn a few heads. What I'm about to show you is a study done on mice by Dr. Zaghouani and his group in 2010. What he did is he got newborn mice and he injected them with antigen, no aluminum at all, just antigen, and he injected them when they were very young obviously. Now these are dendritic cells here, and they are specifically immature dendritic cells, and normally as an adult if you get injected, you're going to make massive amounts of interleukin12 and something different will happen. But what happened to this 1 day old mouse, it only made little bits kind of sputtering through this interleukin 12. I mentioned before the baby's immune system is fully capable of responding. it can respond through Th1 and it can respond through Th2. The thing is, If it's stimulated early, you get this funny receptor on the Th1 cell. Antigen injection, Th1 cells coming about, and it has this funny receptor. Baby's vaccinated, everything looks fine, It makes antibody. Nobody knows there is a problem. This is really important. Because all reactions and problems don;t occur and become obvious right away. Then they revaccinated this same mouse as an adult. What they found is that again, it mounted a Th1 and a Th2 response. But because of the way it had been programmed earlier, the Th2 cells basically killed off the Th1 cells. Homocide"



"This is the second part of the experiment. What they did is they looked at different days, and they found that on day 6 something special happened. So we have the 1 day old mouse that we did not vaccinate. We waited until day 6 when there was much more variety of dendritic cells and they had different kinds of receptors. There was a much more mature array of dendritic cells. They vaccinated that 6 day old mouse. What they found was normal reaction. They had nice high levels of interleukin 12, Normal Th1 and Th2 development. And then later when they restimulated with the same injected anitgen. They had a normal Th1 and Th2 response. This is important because what he saw in these mice, is what we see in the outcome in humans. When the vaccine is done early, even with just an antigen, and no adjuvant, in one of those windows of opportunity, something interesting happens, as I just showed you. So now you can see, how the abnormal response in the adult occurred because as a young mouse it was vaccinated with just antigen, injected antigen, that's important. This involved an epigenetically hypomethylated area on the immune cells, which is part of that clamp system that we talked about. The mouse vaccinated too early had its immune system skewed toward Th2 and can do nothing about it for the rest of its life. You might say well let's leave it until kids get older if that's a problem. A 0-6 day old rodent is estimated to be around 0-8 months in human years."



"The problem is that every age, carries different problems and in children other problems can arise. As we saw in this study, done on 18 month old children in Africa. Looking at the top genetic networks that were epigenetically altered after the diptheria, tetanus, and pertussis vaccine. They did this because in Africa there was a little problem with DTP vaccinated girls. They had a higher mortality than the unvaccinated girls. So they decided to do this study and look at what genetic networks were upregulated or down regulated. And you can see there is a big array of changes. Each one of these is a different girl. The one size fits all vaccination program that is recommended to you does not act uniformly. What this study proves is that after a vaccine, you're not just going to get a fever, a sore arm, and immunity. Becuase different genes are activated in different people. The same genes we turned up in some girls were turned down in others. This showed that not only is our disease susceptibility different but susceptibility to vaccine adverse effects is also different, so it makes no sense to have a table of injuries that will be compensated for such as the vaccine injury courts use."




"In practical language, what do all these epigenetic changes point to? A whole array of possible future trouble. And this is a partial list of the top genetic networks that were altered after vaccination with diptheria, tetanus, pertussis vaccines in these 8 girls. But there is something else here, because in these girls so many different genes were tripped, and no combination was the same between them, any possible vaccine reactions would look unique to that child which flies in the face of the dogma, that for a reaction to be a reaction, the same reaction must be seen in all children, because the same vaccine was given to all children. This was a major flaw in thinking because if the same vaccine, triggers different genes in different children, it stands to reason that the biochemical changes in each of those children will be different."





"If you want to know what the immunological explanation is for the gene changes that happen after DTP and DTaP, I can't tell you, because even Orntoft in 2013, said they haven't studied it and they don't know. But if you want to follow common sense, and work on the principle that a gene alteration just might not be a good thing, then anyone with half a brain might be able to work out what the consequences might be. "




"McDonald published this study in 2008, which showed lower rates of asthma in children whose DPT vaccines were delayed. This was a study of 11, 531 children who received at least 4 doses of DPT vaccine. They were assessed at age 7 by going through medical records. What they found was that if the first DPT vaccine was delayed, if it was delayed more then 4 months after birth,they found that instead of having a rate of asthma of 13.8% there was a rate of asthma of 5.9% which is less than half. If the 2nd one was delayed it was less dramatic. 13.5% down to 6.8%. Remember we have the clamps on here, we have this anti inflammatory phenotype that is supposed to be happening. These are going to be like Zaghouani's mice and be susceptible to being skewed into a Th2 which is an allergic profile. The third one as well, 13.3% went down to 8.3% if the third dose was held. They commented that if all the doses were held, then the rate went down to a further 60%."




I sent a letter, I tried to communicate with these doctors, I got a postdoctoral lab fellow, who really didn't want to have anything to do with me, and said "oh well that was the DPT vaccine and we don't use that anymore"...and she really seemed afraid actually to be talking about this article. So you can justify it by saying "well that was the DPT, we don't use the DPT anymore we use the DTaP" but guess what, this study in 1998 found that there was 10% more atopy using acellular pertussis vaccine than the whole cell vaccines. SO don't think that McDonald doesn't still apply. This was Nilsson 1998 and these were the actual numbers from the chart. The interpretation of that is there were 10% more atopic subjects in the DTaP than there were in the DPT"




"This is an amazing study by Lahdenpera in 2008. They looked at 5 human infants that had all of their vaccinations on time. A DTaP, polio, and Hib. Then blood was drawn from each of these infants at 6 months. Then the blood cells were restimulated with pertussis toxins outside of their bodies. Then they went through sophisticated genetic techniques to analyze which genes were up regulated and what genes were activated. Remember I showed you that gene, how it can unfold, open up, and start making proteins, well that's what they looked at, and the following results were noted, 12 hours later after that stimulation with pertussis toxin, which is basically one of the antigens in the DTaP vaccine, 33 allergy related genes were activated, 66 asthma genes were activated, 67 cancer genes were up regulated, and 25 immunological disease genes were up regulated. I find that mindboggling. This really tells you that having a totally vaccinated vs a totally unvaccinated study really needs to be done. Because if we are up regulating cancer genes, probably most of them will go back to sleep, and wont develop into cancer, but we don't know how many of them will."




"This was a Japanese study, which I actually have in Japanese, but another author interpreted it, Mari in 2004. This was a study that comparatively evaluated the presence of allergy symptoms in a very homogeneous cohort of 82 humans subjects between 0 and 3 years old. 43 of them had not had the DTP vaccine. They showed a remarkably low prevalence of allergy in the non vaccinated subset. So this is the non vaccinated and this is the vaccinated. Asthma, rhinitis, atopic dermatitis. The black bar shows presence of symptoms, The white bar shows absence of symptoms. In the unvaccinated these were the ones that had absence of symptoms, and these were the ones that had presence, which were in the vaccinated. They concluded by saying that monitoring of the adverse vaccinations events should also consider the long lasting immunological effect of compulsory procedures."



If we didn't vaccinate for 12 months. If we just stopped vaccinating for this vaccine for 12 months and looked at the population. That's basically what this study did. This is what would happen according to Hurwitz. We would see 50% fewer asthma case, 45% fewer sinus cases, and 54% fewer allergy episodes. But not only do we vaccinate, we continue to pile in more shots as if they are as wonderful as breastmilk"



"what might the further consequences of turning babies into needle cushions be? Systemic autoimmunity. This Dr. Tsumiyama actually caused lupus and numerous disease related auto antibodies to occur simply by vaccinating, without aluminum, giving them 8-12 vaccines in mice. He showed how the T cells transform to become self directed cytotoxic lymphocites and how auto antibodies are induced. This is important to understand because it goes to the heart of what we're talking about in early infant years. Developing tolerance. And that's why it's so important, because autoimmunity happens, when something pushes the body beyond it's limit, as Dr Tsumiyama shows, but it also happens when an immune system overreacts to a microbial protein that's the same as something in the body's own infrastructure. This doesn't only happen in babies either."



"what's the basis of this faulty identification? So you're colonized with bacteria and viruses. if you're normal your immune system has been trained to be tolerant. the bacteria, the viruses, and even a tetanus toxin actually contain so many of the same protein networks that are exactly similar to yours, that your body is trained to not react strongly on a regular basis. I said earlier if I were to vaccinate a baby without aluminum it wouldn't react and that's why because of tolerance that has been induced. But if you toss aluminum into that vaccine, that is a whole different story. And then you run the potential, of if a protein is exposed somewhere and you've now had your immune system cranked up to be hyper inflammatory towards a protein on a microbe that matches a protein in your body, then your immune system has a likelihood of attacking your own body. that is part of the basis of autoimmunity. Dr. Canduke in Italy, has been writing a lot about this and it's unbelievable that this isn't getting more publicity in my opinion. She wrote with Dr. Trost in 2010. The title of the article is "no human protein is exempt from bacterial motifs", meaning the protein sequences, not even one. This is how we can be loaded with viruses and bacteria that we tolerate and this is what can happen if we react to it after an aluminum stimulated vaccine. This is why we have clamps on the immune system during that period of infant colonization so this doesn't happen. So that we don't react to normal bacteria and can thus set up normal mucosal lining and normal immune system. But vaccines, antibiotics, and many other drugs, interfere with this normal protective networks and have the potential to set up autoimmunity."



"Let's look at 1 vaccine and what the autoimmune possibilities might be with that 1 vaccine. Remember that 1 vaccine will not trigger the same gene up regulation in the same children. From Orntoft study with DTaP in African Girls. The reason for that is that the body picks the antigen at random based on what is exposed to the immune system. So these doctors wrote about these autoimmunity and molecular mimicry phenomena. What they said was, that even a tetanus toxoid, which is in the DTaP vaccine, (just one example) has peptide similarities with Beta 2 GP1, cardiolipin, phosphatidylcholine, and double stranded DNA. Cardiolipin is on the inner mitochondrial membrane. You really don't want to be attacking that. Beta 2 GP1 is related to anti Phospholipid antibody syndrome, but phosphatidylcholine is actually the substance that creates the outer membrane of every cell in your body. double stranded DNA is DNA in your nucleus. You can imagine now if you have created a situation where you are normally tolerant to this but then you go and inject a tetanus toxoid with aluminum, which these vaccines have, and you've geared the immune system up to go against these microbe it has a strong potential to autoreact to the outside of your cells, the mitochondria and the nucleus genetic material. This is a problem. Some of the papers I have down here talk about the correlation between encephalitis, seizure disorders, and different autoimmune diseases, with vaccination."



"Now you know that a baby's immune system is not defective, or immature, it is developmentally programmed and age appropriate. In terms of real health, too many parents have witnessed their children having multiple holes punched in the complex network of immunity and brain function. These parents are raising a generation with the highest level of immune disordered sicknesses and brain diseases ever seen in the world. A sick child is a sick family, a sick bank balance, lost joy, and high divorce rates. Thinking that a vaccine can be made better and safer is putting the cart before the horse. So long as we ignore the blueprint of the 3 yr pregnancy, parents will be robbed of healthy children, their money, their enjoyment, and their freedom. Their children will be robbed of their birthright, their health, sometimes their ability to work, and possibly their own ability to have healthy children. All because, some might say, fools rushed in where angels feared to tread."



"this is my last slide. I ask you to ponder if you would like to disrupt the programming of an infant immune system. you can say "I'll just wait and do it later" but I also want you to understand that what you've been told is only part of the story, and some of it has been told to you intentionally wrong. So given that is true about infant immune vaccinations and vaccinations during pregnancy, we have to reassess what we've been told about vaccinating our children, vaccinating teenagers for HPV and meningitis. We have to reassess this hype about yearly flu vaccines every year of life from 6 months to death."