Ed Slade
State Murder

[Ed Slade who was an Area 51 scientist who worked with the aliens (Fallen Angels).  He created the rocket that was supposed to lower the astronauts to the moon in the lunar lander.  He knew when he saw the photos of the lunar lander legs covered in gold foil that were absolutely pristine and had no dust on them that they did not use his rocket to land on the moon.  He believes they used Tesla technology to gently land on the moon without rockets!  When he started asking questions to NASA, he was basically told to shut up and take your award for designing the rocket!]

Ed Slade was an amazing man that had some very interesting jobs throughout his life. HIs last job was working at Area 51 with the aliens who he discovered were actually the fallen angels of the Bible. He was good friends with Stew Webb and spilled his guts on several interviews with him while he was under heavy attack by microwave weapons by the government. They eventually killed Ed not too long after these interviews. Be patient with Ed, he had to talk slower than normal in these interviews because of damage to his brain by the microwave weapons.