Ingredients Contaminants Sterilisation

[2015 Aug] Polio Vaccines Laced with Sterilizing Hormone Discovered in Kenya – WHO is Controlling Population?  As they were in the process of negotiating joint testing, they took the liberty of collecting samples from the field from the new shipment brought in for a vaccination campaign planned for April, before any immunization took place. Dr. Ngare explained that when the KCCB tested a selection of polio vaccines from the field, they discovered that two of the six vaccines tested contained estradiol.  He explained that while there have been no human studies to determine the effect that this could have on humans, in animal studies estradiol, when exposed to males, has been shown to damage the sperm-forming mechanism in the testes......''Not only do I believe the estradiol will render some of these children infertile, it will also cause a myriad of other endocrine–related disorders that will affect a child’s growth and maturation and other neurological and pathological disorders. Synthetic hormones have been found in a recent study to actually alter (shrink) the structure of the brain. Since the brain does not stop developing until approximately age 25, this could become a major cause for concern. There are three dominant systems in the body. The neuro-endocrine-immune system and when one of these becomes injured – it sets off a cascading effect in not only the other two systems but in every cell in the body.''