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Post is alive and well 
I finally got a note from Austria's Manfred Hotwanger in my trash folder (past the NSA hackers?) and he told me that he's doing fine and still wants to conduct .  He's been too busy gifting to do much in the way of experiments but the horrendous assault he sustained a few years ago failed to derail his forum effort.  A whole lot of hacking, some filthy old sorcery/radionics and other means are being used to keep people away from there, of course; nothing new to front-row orgonite flingers but still a nuisance.  I think it's the same sort of high tech sorcery that's being used to keep nearly everyone from looking at the obvious global supremacy of China right now and I bet that's exactly how Peking, the inscrutable old turd rollers in the Gobi and the Triads want it Cool .

If you have an interest in doing experiments; genuine etheric research and would like to share your effort with others I hope you'll post your reports on his board.  The hackers will probably try to prevent your email from getting to Manfred so when you contact him through that website, also CC to someone else, preferably in another country, to forward to him.   These CC Trees have been invaluable for getting past the army of NSA/CIA and Brit Sewer Rat hackers who seem to abound on every continent by now.  We'll bring down this Fourth Reich, of course, but meanwhile we need to communicate with each other more freely.

I've always felt it was cool that Manfred is in the same country where Dr. Reich was from.

The note from Manfred has disappeared from my inbox and also wasn't in my trash folder so I'm not sure which email address works for him.  Try this one for now:

We'll figure out how to fix this sewer rat and sorcery problem.


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uganda.png Don Croft Gender: Male
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Post Re: is alive and well 
Manfred and I are getting hacked a lot.  His previous note disappeared from my inbox and trash folder before I could answer it and my note to him also disappeared from his inbox but after I posted the above here's what he sent me:

Thanks for your note, Don!  The address is preferable. There´s less spam on this one - at least until now.
On ethericresearch there is a constant daily quote of about 30 or more  fake registrations. If someone who registered there doesn´t let me know about it with a separate email, this registration gets canceled with the fake ones in the course of the weekly admin works.
Thanks for offering also a vendor link, but at the moment there´s no need for it. I´m shipping the canned-orgone-cd on private request and am planning to make the files as .mp3 downloadable for free. In this case a link would be fine. I´ll let you know.



My appreciation for Manfred grew even more over last weekend, when I finally had a chance to read Dr Reich's book, CONTACT WITH SPACE, which is mainly about his successful desert reversal work in Arizona and California in the winter of 1954/55.  Thanks very much, Doc Dirk in The Netherlands, for sending this to me!  It actually solidified my urge to get busy with aircraft and orgonite in that region.  Now, I think I know how and even where to finish the job that Dr Reich started.  I hope everyone will read that book.  In some cases it would even help explain the past and current successes of the people who have reversed desert and arid regions in Africa, North, Central and South America.  His conviction that aliens created the deserts even helped confirm our psychics' impression that the Gobi is the ancient HQ of the corporate world order and that the current global desertification agenda, sometimes called 'Global Warming,' is just a continuation or even a fruition--a more overt expression--of the more ancient one.  If Dr Reich had access to all of the information we're now privy to I'm pretty sure he'd be following the course of action that this global, unorganized revolution has assumed.  He said, 'Organization is death,' by the way, and at the end of the book he urged the reader to consider dismantling centralized power institutions and returning real power mainly to localities.  He, like many of us, had faith in humanity's natural inclination to solve problems and get along with each other, sans 'outside interference.'

I get on people's backs, here, when they make broad claims of success for specific gifting runs because we have to be more objective if we want to keep our hard-earned reputation.  Any big deployment of orgonite in the environment is going to produce a temporary spike in positive effects in the atmosphere so the time to make a claim is after a specific approach has been found to develop consistent results in many circumstances.   At the moment I'm banking on earthpipes' intelligent and large-scale deployment ruining the weather warfare apparati in otherwise thoroughly tower-flipped regions, for instance, but we need to repeat Bearclaw's remarkable efforts around Milwaukee in some other drought-stricken areas to see if it pans out on a broader scale.    

Dr Reich provided a very good standard for this rational approach with his work, fortunately, and there's no reason to assume that this can't also be applied to what we all do, even though we often involve a group of reputable psychics.

I think Dr Reich was obviously either very, very energy sensitive or psychic and I'm personally glad that he denounced mysticism as a hindrance to real research.  He also noted that mechanistic science and mysticism are often found together in the same individual.   LaRouche claims that mechanistic science and mysticism are both 'mysticism,' and his point is well taken, since both are irrational and even anti-rational; based on denial.  Have you noticed that people who are scammed into accepting theosophical/masonic dogma are repulsed by the notion of finding real evidence for the value of alternative approaches? Our way, which Dr Reich personified, is actually the middle way and this is always the most productive and substantial, after all.

When I post photos of some of Dr Reich's paintings I think you'll agree that he saw energy, as many of our psychics do Cool
Manfred is another fellow with formal science training who uses inspiration productively, as Dr Reich did.  I noted to Mrs Odondi that at some point the African Kikundi are probably going to be called on to be supported by suitable scientists, by the way.  There are several who post reports here and maybe the Operators have put them in place for some future development.

I predict that in the future, when has grown to be more significant than this forum, we're going to look back on the present obscurity of that site and shake our heads in amused wonder at the effectiveness of the Fourth Reich's current efficiency at massive-scale mind control.