Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Ex-Chief Rabbi: Jewish People Their Own God

Friday, 22 March 2013

I often listen to the BBC Radio 4 breakfast show 'Today' on the way to work. It was always amazing to hear the UK's ex-Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on Friday morning contributing his two-minute 'Thought for the Day'.

What a wonderful speaker. One struggled to imagine Christ Himself doing any better. Human compassion and idealism wonderfully expressed.

It was, however, an impossible struggle to square this with the hate-filled racist drivel that fills the Talmud, the 'Holy Book' used by Orthodox Jews. 

You know, the one that has Christ in hell, drowning in boiling excrement.

This man is an Orthodox Jew. He makes his religion sound absolutely universalist. When he speaks he expresses love for all humanity, not for Jews alone, as his 'Book' demands.

What was going on here? 

Surely he isn't just saying these sweet things in order to (as logic dictates) deceive us?

Watch the video below of Sacks' speech to the AIPAC conference in 2013. One face for the goyim, quite another here. Apart from the very fact of his fervid support for this bunch of fellow racists (who clearly control the US political system) he, theologically, lets the Talmudic cat out of the bag towards the end of his delivery (at about 12:20).

He says the following:
"Three years ago atheists paid a fortune to put a logo on London buses saying 'Probably There Is No God'"
Sacks then goes into an impassioned tirade about "improbability" ......."How probable is it that the Jewish people, less than one-fifth of one per cent of the world's population should have outlived the world's greatest empires, (Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian etc...lists them), every empire that stood up to destroy us. How probable is it that after 2000 years of exile our people should have come back to their land having stood eyeball to eyeball in Auschwitz a mere three years earlier, eyeball to eyeball with the angel of death, in 1948 and said 'I will live'. Israel is the greatest affirmation of life in the whole of Jewish history. My friends (swings fist) Judaism is the defeat of probability by the power of possibility. Nowhere will you see the power of possibility more than in the state of Israel today. Israel has taken a barren land and made it bloom again. Israel has taken the language of the bible and made it speak again. Israel has taken the west's oldest faith and made it young again. Israel has taken a shattered nation and made it live again. Friends, let us not rest until Israel's light shines throughout the world. The world's great symbol of life and hope."

Deconstructing this passage we can see that Sacks, by use of the word 'probable', conflates the idea of "God" with the idea of "The Jewish People". 
Here, right here is the blasphemy that Christ condemned. Here is an (almost) open admission that the charge often made against Orthodox Judaism is true.


This is quite literally what the Talmud asserts and, quite literally what Orthodox Jews, including Lord Jonathan Sacks, believe.

It has been said before. They fight Lucifer's war. Their intention is to usurp God and take all God's powers to themselves.

To dominate the earth and all non-Jewish mankind.

Exactly as their 'Holy Book' decrees.

Is this not now the obvious meaning of Sacks' words....

"......Friends, let us not rest until Israel's light shines throughout the world....."

...And they are close to completing their task. 

Everybody needs to understand that Israel's light is non-Jewish humanity's darkness.

Ask any Palestinian.

PS. Note too the way that Sacks, while admitting that he has never experienced anti-Semitism himself, nevertheless defines it anew:


Yea, right....

......Know you, pal.