Experience with reptilians

This is mainly my reaction to a thread someone had started, inquiring as to why people believe in the reptilian race. I can say that I believe through personal experience. This is the first time I am talking about this publicly, so here it goes.

I have been kind of creeping on the forums and just reading what people have to say, but the question has sparked me to make a post of my own. I completely understand how hard it is to comprehend how people can ďget intoĒ all of this reptilian stuff. I have no doubts that for many, they have simply hopped on a band wagon and believed it because someone else said it or wrote it. However, what has prompted me to post this is the fact that my story is rather different. I first began having contact, for lack of a better word, with a reptilian entity about 4 to 5 years ago well before I ever knew about David Icke, conspiracy theorists, etc. When it comes to conspiracies and activism, Iíve only been following for the last 9 months or so. I have had years of mental and physical abuse from said entity for a hell of a lot longer than Iíve ever read about a reptilian.

It all started right before I graduated high school. And I know what you are thinking at that. ďOhhh no. Here is some deranged girl looking for attention.Ē It would be a far cry from it since this is the first time I am speaking publicly about this. I have discussed it with only two people in these years, both of which have removed themselves from my life upon digesting what I had to say. I can say that before I had contact with these reptilians I pretty much had everything going for me. I was young and talented. I was a cheerleader, aspiring actress and singer, and had been accepted to a high standing university to pursue Musical Theatrical Arts. The contact has in all honestly utterly destroyed the person I was set out to be.

Well anyway, in the few months before I graduated high school, I began to pick up on strange things happening around me. I would see tall black shadows out of the corner of my eye, feel something brush up against me while no one was around. At one point I had someone yell my name from behind me while I was home completely alone. I became very unsettled of course. I was raised as a Roman Catholic so the first thing that came to my undereducated, teenage mind was that I was being haunted or whatever. Unsettled as I was, I was oddly curious as to what was happening rather than terrified. So I told no one and pretended to be the same, blonde happy-going girl I was, while on the other side I began digging and trying to find answers.

I exhausted myself trying to figure out what was going on. But I still didnít take any of it seriously. The first time I did was when I was stuck and thrown into the ground, seemingly from thin air. This event even happened in front of other witnesses. For ďnothingĒ being there, I sure felt like I had been hit by a brick wall and had the bruises and soreness for the next two weeks to prove it. Those that saw it happen let it pass from their minds, but itís a little harder to forget when you are on the receiving end. The night that that happened was also the first night I saw my attacker, although no one else around me did. It was abnormally tall, hooded, with ice cold, merciless eyes. No matter how Iíve tried, I canít get those eyes out of my head.

Of course since I was a good little church girl my mind jumped to ďholy shit Iím dealing with a demon.Ē My assumptions were only reaffirmed when the entity appeared to me again and I asked for its name (which of course was demonic). I tried to figure out ways to get rid of this thing, which made a habit of playing mind games with me and triggering nightterrors. For the next half a year I thought I was being haunted until one night I was ďshowedĒ a much different vision.

The dreams first would center around terrorist attacks, nuclear disasters, plague, planes falling from the sky. Those went on for a few months. All of them were location based on the college campus I was living in and the details made them horrifically real. They were unordinaraly vivid. You aren't supposed to be able to taste things, smell things, or feel pain in dreams but I did. (This portion is a bit long, but the fact that I can recall so much detail after 4 years is testament to how outrageously vivid it was.)

Things came to a grinding halt one day. This dream took the cake. In the dream I was in my dorm with my roommate and best friend when we heard yelling outside. When we looked out of the window we saw what looked like very large military men in armor shooting people down and rounding up others. We freaked the fuck out like any rational person would and started to run down the many flights of stairs to try and get out of the building before the gunman made it that way. Right as we were about to get to the front glass doors, they were busted down. We threw ourselves behind the front check-in desk and tried to stay quiet. We heard the gunman walking on the broken glass and metal frames. We also heard them talking, in a very not-human sort of language. When we thought the coast was clear, we bolted for the closest set of stairs and just started running up them. We made it to the top floor but I could hear the gunmen behind us. In a desperate attempt to save my friend, I opened the closest door to us and threw her in and shut the door after her. Once one of the giant gunman came around the corner, I yelled at him to draw attention to myself and away from my friend and started running.

I ran through a few halls before making it to another set of stairs and I started running down those. I rounded another corner to make a bolt for the door when I was grabbed from behind and put in a sleeper hold by one of the gunmen. I was dragged outside kicking and screaming and thrown on the ground. I can still remember the burning feeling in my lungs from running so hard and the way the glass on the ground cut my arms when I fell. There were four or five of them around me and they were talking to eachother in a language that I don't know. It was very gutral and deep. It was then I also got a good look at them and had my first glimpse at reptilian forms. They were humanoid in build but much much bigger, reptilian like, dark green and covered in thick battle armor along with massive amounts of weaponry. A thinner one stepped forward with a nasty looking needle and said something to the others. He made a move to grab me but as he moved I caught a glimpse to the dorms I had just been in and saw one other gunman dragging my friend out by the arm. I screamed at her to run and she knew what I meant. She ripped out of his hold and I dashed off of the ground and around the gunmen around me and ran like all hell.

We ran across the small field there was that separated our dorms from the student parking and ran for my car. We jumped in, I think I hit close to 3 cars peeling out of the parking lot and down the street. Just when we thought we were in the clear, one of the gunmen came from the woods off to the side of the road. All he did was stand in front of my car so I sped up. I hit him but he didn't move and the impact only sent my car ass over end and rolling down the street. I proceeded to black out.

When I woke I was being carried over someoneís shoulder. I could see the campus around me in ruins and burning to the ground. I started struggling and was thrown on the ground. My hands were bound together so the impact sucked. I was then roughly kicked in the stomach and told that if I was good enough to struggle then I was good enough to walk. The gunman that had been carrying me ripped me off of the ground and shoved me in the general direction he had been walking in. My blood ran cold at the sight of what looked like a jagged castle-like structure protruding up from under the ground in what used to be the middle of campus. The thing was massive and had ripped the two surrounding buildings to pieces. I stopped but was shoved forward again and then proceeded to be dragged by my bound hands. There were several others around me being manhandled the same way I was and we were all forced into the giant castle-fortress-thing. When we were inside we were all lined up in what looked like a command center. There were 7 of us total. One of the gunmen that had been dragging us around made his way up to a throne and started conversing with what I assumed was the leader. I was so overwhelmed that I passed out again.

It was after that that I woke up in a cold sweat. It took me a while to figure out that I was in my dorm room and none of that had actually happened. When the entity that had showed me that appeared again, I asked what the hell it was all about. That was when I saw my first bout of shapeshifting. The entity morphed from a humanoid form to, its true reptilian form. The only thing that stayed the same were the cold, ruthless eyes. Its reptilian form was that of the "leader" I had seen in the dream. It didnít say anything. Seeing was enough. I donít think Iíve ever cried that hard.

I spent the rest of my freshman year in college constantly looking over my shoulder and waiting for the apocalypse to begin. I was terrified so much that after that year was over, I refused to go back to that college, transferred out, and moved thousands of miles to the other coast. Like I stated before, only two people know this story and they are the only ones who know the real reason why I moved. I think I told most people that I just wanted an adventure or something. The real reason is I was so fucking terrified that I woke up every day thinking the world was going to end.

Things were going pretty well here for a while but the dreams started happening again only they are adapted to my current surroundings. Then the entity made a reappearance and the abuse started all over again. I used to write it off as me just being completely fucking crazy. I was a logical person. I believed in math and science. I am intelligent. Just none of it made any sense to me so I thought that something was wrong with me. I've had catscans for a concision once that came up clear, so I know I'm not suffering from delusions from a tumor, brain damage, etc. Iíd thought about committing myself to a mental institution. Iíd even contemplated suicide on occasion. I didnít know how to cope with the fact that I could have had it all, the American dream, and it was shattered in just a couple years. Trust me, when you go from aspiring cheerleading college student to seeing an invisible race of lizards, itís not an easy transition.

Only recently I stumbled upon the Human Race: Get Off Your Knees book by David Icke. I thought it would be funny to read. What I ended up finding were hundreds of things I couldn't write off as coincidence. Things I have experienced, felt, and witnessed were spelt out almost word for fucking word and I don't know how to handle it. I don't understand how something I have never researched or told anyone is in some 50 year old guy's book. My mind has been reeling at the fact that something I thought was wrong with me has happened and is happening to other people.

I don't know where to go from here. Itís overwhelming and terrifying and I'm getting to the breaking point where I feel like I can't continue pretending to be normal. I could go on and on for hours about the instances of abuse and attacks Iíve gone through but I wonít put anyone through that. Iíve tried for days on end to figure out ďwhy me?Ē and I canít come up with anything. I donít know why Iím being targeted. I mean if anything, I would have continued to be a drone in society if all of this hadnít happened to me. So if the terrorizing was supposed to keep me docile itís done quite the opposite.

So I can answer the question now: I believe in reptilians because I have seen them and been terrorized by them for almost 5 years, which is 4 years and 3 months longer than Iíve ever read anything about reptilians. You probably think me crazy regardless. But I do hope that by me coming out and saying this, others will come forward as well.

Thank you all,