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Fake 911 Eye-witnesses

[2012 Book] 9/11–Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Edward Hendrie Chapter 11. Explains it all nicely.

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Obvious Street Actors Used In New York City On 9/11/01

Simon Shack

The PHONY 9/11 witnesses: actors only


vid] A Complete 911 Harley Shirt Guy Scene -911 Actor Mark Humphrey Is -FOX Freelancer- -Mark Walsh  Canadian-born actor Mark Humphrey plays the infamous Harley Shirt Guy fake witness who first mouths what will become the official story script. Everybody knows it's a common practice to allow the character to share the same first name as the actor playing the role. It reduces potential slip-ups. Torontonian accent. Love it.

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Most of the first hand witnesses who jump started the plane scenario were corporate
media executives, producers, or reporters. Below is a partial list of some of the notable firsthand witnesses affiliated with the corporate mass media who reported seeing or hearing an airplane strike the Pentagon, or one or both World Trade Center Towers:
Sean Murtagh - CNN Vice President of Finance
Mark Obenhaus - ABC Senior Producer
Owen Moogan - FOX Senior Producer
Sid Bedingfield - CNN Executive Vice President
Richard Davis - CNN Executive Vice President New Standards and Practices
Rose Arce - CNN Producer
Winston Mitchell - ABC/CNN Producer
Eric Shawn - FOX TV Senior Correspondent
Jane Derenowski - MSNBC Producer
Dr. Jay Adlersberg - ABC medical reporter
Elliot Walker - NBC NEWS reporter
Theresa Renaud -Wife of CBS Producer Jack Renaud (The Early Show)
Mark D. Birnbach - FOX TV employee
Mike Walter - USA Today Reporter
Joel Sucherman - USA Today.com Editor
Steve Anderson - USA Today, Director of Communications
Fred Gaskins - USA Today National Editor

The objective evidence points to the planes being CGIs; that conclusion becomes more
compelling when the supposed eyewitness accounts of planes hitting the towers are scrutinized
more closely. The major media involvement in the 9/11 deception is the holy grail of the 9/11
cover-up. The conspirators cannot allow the general population to find out that the media outlets
are propaganda tools used by them to deceive the world. They will do anything to keep a lid on
that fact.[2012 Book] 9/11–Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Edward Hendrie

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