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Model anecdote
I know a female model from New York that has endured this exact same life. The seedy world of New York actors and models is almost identical to this thread subject.

This girl was very close to me at one point in my life. She started in the industry there when she was 9. By the age of 16 she was doing lots of print and runway stuff. She was born and raised just outside the city but spent most of her time in it. She was never a top model but worked a lot.

She was ritualistically molested by her father starting at the age of 8. He also had what she called a dungeon in his basement. He was an architect that had his office in his home. He was also a Satanist and was very high up in the New York luciferian scene. Her dad was bisexual and very disturbed. If you met him for the first time though, you would think he was a well mannered, nice guy.

She was a wild problem child as are ALL children that are molested.. especially ones that are repeatedly so in satanic rituals. She had multiple personalities. The thing is though, they were very controlled. These type possessions are NOT the kind you see in the movies where some girls head spins and a deep voice comes out.

These beautiful girls are very valuable to the luciferian community. VERY. These girls lure lots of people into all sorts of compromising situations. They also pass on there possessors through sex. These entities that control these people do not want to be too obvious and make everyone think that their possession is totally crazy. But they are.

This girl was sadistically tortured from the time she was 10. They do this to compartmentalize these personalities. Her dads dungeon also had a hidden door that led to linked tunnels. This all sounds too surreal and unbelievable to some.. but it is only because it never happened to you. It happened to her. It was her life. She carried on a consensual sexual relationship with her father on into her adulthood.

She is literally a witch. I have seen her do things with her eyes that mesmerize whomever she wishes. She has been into many sects of the satanic realm of witches including Wicca. At an earlier age, she was very exotic and beautiful. She had an appetite for Russian girls. She said Russian models were some of the most possessed people on earth.

The last time I saw her she looked like she was 45 going on 70. She was 32 at the time. Her diet was wine and Parliament cigarettes. She would eat only chicken, eggs, and meat. She burnt up her body, as do most of these type people, in a very short period of time. She was an alcoholic by the time she was 21. She was CONSTANTLY smoking. She was a lot of fun until she drank.. then 'they' all came to play as well. She was a mixed up girl that probably is not still alive today. I have not seen nor spoken to her in over 5 years.

I was watching t.v. not that many months ago and saw a clip of her with her arms around Bijou Phillips. Bijou was hot at the same time this girl was and they were friends. Well, more than that. When I heard about McKenzie coming forward and then Bijou saying she was lying, I just cringed. The reason is my friend hooked up with Bijou many times in sordid lesbian sexual encounters and usually involving many other people. I do not think McKenzie is the one lying.

My reason for saying all this is that this subject really needs to be exposed. This girl was gorgeous, fun, full of personality, and completely and totally messed up to the hilt.

A lost soul. 'They' had her body. 'They' controlled her. She wanted out. She fell in love once. With a guy. He treated her like no one had ever before. He tried to help her get away from the trap and get out of her what she hated. He gave up because of all the trouble she brought to his life and that of his families. He loved her though. He wanted her out. 'They' wouldn't let her.

She was devastated when he left and basically gave up. I moved and she changed her number and have not heard of, or from her since. Very sad. This needs to stop.