The Firmament or Dome (Flat Earth)
Flat Earth

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SKY STONE = PART OF FIRMAMENT ?   “Skystone” or “Stone of Heaven” is an odd type of blue stone and was discovered during archeological excavations in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Angelo Pitoni, the archeologist who found the stone, was puzzled by its appearance, so he sent it to be investigated by laboratories of the University of Geneva, the University of Tokyo etc. The results were the same. The stone did not exist in nature and was not even similar to any type of rock. It is composed of 77% oxygen, along with traces of silicon, sodium, calcium and carbon. Also, its blue color indicates it was artificially colored. Another mystery related to the Skystone is that the stone was found in soil layers dating to at least 12000 BC.


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[vid] 2016 - "FLAT EARTH" - FIRMAMENT (DOME) FOUND!!!!?    Published on 19 Feb 2016 Photographic Evidence found in 2016? Is this actual "PROOF" - that we may be living in a literal BIBLICAL (KJV) enclosed world model - complete with an actual solid FIRMAMENT - or VAULTED DOME - surrounding us?  OTOH, as for the photo - there's a chance it could be some kind of 1920's textured paper that it's printed on. I've zoomed in on the photo & also played around - adjusting various levels to manipulate the image - and I don't see any other areas of the picture that looks like it's been printed on textured paper. Some have commented that it looks "doctored" - or that it looks like a piece of artwork (rather than a photograph). We'll just have to wait for someone to go to the museum and see it in person - to determine if this is a genuine unaltered photo, "doctored" image, artwork, water damage, etc.  All credit (and special thanks) to Scott Patrick Donnelly I - for finding this picture (allegedly taken by George Rayner) - in the Antarctic - circa 1920's.

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