Francis Dreyfus


All seeing eye symbol
I see it this way:

Jarre HIMSELF probably (almost?) all the time had good intentions, I think he is actually a nice and good guy. But probably he is one of the CHOSEN ones, like his father. As I said before, I don`t believe in success on the world stage by ONLY talent (he for sure has) and luck. Do you really think also his father (as a frenchman) DID IT in BIG Hollywood just because of change??? NO, very unlike. Maybe the secret is to find in their blood (genetics). Maybe they are one of the thousands unoficial offsprings of (maybe Rothschilds, the royals, whatever ... ?)
So probably Jarre himslef didn`t know ANYTHING about all that stuff for a VERY LONG TIME, like many of other chosen celebrities. They are just MISSUSED victims working for THEM. And if you follow his career, it is absolutely phantastic what great projects he was given by very mighty people and organisations: NASA, Vatican, Moscow, Royals of England, Monaco, China (forbidden city), Lost city, La Defense, Eiffel Tower, and, and, and...

So we should maybe look closer at the people behind him, helping him climbing up the stairs...
The first one I have in mind, is for sure FRANCIS DREYFUS, who build him up from Oxygene. A guy with a very sinsiter aura. They were good friends for many years, but because of any unknown reason, Jarre and Dreyfus split their friendship about 10 years ago. Maybe Jarre found out about Dreyfus secrets and his missuse for years?
Jarre also has told many years ago, he had an uncle who was a freemason... For sure he had...


Also the logo of the Dreyfus company is very strange !!!
Looks like a naked woman on her knees with strange head ??? What could it symbolize?