Frank Beck
Pedophilia  Assassinations

[2014 April] Tony Blair and the paedophile connection  In 1994, Frank Beck died in Whitemoor prison whilst serving a staggering 5 life sentences for alleged child abuse. Frank Beck had been implicated in the abuse of boys in Leicestershire care homes.  Frank Beck had always maintained his innocence and claimed he was imprisoned because he’d exposed alleged abuse by a high-profile politician. Frank Beck was appealing against his conviction and sentence. Leave to appeal and legal aid were granted in January 1993 and Anthony Scrivener QC, one of Britain’s most eminent lawyers and former chairman of the Bar, agreed to take the case.  Frank Beck’s solicitor said at the time of his death ‘He was very impatient for the appeal to go ahead. His death came out of the blue. Normally the case would lapse and die with him but his family and close friends are discussing the possibility of carrying on with the appeal. This would not be unprecedented.’   Beck was convinced there was enough new evidence and material that was not put before the original court due to non-disclosure by the prosecution which would have made the original conviction unsafe and proved his innocence.’   In 2011 the following anonymous comments were left on a blog which was discussing his death:  “ In 1991, after accusing Janner of paedophilic behaviour with a teenager, Frank Beck was arrested and charged with the sexual and physical abuse of children in his care over a thirteen-year period. At his trial Beck stated that: –“One child has been buggered and abused for two solid years by Greville Janner“.  Immediately after this, Janner who just happens to be, ironically, a long time member of the boy scouts association, and Sir David Napley, his solicitor, went to Police headquarters in Leicester.”   Frank Beck was a resident of Braunstone in Leicester when the events described above were taking place. When Janner was ennobled in 1997, he took the title, Lord Janner of Braunstone.  The man responsible for ennobling Greville Janner was Tony Blair.  The following very interesting comments were left : ” I was in the courtroom when beck gave his evidence in full, his death by food poisoning in custody was very convenient for all those he said he had supplied the boys to in the local area .”   ” Blair had a macabre sense of humour as Braunstone is the area Frank Beck used to live in. Beck was guilty. But he almost nailed Greville Janner.”

Frank Beck died on 31 May 1994, two and a half years after his imprisonment, apparently as a result of a heart attack whilst playing badminton at Whitemoor Prison in Cambridgeshire. He was aged fifty two.[14] Beck's body was cremated on 9 June 1994, at a private ceremony at the Gilroes Crematorium in Leicester, attended by a small number of family members. The then 88-year-old Labour peer, Lord Longford, caused great controversy by sending flowers to the funeral. Longford had befriended Beck in prison and was convinced of his innocence.  Unsurprisingly, his sudden death after such a relatively short period of incarceration led to speculation that he had been murdered. D'Arcy and Gosling, in their book, 'Abuse of Trust", claim that fellow prisoners (some of whom had allegedly been his victims) attributed his death to speed, which had supposedly been surreptitiously added to his food over a period of months