The Fraudulent Rise in UK Antisemitism

February 09, 2015  /  Gilad Atzmon

By Aaron Dover

The fraud was perpetrated as follows. Firstly, we had the CST antisemitic incidents released for 2014.

The Community Security Trust report is here: Incidents Report 2014

I have taken the figures from the table on page 42, pictured below. Note how the incidents are broken down into categories. The numbers of incidents are then totalled up arithmetically to produce the annual time series which formed the basis of evidence of a sharp rise in 2014. Let’s first say that there are some blindingly obvious issues with this methodology; for a start it equates an act of “extreme violence” with an act of “abusive behaviour”. That would mean that a year in which 500 Jews were brutally murdered but none insulted would be a “good year” for antisemitism compared to a year in which 1000 were insulted and none murdered. It’s a ridiculous methodology.

Another obvious issue is that the most numerate incidents, the “abusive behaviour” are not incidents that are considered hate crimes and so have not been subject to police investigation or verification. If I phone the CST and say “I am a Jew and a guy called me a fat Jew on the bus” it would simply be noted as an incident.


Now, what happens if we discount the unverifiable undefined “abusive behaviour” category?

Here is a chart. Looks pretty different; a lot less scary.


Well, we find that the totals are now around the same as they were in 2004, and lower than 2009.

Now, the CST sit down with the police and compare notes. This is what they agreed would go into the government report. You can download the report here. Government_Action_on_Antisemitism_final_24_Dec

What you can see is that the CST systematically estimate higher numbers of hate crimes than police, by around 100% this year down from a 32% overestimate compared to police in 2009. But even looking at their systematically overstated figures, there is no increase. Both the police and CST figures show a consistent significant downward trend over the last 5 years.

So, neither report supports the supposed (i.e. media-manufactured) “consensus” that there has been an unprecedented increased in antisemitic incidents in 2014.

Combine with the above a survey conducted by the Campaign Against Anti Semitism which purported to show an increased fear of antisemitism amongst Jews, and then you have a complete media narrative on which to base dozens of scare stories. The whole premise is totally false.

It would be possible to go much further into the figures and methodology finding more issues but this simple exercise above seems sufficient to completely discredit the main finding.

It is often the case with crime in general that perception of crime rates increasing often occurs even as crime rates decrease. Such is the power of our media to create fictional narratives to serve tacit political agendas.