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  By Rappoport, Jon


NOVEMBER 14, 2011. The Penn State child molestation case continues to grow more strange. As Deadspin reports, when Sandusky, the accused pedophile, was arraigned, the prosecution asked for $500,000 bail and an electronic ankle bracelet.

But the judge, Leslie Dutchcot, decided that $100,000 was enough-and Sandusky didn't have to secure it. He didn't have to put up any money and would forfeit the bail only if he didn't show up for court appointments.

Well, it turns out Judge Dutchcot volunteers for Second Mile, the charity for at-risk kids that Sandusky founded. The charity that gave Sandusky every opportunity to befriend young boys.

Why didn't Judge Dutchcot recuse herself from the case?

Other questions need to be asked. For example, now that we know Ken Frazier, CEO and president of Merck pharmaceuticals, is heading up a Penn State in-house investigation of the scandal, is it possible that some of the 100,000 kids Second Mile claims it reaches out to every year were utilized to test new Merck vaccines? And if so, what were the effects?

A lawyer for one of the claimed victims in the Sandusky scandal states the lawsuit against Penn State is going to be huge. At this point, with the national fervor about the accusations against Sandusky, the jury award could be astronomical. It could drive Penn State into the ground. So you can bet the higher-ups at the University are doing everything they can to head that off at the pass.

Do you seriously think their in-house investigation is going to turn up more mea culpas? Ken Frazier is a college trustee.

As with any national scandal/uproar, there are always politicians and bureaucrats who want to make their own kind of hay from it. In this case, there is a nascent push for a new federal law that would make it mandatory, subject to legal penalties for "negligence," for everyone everywhere to report what they suspect might be child abuse to the police. Can you imagine the upshot?

This is all part of the campaign to manufacture snitches on every streetcorner, in every home, school, and workplace in America. Along with new definitions of terrorism based on whim and expediency and agenda, and vastly expanded surveillance of the citizenry, we are moving closer to an officially certified State of chronic paranoia that dovetails perfectly with the culture of political correctness.


Since 1995, when Sandusky first raised red flags with law enforcement, until last week, when he was arrested, he was basically permitted to roam free in the State College area, on Penn State campuses, and at Second Mile. Certain (loose) strictures were placed on his actions, which makes the situation all the more weird, because it shows many people were aware he was, at the very least, a questionable character. Should we believe this was just the case of people in a small town afraid to face facts, preferring to believe nothing horrible could be happening under their noses? Or should we seriously consider that Sandusky was being shielded and protected? And if he has been protected, why? Because the future of Penn State and Second Mile and all their connections need to be preserved in a pristine state, or more importantly, because there is a much wider pedophile operation taking place in that Pennsylvania area?

All these questions need to be answered by local reporters in and around State College who are on the scene and know people there. No one should assume any official investigation is going to dig deep enough.

Jon Rappoport


Jon Rappoport