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Sandy Hook, 100% Proof Gene Rosen is an Actor.  Some have claimed that Rosen is not a member of the Screen Actor's Guild, as if he wasn't one of the innumerable number of actors who lie about their age when they join.
Anyhow we don't need to contact a Hollywood union to know whether or not Gene Rosen is an actor -- we already have 100% proof. First, Rosen admitted on his dog walking site that he is involved in community theatre and television production. Also the cable company confirmed his involvement with them by thanking him on their public affairs website. Second, Rosen admitted on a post at "videomartyr" blog in 2011 that he made a demo tape at the studio of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.  Third, a news article (now scrubbed) says this about Rosen:

[vid] The Sandy Hook Mr. Rosen story , let's play find the lies

Gene Rosen Included In News Footage The Morning of 12/14/12

Gene Rosen Included In News Footage The Morning of 12/14/12  Everyone is aware that Gene Rosen told the media that he was at his home that morning, heard gun shots, later found kids at the foot of his driveway.  He reportedly took them inside, gave them juice, stuffed animals to play with and then waited for their parents to arrive to pick them up. This conflicts with the News 12 aerial footage as he can be seen walking around the fire station at approximately 10:30-11AM.

Sandy Hook Hoax Golden Globe Awards

The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed 1--starting at 11:36 minutes:

SANDY HOOK - The Documentary (FULL VIDEO) 2013